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Cumberland Times News Newspaper Archives Jul 27 2015, Page 4

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Cumberland Times News (Newspaper) - July 27, 2015, Cumberland, Maryland Editorial quote of the Day Quot today tin Faith is a Little less lonely to cause theres a new kill on the mock. It is the closest thing that we Haw to another place that somebody else might tall a fun atrium a of Nas. V v two Rimoun h Orff to in Iii Fonda. A a a the a com to it i Fyk aim la birth ilk Phitt flints Ersnt Btu a St Orlik c Pfeif i it a Nti it Lush lift. 4a Cumberland times news publisher Robin l. Quillon editorial Page editor Jim Goldsworthy monday. July 27. 2015 a going Green it was last september that we reported the two pumps used to keep the canal place Basin filled with River water had failed and the water it contained was stagnant and full of algae. Now. The algae is in full fetid Bloom once More because the pumps Are broken again and the water is stagnant. This is one Case where a going Greenm is not Good. The Basin was built nearly a decade ago As part of a plan to re water part of the a amp of canal and use it As a tourist draw. The first Snag came it s not when canal Basin does that g Dkl when it was found that the re watered canal would pass through land already occupied by the tracks used by a Scenic passenger train that already was a tourist draw. A solution was sought but the matter became moot when the economic recession hit in 2008. Some wags said it must be a serious recession if we Are Able to feel it Here. Others looked at the canal Basin and thought that the mosquitoes would surely love it even . Sen. Ben Cardin was appalled when he came Here last september and saw the Slimy mess that the Basin had become. He said he would do what he could to see that Money was found to fix the pumps and solve the problem. However even a member of what s called the world s most exclusive club the United states Senate has limitations on what he can do. In this Case our pump problem is a Small symptom of a much larger fiasco that is affecting All of americans National Parks not just the a amp of canal National Park which a believe it or not a is the ninth most visited of ail our National Parks. Its 184.5 Miles Long and stretches from Here to Washington As we reported in May. The National Park service has had to defer nearly $11.5 billion for maintenance in our Parks. $122 million of that for the a amp of Park alone which includes $42 million for repairs to critical systems. Congress continues to Cut funding for our National Parks in spite of the fact that they bring in $30 billion in civilian spending each year and employ More than 250.000 people. The condition of our canal Basin May be a disgrace. But its just one of Many across the country. Our National Parks Are some of our greatest National treasures and deserve better treatment. Letters to the editor farming not pot growing Backbone of our agriculture the july i article about producing rued it Al marijuana along lower town Creek Road 8 Miles from old town does not mention the impart on our Community and the reasons the location is a bad idea Quot medical marijuana grower acquires 28 acres near Page eve marijuana is an illegal drug priming medical marijuana requires St net regu lations. I have livid in this arca for by years and my grandchildren have All been raised in this Community i currently own a farm and farm Many Fields in the area i am a contracted school bus Driver and transport children to and from Flintstone elementary school. Our Remote Community is agricultural that produces crops that fend people and livestock. The closest Law enforcement is the Maryland state police Barracks located in la Vale approximately 30 Miles away. The roads that travel to interstate 88 and route 51 Are marginal very narrow at most places. The applicant is from Prince Georges county which area has much greater resources better roads and Many options there will be no additional jobs for the local Community. We Are an agricultural Arva that is stable the a a improvement necessary to make it Safe to grow and transport a drug will Cost More than the few jobs for outsiders it will produce. It. It i Jeppi n i Ltd i inlaw farming real farming is our Back Beme the land to be sold subject to approval already is actively Farmed. The marijuana produced will further Dimin ish our agricultural Community inquire increased Law enforcement that already is overburdened and create unnecessary risk that can t in solved with the applicants assurances it is a commercial activity that involves processing packaging and ship Ping whatever Money it creates will go Back to Prince Georges county. The applicant should look in his own Hack Yard and not tiring his business venture to our area Why is it that a company in an area that has the Farmland