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Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - February 5, 1943, London, Middlesex Numb. 376 S AT URDA F B R U A R Y 5,; I743 Feb War and outward- back- and J>QUnd Ships, are put remain, with the Deptford, and Induftry Tender. Wind South. Said Vefterday arriv'd a Mall Ho lund. Constantinople, &ec. it. Mehemet Pacha, late Ambaffador from the Grand Signiq? to the,Court of France, has fince his Arrival from thence been advanc'd to the Employment of Keeper of the Seals : It's not doubted but that in the End he will be made Grand Vizir, he beino- highly in i^vour with the Grand Signior. Count Jonneval arrivM here laft Week from his Country-Houfe, jtf order to compliment Said Mihemet Pacha upon his Advancement. . Peteffiuig, Jan. 19. ' The Deputies from Sweden have taken their Leave^of thje Emprefs and the Grand.Duke. Her Imperial Majefiy made them: a Prefent of 5000 Rubles, and they are fet out On their Return to Stockholm. The Minifters of the Court told thofe Deputies before their the Emprefs. was willing to �ive up with refpeft to her being reimbursed Frejus, High Almoner to the Queen, Abbot of the Abbeys of St. Stephen of Caen and of rfournus, Minifter of State, Superintendant-General of the Polls and Chaifes of France, Proveditpr pf the Houfe of Sorlonne, onp x>f the Forty of the French Academyi a Member of the Royal Academy of 'Sciences, and formerly Preceptoi- to 1 � Days, the Head of the Fore-Maft carry'd away, no Sai's left, and the Water coining even with the lower Deck, the Captain and Crew took to their Boat, with Difficulty, aud in a few Hour* th� Ship funk v-They got to Helfmouth, Carnarvonfhi their oblig'd them to fwim for their Lives. The Captain had his Weeks Illnefs, during \Vhich time he gave as many 1 Ribs broke, and \vn$i miferably' bruifed. At his coming perfect j aihore, .with three Men, they lay that Night under a" Hedge t and two others were the next Morning founU barbaroufiv tnurder'd near the Boat, which was driven Proofs of his Firm'nefs as of his Piety,- Wi Cardinal that Departure, W Pretenfions, with refpeft -'the immenfe Sums the prefent War has coft her ; but that -her Imperial Majety infilled upon the Uti pojftdetis as a 'preliminary Article of Peace, unlefs the King and the 'States of Sweden would refolve to fettle the Succefcori of | the Crown upon the Bifhop of Lubec ; in which Cafe, the Emprefs would give them effential Proofs of her Friend/hip, rby reftoring to Siem the chief Part of Finland, &c. It is is retired to Derbcnt with the beft Part ^reported that t our Frontiers, _ of his Troops, having left the Remainder of them under . the Command of the late Ambaffador at this Court. The Emprefs has prefented the King of Prujfia with the Order t>i St. Andrew,' cnriqhM with Diamonds to the Value of 30000 Rubles. In return to which, his Pruffnm Majeftyl has prefented the Emprefs with the Order of the Black , Eagle, of molt oxquifite Workmanftip, and valued at 60000 Ducats. Vienna, Jan. 26. The Queen has lately publifh'd an Edift, by which the Entry of all Commodities of the Growth or Manufa&ure of France into any of her Majefty's Dominions is prohibited. It is certain that her Majefty had orderM M. Vincent, who has the Care of the Affairs of France at- this Court, to depart hence in three times twenty-four,Hours ; but that upon fome Reprefentations made to her by that Mw'iier, the Queen has confentfed that he -ftialtear*/ here three Weeks,, in order ta .own private Affairs, Ratijbon, Feb. 4. Body of Troops, amounting tp.io or 12000 Men, were in Bohemia, and commanded by Prince Lobkowitz, is enter'd into the Upper Palatinate, and the HufTars have already begun to make Incurfions along the Regen. Four of them had the Boldnefs to ride full Gallop thro1 the Poll * pointed by the late King to be Preceptor to his Majefty, * has in that Employment entirely anfwer'd all that could * be expe&ed from his Zeal and'Abilities; tending to the * Profperityof France^ 'f he Succ*fs of the^difficult and ? importantNegociationsvfrith\frhich hewascharged; gam^d �* him the high Reputation lie acquired throughout