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Cumberland Times News Newspaper Archives Jun 18 2015, Page 5

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Cumberland Times News (Newspaper) - June 18, 2015, Cumberland, Maryland Editorial Quoit of the Day Quot we entered the def it anti suddenly a White Tiger rushed out of an adj it Clit of nun and at Tat keel one of the workers jumping at his Throat and mauling him we broke the window of another us an to Hee and the v mind >1 break my Glass must have St ared it and it ran a i punier Arn of Limo Cho Iii inned n ten thai Ghitl Sci of in Fittim ii in ilium ii re withal Iii if Ilist win Iii sap Obi Isuf r Robin l. Quillon r i Tor Jan Alderton f Ditori Ai Page editor Jim Goldsworthy Cir Mai i and emf news thursday june 18,2015gray area i he Case of Rachel Dolezal has left us perplexed. She recently resigned As president of the Spokane wash., Branch of the a act following an uproar fuelled by questions about her race. According to the associated press her complexion is Light Brown and her hair is dark and curly. She said she has identified herself As Black or partly Black since she was 5 years old. Dolezal a parents ignited the controversy when they said she is White with a Trace of native american heritage is she Black letters to the editor or White it seems to matter and showed pictures of her As a fair skinned girl with straight Blond hair. The a a pcs website welcomes readers by saying a founded in 1909, the a act is the nation s oldest and largest civil rights organization. From the ballot Box to the classroom tie thousands of dedicated workers organizers leaders and members who make up the a act continue to fight for social Justice for All americans a Good description we feel of what the a act has always stood for. It makes no mention of race. The National a act says leadership positions do not require someone to be Black. A reported Dolezal has a distinguished career As a civil rights activist. However in addition to leaving her position with the a acpt a Spokane Branch she has been fired As a freelance news paper columnist and As a part time african studies University instructor. Spokane a ethics commission is investigating whether she lied about her race when she got an appointment to the City a police oversight Board. Dolezal a parents say they Haven to spoken to Lier for More than two years and that she is being dishonest about herself. They dispute her claim that she has identified herself As Black since she was a child. One of her sons says he views her As culturally Black and racially ail of this reminds us of the apartheid system practice in South Africa from 1948 to 1994, under which people were classified into four main racial groups and several subgroups because of their ancestry and treated accordingly. How far Back can you Trace your ancestry How sure can you be of what it contains some geneticists believe All humans alive today Are descended from a Small group of people who once lived in Africa. Others disagree. For too Long the american experience has been one of people not being hired or losing jobs because they were Black. Now we see someone lose a Job because she is perceived to be White. We truly Hope that the degree of Dolezal a honesty not her race a is the real Issue Here. More than that we Hope the Day will come when it no longer matters what color a persons skin is. Or is not. Its not about restructuring but firing Loyal employees Butoi a Mitt the to me a if the Iii u in to 4irj/ei ii Home the Suh Jert of the in Liellei u Ere riot retells dlr at it in re intent Ltd Nehm amhara like to us Yinru Iriceil Hori strut Turi Rii hut u Revi ii of the College dare Ttorp revealed the affected front Ion a Ere on fined try Theta after rending the article concerning the restructuring of am s adm Nistra live Stafl june la times news Page i a i was not a Happy Man to put it mildly. In fact. I was angry i taught at am for Over to years during that time i had the privilege of working with in two vice presidents tie Powers that be Al Aile Gany College of Maryland seemed fit to dismiss referred to As folks that no longer will have a Rote at the institution made my anaemic blood boil a folks How condescending mow demeaning no. But two Strong professional colleagues who gave their All to Allegany College of Maryland for Many years i worked and travelled with these ladies to Somerset Everett and the in state area to Many High schools to advise students regarding enrolling at am and oui academic pro Grams these colleagues had families they loved but they also loved the College and the rewards the College offered a Adorni Gally to thousands of students. They worked Long hours pro Bono apart rom their professional Job Desemp Lions on behalf of area students Mona clites worked hard to obtain a doctorate in Ber