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Daily Advertiser (Newspaper) - April 6, 1943, London, Middlesex veimeiY W E b N E S 13'A.t A p r i l 6-, 174^. T>enU .April,.4... . jESTERDAY; Afternoon taft'A the ' St. George^ Robinfon, for Eaft-tndia, with feverai of the outward-bound Ships, bat are put back again, and remain with the Men of War, and outward-bound Ships, jail came down the Lorretto, Hufbands, for Barbadoes. Several of the outward-bound Ships are now ^ getting under Sail. Wind N. by W* Yefterday arriv*d a Mail from Holland. Rene, Anarch 23. The Court is very much embarraffed to procure Provifions, not only for tne Spanifh Army, which- feems to be preparing to retire into Romagna, but likewife for that of the Auftrians, which begins already to extend itfejf into the Boulounois arid Ferraris': And what augments.its Perplexity is, that the Neapolitan Troops are &Mb preparing to enter' in the Ecckfiafiical State, which will totally ruin feveraiprovinces, already much- exhauited by the long Continuance in them of Foreign Troops. Genoa, March 2$. The Kingfion, an Englifh Man of War, on- the 22d, call Anchor in, our Road, and reports, that Admiral Mathews iwas preparing^ to fet Sail with, his tyhble Squadron.  Bologna, March 26. As the Spaniards have lately work'd Night, and Day .to fortify the Avenues of their Camp, it was believed they intended to wait for the Auftrians j but this Morning they are. unexpectedly departed toward? Imo/a, in the Romagtia. It's faid,. that this Army-will traverfe a Part of Tufcany, in order to gcr towards Orbitello. The advane'd Guard of the Army of Count Traun is expected here Tomorrow . Modma, March if. The Piedmontefe Troops, which are in Garrifon here, have receiv'd Orders to march towards the Pdnaro, to join tho fa which are-in the Boulounois and the Ferrarois. - � " ftnke'j March 30. We hear that the Deputies of the Re-poblick-of the Valais, who went to Milan-to defot Leave to j^rifport Ofcfn from thence- into their Country/ could not-obtain it, but flpo'n Condition that they would not permit the Sparnards^to pais tiiro'their Country. As they had4oDireai6ns"^6.tj'eat upon thefe^Conditions, two of them are returned to theix* Principals, to receive new In-ftructions. ... - Stotkholm, March 30. Tio* the Orders of the Ecclefi-A&cks, Burghers �nd- TVafaats> have declared for the Prince Royal, of Denmark, the NobleiTe wiio compofe the firft _ Order of the State, has refoJyed not to declare itfelf upon the Affair of the Succeffion till "after hearing what Succefs the Conferences at Abo-will have. A few Days ago the Order of the Peafants fent a Deputation to the Noblefle, and the other Orders, to declare to them, that they were fefolved to fupport, at-any rate, the Choice which they had made of the Prince of Denmark. Since-this Deputation, the French Ambaflador has openly declared himfelf in Favour of the Duke deDeux Fonts, ivhofe Party is fup-porte&by the greateftPart of the NoblefTe, and by fome tof the principal Members of the. Clergy and the Burghers. The Prince of'Denmark has the entire Order of Peafants, a great Part of tie-Clergy, and fome of the jNobles, in his Intereft, particularly thofe which were in the late Ministry. Vienna, March 27. Two different Plans for a Peace are handed about here, which it's pretended were drawn -up by the Court of Frante, neither of which is likely to take Effect, feeing the Court is preparing for War with more Vigour than ever. It's faid, that the Queen will have -this. Year above 250,000 Men on Foot, comprehending therein the