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Cumberland Times News Newspaper Archives Mar 21 2015, Page 4

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Cumberland Times News (Newspaper) - March 21, 2015, Cumberland, Maryland Editorial quote of the Day Quot that s like saying you dont want to Call the fire department because you re afraid the trucks will create a 4a Cumberland times news a Michael osterholm a prominent infectious diseases exp Ort at the University of Minnesota on the fait that even though in Early june of last War the fax a epidemic in West Africa was tile deadliest Evet recorded the world health organization resisted sounding the International alarm until August. Saturday March 21, 2015 publisher Robin l. Quillon managing editor Jan Alderton editorial Page editor Jim Goldsworthy hits and misses iraqis no place for us every saturday the times news editorial Page features this hits and misses column. It is a look at the positive and negative news or events Over the past week. A a hit for the Cumberland mayor and councils decision to try a two week trial period for the proposed bicycle Lane on Frederick Street. The Bike Lane has been a controversial topic. Many Frederick Street residents Are opposed. The greater Cumberland chamber of Commerce and bicycling enthusiasts support the project. A a hit for the Alhambra Catholic invitational tournament for staging another successful High school basketball tournament. Also a hit for Rematha. Which by its 59-50 Victory Over St. Johns racked up its 22nd tournament title. A a miss for the confusion created by West Virginia alcohol beverage control commission regarding the gaming activity at Cumberland Moose Lodge 271 in Wiley Ford. The Lodge was cleared of possible gaming violations after it was Learned the West Virginia state tax department had Given verbal approval for the gaming. It is apparent there needs to be better communication Between state agencies. A a hit for the Allegany county sheriffs departments decision to hold a sobriety checkpoint on the canal Parkway in Cumberland. This marked the first time the checkpoint was held on the Parkway. A total of 558 vehicles were stopped and two Dpi violations resulted. A a miss for Baltimore area delegates who Are pushing legislation that would cause Blind industries and services of Maryland to lose its minority prefer ence for state contract bidding. Those who Are Blind or sight impaired Are in the minority and the Agency should continue to hold its preferred status. A a hit for Allegany High schools boys basketball team in reaching the Maryland class 1a semifinals. The team lost to Lake Clifton 58-51. A a hit for Frankfort High schools boys basketball team for reaching the West Virginia class a Region 2 semifinals. The team lost 53-46 to Robert c. Byrd. A a miss for whoever wrote a bomb threat letter to Allegany High school wednesday. The threat was discovered just before state superintendent of schools Lillian Lowery was scheduled to visit the school. Lowery went instead to John Humbird elementary school a a hit for Frostburg Singer songwriter and musician Greg Latta for receiving his second Maryland state arts Council individual artist award. A a miss for Penn state University fraternity Kappa Delta rho which has been suspended for a year after allegations that members used a private invitation Only Facebook Page to Post photos of nude and partly nude women some apparently asleep or passed out. A a hit for Hunter Barclay a Mountain Ridge High school student who won the rotary club of Cumberland a four Way test speech contest. Hits also go to fort Hill High school student Dylan Rice who placed second and Sani Rabbani of Bishop Walsh High school Walker Magrath of Allegany High and Alex Mason of the Center for career and technical education who also received awards. It bar Metaj Nyarku 15 about to St be Victory speech Georgie Anne Geyer Washington a the Story of the week a which May soon become the Story of the iraqi War a was the picture of the Hawk nosed cold eyed Qassem Suleiman head of the iranian revolutionary guards buds Force standing confidently on iraqi soil overseeing his fighters attacking Cikrit. Everything seemed to be going Well for these iranian shiite militias who were deep into Iraq. Their Confidence seemed to be rubbing off on their iraqi Brethren fighters. As for the americans who once thought to Reform those iraqi Sands they announced that the . Was sitting this out. Lest the iranians be Given even More Confidence. In Short it was not a Good week in the Middle East for the american soldiers and strategy. As the Washington times wrote in its front Page in one of the Best sum a Iran is on a Roll