Field and Linda Price who began As a sin Dent later a Secretary and ultimately a vice president proved her Devotion and loyalty to am and this is their Reward to by regarded As folks who no longer have a role at the institution 9 in spite of the euphemism a Restrup Tore the Bottom line is that these two wonder Ful ladies were basically fired after Many year of impeccable work and Devotion which benefited tile College and los student my friends certainly deserve a better not bitten Fate it was stated that the a restructuring a not about state level budget red be Bons but How we move Forward really talk about bureaucratic Jar goo t do not have the answer concerning this mysterious brutal a restructuring a but i do know that loyalty and Devotion have been kicked aside not a Welcome or promising Factor in promoting morale or Confidence in what we once proudly called our College Amity James i it Zamagias pm professor emeritus Timberland $55 million drop in bucket compared to lost mine jobs . Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewell must live in the dark if she thinks there a a possibility the West Vir Ginia congressional delegation would be seen in Public w Ith her Interior Secretary administration not turning Back on Coal Industry a june 7 t urn s news. Page the Jewell said she informed West Virginia s congressional delegation of her trip to tour some of the state s surface mines i she did t specifically invite them but would be Consul Creel letting them join associated pre coverage Golf she and the administration for which she works would have Lear ired their Sci a Nee from anywhere besides Al Gore s comic books tin folks in West Virginia and other Coal producing states would not need to ire looking Tor any govern Merit assistance wow $55 million is such a ridiculous investment to replace How Many thou Sand jobs9 that amounts to $28 per per son in the state if it is All spent in West Virginia what do we clo next year9 we should be so thankful for government Assis Lance. Stan Larder Keyser. for letters a is c. O a t v no More. Far 300 Vorone not counting the headline or Tho Jvn tar s name and Community of i residence a brr. On. Of n Ore than .300 to Aba a to Ora it in Rod on a. If at bams for publication a Reader commentaries a space permits a or s Quot an filed to or a Otter per 30 Days except for one rebuttal a a i a i Quot nut cat to r a a r g a a j a a item a j fora Bat do not include a daytime Telephone j number and Avreet address for verify j cation purposes will not be published a f j a Quot i he it i a a f a by /2252 70 a Egu or my Quot a my news to Box 166?, Cumberland my 21501 1662 a other letters appear on our web i site digest the Lori hic is you. And of a of you the Lori make his face Shine in you. And he or a ions to you the Loro lift no his countenance on you and give you peace numbers 6 21-26 \ Tkv Magna Carta launched Modem democracy i to r Washington this week of june 15 is being celebrated All Over the civilized world As t Fie Booth anniversary of one of the major events in human history an event that has led us to this moment when we could even speak honestly of it is of course the birth Day of the Magna Carta or a great hut in its stunning longevity it is so often misunderstood that one can Only wonder where the truth is in its 3,500 tedious words of medieval latin. Let us take a look. When some dozens of Frig fish Barons met on a bucolic Little Plain near Runnymede Only 20 Miles outside of London that Day in june 1215, they Wen in a vile mood the treacherous War wasting Monarch King John must have shrunk from their angry visages because at the end of their a discus Sion a his Royal majesty had agreed to virtual Ivall of the indignant rebel Barons demands in would guarantee Church rights and pro Ted the Barons from illegal imprisonment they would have Access to Swift Justice and Georgie Anne Geyer there would by limitations pm Feudal payments to the Crown. There Wen Many More parts of the charter that Are less dramatic and have not so pompously come Down to us hut let us just say in the words of the noted British judge lord Denning quoted in the new York times that the Magna Carta was a the great c a constitutional document of All times the foundation of the Freedom of the individual against the arbitrary authority of the despot that Day s drama at Runnymede. With its shakespearean protagonists surely has its detractors Many of them bitter of Tongue and they have come out to bask in the Sun of the Meadow this heraldic week the most com Mon criticism is that even in its barely under bendable latin the charter is Clear that any benefits so bestowed were to be granted Only to the angry Barons themselves and not to peasants freemen or regular englishmen some revolution these c critic s say yet what the Magna Carta did was not to even try to change