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Cumberland Times News Newspaper Archives Jun 8 2015, Page 5

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Cumberland Times News (Newspaper) - June 8, 2015, Cumberland, Maryland t monday june 8, 2015 Salaw bus Drivers school personnel get training local new Book first of 5-volume set continued from 1a work wit ii local Law enforcement leaders who arc proactive they recognize that How Law enforce men responds to individuals with mental illness can have a tremendous Impact on How encounters Are Diehl was speaking at a recent meeting of tilt Allegany minty Hoard of health Quot i know the Sherif Craig Koher Tson is very sup Oilive Quot said Allegany county commis sinner Jake Shade. That commitment extends to at least one local officer who is now a certified mental health first Aid Trainer Deputy Andrew Maukert Diehl said Mackert along with health department personnel is now training other officers plans Are to expand tin train my in a new direction the health department is developing a 40 hour crisis intervention training for Law enforcement officers the program can save lives both of people with a men Tai health problem and Paten Bally tin officer responding to a situation involving a person wit h mental illness. Diehl said Quot Cit has been shown to reduce officer injury rates five fold our goal is to offer our first class in the Spring of next year a Diehl said officers who go through the program have extra training to help out in responding to Emu Lineal disturbance Calls in Addi lion to their regular Calls. The approach Fosters a partnership Between Law enforcement and Thi Community Diehl said the Cit trained officers will not Only have the training need cd to Calm a situation Down but know the Community resources that can help a troubled individual perhaps sending that Poison for help rather than to jail when appropriate. One Cumberland police offi Cor has already completed Cit training and Montgomery Conn tvs Cit coordinator Scott Davis will help develop Aile gaily county s curriculum Diehl said. Health officials Are also apply my for a Grant so that the West pm Maryland health system can hire and supervise mental health professionals who will be Able to respond to situations at t lit request of Law enforcement Diehl said. A none of this would be Possi Hie without Law enforcement buy in and support a a Diehl said Allegany transit Drivers have also received the first Aid train ing among school personnel and others in the Community it s also a huge commitment by the health department Diehl said but Worth it. A a it a proven to save lives a Diehl said. Diehl also told health Board members a the department has been Able to Oner More first Aid courses thanks to staff from the Western correctional instill Tion and North Branch Conroe Lineal institution. The wardens of those prisons allowed their trained instructors to offer the trainings. A one in four individuals in the United states has a mental illness in any Given year. A mental disorders Are the leading cause of disability for individuals Ages 15 44 a specialized mental health first Aid training modules Are available on the problems of seniors Young people and voter ans. Drug Grant funds inf Campaign continued from 1a safety about t he use of prese rip Tion drugs. The website was Dis cussed at an Allegany county Hoard of health meeting last week at health department offices on Willowbrook Road. The website should go live within weeks health officials said it will contain information on where out of Date and unused medications can be dropped off Rebecca Meyers program director of behavioural health said. Those using the website will also be Able to look up information about Medico lion they take. A we re targeting everybody we Are fortunate to have this Opportunity Quot Meyers said. The information Campaign has already resulted in newspaper and radio ads and posters. In May the Campaign aimed at prom going teenagers org my them to keep their fun Safe anti drug free. Leaflets and posters were placed in Many locations frequented by teens heading to a prom Flower Simps Nail and hair shops and Tuxedo rental stores said Mey ers the materials had titles like a plan for a perfect promo and a tips for a standout sum the program revved into High gear again Over memorial Day weekend with a Strong Public information Campaign in the Media. A it s not just about addicts Quot said Meyers. Tile website and Campaign in general Are directed toward helping people understand How to use and store medications safely and preventing a Eiden Tai overdoses. The website address will be wow. Prescribe1 Hangea lie , officials said. In lie Grant from the state department of health and mental Hygiene a provides funding and technical assistance to local health departments for opioid misuse and overdose prevention strategic planning a acc ording to the dump. The Campaign is much need cd based on discussions at the meeting. Meyers and Kathy Miller discussed a recent meet ing of a state task Force working to find solutions to the drug Chi Demie which is headed up by it. Nov. Boyd k. Rutherford. A the average age of begin Ning drug use is getting younger and younger a said Miller director of the depart merits Joseph Massie addictions treatment unit at the Finan Center Allegany county commis sinner Bill Valentine said the task Force session had one flaw the entire session was about treating people after they Are addicted. More emphasis should be put on preventing addiction he said. Filiti in a thru Hieniek in tit liter a a humus continued from 1a Harvey an attorney with the Allegany