Auxiliaries. The laft Letters from Prince Lobkowitz advife, that the French had attempted to introduce a Succour of 1500-Men, with Provifions and Ammunition, into Eg/a; but that General Feftititt, having been inform'd of it in Time, had taken fuch juft Meafures, that they not only fail'd in their Defign, but that feverai of them were taken Prifoners. x* Privet Ldbkevuitz's Quertert at Neubowg^ March 29. The Siege of Egra h refolvM upon. The Arti&ry intended to be made Ule of for this Undertaking, is coming from Prague, Leitmarttfy arid Pnick. > From the Generalgtutrttrs at Reidt, March 30.. General -Bernclau Is marched along the Salza with a Body of Horfe and Foot, with a Defign, it's faid, of re-entering Bavaria from the Bifhoprickof Saltzbourg. : Stadtamhbff, April4. The French Troops in Poffeffion of this Pbft continue to fortify themfelves with the utraoft Diligence, having added feveraL new Works thereto. : Landjbxt, March 30. Count Seckendorff receiv'd Yefter-day the following Letter from Lieutenant Col. Efeher, who purfued the Detachment of Huflars of" the Regiment of Eferb/tfi after th6 Skirmifh mention1 d in a former Paper. ' I have the Honour to inform your Excellence, that the * Detacbjeentof Auffrlan Huflirrs have this Morning been-' cut inPieces by our People near Ailerfbach j ho more * than three or four of them liave efcaped: The two * Officers who commanded them were kiiPcL Our People * uehaved with the utmoli Bravery, and we have not loft * a Man. I fo well took my Meafures, that after having * drawn the Enemy into the Dejiles of the Mountains, I 4 caufed my independent Company to take Poffeffion of thoft Paffes, and our Huffars fought them in the Plain,' Trinefori^ April'7, AnEngJifc Coauttiflary is airived here, to procure the n.ece,flary Provifions for the Subfiftance of the alfied Troops, which are inarching to poft. themfelves on this Side the Rhine. We hear that the French are affembling near tauttrbourg an Army of 40 or 50060 Men, "Which is defign'd to obferve the Englifh! Cologn, April 9. The jtianoverian Troops continue ^ to pafs ihe-Rhi�e at -Mulheim. . The EnglHh are ftill marching towards Andernach, whefe the Auftrians have this Day begun io pais that River. Hanover, AprihS. The Troops which remain, in .this Electorate, are fqon to form a Camp upon the Frontiers of Wcjlphalia', in order to be ready to march as Circum-ftances fhall require. It's generally reportedj that the Earl of Stair, and Duke d'Aremb'erg, have pofitive Orders tQ fight the French; in cafe they pafs the Rhine. Hague, April 11. Notwithstanding the March of the Englifh Troops, &c. into the Empire, Pains are taken to pacify Affairs. Letters from London have lately been very favourable upon this Subject. We have receiv'd Advice, that the States of the Province of Qveryffel have given their Confent to the SubfTdy. of i^oqcoo Florins, granted laft Year to tlie O^een of Hungary ; and have refolv'd to conform to the Preadvice of the States of Holland and Wejt-Frizeland, relating to the March of 20000 Men. The States of Guelderland have, wehear, put off their final Refolution upon thefe Subjects till their next Affembly. The Refolution of the Province of Zealand upon this Affair is'expedted every Moment; and provided that it fhould be conformable to the Preadvice of the States of Holland, Orders will, it's faid, be immediately given for theMarch of the 20600 Men. L O N D O N. An Account of Commodore An/on''s Progrefs in tb~e South Seas, after his Departure from the If and of St Catherine on the Coafi of Brazil, till his Arrival