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Cumberland Times News (Newspaper) - June 18, 2015, Cumberland, Maryland 2a thursday. Jun 18.2015 Pentagon chief iraqi training goal to fall Way Short of recruits dub Riechmann \s1ungt0n Tho i s will fall Way Short of meeting its goal of training 24,000 iraqi forces to fight islamic state militants by this fall. Defense Secretary so Carter said wednesday on Capitol Hill there lawmakers Are already sceptical of the Obama administrations strategy to address Mideast Carter armed a that the Only Enos about 7.of about 2.of threats in tin told the House vices committee i s has received a recruits to train 0 in addition to 0 counter terrorism service personnel it or training efforts in Iraq have thus far been slowed by i Lack of trainees we simply Haven t received enough recruits. Carter said at a nearly three hour hearing. Carter said the train and equip Mission in Syria also lacks enough trainees to fill existing training Sites Prima rile because it s difficult to make suit the recruits Are people who can be counted on and Are not aligned with groups like is a it turns out to be very hard to identify people who meet both of those caller said later in the Day. The House rejected a Resolution to Force Congress to debate an authorization for the tse of military Force for i s Mill Tare engagement against is in Iraq and Syria the measure which was Defeated 288 139. Would have directed that i s troops be withdrawn from the fight within 30 Days of passage or by tin end of the year if Obama determines an Nome Diate withdrawal is not Safe if Congress failed to approve a new authorization associated press Clinton county District attorney Andrew Wylie left and new York state police maj. Charles guess attend a news conference wednesday in Plattsburgh n y., where they discussed the escape of David sweat and Richard Matt from the Clinton correctional facility in Dannemora. In Brief associated press Isiah Francis. 10. Left and Jeremiah Grimes 11, explain How they ran into a burning trailer in Oakland. Fla late tuesday morning and rescued two children. Boys Rescue children from burning Home Oakland Fla. A typical of their hot sum Mer Days free from school la year old Jeremiah Grimes and to year old Isiah Francis were plopped on the Couch watching youtube and playing video games but tuesday they smelled something Unlusu a1. When they looked out the window they saw smoke streaming from the Home next door. As Jeremiah put on his shoes Isiah ran next door where he encountered the neighbor frantically searching for water to douse the flames. The Man told him two Young Chil Dren were in the Kitchen Isiah went inside and. With Jeremiah s guidance plucked the i year old and 8 month old from the burning Home it was really Smoky. Isiah said i could kind of see. But i had to use my sense of Peoria tic arthritis research painful or swollen joints itchy scaly skin Vourn i v 1 lib if or a research study conducted in our to evaluate rhe lately and effectiveness of Tir est a choral a or. For tie treatment of Peoria tic arthritis spa. Ton study in a Hrip us to Butte understand potent treatments Tor this often painful condition in order to qualify you must. A at teas 18 years of Aye a have Active Peoria tic arthritis spa for at least 6 months have had prior injection treatment with a poor response a meet additional study criteria qualified participants will receive All study medication and study related care from a dedicated team of medical staff at no Cost. Health insurance is not required to participate. Call Klein amp associates 921 Seton drive Cumberland. My 21502 at 301-747-3644 a Washington president Barack Obama and to republicans in Congress joined forces wednesday on a Quick bipartisan Rescue attempt for tin adm Nistra lion s Trade Agenda left for dead in the House last week in a revolt earned out by i Emo crafts and backed by organized labor. Officials said the Republican controlled House would vote thursday on a stand alone Bill to give Obama the enhanced negotiating authority the administration seeks As part of an Effort to Complete a 12 nation Trade Deal with Pacific rim Colin tries. A Spokane. Wash. Rachel Dolezal faced Tough questions Alx iut her racial identity Long before her career As a civil rights advocate and expert on african american culture was derailed after recent revelations that she grew up a Gail More than a decade ago Howard i diversity s lawyers questioned whether she had tried to pose As african amen can w Hen she applied for admission to the history rally Black University in the nation s capital. Dolezal. The Spokane a act Leader who resigned this week after her parents said she had let Een pretending to be Black but was actually White now faces a swirl of criticism fax it it past and recent state merits. And on wednesday. Spokane Lead ens asked her to resign from a police oversight panel citing misconduct. Associated press Rachel Dolezal Date Book today is the 169th Day of 2015. There Are 196 Days left in the year. On this Date in 1778, american forces entered Philadelphia As the British withdrew during the revolutionary War in 1812, the War of 1812 began As the United states Congress approved and president James Madison signed a declaration of War against Britain in 1815, Napoleon Bonaparte met his Waterloo As British and prussian troops detected the French in Belgium in 1873, suffragist Susan b Anthony was found guilty by a judge in Canandaigua new York of breaking the Law by casting a vote in the 1872 presidential election the judge fined Anthony $100, but she never paid the penalty in 1908, William Howard Taft was nominated for president by the Republican National convention in Chicago in 1983, astronaut Sally k ride became America s first woman in space As she and four colleagues blasted off aboard the space shuttle challenger on a six Day Mission today a birthdays former sen. Jay Rockefeller do Ais 78 baseball Hall of Tamer Lou Brock is 76 Rock Singer com Poser musician sir Paul Mccartney is 73 actress Carol Kane is 63 Rock musician dizzy Reed guns n roses is 52 figure skater Kurt Browning is 49. Country Singer musician Tim Hunt is 48 rhythm and blues Singer Nathan Morris Boyz la men is 44 country Singer Blake Shelton is 39 actor Jacob