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Cumberland Times News Newspaper Archives Dec 12 1999, Page 2

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Cumberland Times News (Newspaper) - December 12, 1999, Cumberland, Maryland 2a sunday december 12,1999 Page two Cumberland times news in Brief Rodham Clinton German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder left talks with turkish prime minister Bulent Ece Vit at the end of the european Union Council Summit in Helsinki Finland saturday. Tate r a j a prexy military Gay policy a out of whack state department warns of terrorists Washington apr americans around the world were warned saturday by state department there is a credible evidence terrorists could strike at Large Holiday gatherings. A worldwide caution issued by the department told . Citizens abroad to avoid Large crowds and gatherings and to keep a Low profile. The statement gave no details of the evidence but said a the information indicates that attacks could be planned for locations 11 throughout the world where Large gatherings and celebrations will be taking place from now until Early january a period that coincides with Ramadan a Muslim holy period that began this week. Similar warnings of potential terrorist threats were issued by the state department in october and twice in november. Clinton to have commuter marriage Albany n y. Apr president Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton Are within a few weeks of embarking on their own version of an often dreaded experience a the commuter marriage. He will stay in Washington at the White House being president while she will move into what she has referred to As a my House in suburban Westchester county while pursuing a . Senate seat rom new York. A a it a not the Best arrangement in the world but its something that we can live with for a year Quot the president said wednesday at a Washington news conference. The president explained that to be a candidate his Wile would have to spend a lot of time in new York a a she la be Here when she can a he said. A a in la go up there when i can. And Well be together As much As we mrs. Clinton expected to face new York City mayor Rudolph Giuliani in the Senate race has said she will move into the $1.7 million House the Clinton purchased on nov. I As soon As the secret service gives her the of on Security arrangements. In the meantime she has been getting ready. . Transit strike May shut Down City new York apr new York City a subways and buses carry 3.5 million riders every Day. Its a terrifying number if you consider what could happen if the system suddenly stopped. And a transit workers strike All but set for wednesday is threatening to do just that shutting Down much of the City As the Holiday shopping season Heads into High gear. Contract negotiations continued on saturday. The Union which is demanding an increase in workers pay represents Drivers signal operators station agents and janitors. The Meta has offered a 9.25 wage percent increase Over four years. The Union has asked for a 9 percent pay increase each year for three years. Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said saturday he would hold the transport workers Union responsible for a strike he called a illegal Quot and expressed outrage Over an apparent attempt at subway sabotage. European Union welcomes Turkey Helsinki Finland a european Union leaders welcomed Ali key As candidate for eur membership saturday a decision turkish prime minister Bulent Ece Vit acclaimed As a historic turning Point in his nations relations with the West. The new relationship with Ali key was one of three key decisions at the two Day Helsinki Summit that ended saturday. The eur leaders invited six other nations to Start formal member ship negotiations. They also endowed the Union with a new defense role including a 60,000 Strong peacekeeping Force to be Reafy by 2003. Eur officials said the three decisions would change the face of Europe ending cold War Divi associated press Sions and allowing europeans to move More quickly to tackle crises on their Dixi step without having to rely on american help. Although Ali key is not expected to join the eur for several years Ece Vit said the desire of to links to assume their historic a birth rights As part of the european family could mean the country will meet membership criteria much earlier. The eur a decision Marks the culmination of years of lobbying by Ankara to overcome european reserves about Turkey s human rights record treatment of its kurdish minority and the to Irish army a occupation of Northern Cyprus. Students get a kick out of Rob Ocupe Washington apr the auditorium howled As the attacker charged the goal made the winning shot and knocked Over the goalie in the process. A typical soccer game a except the attacker and goalie were both robots about one foot tall and speeding on wheels. It was robot mania at the smithsonian a american history museum saturday As hundreds of elementary school children and their parents crammed to see a team of the life like machines compete. The Duel dubbed a Rob cup a matched robots designed by researchers at Carnegie Mellon and Cornell universities. The robots which Are designed according to strict guidelines on shape and size Are Small boxes fashioned with two motors to control Speed and direction. The Competition has travelled the world with competitions in Nagoya Japan Paris and Stockholm since 1997. Museum officials scrambled to accommodate the crowds who flooded the event and added an extra presentation to the schedule. It was accompanied by a presentation by museum curator Steven Lubar on the history of robots in american culture. With him was one of the original costumes of the a Star wars character c-3po As he spoke about other endearing robots of the past such As a electro a a 1939 Westinghouse creation designed to help sell washing machines. Bradley resumes campaigning Palo Alto Calif. Apr Bill Bradley said saturday his irregular heartbeat will have a no effect whatsoever on his bid for the