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Cumberland Times News Newspaper Archives Jun 8 2015, Page 4

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Cumberland Times News (Newspaper) - June 8, 2015, Cumberland, Maryland Editorial Quey re of the Day von can to have that Quot the was tilings arc in today s St x Icv a i t the i min urn Failin by tin Aas Clit to k n i the in Iii w i i to Lex am Stet ,1ft, i hulking mat an t i Iii Alan a haul tin is i a a Star Wilts storm to top aim ing a Tiki Yin or Zirri Thirkil t Lilied 1>i i to Hamit i Man with ii Yin Tui tin Sthall was huffs hiked Iio Hii flit in Iii luts pm Iii i not y tilts to disturbing a s i unit and hut on us 4a Cumbe Riano times news Rubi int r Robin l. Quillon i i Ign Jan Alderton i i i Oria Page i do or Jim Goldsworthy monday june 8, 2015nancy Hanks one of the most significant women in our nation s history was born not far from Here but aside from those who live in this area not Many people Ever heard of her a which is too bad. Had she not done what she did. America might not be what it is today. Of Nancy Hanks Hadnot been born in a Cabin near Antioch in what today is Mineral county . What in 1784 a prior to the civil War a was Hampshire county a. Abraham Lincoln would t have been born 25 years later in a Cabin at Hodgenville. By. She was abets Mother. Thomas Lincoln was his father. A replica of the Hanks Cabin was built about 40 years ago and later moved to its current site a which is near thebe her Cabin Inal Cabin was Vocat ments letter de Bulis Quot Ltd a Quot a place that relatively than it has inaccessible. It has fallen into a received certain degree of Dis repair. Having reportedly gone 10 years without any maintenance. Efforts Are under Way to Transfer its ownership save it and move it to a More accessible location at Larenia Park near Burlington. Some disagreements Are involved which we will not address Here. See a future of Cabin at Nancy Hanks Mineral Birthplace not yet decided a a june 4 times news Page 1 a what s referred to As George Washington a Headquarters at 38 Greene Street across wills Creek from the Western Maryland railway station is one of the most historic Sites in Cumberland and Allegany county. Built by British Gen. Edward Braddock a men Washington used it during the French and Indian War and later returned to it briefly while on his Way to put Down the whiskey rebellion in Western Pennsylvania. It too has been moved from its original site and there Are questions As to How much of the original Structure is left. This of relatively Little significance. What it represents is what matters. It is easily accessible and kept in Good repair people can look through its windows to see whats inside and it is occasionally open to tour groups. Nancy Hanks Cabin deserves no less. Letters t o the editor Don t forget a pre trip car Check before hitting Road if you arc hitting the Road this summer. You will have lots of comp and with Mil Lions of americans taking Road trips the last thing you need is car trouble a simple pre trip driveway vehicle inspection helps ensure a Safe and stress free journey Check All fluids including engine Oil Power steering and Brake and transmission As Well As Windshield Washer sol vent and Antifreeze coolant Check the hoses and belts that eau become cracked Brittle frayed Loose or show signs of excessive Wear. These Are critical to tin1 proper tune boning of the electrical system air conditioning. Power steering and the Cooling system. Check the tires including tire pres sure and tread uneven Wear indicates a need for wheel alignment tires should also be cheeked for bulges and Bald spots. Check the wipers and lighting so that you can see and to seen Check that All Interior Aud exterior lighting is working proper and inspect and replace worn wipe Blades so you can see clearly when driving during precipitation. Keep the Reservoir filled with solvent. La you find your vehicle needs service repairman to performed before your drive begins the non profit car care Council otters main free tools on its website to help you drive smart save Money and he ear care aware including the popular 80 Page car n e guide and a custom service soiled tile and email reminder service. Kit h White executive director car care Council Bethesda How would this thief like it if his grave were desecrated i must have been living in a dream to id until recently i thought Cumber land residents had not been affected by the cheap Sleazy behaviour that May lie prominent in larger cities hut i was wrong to ice recent at Christina and memorial Day my tokens of affection for my deceased loved one Quot have been stolen from their Graves at the cemetery on Valley Street i sincerely Hope that the Low Lisle Spotful poor excuse for a human being responsible for this aet will set this letter and Reform before it is his turn to be lying below ground adult or child there is no excuse for