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Cumberland Times News Newspaper Archives Sep 2 2015, Page 4

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Cumberland Times News (Newspaper) - September 2, 2015, Cumberland, Maryland Editorial quote of the Day Quot we will condemn our children to a planet beyond their capacity to a incs ident to Kink i a Mui during a sit to it kid it. Predicting it Ihm Vetn scenario Fin the Arvik and Dun Floe Iii Linum change in t won . 4a publisher Robin l. Quillon managing editor John d. Smith editorial Page editor Jim Goldsworthy Cumberland times news wednesday september 2. 2015they�?Tre right teachers frequently Tell us three things 1. They love teaching. 2. They spend too much time doing paperwork reports of various kinds with which previous generations of teachers did no to have to contend. 3. They spend too much time testing and not enough time teaching. The Maryland educators association agrees with no. 3 and has begun an advertising Campaign called a less testing More it contends there san excess of testing that takes too much time away from learning. A teacher in one of the ads says a Quot anything that in t a victim Pic Usu tested gets put on the Siaz Back Burner a its it Ali it i it 5dy just test it test test and the inf it c they re taking away Lucic 3 into things that kids need. I u h to chit now it seems like a Lilleli lc3llllg there a testing on top of testing on top of testing. When they re subject to this kind of testing year after year we can to get that time Back for our the Federal no child left behind Law a which some former teachers have told us said was the primary reason they left the profession a requires states to test students in grades three to eight in Reading and math and once again on those subjects in High school. These tests Are designed to measure student Progress and schools that done to show improvement face consequences. On top of that states require their own testing. The associated press reported earlier this year on a Center for american Progress study of 14 school districts in seven states which found that students take As Many As 20 standardized assessments each year. Assuming the average school year is 180 Days that one test every nine Days a and this Isnit including what Well Call a a Ordinary testing. Parents and even students say they Are equally frustrated by the amount of time involved in simply preparing students to take the tests. One consequence is that too Many of today a students seem to Lack the knowledge of subjects such As history geography and civics How government works that members of previous generations almost take for granted and frequently say today a kids know nothing about. Chalk it up to an insatiable governmental craving for More information and accountability analysis of which data no doubt provides lucrative employment for bureaucrats who probably would serve no other useful purpose. As far As accountability is concerned consider this a reported last week on a study that showed american High schools on average have shown Little improvement Over the past four years when it comes to preparing their graduates for College. Only 40 percent of graduating seniors who took the act College Entrance exam show a a Strong readiness Quot for College in most areas. Another 31 percent weren to ready in any Core subject areas. Act chief executive officer Jon Whitmore said a a we re talking about hundreds of thousands of . High school graduates who wont earn a two or four year College degree because they Arentt academically prepared to do so. In the increasingly competitive Job Market where decent jobs Are requiring More advanced skills and training this is a huge something Isnit working Here and we put All the blame on the teachers. This is a complicated problem and has no simple answers. For one thing Public school education has a better track record in affluent areas where most families have a record of Success than it does in places that Are poverty stricken. But we do agree with the teachers the students and the parents on this our schools should try teaching More and testing less. Letter to the editor visit to the local zoo was rewarding and informative How Many of you Are like us always have Good intentions to visit Sites activities in our area but just Don t get it done that was us with saying we were going to visit the to state zoological Park off Christie Road for Many years. When we went to visit our local zoo for the first time we arrived at 4 10 . And discovered the Park closed at 5 . We met Bob Candy who is the owner and operator of the facility and he encouraged us to walk around take our time and not worn about the closing time we were the Only visitors at the Park until later when a repeat visiting family arrived. What a pleasant Surprise As we encountered a Large variety of animals fowl and reptiles All of which were rescued from an Uncertain Fate. The Ani Mals were Well fed and cared for and responsive to visitors. Those who required extra space had ample area to roam about and Greet the visitors. Or. Candy provided us