Enrtpe^ \ and wbich hta Capacity, extenfive Uftderftanding, and * other Excellencies of ^Mmd^d^firabfe in a Minifier, * defervM The Sweetnefs of his Temper, his Affability, ' hisModefty, and his Difintereftednefs, did not render him ' more amiable than the-unwearied Pains he took in'the 6 Adminiftration of the Affairs of State, and his tender and ' refpe&ful Sentiments to the Perfon of the King. But * among all the good Qualities which were united in the c Cardinal, and on account of which he is equally worthy ' of the Eulogies as well as the Grief of the Publick, and e will employ himfelf three Days in the Week, from Five till Nine in the Evening, with his Minifters, upon the Affairs of State 1 and that he: will appbint proper Days when he what Goods were in her taken away. Two Berfona hatte fince been taken uj^for the Murder, and have confefs'd tbeiapie, andafe committed to-Carnavon Gaol.. Yeilerda^ Safrah Maffey was committed to New-Prifcn by; Col. De-t^ei]r for .a Burglary, in entering the Shop of Mr. Samttel ^ratbwaite, after Dark, by lifting up theSafh, and feldjKfefiy taking a large Chefhire Cheefe, near fixty, " Bacon, found upon her. As was Jofeph fcevis, for ftealing a Great Coat otic of the able of his Excellency the Emperor's Miniiler. This,Evening will be perform^,,. .  r At the Theatre Roy^ in Drury-Lane, Hamlet.. At the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden, ^Othello*; Water ting 3 4ths a 177. 8ths a Bank Stock was 146 a 1 8th. Indi^Stock ij6 South-Sea Stock 112. DittoOUl Annuities 11.4 7 .*tns.a 115. Ditto New 113 1 a_S 8ths. Three per Cent, annuities 101 3 8ths a 1 1742, 101 3 8ths a i half. Milhon Bank 1*18. Equivalent no. Royal Affurance 82 1 half. London Aflfurancg it 5 8ths. Engllh Copper 4I. 10s. Wellh ditto, no Price. African, no Price. Seven, per Cent. Emperor's Loan ml Five per Cent, ditto 76 1 4th. New Bank Circulation 4I. 2s. 6d. Prem. India Bonds 4J. iis. a 12s. Prem. Three t half Salt Tallies 2, Prem. 1 half per Cent. Exchequer Orders 5,' Prem ^eenof Hungary. oTa Wager they had laid\vkh their Officers. Berlin; Feb. 5. The Nobility and Minifters of the ( Court are fucceffively engag'd in entertaining Cardinal j ^ Bintzendorff. That Prelate has.publiflTd throughout his j blown ^Bottom upwards, feveral Barges-, were funk, and By the Hurricane on Thurfday"Nighty the Machine for. Bridge, at Weftminfter T HE Gentlemen of ihe _ _____ Letter, all thofe that are fubjeft 4to his Jurifdiftion, * to make a * right Ufe as it behoves them of the Protedtion the King '* has granted them, and to behave towards the Prote*- * tan ts'* as Brethren, who differ only in certain Tenets * which diiKnguifti the two Religions, and to avoid the * Natfres of Hereticks and other odious Appellations which * ought not to be ufed among Chriftians, &c.\ Hanover, Feb. 6. The Editt by which the fending of kny Horfes'out of this Electorate on any Account wiutfQ- ^ve.r, is renew'd ; not even thofe brought hither from Hcl-fifin, or other Piirts, on Pain of Forfeiture of the Cattle, a fevere Penalty in Money, and arbitrary tfuniflxment upon fuch as {hall aft in Difobedience thereto. . ; ... * / Scbagbaufen, Feb. y We learn itov\JZjtricbt tJiat ah witE a Letter "from Exprefs is arriy'd there frO! the Magiftnttes there,; -eneva Canton , that the Spanifh Troops have taken up their Winter Quarters in the>T�yitpries of the Chapter of St.*Filler, notwithftanding thjp,Reprefentations niade by the faid Magiftratw on thatSubjea to the cpntraiy v and therefore pr^y the faid.Cantons to holi .fiitfc Succours in re^dinefs which the City may. poffifely ftand in neeid of. ""It is' added, that the Senate of.jfffick order\ci' the iam^Day a Detachment of their Ttpops to ^narch towards Geneva, as will alfo ajiother^from Berne.4i They write from'Turin, that the-King of Sardinia has ordered an additional Body of fooob new Troops io bt rais'd, and th^t they work'd.Day and Night in getting ready a-large Train ?f A�iJle"ry�.' tbe Aing^ei^^folvM ta4>u�Hmfe.lf at. the Head of his Army, and open the Campaign. the.Beginmng of March next. Tkc/Iofant.Don Philip^ wh_Q..continues ntCbambery, has