at Gavtuleo on the Goaf cf Mexico, by tenuis Ledger, nvbo' with a great Quantity of Money, and feverai PafTengers of Confequence on board : The Commodore brought her in, and the fame 'Day fent the Tryal to cruize on the Coaft of Chili. On the 20th of September he likewife failed, having taken out all the Provifions from the Merchant Storefhip, and fui>k her. The Gloucefter not being ready, was order'd to cruize on the Coaft of Peru, as foon as her Men were in better Health. About fix Days after, they joined the Tryal on the Coaft of Chili, who had taken a very rich Prize, but loft her own Mails; upon which .the Commodore gave Orders to fink her, and took her Crew on board his own Ship. They cruifed fome Time on the Coaft, and took two other very rich Prizes ; and about the latter End of . November failed for the Coaft of Peru, n their P.iffage they took two other Prizes, one with Iron and Money, tne ether with Timber, which was a very good Prize, in repairing the Ships upper Works, which were in a bad Condition. On the 12th of; December, being about nine Leagues from the Land* the Commodore fent Mr. Brett, his fecond Lieutenant, with 50 Men, in order to attack Payta m the Night; which h j accordingly executed with-great Succefs,.and got Poffeffion of the Fort with very little Oppofition. In the Morning the Centurion anchor'd in the Cove, and took four Ships that lay there ; they found great Quantities of Money, the Spaniards not having removed it; they remained here three Days, and then burnt the Fort and Town. The Day after they joined the Gloucefter, who had likewife taken a very rich Prixe j they both made the beft of their Way for the Ifland of Quibo to water, which they accomplifhed in three Days; from thence they failed in order to cruize off Aqnapulco; but upon their Arrival on the Coaft, found, by a Fifhing Boat they took, that the Manilla Ship was arrived three Days before; they continued cruizing on this Coaft till the Beginning of April 1742, but without any Succefs; their Water growing fhort, were eblig'd to bear up for Gautuleo, where they arriv'd in a few Days. Here the Deponent, with two others, being ftragling in the Woods, was furpriz'd and taken by a Party of Indians, who carried him to Aquapulco, where he was detained three Days; from thence Be was fent to Mexico, where he re-main'd ten Weeks; from therite he was lent to La Vera Cruz, and continued there two Months; afterwards was fhipp'd on board a Galleon for Havahna, and from thence to Ligos in the PrincefFa Galleon, where he made his Efcape and came to Lifbon, having been Prifoner about ten Months and a few Days, Ther� is Advice fr�m Lifbon, that the Wolf Sloop of War ha� takes tw ,t ;, Yefteriay Mr. Snow juni an eminent Banker,, witbout Temple-Bar, was married to Mifs Paul, Daughter of Dri Paul, his Majefty's judge-Adyocaie. , Mr. George Homfby is appointed Tame-Decker to thi Lords of the Bed-Chamber to his Royal Highnefi the Princ* of Waifs, in the room of Mr. Morton, dfc^as'd. On Monday a Carpenter fell off a Houie in BedfordbuVyi and was.thereby kill'd on the Spot. _ ,.' Yefterday John Eyres, -and James Cropp," who werjf taken up on an Information made by one of their Accomplices before Col.'De Veil, for feverai Street-Robberiei committed by them on feverai Perfons, were by thatGen-tlemeia fent to Clerkenwell Bridewell, till Tqmorrow^ fq� further Examination, when fome of the Profecutors are to attend in order to prpfecute. They have acknowledged the Fafls they are charg'd with, and it's believed that a much larger Difcovery will