this Wanton behaviour Kosei Nain Mathews Timberland Bibi k do ii St a a will set no Wicki i thing before my eyes i hate the work of them that turn aside it shall not St ic1 Iona psalms it a Huv who will make president Hillary obey the Law last year before Hillary Clinton a secret email system became publicly known. Con Gross passed a Law to keep presidents from trying the same trick. If Clinton wins the White House the Law could Well be put to the test. The statute is the presidential and Federal records act amendments of 2014. It recognizes that government officials sometimes or in Clinton Scase All the time want to use private email accounts in the words of the Law. A non official electronic messaging accounts Quot to conduct government business. Such communications Are still Federal records Congress declared and must to preserved in accordance with existing Laws requiring not just the president but All Federal officials to preserve their documents this is what the new Law says about emails Quot the president the vice president or a covered employee May not create or Send a presidential or vice presidential record using a non official electronic message account unless the president. Vice president or covered employee it i copies an official electronic messaging account of the president vice v Byron York president or covered employee in the original creation or transmission of the presidential record or vice presidential record or 2 for wards a Complete copy of the presidential or vice presidential Recor d to an official dec trunk messaging account of the president. Vice president or covered employee not later than 20 Days Atter the original creation or transmission of the presidential or vice presidential record that a Clear All presidential communications must be preserved in a timely fashion. The next paragraph of the Law stipulates t hat Federal employees who intentionally violate the presidential records act Art subject to a disciplinary action Quot As determined by the a appropriate such punishments can include suspensions and cuts in pay and rank. None of that of course applies to the presi Dent of the United states. As far As the chief executive is concerned there s no enforce ment mechanism in the Law Quot the presidential records act is set up on the notion like ail of our Laws that people Are going to notes a lawyer who Fol Low s these issues Atter service Iii the Justice department in both the Reagan and George la Vav Bush administrations a there in t really a Clear Legal Way to hold the president accountable for this stud Quot the records act gives tin president entire in appropriate discretion to control t he disposition of his or her records not Only in the White House but for a number of years after. There Are plenty of areas personnel deep Sions for example in which a former presi Dent might not want sensitive documents released for a Long time within limits it is the president who makes those decisions but that a assuming records arc kept in some Way that Federal officials have Access to them the lesson of the Linton email affair is that Hillary it Linton is inclined to set up secret tight in limited and carefully controlled systems that Are out Side the read h of Federal officials. When Congress expressed an interest in examining Clinton a server her personal attorney told lawmakers to forget about it the whole thing backups included had been erased. What would Happe n in an entirely plausible scenario in which Linton did something similar in the White House after All a president Hillary Linton would have far More Power to set up a secretive system of communications than a Secretary of state Hillary Linton who could Tell her no no one at least until the Story became a Public j ultimately this relies on the presence of some ethical people around tile president who led obliged to blow the whistle on wrongdoing they can to rectify internally a says Bradford Bennson who served in the George w Bush White House counsels office a plus congressional overseers dependent upon tilt opposite party having one House of Congress and finally the press. The problem Isnit entirely new. Barack Obama is the first president to use email but ifs been around the White House for years and an email scandal of soils broke out in the Vav Bush years mostly having to do with the Cia leak Case a president Hillary Linton if she behaved in a Way similar to the Way she behaved As Secretary of state could create a scandal of far bigger proportions. Ultimately the presidential records act depends on the honesty of the president that a not Clinton a Strong suit recent polls have shown substantial numbers of amen cans do not believe she is honest and Trust worthy. After the state department expert enee they would have Good reason to he sos vicious of her in the White i Louse i on Quot to look for this to become a big Campaign Issue compliance with the presided tial records act