in the Middle East becoming a dominant military player in Iraq rescuing the regime of Bashar Assad in Syria bringing Down a . Ally in Yemen and building its surrogate Hezbollah terrorist army into a political Force in Lebanon and throughout the As if that were not enough it was More or less at this Point that the Pentagon announced the Spring attacks it had planned to take Back the iraqi City of Mosul 2 million people were now going to be delayed while special analysts estimated that iranians coordinate As Many As 100,000 iraqi fighters brought together by iraqi clerics sympathetic to Iran. Now permit me. Please to say something absolutely outrageous and i will sneak off to Florida to avoid your spleen. I beg you to not inform our Pentagon of my perfidy the iranians Are fighting a and perhaps even winning a in Iraq against the hated islamic state which behead children and enslaves women and i am supposed to be mad that our boys and girls Are not fighting and getting themselves killed Well my response is a wonderful let them do it a pause. Take a deep breath and let it out slowly. Get a Glass of cold water and open a history Book tonight. I happened to be covering the Middle East in the late 1970s and throughout the �?~80s. In the �?~70s, the Ayatollah Khomeini the iranian shiite Leader who had been hiding out in Iraq suddenly Rose up As the new quasi religious political Leader of Iran. Just about everybody in the Middle East believed that Khomeini so super conservative shiite islam Wras going to take Over the Region. The whole Region. I remember interviewing Yasser Arafat in Beirut at the time. The Plo chairman rarely m any mothers who Are just dying to Send your sons Over there please stand up showed a lot of enthusiasm but this Day he seemed dazed by a what he had seen. A i was just in Tehran a he finally told me. A up on the podium with Khomeini. And his a troops were marching and marching. And i reviewed he ended with a look on his face of such Joy that i thought maybe i should Clear out. If there was any time in my Many years in the Middle East that i seriously thought the entire area was going to fall to an islamist revolution the years of 1978 to 1980 were them. But the fact is the revolution did not happen. Instead Iran and Iraq got into one of those imbecilic wars that have ravaged that part of the world through history a million people were killed Between the two sides and in the end the a great iranian revolution just kind of uttered out the Way everything eventually does in the Middle East. Moreover when you look at american interventions in the Region you rather quickly come to the conclusion that we Are muddling out As w7ell. We overthrew Mohammad Mosadegh the reformist elected prime minister in 1953 and backed the Shah of Iran he worked reasonably Well until the people revolted against him in 1978 and we forbade him to shoot into the crowd. So he was thrown out and Khomeini came in. During the Iran Iraq War of 1979 �?T88. We sup ported Iraq s brutish Saddam Hussein then when he had won connived against him. In 2003, after 9/11, we were looking for Osama bin Laden but decided to Detour and take Over Iraq on the Way to the afghan pakistani Border. Why because it was there unfortunately the Man we put into Power threw All of Saddam a Mil Itaev out leaving them rootless violent men without Home or Hearth. It was these who largely built up the islamic state. So you really think it is we who should be putting the Middle East in order Well you have a Point. Nobody else can teach democracy like we can. No one else can teach another country a men to fight for us like we can. And nobody else can teach those other violent Peoples a peace on Earth a like we can. Why we be Only been in or started seven wars since world War ii after All so anyone who would like to go Over to Baghdad and fight the iranians please raise your hand. And any mothers who Are just dying to Send your sons Over there please stand up. Not everybody All at once. Georgie Aline Geyer has been a foreign correspondent and Coni Rne stator on International affairs for More than 40 years she can be reached at Gigi Geyer �,2015 Universal us lick Bible digest a the Rich and poor meet together the lord is the maker of them proverbs 22 2 a Jav Rentou a and. Farnum a Pally to \ to retire the plants meanwhile in wa6win6tun. I a av7 we be got vomit Mew part count. \ it Sao picks ape const Tuton Allt non Simoes. Obama bracket co it a Nazca fwd rfcs c ree yous Loster cons Bim. Maker a Kuz. Subj a Tosca j am by or a j i Rry Paul r Christie Ryan r i isl pal carion i Trump Quot Zycka amp to t i Wpm Kae pc j presidential madness

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