roadways and Law enforcement capabilities would want to Plant marijuana in a Remote an a of vile Gany county that lacks the ability to Monitor the activities a a Ary Appel Midtown legislators Diligence helped regain our Rural designation in reference to the july 17 article a Caile Ganv county retains eligibility for Rural designation a Page Iai the Board of directors and staff of Allegany health right would like to thank the congressional delegation no in setting Western Maryland and particularly the office of . Sen Barbara Mikulski. For their Diligence in getting Allegany county re classified As a Rural jurisdiction. This was a Battle fought Over Many months and our representatives did not waiver and give up on us. Maintaining our status As a Rural county allows Aile Ganv health right. Western Maryland a pc and other local agencies to compete for and Access hundreds of thousands of dollars in Federal funds to Benefit the health of our Community. This is a win for us All. Thomas Chappell. My hair. Board of directors Allegany health right walk against traffic so you can see what a coming this is written for the younger generation every time in a driving in my ear i see people walking on the wrong Side of the Highway. When i was a girl. The Law was to walk against the traffic that Way you could see the car coming toward you not the Back of you. If you arc walking on the wrong Side when the ear is in Back of you remember the Driver could Stop quickly and put you in his car. Please walk where you can see he car coming at you. Also bicycles should go with the tray Fie not against it this is for everyone a safety. Maybe a few signs could by posted by the police. Clara Mynhier Cresaptown Bible digest a for you orc great. And do wondrous things you Are god alone psalms 88 10 Sarvi on is j ant Isis i j policy 3- Selling of baby parts should Surprise no one we come to see ourselves As meat then meat we shall become. Leon Kass my. A toward a More natural science what is most shocking about an undercover video of a conversation Between Deb Orah Nucatola a planned parenthood executive and two antiabortion activists from the Center for medical Progress cup posing As employees from a biotech firm is w by anyone is shocked for those w to Haven to Thomas been paving attention Abc lbs neg. And can All ignored the Story during their sunday morning political talk shows but not Fox the discussion entered on the Sale of donated tissue from aborted fetuses. Nucatola says in the video. A we be been very Good at getting heart lung liver. So in a not Gonna crush that part. In a Gonna basically crush below. I m Gonna crush above and i m Gonna see if i can get it All intact a Cecile Richards president of planned parenthood attempted to gain some moral High ground by explaining that in the Sale of fetal tissue a there is no financial Benefit. For either the patient or for planned instead she says costs such As the Cost to transport tissue to leading research centers Are on tuesday cup released a second under cover video showing or. Mary Garter presi Dent of planned parenthood s medical directors Council a a negotiating a Price for fetal body parts an illegal act. The response to the Nucatola video was immediate. Republican presidential candidates denounced the practice of a fetal Organ Harvest Inge and Gap leaders in Congress have again threatened to a de fund planned parenthood. They won t. Because they Haven to before. Since Roe is. Wade there have been More than 55 million and counting Legal abortions performed in the there Are a number of sociological moral and political reasons Why abortions continue but the occasional outcry when something like the planned parenthood videos surface will not save the lives of unborn children because abortions Are performed behind closed doors is it simply a Case of out of sight out of mind occasionally though something so horrible escapes the secret chamber that people Are repulsed for a moment at least by what we have allowed to happen and the collective effect it has had on the growing disregard for human life some of us possess. Kermit Gosnell comes to mind. The Philadelphia abortionist was convicted of murder for snipping the spines of three babies during abortions. We were aghast for a while. If our revulsion had been sustained it might have shocked our conscience into action but we were too focused on pleasure and Comfort and the Pur suit of affluence and the moment passed. Penn Sylvania subsequently passed a Law that regu lates abortion clinics As ambulatory surgical centers subject to the same health and safety mandates but the abortions continue. The reason no one should be shocked by any of this is because it is the inevitable outcome when moral boundaries Are removed. If we Are living in an impersonal universe if we Are evolutionary accidents not endowed with certain rights by our creator if