Anderson to Quot game of thrones Quot is 25. Associated Cress deadly Balcony collapse tied to rotted wooden beams Berkeley Calif. A the Balcony col lapse that killed six col lege students appears to have been caused by rot Ted wooden beams Berkeley s mayor said wednesday As the victims heartbroken loved ones began arriving in the i s. From Ireland. Mayor Tom rates said investigators believe the Wood was not caulked and sealed properly at the time of construction and was damaged by moisture As a result the crowded fifth floor Balcony broke off an apartment building during a 21st birthday party Early tuesday held by vis iting Irish College Stu dents dumping 13 people 50 feet onto the pave Merit. In addition to the six killed seven were seriously Hurt a Mort than Likely it was caused by rain and caused by water damage that was done to the sup port beams a Bates said he said it was a obviously a bad ideas for 13 people to crowd onto such a Small Balcony it was about to Square feet but added that he is not blaming the victims. Runaway Tiger mauls Man to death after flood wrecks zoo Tbilisi. Georgia a a Tiger that broke Loose after severe flooding at t he Tbilisi zoo mauled a Man to death in the georgian capital before being shot by police wednesday a Day after officials said All the zoo s tigers had died. Zoo director Surab Juriel Idze acknowledged he was to blame for release my faulty information and said new counts indicated a Tiger cub and a Hyena difficulty could still be on the Loose. The City has remained on Edge with runaway Preda tors reportedly seen by some residents the Interior ministry in tin former soviet Republic said the Tiger was hiding at an abandoned factory that had been turned into a construction Market when he attacked the Man wednesday. The victim who worked at the Market later died of his wounds at a Hospital. A we entered the depot and suddenly a White Tiger rushed out of an adjacent room and attacked one of the work ers jumping at his Throat and mauling him col league Alexander Sharbu Elashvili told the associate cd press. A we broke the window of another room to flee and the sound of breaking Glass must have scared it and it ran 5 1 6 9 77 8 t 9 6 1 3 j a a. I i 6 2 3 5 2 5 3 4 4 i 7 8 94 2 a. 6 us do Kun How to play each Row column and set of 3-by 3 boxes must contain the numbers i through 9 without repetition previous solution 02015 if a off ? i 9 4 5 3 8 6 4 5 8 2 7 6 3 i 9 3 6 7 8 1 9 b 2 4 i 7 3 1 6 4 8 2 9 5 b 4 2 1 9 7 6 3 8 9 8 6 5 3 2 4 7 i 8 2 5 9 6 1 7 4 3 1 7 4 3 2 5 9 8 6 6 9 3 7 8 4 1 b Ujj lotteries Maryland West Virginia night pick three night pick four Bonus match 5 Day pick three Day pick four 5-2-1 7-4-7-1 3-18-20-34-37 Bonus Ball 29 6-3-0 2-9-1-6 daily three daily four 8-6-7 1-1-9-7 Pennsylvania hot lotto 2-6-10-12-47 Ball 16 Power Ball 20-21-22-41-54 Power Ball 7 Power play 3 pick 3 pick 4 Cash five 3-2-4 9-2-3-6 2-4-32-34-43 always double Check numbers through the state lottery or its lottery retailers. We want to bring you the news each and every Day. Please Call circulation at 301 -722-4608 Cumberland times news c Cumberland times news l�?Tsps-140020 published Dater except january 2, Day Atter memorial Day. July 5, Day Atter labor Day. December 26. By Community holdings of Maryland inc at 19 Baltimore Street Cumberland Maryland 21502 301-722-4600 publisher Robin l Quillon editor Jan Alderton advertising director Craig Spunger circulation director Julie Fox production director Steve smile i finance director Thomas e Snyder periodicals postage paid at Cumberland my member of Alliance for audited Media member of the associated press member of press association Cumberland times news subscriber rates seven Day my by and a mail rates -1 month $19 60,6 months $115.25 i year $223 40, All other states slightly higher Home delivery rates by Carrier $16 50 per month. $179 99 per year $1 of vending machine or dealer monday through saturday and $2 of on sunday Maryland residents must add 6% sales tax postmaster Send address changes to. Cumberland times news to. Box 1662, Cumberland my 21501-1662 errors amp omissions the advertiser agrees that the publisher shall not be liable Tor damages arising out d errors in advertisements beyond the amount pad for the space actuary occupied by that portion of the advertisements m which the error occurred whether such error is due to the negligence of the publishers employees or otherwise and there shall be no liability Tor non insertion of any advertisement beyond the amount paid for such advertisement Quot quo Quot in Page two Cumbe re Ani times news prosecutor worker discussed having inmates kill husband police expand search for escapees Mary Esch Assi x a Iti Prins Plattsburgh by a woman charge Tel with helping two convicted murderers Escaje from a maximum Security facility where she worked had Dis cussed having them kill her Lins band a District attorney Eon firmed wednesday. Clinton county District attorney Andrew Wylie said at a news conference that Joyce Mitchell had talked to inmates Richard Matt and David sweat about killing her husband. Lyle who also works at the Clinton correctional facility in Dannemora near the Canadian in order. Sweat and Matt escaped from fix Ivo year old prison on june to and remain on the Lam Joyce Mitchell a prison tailoring shop instructor who befriended the inmates was arrested june 12. Lyle Mitchell arrived at tin state a it lice Barracks in Malone with his attorney late wednes Dav morning to talk to auf Hon ties flit press Republican of Plattsburgh reported investigators have no information that Lyle Mitchell knew about tilt escape plan or assist cd in it Wylie said meanwhile state police expanded the search for the killers beyond a 16 Squall mile area of Woods Fields and swamps when the manhunt has in in most intense police stepped up roving patrols and were checking the hundreds if not thousands of seasonal Homes and Hunting Camps in the Region. Officials said tin number of Law enforcement officers involved in the search had been reduced from More than 8 h earlier in flu week to More than boo wednesday. In Dannemora the heavy law7 enforcement pres ence prevalent for More than a week All but Digap Xia red by tuesday and roadblocks sur

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