with a guided tour speaking of the animal s history and How they came to reside in his Park. He offered a human touch by calling them by name feeding touching and playing with them where appropriate. We met two volunteers who have worked tirelessly to provide for the inhabitants without regret. One was a Mother cleaning out the reptile area not an easy Job. The other was her 13-year old daughter who has volunteered for three years. They were very Knovel Wedgeable and dedicated to the animals. All the work at the zoo is done is by volunteers. There Are no paid staff including or. Candy. Volunteers and donations keep the zoo operating. For example each lion and Tiger eat approximately 40 pounds of meat daily not counting food required for the other animals. Food is expensive and a Challenge for any Small organization trying to survive. The Park is a 501c3 and is Able of receive donations. The experience was positive far beyond our expectation. Although not the Pittsburgh or Baltimore zoo which Are better funded the facility offers a Home for animals who were cared for and otherwise would have ended up with a less than desirable Fate. One must remember that when visiting All the animals Are rescued animals. We would Hope others w to have not had the experience of visiting the zoo would do so and remember that donations and Volunteer time is Given to these Beautiful animals who otherwise would not be Here had they not been rescued. Henry and Carolyn Brown Frostburg guidelines for letters a letters May be no More than 300 words not counting the headline or the writer s name and Community of residence. Longer submissions will be considered on an individual basis for publication As Reader commentaries. A writers Are limited to one letter per 30 Days except for one rebuttal and must include a Telephone number and Street address for verification purposes be mail a regular mail Cumberland times news to Box 1662, Cumberland my 21501-1662 you might try a Yard Sale y a Jim Mullen the Village idiot Over the years we Veall collected stuff that we Are ashamed to have in the House. Stuff that is too ugly to keep too expensive to throw out unfortunate Christmas presents out of Date furniture Ultra wide Paisley ties i foolishly think might someday come Back into fashion. So w hat should we do with this stuff take it to the Landfill drop it off at the Goodwill make a trip to the recycling Center not a Chance. Well spread it out on the front Lawn and put prices on it. We will have a Yard Sale. It sounds like such a Good idea. A Way to get rid of six Pound wooden Tennis rackets dented chafing dishes Vinyl carpenters albums ancient eight track tapes battered recliners unused Fondue pots obsolete dictaphones coolers in the shape of giant Beer cans beat up copies of a Jonathan Livingston Seagull a embroidered Linen pillowcases and stacks of Reader s digest condensed books. Unfortunately its the exact same junk All our neighbors Are trying to get rid of. That a Why Lawn sales Are held on the weekend so the entire mess won t be confused for garbage and accidentally collected. Me. I done to just have Yard sales i go to them too. I Don t go because i think i will find an original copy of the declaration of Independence hidden behind a $2 picture of dogs playing poker. I Stop because in a a Snoop. There a nothing like pawing through a table full of personal effects in the hot Sun to learn How your neighbors spend their time and their Money junk on a folding table in the driveway Speaks to me. One Silver Teaspoon. Did someone steal the other seven or did you always lust have one or do spoons in a dishwasher disappear like socks in a dryer a Cross country ski machine for 50 Bucks they twisted their ankle trying to learn How to use it the Day it arrived and then gained two pounds convalescing Here it is. Out in the front Yard making them feel guilty every time they look at it a buy me Quot it screams. A a Jet me out of their Lawn sales Are full of Kitchen gadgets that Are so specific no one Ever uses them. A left handed deep fat Frog leg Fryer. A Waffle Iron in the shape of Kroner in Lagasse. A Kiwi Peeler still in the Box. A machine that boasts it la let you a Grill fish in your hotel room Quot where do these people stay Motel 666? i done to Ever want to be in the room next to them. Wooden skis wheelchairs that were old w Hen for was a boy Hurricane lamps roller skates to tray tables baby clothes. You rarely find Good collectibles at the Yard sales Selling baby clothes. You can either have children or you can have Nice things As my Mother used to Tell us a every Day. The fact that i had seven Brothers and Sisters probably had something to do with that but its not the kind of thing a 6 year old would snap Back to his mom. Mid Golf dubs. There Are always Golf clubs at Yard sales i saw a beautifully balanced Putter at one Sale and the lady said i could have it for a Quarter i told her that Brand new it probably Cost $120. She said she was glad it made me Happy a because it never made Hank Happy a the does t play anymore a a not so much since he a ooh in a sorry