democratic presidential nomination and he returned to the Campaign Trail for appearances on both coasts. A Day after a Hospital examination for an irregular heartbeat a a chronic condition for which he takes daily medication a Bradley greeted supporters and reporters with a Broad smile and handshakes As he entered a news conference saying he Felt a this is just one of those things ifs there you live with it its no problem whatsoever. It is associated press common it is something that presidential candidate Bill does no to affect my daily Active Bradley Speaks on his heart ties Quot Bradley said. Condition at a news Confer Bradley 56, planned to Fly to 0nce in Palo Alto Coli. Satur Orlando Fla., immediately after the news conference so he could keep a commitment to address the democratic state convention there sunday and appear for news photographers saturday night. For More world and National news see the times news internet web site Orlando Fla. Apr agreeing with his wife. President Clinton said saturday his 1993 a a done task done to Tell policy on Gays in the military does no to work and pledged to work with the Pentagon to find a Way to fix it. A ifs out of whack now Quot he said. In a radio interview with lbs news. Clinton said he meant to create a policy that would help Gay service members remain on duty without being persecuted for their sexual orientation. But Clinton said the policy a flaws were revealed in the Case of a Young Soldier convicted of beating to death a fellow Soldier whom he suspected was Gay. Clinton gave the interview saturday after addressing the Florida democratic party. Irater he flew on to flirt Lauderdale to help raise Money for rep. Alcee Hastings d Gambler Mccain to skip Iowa caucuses Meredith . Apr sen. John Mccain is a politician on a Roll gambling and gaining in the race against George w. Bush and the rest of the pack for the Republican presidential nomination. But he Hopes his decision to skip the Lead off Iowa caucuses on Jan. 24 wont choke off a remarkable Rise in new Hampshire which holds the nations first presidential primary eight Days later. A a there a a Clear risk associated with not competing in Iowa Quot the Arizona senator conceded recently As his chartered Campaign bus navigated the highways of new Hampshire. But top aides had concluded that he was Likely to do poorly and Mccain said a i made i think the right his risk is that Iowa a caucus goers will derail him. Another contender could emerge As Bush a closest competitor or Bush could Lap the Field and retake momentum from Mccain. The rest of the candidates devote their Reiou fifes to both Iowa and new Hindl hire. Allocating time advertising Money and organizing Effort to both states. As of Friday Bush had spent All or part of 19 Days in new Hampshire and 20 in Iowa. Steve Forbes had spent 46 Days in Iowa and 28 in new Hampshire. Mccain has spent 45 Days in new Hampshire and makes his first visit As a candidate to Iowa on monday when participates in a debate. He will depart shortly afterwards. A recent spate of statewide polls indicates that Mccain has pulled even or slightly ahead of Bush the National front runner. The rest of the Field lags far behind in the same polls struggling to break into what looks for now at least to be a two Man race in the first primary state. Fla., then to Miami for a dinner benefiting democratic congressional and senatorial candidates. The Hastings reception was expected to raise $250,000, while the Miami dinner was expected to bring in $375,000. Clinton proposed a a done task done to Tell during his first year in office. It took effect in february 1994. The Pentagon reported that 1,145 people were discharged from the armed forces last year for homosexuality up from 997 in 1997. The lowest number of such discharges was 617 in 1994. Last August the Pentagon updated a a done task done to Tell guidelines to require All troops to undergo periodic training on tolerance and to assign the task of investigating alleged homosexual activity to senior officials. It con associated press president Clinton addresses the Florida democratic party in Orlando saturday. Following the address in a radio interview Clinton discussed the flaws of his 1993 military Gay policy. Tines to bar inquiries into sexual engage in homosexual conduct or orientation while allowing Disch show a a propensity Quot for it such Arges for service members who As stating that he or she is Gay. Mccain russian military backs off stare atagi Russia apr with Russia under intense International pressure to end its offensive in Chechnya the military backed away saturday from plans for a massive assault on the breakaway provinces capital saying it would give civilians More time to escape. The military had Given Grozny residents an ultimatum to leave the City by saturday or face annihilation. But a senior commander said the army would wait several weeks before trying to take Grozny. A in the course of the next two or three weeks. We will have to carry out a whole Range of reconnaissance and other operations then we will see a either in the Mountain regions or in Grozny a said maj. Gen. Vladimir Sham nov. Russian forces were concentrated around Grozny but there were no combat operations saturday although fighting continued in other parts of Chechnya. The military halted All airstrips against Grozny until Midnight on sunday the inter fax news Agency reported. International pressure has built on Russia in recent Days to withdraw the ultimatum to Grozny a civilians. In Helsinki the leaders of the european Union on saturday condemned the russian Mili associated press two Grozny Chechnya women flee the province Friday. Russian military forces backed away from plans for a massive assault on the capital saturday saying it would give civilians More time to escape. Russian military forces have been under pressure from world nations to end the offensive in Chechnya. Tarty Campaign particularly the ultimatum for Grozny residents and said the organization would divert some funds aimed at supporting the russian Economy to purely