demanded from the Regency ofFalais a.PaiTage through that-Country-info Italy, bat it h doubted wKethe^ that will be consented to. . Paris, Feb. 4. The follewbg Eulogium upon. the. late Cardinal Eleury has been publiftiM. *  Adadre Hercole d� Tleury/C^diaal, late Bilhorp of other Damages done.: ^ On Thuifday Night, in the high Wind, a Ship in the River run on her Anchor, and was loft. The Hon,-: Grimflone, Efq; eldeft Son to the Right Hon the Lord: Vifcourtt'.Grimftone intends to offer himfelf a Candidate for the Borough of St. Alban's, in the room of Thomas 'Afhby Efq; ,deceas'd ; and we hear will be oppos'd by a Gentleman on the Intereltof the Dutchefs j'bf Marlborough.v . We hear his Royal Highnefs the Duke of Cumberland will certainly.go over to Flanders in the Spring. Yefterday^he RightJ Rev. the Bifhop of Lincoln lay at thi Point of Death, at his Houfe in Duke-Street, Weft-minffer; : , � . 'We-hear Mr. Carey will fucceed Mr. Sedgwick in the Office of-Clerk of the Kitchen; to his Majeity'at St. James's. On Tuefday laft Mr. Daniel Lead beater, an eminent Brewer in Whitecfiapel,'"was'-married to a" Widow Lady at Bear-Key, of a very'confiderable Fortune. . On Thurfday Lft Mr. Henry Fowler, one of the noted Preachers amongft the Quakers, was married at Devonfhire J^eeting^Houfe- to Mifs griffin of Gracechurch-Street. Laft flight* at aMeetiugof the Independant Inhabitants of the City of Weftmiiifter at' the Sun Tavern in Clare-I^rke^ a -Repori being made of the Reception Admiral .Vernon ga:ve to a'Meffage fent him, it was ujiahimoufly agreed that it was greatly fatisfadtory to them, and fuch as-giyes them Reafon to believe that the Glory which as a Britifh Admiral he has acquirM abroad, will receive an "additional Luftre from the Integrity and Steadinefs of his ConduQ: at home. 'Yeiterday came Advice, that on the 3d of January the Society of Appledbre, Capt. Richard Berrell, laden with Lambrid^fhire _ t on Wednei&iy next, the 9th inftant* at Seven o*Cloc!c in the Evening, at the Crawn Tavern behind, the Royal d thofe Gentlemen-of the County who are no: Member^ as^ btenxrang f*cb^- ^rnay b.e then admittecL - i: B HE'MgfiiliL_ _.. . X held at the-GlouCefter Tavern, Pall-Mail, ^re delir'd, by Order of the Vice-Grand, to meet the'r Brcduen, upon, very paiticular Bufmela, at the foidTavernj cm'Thnrfflav next, the lotfrinfiant. 4 + \e WoiftApful the Governors rfSh Bartholomew j Bofpital G'e'n tU � m e n,' *" ' � u 1 ^ dcfii'd for W I L Voces and L r A reft are hiimbly B A R R Y, M Citi&n and iuuvww_____ _____________s . fiattholoinew' dCNotet He is by Trade a Woollen-Orafer, which he foUowM.xhhty-W Years in Fleet-Street^ las-been above^twenfy-five Years a Liverynian of hii Crinpany^ has met with^ great LofTd b Trajle, and hai a Wife.agithrBR Ch-ldren unprovided for. . His. two Uncles, William and Robert Hyett, vrere great Benefaclors ro the faid Plbfpital. / Worjhitful the Governors q/St m. Gentlemen, ^ , OUR Worfhips. Votes and Inrerelt n i c o l i. hiijrbly defit'd fbt THOMAS Cifizrx and Cooper of - London,. , To be Porter of the 'Hofpital of St. Bartholomew, In'tjie .ropm' of Mr. Samuel Nam, deteas'd j having been a Qoverrjor of .tikis' Hpfphai;-above twenty Years, and has ferVd Steward feveral Years fince,1 but thtOf great LofTes and Misfortunes is reduced to tire' Iaf! Extcsmiry. t.. � : � Worjhipful the Governors of Chrifi-Hofpilal, Lomwt; Gentlemen,, UR Votes and Fhterefl ar� moft humbJy defir'd for S' 17. S a' nt n- -a M E ,A t> To be "thVfame Morning, b^iftg near the Bifhop and Clerks, the Crew were obligrd to cut away .their Main-Malls. ..The *,Vcffel hegto^then tol>e.;leaky, 'and they bore aw&y For * Stedwell-Roads. Having kept thejV Punips at Work three? ^ ir,V*.-y,-.....' ____...... }iT>,A.Mj Mmrefsof the Maiden School intCbrift-HoipilaI, in the room of Jter J.-te Aunt,'Mrs. Safanna Browne, deceas'd $ haviiyg been Afliteit to to? in. die Bullriefs of the 'fai'd.School "upwards of twenty Years,.and .f^r tvtt Years paft have'had the foleCare and Maifagemcnt thereo/. * Vcter Fivour iti this RefpVft'wOI be effeem'd a fingolar Obligation, by, - ' i t$ur n*3ft tbedim tiervdnij ;