is not exactly the most critical Issue facing voters in 201 j. But As far As Hillary Clinton is concerned it could he a bar Hinger of bigger problems to come. Byron York is Chirt Milt Nill for the Wash Milton sex Azimi r 2015, Byron York distributed by Linnet Al la lick for a swed re re dedicating the journalists memorial on monday june 8 in Washington Ita group will Stop and remember what we All would like to forget but should never put out of our minds. On that Day journalists family members and others will gather for the annual rededication of the news umps journalists memorial a a Wall of soaring Metal and Glass containing More than 2,200 names of reporters broadcasters photographers and others who have died in the Pursuit of news since 1887 the listing is incomplete. Of course reliant As it is on available records and on How International organizations of journalists classify and track those killed in the line of duty and most recently because of the vexing issues surrounding the very definitions of the words a a journalism and a a journalists in an Era when traditional Media coexist wit h new technology and differing approaches to news a Bering around t he world. But what counts is the Mission of the memorial As Newsum founder of Neuharth said in 1997 Iii remind the world Gene p0ucinski that journalism is a dangerous profession some 18 years later the danger is even greater As journalists have gone from being seen by All sides As necessary tools for communicating with the world to in a total shift a threat to crafted stories that can be sent via the internet directly to the Public the stories of individual journalists whose names will be listed in the memorial will for Ever by representative of All of t Hose in flu profession who faced that greater threat including those who Lack traditional credentials but not the modern journalism stools of the Trade Access to the internet Mobile phones and video As Well As text from the Arab Spring to the Ukraine from the Middle fast to Southeast Asia and South America danger stalks journalists on assign ment from major newspapers and networks freelancers Are caught up in the mindless Vin Tern e of conflict zones and broadcasters return to Wor k daily despite threats and inti sometimes their own governments. The Newsum institutes first amendment Center samples adult opinions in the United first amendment Survey since 1997, the Survey has asked questions about the Public a View of he new Media about Bias about the watchdog role Over government envy sinned by the nations founders and even about tin Media position As a source of Basic news. To lie news about the news Quot clearly is not positive and this years Survey to be released around the july fourth Holiday weekend wont bring any Joy to journalists hoping such negative View s a e receding. But those sweeping opinions ought not to obscure the straightforward facts that International journalism groups documented More than 80 journalists of every Type who died in the line of duty during 2014. We also should not forget journalists world Widi who an being Field in prison by indic live and cowardly governments or As captives and political pawns by venal evil groups. We saw this in 201 i w it h t he deaths of amen can journalists James Foley and Steven Sot loll at. The hands of Isis thugs How tragical in sufi Captivity May end Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian is charged w Ltd espionage and is on trial in a secret session in a closed Tehran courtroom set to resume on the same Day As the reded cation More than to months after he was imprisoned Rezaian a supporters insist he simply was working As a reporter the trial was a a continued to a later unspecified Date for undisclosed reasons and even that news was not officially announced but came by Way of Rezaian a lawyer to his family members. In fact the importance of the journalists memorial is not in t he names it lists nor the individual stories it helps Tell hut that it exists Day after Day As a reminder to millions of visitors Over years past and to the Many who will see it in the future. In that Effort the memorial stands alongside International journalism groups families and individual news rooms whose ongoing work refuses to aban Don colleagues and loved ones to either jail cells or indifference. Associated press senior vice president and executive editor Kathleen Carroll in a discus Sion a few months ago a1 tin Newsum May Well have defined the role of t he memorial As reminding us All that a this work that people Are doing at great risk is to educate you so give a Damn. Read the paper read on your Tablet. Engage the news and be a citizen of the world Quot please do Quot give a Damn a on j urn 8 and every other Day. Com Bolti Irist is chief opera a officer of the newsman Institute Anil Sunun Rue president of the institutes first amendment Euler

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