Quot a i m not a she said i asked sue if she d sell my Golf stuff after i died. A Are you kidding she said. A what makes you think ill wait that Long a Contact Jim Mullen at j com a 20j5 United feature Syndicate distributed by Universal Uduc Kjor of Bible digest a ask. Arum it Shau be Given you. Seek. A nil you shall find. Kex a and it shall be opened to you Matthew 7 7 Kajy Trump and the vague evangelical voters i when it became dear that Normal venues were too Small Donald Trump met his Mobile ala., flock in the ultimate deep South Sanctuary a football stadium. A wow wow unbelievable. Unbelievable a shouted the candidate that polls keep calling the Early Republican front runner. A a that a so Beautiful. You know now i know How the great Billy Graham Felt because this is the same feeling. Wre All love Billy Gra Ham. We love Billy the thrice married new York billionaire did t Tiabo rate but apparently thought he was changeling what the worlds most famous preacher would feel facing a Bible Belt crowd. Participants in evangelistic Eru Sades however Don t Bounce up and Down screaming while wearing licensed Merchan disc and wowing single name banners. Adjusting his red a make America great again baseball Cap Trump quoted Rush Lim Haugh mocked Jeb Bush prophesied the demise of Hillary Clinton and shared sordid details of crimes by an illegal immigrant. He offered in the rain to prove that his leg a Quot. Terry Mattingly Dendary hair was indeed his own. One photo went viral showing the Cand Date greeting supporters in front of a Home made sign that proclaimed. A than you lord Jesus for president a Donald Trump comes across As a Blunt savvy can do Man and that kind of Leader has always been popular Quot Down South noted Church historian Carl Trueman of Westminster theological Seminary near Philadelphia. A the is the prototypical celebrity and has his own Brand of populism. That seems to Appeal to Many modern problems arise however when journalists and politicos Start calling thump the a evangelical favorite. In one much discussed Washington Post Abc news poll he was Lead my in the giant Republican pack with 26 percent of White evangelical gof leaning voters. Other polls show similar or greater a a evangelical support but his numbers Are weaker among those who attend Church once a week or More. A if you ask Why Trumps beliefs Appeal to Many evangelicals then you face an old prob Lem a noted Trueman Quot if you put 12 Evangeli cals in a room you Are going to get to or 11 at least definitions of what the word evangelical the associated press style Book the journalism Bible notes that the adjective a evangelical Quot has evolved commonly becoming a noun the term refers to a a category of Dot a Tri Nally conservative christians. They emphasize the need fora definite adult commitment or conversion to Faith in Christ. Evangeli cals stress both doctrinal absolutes and vigorous efforts to win others to historically speaking ifs crucial that evangelicalism is a movement of believers in a w Ide variety of churches and thus has no comprehensive set of shared doctrines noted Nancy Pear Fey who leads the Center for Christian worldview at Houston Baptist University. When specific issues arise that cause do Sion evangelicals usually fall Back on conies Sions covenants or traditions in their own individual flocks this can make it hard to find Unity in painful debates she said As a Rule american evangelicals Are United by shared emotions cultural experiences a Strong sense of individualism and loyalty to charts Matte leaders and their causes. A evangelicalism arose As a renewal move rent within the established churches. And therefore it was inherently opposed to Structure history tradition ritual and anything that could to characterized As Mere externalism a a she noted when evangelicals have formed Independent organizations causes and churches a they were w eak in precisely those this makes it hard. Trueman agreed for evangelicals facing debates on issues such As same sex marriage to decide when preachers activists or even educational institutions have modernized their beliefs too much and. Thus no longer fit under the a a evangelical Banner. It May also make it hard for a a evangelicals to seriously evaluate the Faith claims of Politi clans w to urgently need votes in Bible Belt primaries. Quot my kinds of Legal and political issues will be putting new pressures on churches in this nation a Trueman said a at some Point simply calling yourself an evangelical is not going to be enough people Are going to need clarity. Quot our churches and our institutions Are going to have to clearly state what they believe on specific issues such As the definition of marriage or they Are not going to be Able to stand together the cultural ties that worked in the past Are not going to be enough a Terry Mattingly is the editor of Goethe gum Ary and senior fellow far Media arum Kelly urn at the Kings Colu be in new York City he lives in Oak Ridge 7 win c joi5 United feature Syndicate distributed try Universal Udick for us

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