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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives May 21 1972, Page 1

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - May 21, 1972, Cumberland, Maryland The weather Vor Iolj cloudiness and Tain today tool Jet Ond Long Row highs near 70 Low in Hie i nine sections comics family weekly general society weddings cite area latest sports shopping supplements Smitt up titty san dts by it All Tanun co tilt Arlora cents reds reveal peace stand Moscow Sovi communist party issuing Poliy statement two Day before president Nixon Arr Val in Moscow pledged Satu Day to Rebuff imperialism by to seek development of peace coexistence among nations the statement was based a Resolution passed Friday b the party ruling 400ma Central committee the policy statement mad no mention of Nixon or h visit but qualified diploma said his Summit Here next wee with Kremlin leaders a undoubtedly the reason for and the Central committe meeting Nixon and other ranking us government officials left Washington saturday and will arrive in Moscow monday after weekend Stopover in Salzburg Austria the Resolution said the Sovie Union would continue to pursue efforts to develop the principles of peaceful coexistent among nations but also pledged Russia to repulsing the aggressive policy of Imperial ism neither the policy statement nor other articles published in newspapers saturday was critical of the United states Brief and Neutral reports on the War in Indochina were carried on inside pages of newspapers and there were none of the usually virulent ant american editorials and cartoons the official news Agency Tass reported Nixon departure from Washington in a 36worc dispatch it read after Washington dateline president k Nixon of the United states today left Washington by air for his visit to the soviet Union on his Way to Moscow the president will briefly Stop Over in the austrian town of Salzburg the Agency also announced the first Sale of soviet made electrical Power equipment to san american customer the Detroit Edison co purchased a 660000 kilowatt transformer a manufacturing in the Ukraine firm tas from based said Tass also announced tin launch Friday of a Molnia 2 communications satellite which apparently will be used to help handle the heavy flow of news during Nixon visit the final political preparation ror Nixon visit appeared to Lave been the Central commit tee meeting where party Leneral Secretary Leonid i Brezhnev delivered a report on foreign policy prior to passage of the Resolution it gave Brezhnev and his colleagues in the troika Leader ship their mandate for Neotia ions that will affect the future of soviet policies both at Home and abroad Western diplomats said they expected Nixon talks Here will Center More on bilateral Trade and arms on such International problems As Viet Nam and the Middle East they said the soviet leaders iced both us Trade and Stra Egic arms control in order to ii fill their promises to deliver More and better consumer oods to the soviet people pc Seleni Arri rvs lit Austria protest greets Nixon Grey Panther Leader miss Margaret Kuhn 67 of Philadelphia is the Mobilizer of the Grey panthers so named for their aggressiveness and the color of their hair Power for the aged is their purpose miss Kuhn is a retired United presbyterian Church worker and she on hand at the denominations governing Assembly to press the cause of senior citizens were not mellowed Sweet old people she said were outraged but were doing something about it a Phot fax stronger measures seen controls evaluated Washington up Dent Nixon said saturday his economic controls were winning he Battle against inflation Bui Rice commission sources re sealed they Are considering stronger measures to hold Down rices charged by Banks hotels theatres and other Large ervice industries in a statement before he left r the soviet Union Nixon gain asked americans to support his Strols he re especially important to wage and Price said the controls prevent new inflation now tha the private Economy is Pickin up steam commenting on the Cost staff no decision is expected for at least a month services such a Barber shops and restaurant services of opposed t manufacture that perform customers companies As who goods becoming a Stead y bigger part of the Economy because intensive they the Labo prices they Harge Are based much Mon Daylong attack met s Viets seek an Loc Saigon a South vie namese forces trying to Clea the Road to the beleaguered provincial capital of an to fought off a Daylong attack b North vietnamese tanks and in Fantry saturday an american army office called it in All probability the enemy last stance for a Loc a rubber Plantation Tow 60 Miles North of Saigon tha has been virtually destroyed i a 44day siege a government Relief column had pushed t within sight of the town before the counter attackers struck Dawn in the Central Highlands where the North vietnamese offensive centers around the pro Vincia capital of Korntum ene my troops probed government defense lines less than two Miles from the City but no major attacks were reported in the air War Over Nort Vietnam the us command announced that american War planes had intensified their daily pounding of enemy Supply areas and transportation routes the command reporting on attacks of thursday said ail Force bombers destroyed a fue tank farm containing More than five million Gallons of Petroleum 3v4 Miles East of Hanoi spokesmen said about 75 per cent of the depot was wiped out with bombs leaving one huge fire a communique said