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Cumberland Times News Newspaper Archives Apr 4 1990, Page 4

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Cumberland Times News (Newspaper) - April 4, 1990, Cumberland, Maryland 4 Cumberland time news wednesday april 4,1990 haitian takes Over jumbo Jet port a Prince Haiti apr a teen age Soldier carrying grenades seized a new York bound jumbo Jet at Haiti a Airport and threatened to blow it up tuesday if he was not flown to the United states. A radio report however said the 20-year-old Soldier had let the handful of passengers and Crew aboard american airlines flight 658 get off. Officials confirmed he was alone on Board the Craft. Pvt. Pierre Gerald an Airport Security guard boarded the Airbus a300 on monday afternoon As it was preparing to leave for new York said radio Haiti inter and an american airlines spokesman. The radio said the Young Soldier was armed with grenades when he commandeered the plane in an attempt to desert the army after he was reprimanded by an officer for alleged insubordination. It said Gerald had been in the army two years. . Ambassador Alvin Adams minister of Interior Joseph Maxi and police commissioner Jean Claude duper Val went to the Airport tuesday afternoon. After a popular uprising drove it. Gen. Prosper Avril from Power last month Adams reportedly helped convince the fallen military ruler to leave the country. Haiti now has a civilian government. The radio said negotiations with military and Airport officials monday night were fruitless and Gerald spent the night alone in the aircraft. No flights were arriving or taking off from the Airport tuesday. The Rev. Gerard Jean Juste said in a Telephone Call from the haitian capital tuesday that he found out about the incident when he went to Board a plane tuesday and discovered the Airport closed. Fuel recovered a a cleanup worker clears the intake on a recovery Inlet in Knapp run in Freeport pa., to recover some fuel spilled saturday when a landslide ruptured a pipeline spilling an undetermined amount of fuel into the Creek and the Allegheny River. A fuel Slick More than 30 Miles Long is threatening Pittsburgh a water Supply. A laser photo judge in Poindexter Case sequester jury Washington a the judge in John Poindexter a trial disclosed tuesday that two jurors had been contacted by the news Media and he ordered the jury sequestered to avoid further problems from such a irresponsible . District court judge Harold Greene said both jurors will remain on the panel because they a were Alert and intelligent and did t allow a any conversation about the Case to take place. He said of the contacts a some now might think this was an obstruction of Justice. I will think about Poindexter lawyer Richard Beckler said he had no objection to the two jurors staying on the panel. Poindexter who was National Security adviser to then presi Dent Reagan from late 1985 to november 1986, is charged with conspiring to obstruct Congress making false statements to lawmakers and obstructing congressional inquiries into the Iran Contra affair. 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Real estate and that the Cia a was aware of every transactions for which she is on trial on racketeering charges. In opening arguments defense attorney Gerald Spence also said he plans to Call Bush As a witness. The lawyer said that Bush then the vice president was concerned about the Marc oses negotiating an Oil Deal with libyan Leader Moa mar Qadhafi and suggested to Marcos during a 1981 meeting in Manila a Why done to you invest in american properties a the Marc oses a who saw themselves As children of America a took the advice Spence said. A they abandoned any further attempt to invest in Libya and began to put their Money into new York real in Washington White House spokesman Steve Hart had no immediate comment. Earlier tuesday a prosecutor portrayed mrs. Marcos As an uncontrolled spender who treated the philippine National Bank As her a personal Piggy the former Philippines first lady and her late husband Ferdinand were named in the 1988 indictment that charged them with stealing millions of dollars from their homelands Treasury to buy Manhattan real estate jewelry and Art. Marcos died in exile in Hawaii last september. On trial with mrs. Marcos is $2.99 off with Coupon. Expires 4/28/90 prices Good at participating stores Only. General nutrition centers country club mall Lavale my a 729-2209 Fox amp he Quill coloured stones end Diamond rings in Stock. A free gift wrapping �12 mos. No finance chg. 300 min. A free layaway 729-3500 uni his nit Ano few nov Winchester Road it. 53 located Bataan l Avale and Cresaptown. My saudi arms dealer Adnan Khash Oggi. Spence said Marcos was warned by the Cia that he might not have enough Money to marshal a Force to recapture the Philippines if it was taken Over by the communist insurgency. Without going into specifics Spence claimed that the Cia was worried that the Philippines would fall to the communists As Cuba had been taken Over by Fidel Castro. A the evidence in this Case is that the Cia was aware of every transaction that took place in this Case a Spence said without giving details. Prosecutors objected 9 repeatedly As Spence gave a rambling discourse of philippine history. . District judge John f. Keenan sharply rebuked the defense attorney several times. At one Point Keenan told Spence a a we re not going to go Back to philippine election campaigns. We re going to try the Case before this stealth planets Cost $6.26 billion so far House approves Aid Bill Washington a the House on tuesday approved a $2.4 billion spending Bill that includes Money president Bush is urgently seeking for new democracies in Panama and Nicaragua. The Bill with $720 million for the two Central american nations would Mark the first use of a a peace dividend from reduced Pentagon spending. It still needed Senate action which appeared unlikely by the thursday deadline Bush had set for completion of the measure. Lawmakers approved the Bill on a vote of 362-59 after defeating a series of amendments that would have Cut foreign Aid amounts in the Bill. Those amendments brought caustic reactions from the Bill a supporters. A i am amazed at the number of Flat headed members in this House who Are All too Happy to spend whatever it takes to support wars a but spend a Penny to prevent the necessity to fight those wars in the first place a said rep. David obey a wis. Rep. James Traficant a Ohio sought to Cut 5 percent from the foreign Aid portions of the Bill charging the measure was a busting the Bank. Before we ship Money overseas lets take care of our own country countered rep. Mickey Edwards