and Garrett counties office of the Public defender is a research assistant for Newman most weekends Harvey travels to Harrisonburg va., to work in Newman a Home office among his enormous collection if files on Jpn and other topics Harvey first became acquainted with Newman after Reading a a Jpn and Vietnam a a published by Warner books a i called him after read ing Jpn and then we got together for dinner a said Harvey Harvey said Newman so Jpn and Vietnam a is a masterpiece a there is none better. The military considers it the and Hoe history on Viet Nam a said Harvey. Atter having dinner with Newman Harvey asked if he could help. It was the beginning of a Friendship and working relationship that has lasted for More than 20 years Newman is a retired i s army major and former professor at the1 University of Maryland his new Book is first in what is planned to be a five volume set on the assassination of the 35th president the first volume looks extensively into happenings in Cuba at the time of the assassination however his writings on the Assassin lion will be a Broad look from a the top Down a his research has led to certain . Central Intelli genre Agency figures and those he describes As a even More powerful a than the Cia level. Newman focuses on who was behind the slay my and does not investigate who delivered the actual shots that Day in Dallas in urn. Newman said analysis of Oswald and other supposed gunmen has been exam ined thoroughly by Withers he said anyone who polic d a trigger that Day was not Likely to have lived Long a there was More than one shooter. Oswald was killed right away. Anyone who did that was in a proverbial c on Crete Block at the Bottom of the said Newman Harvey said it is new mans analytical thinking that make is him one if the top people in the Jpn assassination Field a the goes where the facts Lead him he is very prag made and practical when there s a mistake he will acknowledge it and Contin us learning from mistakes helps you to got closer to the said Harvey. Newman was selected by Oliver Stone to assist on Stone s 1991 movie Jpn. And his 1995 film a Nixon Quot a a a Jpn stones movie really led to the Juk assassination records act. It caused senators and con Gressman to pass the Law it opened up Access to to Mil lion documents that were released Between 1993 and 2000,�?� said Newman. Harvey said he and new Man have spent close to 10,000 hours studying the documents and archives on the assassination Harvey and Newman Hope a where Angels tread lightly a and the volumes to come will do what other studies have1 not been Able to do a this will be a compelling conclusion to what the War Ren commission the House select committee and the Church committee were unable to do Quot said Harvey. Newman said that Many members of the commit tees did no to have the right skill set for a murder invest ligation of that magnitude. A they were Good people but they weren to trained in the Craft a said Newman. Newman said those com Mitteer a were often burdened by. What he believes to be the false narrative that the assassination involved Cuba and Russia if those committee s would have been led to that con delusion it would have Lead to a path of retaliation that could cause world War Iii Harvey said Many who have a got close Quot to the Cia for information have been a stonewalled by the Agency. Where Angels tread lightly Quot is available on Amazon com video my trophy homed at Library continued from 1a pitch. There Are several Black and White clips from the 300 game Winner s career Grove s most valuable Flayer trophy from 1931 is permanently housed at the Public Library in Loyacon my. The project was recently boosted significantly with a $25,000 donation from former Georges Creek Resi dents Jim and Marsha Blair now living in North Carolina Grove was a six time All Star and played on two world series championship teams he was elected to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown n y., in 1947. Donations to the fund May be stat to Community Trust foundation. Lefty Grove kind. 71 Baltimore St Cumberland. My 21502 follow time sews staff writer of u Hael a saucers on twitter u Quot i Smik Esawyer advertise with us 301-722-4600 Kubota. Cumberland my 301-759-3200 Oakland my 301-387-4500 Keyser we 304-788-0008 to Fawn of a for hmm Attiq Tor 60 to nth m Yew tromm to few Tabula 12kh0t to out to Iowa Tod pwt hymn from pit amp Mpa amp Fig Tooler Yenta the Tough amp Jet Quot of h Edom pee a lid or lib rive Othats a Nakiye m in Ita for Imit Imort Rifle of Quot pet Joo Toter Tai cd fab Amu est in a Tate to of no tatar <ttkiiin�nu0m�?T put Wito Locsi barged dewy to to moot prep to Attal fee be in Xuoi Daour a filth stole Tow. 0% a Fraik Tow fat a a not be avar in a the instant a Tutt Olta in cig a via f or auge Sabot Quot in \ = a Atar s a Khz 0 Ait us ton amp or Caj tube Ltd to to new Rte n me end a porn apply Oita a fonts sikhs us Tor imm w la a and by Tot Low tit options or be to Watt be amp pm Tom to Mote Atta Mitten payments pm 4j99 9$ pet month in in Tabula i $501 Oyha in tooted to or we a Pix it it i Ivy 40 Otto $0 town .10% apr tic Mutiny to 60 Inonu a him Tater the -.payment to not a met Omott Wei to pie p m Toad urn where App Fonto Oitai participation no Viny outer aet mitral misty put and to of exp it h optional a i outfit a t a a Piolo to 12e296 i 1619 Garden View drive 19530 Garrett Highway 580 South Mineral Street Western Maryland outdoor Power financing f months on new Kubota l2501dt 4wd compact tractors. Offers end 6/30/15.Western Maryland West Virginia outdoor Power outdoor Power

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