everything at once in a world of lilliputian the charter was one giant step toward the end prize of a fully work ing democracy with a modern Justice system a Public ethic that applauded and demanded fairness and transparency in government. And a tax system that did not tax Only the poor and Reward tin Rich t Hough there arc other examples of Peoples trying to harness the Powers of monarchs the Magna aria was the first major test in the English speaking world after its initial prom ulgate Ion against King John who had Squall Tercel the Barons wealth on reckless wars the charter was nullified and ignored then replaced again and again no matter that was history in those Days perhaps Iii All Days yet. Americans founding fathers embraced tin charter John Adams and Benjamin Franklin employed ii against the stamp act of 1765. In drafting the Constitution the founders used the clause due process of Law Quot thinking it was from the Magna Carta whereas it was really added belatedly to the document the document was grow ing and growing more1 important along with the colonies and not Only in Amerie a. Not to sound flippant lint once something like this gets started it s hard to put out its moral fire in South Africa and India Gandhi used its arguments on belial of racial Quality and Nelson Mandela did the same indeed. Tile charter has come to be the worlds Deela ration of Independence and Liberty. The charter was also important because it had clause ii or a Security clause a which meant a Council of 25 Barons were empowered to seize King Johns castles and lands if the King sinned or erred against the signers of the charter it was important because it presaged Guttenberg a printing press which made its precepts More accessible to average people and the reformation and protestantism hut a i it Ove All the Magna Carta was an example in an Ever changing world that Progress too. Was Ever changing. The Magna Carta did riot come to stand by itself its ideas were forever teeing Dawdle with and generally improved. And that is the Way True democracy is today the Many emanations of the Magna Carta and How England grew and developed to be More democratic with every new version show us too How Peoples and societies Cleve of differently according to their history and experience. So yes let us celebrate you. Magna Carta. This week and afterwards. In the end you real in Werk Magna Ceorge Anne Canter has been a foreign Ami i Arramenta tire on intern Sumaj affairs for Amra thin in gears she eau Ihl real Heil at i to if Eyer a Jana Corn Jou unit Versai a Hckman silenced during meeting can proceed a Wisconsin Man can proceed with his Corn plaint in Federal Cour t Over being silenced luring a Public comment period at a town meeting a Federal judge has ruled providing an example for Public offi rials nationwide. Roger Hoeppner sued the a a town of Stettin wis., and the head of the town Board Matthew Wasmundt for ordering Hoeppner to quit jul talking at More than one David town meeting in the summer Hudson of 2013 according to the record Hoeppner accused Wasmundt of approving a particular driveway project at one meeting and at another meet ing said another Board member a a yes Man Quot for Wasmundt Hoeppner contends that the ban amounts to viewpoint or at least Content based discrimination in violation of the fir St amendment the town and Wasmundt counter that Hoepp Ner was silenced because he was disruptive. Judge bar Bara b Crabb of the . District court Western District of Wisconsin allowed Hoeppner claim to move Forward in her May 12 decision in Hoeppner v. Town of Stettin she determined that a reasonable jury could find in Hoeppner s favor on this part of his free speech claim a the fact that Wasmundt tolerated i Hoepp Nero so statements until i Hoeppner i criticized Wasmundt directly could to viewed As further evidence that Wasmundt was upset with Hoeppner a criticism Rattler than his Man ii r o the judge wrote government officials create a designated forum Tor speech when they open up the microphone for a Public comment period during this period citizens May criticize gov eminent officials essential in a const it ii carnal democracy a More complicated question in the Case is whether the town violated the first Amend Merit by ending the Public comment period entirely. Hoeppner contends that the town ended the Public comment period just to shut h in up the judge ordered the two sides to provide More information on multiple issues related to this claim Hoeppner May not win the Case but judge a rabbi a ruling is instructive for City and town boards across the country officials can to Stop people from speaking just because officials done to like what people have to say it Ltd i. Hudson or is tin first amendment it in Huysman is Stahler. Aco i is o m

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