a okla a a this amendment shows Why people Are fed up with Congress a because we re looking at the Little bitty a did i get mine. Instead of taking care of the Security of our the Senate a democratic leaders had not yet scheduled consideration for the Money Bill and it was unlikely Bush would get the Money he sought for the two fledgling Central american governments before Congress leaves thursday for a 12-Day easter recess. Bush called his Appeal a a laser like request to help Panama and White House officials have pleaded with Congress in recent weeks to expedite Aid to Panama where a . Invasion in december ousted dictator Manuel Noriega and installed a new government and to Nicaragua where voters turned out leftist president Daniel Ortega in february elections. Washington a the Pentagon on tuesday partially lifted the veil of secrecy surrounding the futuristic f-1i7a stealth fighter bomber in an attempt to boost Confidence in the handling of top secret weapons programs. With the release of an 8>/2-minute videotape a series of to photographs and two fact sheets the Pentagon revealed it has spent $6.26 billion to develop and build 59 of the dark Delta winged aircraft. That translates into a $106.2 million per plane Cost. Although the plane has been flying since 1981, the Pentagon refused to even acknowledge it existed until november 1988. The fighter which is about the size of the f-15 Eagle fighter Jet was designed to penetrate any radar defense and bomb targets before enemy forces can react. Pentagon spokesman Pete Williams confirmed that three f-117as have crashed Over the years and that two pilots died. He declined to say what caused the problems. But he hailed the f-117a program As a successful venture that demonstrates the Pentagon can develop and build reliable High tech aircraft in a classified environment. A i think its persuaded us that full scale development program can be used very successfully a he said. When asked if he meant the secret funding programs known As the Pentagon so Black budget a Williams responded the release of the information comes amid weakening support in Congress for the air forces b-2 stealth bomber program and As the service is developing yet another super secret aircraft the supersonic Advance tactical fighter. Many in Congress expressed a sticker Shock last year when the b-2�?Ts Long classified figures revealed its $530 million per plane Price tag raising questions a gout the Pentagon a use of such a Black budget programs. Williams defended the Pentagon a Success with the f-117a, amid such controversies. The f-117a program a tells us stealth can be developed can be used on an operational aircraft is a successful technology that it works a Williams said. University entering suit Over treasure Norfolk a. A Columbia University and two businessmen were last minute additions tuesday to a lawsuit Over ownership of Gold ingots and coins found 1 2 Miles deep on the Ocean floor. . District judge Richard b. Kellam ruled the school and the businessmen could intervene in the lawsuit to establish ownership of the treasure that went Down with the is Central America in 1857, 160 Miles off the South Carolina coast. The trial began tuesday with testimony after both sides agreed to dispense with opening arguments. On one Side is the Columbia America discovery group which used space age technology to find and recover the treasure on the other is a group of insurance companies which paid out claims 132 years ago for the insured cargo and argue it still belongs to them. Now attorneys for the new York City school said data provided by one of their researchers led the Columbus America group to the site of the Shipwreck resting 1�?~2 Miles deep in the Atlantic Ocean. John Richardson an attorney for the school said a sonar Survey by or. William Ryan an oceanographer at Columbia was done for two businessmen in search of the wreck in 1984. Richardson said Harry John who once held 47 percent of the Stock in Miller brewing co., and Jack Grimm a Texas Oil Man funded Ryan a research. Richardson said Ryan later exchanged the data with Thomas g. Thompson a president of Columbus America and that Thompson used the data to locate the wreck site. The University claims Columbus America then misled the Public by saying the wreck was discovered when it Hadnot been. Based on Columbus America claims Ryan informed John and Grimm that the search was Over and they had been beaten. Attorneys for Columbus America denied the Ryan data was of any use. Thompson said sonar surveys in 1986 pinpointed one target that a we Felt very Good the Ohio based group had recovered artefacts from the site consistent with the time period the Central America Sank. Celebrities joining Vigil for Ryan White Indianapolis a aids patient Ryan White fought Tor his life tuesday As thousands of messages of love and prayers poured in from Small towns and big names including president Bush and Michael Jackson. Singer Elton John flew in from los Angeles. White 18, remained in critical condition on a life support system said or. Martin b. Kleiman. He was unconscious and heavily sedated so that life support systems would function More efficiently. White who during his five year Battle with aids grew from an object of scorn in his Hometown of Kokomo to an International spokesman for aids patients has been hospitalized at Riley Hospital for children since thursday. His Mother Jeanne and sister Andrea have remained at his bedside. His father Wayne White who is divorced need a doctor com to the Paul Snow m o. Walk in clinic 124 w. Third St. A Cumberland i 30 to 5 30 p m monday thru thursday my medical card acce Plad 777-1809 la count proc a from mrs. White visited his son monday. A ifs very hard what we re going through and our family needs to be together Here a mrs. White said in her first Public statement since Ryan a hospitalization. A was much As i like hearing from every body a and i do a but my family and Ryan come first a mrs. White said during the news conference. A i done to want to be involved in talking to the Media when that time could be spent with a a she a got an awful lot of Faith and she believes in that boy a said Carrie Van Dyke a spokeswoman for the family and for the Indiana state Board of health. A i believe our optimism persists a said Kleiman however he added a a we re realistic. He a critically Hospital spokeswoman Mary Maxwell said the flood of Calls a has been bedlam. We re getting Calls from every Small town in the United states. It Hasni to let a we handled 4,500 Calls yesterday and Well probably get 5,000 today a said Walt Linne who oversees the Hospital switchboard

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