humanitarian causes to protest the War. In an attempt to deflect criticism russian emergency situations minister Sergei a Loigu travelled to a Khan Yurt on the outskirts of Grozny on saturday to arrange Safe passage for the capitals civilians. A was you can see today is dec. La but there is no ultimatum for civilians. The military operation has been suspended the corridor is open a a Loigu said according to the itar Tass news Agency. The russian military has repeatedly accused chechen militants of barring civilians from leaving the City and using them As human Shields continued Pursuit of spy paid off Washington apr facing flaws in their evidence Fri officials began to doubt More than a year ago that los Alamos Laboratory scientist Wen to Lee had Given China one of americans most prize nuclear secrets As originally feared according to government officials and documents. The agents wrote a memo alerting Fri director Louis Freeh to their suspicions officials told the associated press. But the Pursuit of Lee continued for months a a along with a barrage of news leaks implying he was a chinese spy. Agents eventually built a lesser Case against Lee alleging he removed a wide array of nuclear secrets from secured computers of the government weapons lab where he worked for two decades. He was indicted Friday but the government offered no evidence that he passed secrets to China or any other country. The Fri abruptly shifted its espionage focus this fall to other individuals and other government facilities. The Fri concerns that it might have focused too narrowly on one espionage suspect Are detailed in internal documents stamped secret that recently were turned Over to the Justice department and Congress. The documents were described to a by Law enforcement and other government officials. The officials would Only speak on condition of anonymity. They show the Fri office in Albuquerque n.m., it a a that nuclear submarine warhead the officials said. Fri officials defend their continued Pursuit of Lee pointing to the indictment Friday. They added that agents developed fresh evidence that continued to warrant focusing on Lee including that he failed a lie Detector test and acted suspiciously during a sting. Government officials say intelligence that Hasni to yet been made Public also warranted continued scrutiny of Lee. But Fri officials acknowledge they Are no closer today to proving Lee leaked any . Nuclear secrets to China or Taiwan. For your information Gates scores 2000 . Olympic tickets Sydney Australia apr ism May be a major sponsor of next years olympic games in Sydney but one of the company a chief rivals Microsoft ceo Bill Gates has scored some of the Best tickets to the events. In a Premium package scheme that secretly sold tickets ahead of a Public offering at up to three times their face value Gates bought entree to prime events through a Sydney broker said Graham Richardson the Syd from the Pound to a the Patriot Chester . Apr some dogs go to Hollywood. Recently for four canines swept out of the Chester county animal control department and into a scene from a the a few mutts were needed for a tavern scene in the film so the Crew turned to animal control. After the scene Crew members adopted four to take Back to California lexus a lab mix velvet a Cocker Spaniel mix Iii bit a Chow mix and a blonde australian Shepherd mix. Lotteries West Virginia daily three 1-8-3 daily four 5-8-1-3 Maryland night pick three 5-4-6 night pick four 5-9-4-6 Cash in hand 7-9-15-21-22-29-30 Day pick three 7-9-0 Day pick four 8-1-3-9 Pennsylvania daily three 2-0-8 big four 6-6-8-0 Cash five 1-2-17-21-28 super 6 lotto 10-11-36-51-56-61 Date Book dec. 12,1999 today is the 346th Day of 1999 and the 81st Day of fall. Today a history in 1792, Ludwig Van Beethoven had his first music lesson with composer Franz Joseph Haydn. In 1901, the first trans Atlantic radio signal was transmitted. Radio Pioneer Guglielmo Marconi set up the Experiment and detected the signal which was sent from Cornwall England to St. Johns Newfoundland. Today a birthdays John Jay 1745-1829u.s. Statesman Jurist William Lloyd Garrison 1805-1879antislavery Leader Gustave Flaubert 1821-1880writer Edward g. Robinson 1893-1973actor Frank Sinatra 1915-1998entertainer Bob Barker 1923-announcer animal rights activist is 76 de Koch 1924-politician is 75 Connie Francis 1938-Singer actress is 61 Dionne Warwick 1941-Singer is 58. Today a Moon Between new Moon dec. 7 and first Quarter dec. 16. Newspaper Enterprise Assn. Printed with soy Ink the Cumberland times news is printed on newsprint that has recycled Content. This newspaper is recyclable. Cumberland times news Cumberland times news usps-140020 published by the times amp Alleg Anian co at 19 Baltimore Street Cumberland Maryland 21502 301-722-4600 Branch offices Frostburg my. 19 Broadway .301-689-6663 Oakland my 113 s third St.301-334-9172 Keyser we 401/2 n main St.301-786-4151 publisher general manager Ronald j. Monahan asst. General manager circulation manager George j. Griffin managing editor Jan Alderton advertising director Stephen l stouter asst advertising director Marion Fike classified manager Cindy Hegins finance manager Thomas e. Snyder systems amp internet mgr Robert a Mcdonald target Media manager Marge uphold pressroom supt James Bell composing room supt Ronald j. Straw periodicals postage paid at Cumberland. My member of the audit Bureau of circulation member of the associated press member of Maryland Delaware a c press association Maryland-Delaware-0 c press association a dec Cumberland times news newsstand Price $1.25 seven Day Home delivery $11,75 per month mail subscription rates Maryland Pennsylvania. West Virginia Virginia and District of Columbia $8.15 one month.$46.50 six months $90 90 one year All other states $8.40 one month.$47.90 six months $93.75 one year no mail subscriptions accepted where Carrier service is available Maryland residents must add 5% sales tax postmaster Send address changes to Cumberland times news to. 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