we Are of no greater moral value than a hamburger and if human value is to to assigned by he courts then we Are All potentially at risk of extermination should we become inconvenient or too expensive to sustain. Rut once whatever remaining boundaries Are erased and the Cost of medical cart rises government and insurance companies could very Well increase the rationing of medical care As happens now with unequal medicare payments to medical groups is. Patients with private insurance and limits on what private insurance will cover. It will Likely begin at the extremes As most i humanities do but once the killing Standard is expanded to the elderly and the sick it will quickly threaten others. How do you like what we have become America maybe our loss of morality not to mention our humanity is one reason for the Rise of Isis. As we Are reminded a where there is no revelation the people cast off proverbs29 18 headers May email Cal Thomas at taunt Tumuli to band Ann c20/5 Tribune it intent Agency Luthe troubled Young terrorist next door the details about Mohammad Abdu Azeez the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Grad accused of murdering four marines and a Sailor dripped out in the familiar pattern. The first thing to come out of the shocking news is the name of the alleged attacker. Then there is speculation about what sick ideology May have inspired the horrendous act. And there Are pictures of the comfy suburban nest the killer came fr0ma from alongside interviews Harrop with baffled neighbors. Finally comes the inside Story bearing the inevitable headline a family Ivou Bles before killings in Chattanooga a a Abdul Azeezy smother had tried to divorce the father in 2009, accusing him of abusing her and the children and planning to take a second wife which he held would have been allowable under islamic Law. The parents reconciled but that a a lot of craziness. As for Mohammad he was facing a court Date for Drunken driving and illegal drug use and a amp been fired from a Job at a nuclear Plant. A family spokesman said the 24-year-old had been fighting depression pointing to mental illness As a possible cause. It takes an extremely twisted personality a twisted for whatever combination of reasons to shoot unarmed strangers which the marines and Sailor were. So the terrorist needs a larger cause to hide behind it appears that Abdu Azeez chose Radical islam As a cover for his personal disintegration a though investigators do not yet know whether organized Mideast terrorist groups got to him during a visit to Jordan. Look at the Back stories of other Young men who committed or Are accused of committing acts of terrorism in this country. The similarities Are hard to ignore. Consider Dylann roof the 21-year old charged with massacring worshippers at a Black Church in Charleston South Carolina. His parents had gone through multiple divorces and he had reportedly attended at least seven schools. The kid was obviously unbalanced. He had previously dressed in Black and asked Creepy questions of workers at a mall. Police found drugs on him and he was ordered to stay away from the shopping Center. Quite the mess. Roof found grandiosity among the fumes of White supremacist ideology Adam Lanza was the 20-year-Oid who shot up an elementary school in Newtown Connecticut murdering 26, mostly children. He was mentally ill beyond a doubt. But even. More craziness reigned behind his freshly painted suburban front door. Lanzas Mother was a gun nut who left weapons and ammunition lying around the House. He Hadnot seen his father in two years neighbors saw Lanza As a a Little weird Quot but not Homicidal according to a new yorker article. But psychiatrists observed a deeply Dis Turbed individual his feelings of worthlessness alternating with flashes of self importance. And although Lanza did no to seem glued to a partic ular ideology the article did not hesitate to Label him a terrorist a Madam Lanza was a terrorist for an unknowable cause Quot it said. About half of mass murderers kill themselves at the end. As a Harvard psychiatrist noted they want to Quot end life Early surrounded by an Aura of apocalyptic As such Andreas Lubitz the 27-year-old German wigs co Pilot who crashed a plan Load of passengers into a Mountainside could be called a terrorist As Well. The question remains about what mix of toxic thinking and brain chemicals would motivate these people All men in their 20s, to kill masses of unarmed innocents. And with that we must wonder How much a role teachers of cracked belief systems play in causing such atrocities. Do they create terrorists out of Normal people or do they provide the match that ignites walking t inde boxes of inner chaos no easy answers Are forthcoming. Billow Hon i Harrop in a Vitter a a froma Hamp she can be reached 02015 creators com

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