be made before that Time. The Artjft from >forwich, .that, has given fuch general Satisfaction to the Nobility and Gentry, by his .wondef/u� Performances at Charing-Crpfs, may be fcen at the Manfioa Houfe and French Horn near the R^yal, Exchange, this Week and no longer, being at the Requeft of feverai Gen* tlemeri to go to Oxford. Price 6d. each Perfon. At the Brandy-Warehoufes on Ludgatlf-Hill, are now o^t Sale the beft Jamaica Rum, at 7s. gd. the beft ConiaC Brandy, af 8 s. and Bat^via Arrack^ at 15 s. a Gallon. At the faid Warehoufes are now alfb on Sale confiderable ^an-tities of Foreign Brandy and Rum Orange-Shrub, at 8 s. * Gallon, which Shrub, when made into Punch, is equal, if not fuperfor to any Punch frefh made. , King's Bench Prifon, dprilf. We the poor Prifonersi cn the Common^Side, beg Leave to acquaint our forme# kind Benefactors, that fince fhe paffing of the late Act of Infblvencv, a Notion having prevaii'd that we were actually at Liberty, which has greatly prejudiced us by the great Decreafe of oumfual Charities," whereas we cannot be difcharg'd till aTter Midfuriimer,' and odr Number ea� creafing by Prifoners daily coming in: We. huinbry bop4 the Continuance of their former Benefactions, which wul prevent many from ftarving,' whole long Confinement hatB reduced them to the greateft Extremity. This Evening wifl be perform'd; ^. . At the Theatre Royal in Drury-Lane/ Venice Piefeir>d� At the Theatre Royal in Covent-Garden, The Spanife Fryar. At the Theatre Royal in Lincoln's Inn Fields, Tiffc Committee, with the Devil to Pay. B A N K R~U P" T " Robert B.�ldwyn, late of Bewdley in the County *f Worcefter, Innholder, Vintner and Chapman. -: * . George Payne, ef Danbury in the County of Effe^ Shopkeeper, Dealer and Chapman. Solomon De Paz, of London, Merchant. John Karriibn, of Hog-Lane, within the Liberty ay at 43 Mmut�S after 7 in the Morning, and 15 after 8 at Night. . . ,^ Yefterday Bank Stock was 14v a J46 3 4fhs.'" indiH Stock 180. South-Sea Stock no 1 4th. Ditto Odd Annuities 114 3 8ths. Ditto New 112 5 8ths. Three per Cent. Annuities 100 i 8th. Ditto 1742, too 1 8thi Million B:-.nk 1183 4ths. Equivalent in. Royal Aifurartcs* 82. London AfTurance 11 5 8ths a 3 4th!. Mine Adventure Shares, no Price. Englifh Copper 4L 10s. WeWi rfitto, no Price. African,, no Price. Seven per:'Cent* Emperor's Loin 111 1 half. Five per Cent, ditto 76 j4thsV BamcCirculation 4L 12s.. 6d. Prem. India Bonds 4I. gst a 8s. Prcm. Three 1 half Salt Tallies zv Pfcm. TirfWl i  half per Cent, Exchequer Orders 5: Prem. Three per Cent, ditto 2. Difc. ^Lottery-Tickets 18s. 6d. Prent._ &WE~Rebearf:.l f r the Fenji Vf ScnTlf the Clergy will be at St. T-tuPs on T'etfdajij$^�%%?r. iztb infant, and the Feqft the Ttwrfda^*.f.'Xf^C"-''- S T E W 7be Lord Bijbvp of Bangor, . The Lord Bijbop of St. Afaph, T^fofo-v-John Chapman,D.Z>. The Rev. John Taylor, D. D. TheRev. Fran. Furfman,M.A. ThtRevJGeQM&ddoek3,MA. Tickets to be had at the following Places The Rev. Jof Crew; M. A.. The Rev/�ho. Tanr.er/Af.j^. The Rev. Sr!v. Vineent; M,At The Rev, Will. Loy&yM.A. John Probyn, Effi Jof. Wilcocks, EM y : Tom4sCogee*-, Houfe in Cornhill; Kingys Arms Tavern,: Lombard-Street' 1 Guildhall Cojfee-Houfe in King-Street;,Half-Moon Tavern in Cbeapfidt-y Chapter Cojfee-Houfe, and'King"'* ArmsT#berxt in St. FduPs Church-Yard ; Brown*i Cefce-Houf in Mitre* Court, Fleet-Street ; Dick's Cojfee-Houfe, Temple-Bar j Southampton Caffee-Hovftin Chancery-Lane ; Rainbow Coffee* Houfe in.Laneafer-Court; anu the EtchepterCoffe&Hbu/eM Pdaci-Yard, Wtfmnfier, % � * 7 / ;