the strike further depletes North Viet name supplies used in support of its invading armies in South Vietnam the bombers also Are carry ing out sustained raids against the rail lines linking Hanoi and China the railroads must be attacked almost daily to keep Lin a broadcast from Hanoi them out of operation the com Mand said because North Viet Nam mobilizes workers to make Quick repairs a Navy a7 at tack plane was reported shot Down Over the North and its i missing this lot listed raises to 22 the american planes number of severely damaged part of a lost Over North Vietnam since the re sumption of Large scale bomb ing april is Twenty six Crew men have been listed As miss ing in this period North Vietnam said us Alanes bombed the Periphery of Hanoi again saturday and claimed two were shot Down by vietnamese gunners the Vietnam news Agency added heard in Tokyo that Many i v i 1 i a n s were killed or wounded in Paris another Vna Dis Patch distributed by the North vietnamese delegation to the peace talks said us planes lock Friday in an attack on an installation and Dike in thai Binh province explosive and antipersonnel bombs were used it added and two lock workers were wounded the North vietnamese As Sault on Highway 13 leading to an Loc was a completely abortive attack said col j Ross Franklin a senior Ameri can Field adviser on wage rates than the Cost of living councils report for the last three months Nixon Sai Price increases that followed last Falls freeze were modest considering the pay increases that took effect then he said the subsequent slowdown in the Rise in the Cost of living has meant More purchasing Power for wage earners the National Economy is now expanding significantly this makes the Success of the stabilization program More important than Ever Nixon said adding the program will succeed if the american eople continue to give their Ull support Salzburg Austria president Nixon arrived Satur Day night on the first leg of his Summit Mission to Moscow barely an hour after Truncheon swinging police had cleared the Salzburg Airport runway of 200 demonstrators protesting the Vietnam War not in the rain without even the usual military band playing for his departure on the 13day tour by he time Nixon landed in late evening after a 4350mile flight about slice helmeted policemen had forcibly cleared a runway at the Southern Edge Chancellor the Nixon Host for their i Miour Stopover in a Force of 1200 polic Numi but recruit of from throughout the for ing in the Glare of searchlights Nixon who arrived about an hour later made no speech before entering limousine the drive to Lessheim country stood guard to he and mrs Nixon the Nixon from the two children Christ the motorcade in to ill Anil her 11 the Airport took yearn i brother Matthias who As Nixon stepped from has of the Airport of the route from Alpine dress and present spirit of 76 jetliner after an of 1000 ant american students eight hour 11minute flight who had set out earlier against from Washington to a brass police orders to March on the bands Jaunty Alpine music a Small band of protesters who had managed to infiltrate the welcoming crowd of 5000 Aii syrians started shouting in Gorman or thoroughfare where de he marchers about Yards from the Airport at least a students were seen joins Down sit Caiu de the Nixon wit i Flowers although most of the Sojos orators wore chased Back across Fields surrounding tha Airport a few pm to the front i of he air Len Ninal to chant drat std away by plainclothes they were agents socialist Chancellor Bruno Kreisky greeted president and mrs Nixon and escorted them by car to turreted Lessheim Castle where they will spend two nights before flying to the soviet capital for an eight Day visit before leaving rain swept Washington the president told a subdued group of official Well wishers at Andrews air Force base my that were not oing there to make headlines Oday but to build a Betler Chance for peace tomorrow and All the years ahead the president is to arrive at Vnuk ovo Airport in Moscow a 4 pm 9 am but Monda for he Start of what he Calle very important substantive Alks with soviet leaders the Moscow Summit could Ead to important break troughs after 2 12 years lard bargaining in Helsinki ant Vienna toward a soviet Ameri can agreement on the first cautious restraints on nuclear weapons by both countries after asserting the Hope that America and Russia can live in peace in the world president look off at am 1011 i anti Nixon slogans lint them the Airport was no Simiu hint the president Slicks Al Iii heard them acupuncture offered for gov Wallace Nixon arrive in Salzburg presi Dent Richard m Nixon and his wife Patri Cia inspect an Honor guard of Salzburg marksmen upon their arrival in Salzburg Austria last night the president stopped in the Alpine resort City for in hours of rest and preparation for his Summit meeting with soviet leaders in Moscow a photo fax As evidence controls May that be tougher needed however sources revealed thai commission whether to put is debating 3 per cent Eiling on Price increases for Many Large service industries the proposal is now under tudy by the commissions materials in the past three months ervice prices As recorded by he consumer Price Index Rose t a 37 per cent annual Rale own from the previous Quarter Hong Kong a Chi Nese acupuncturist said Satur Day the ancient would improve of treatment not completely cure the partial paralysis suffered by Alabama gov George Wallace i have successfully treated police protect embassy Manila protest site Manila go ire wounded at least 29 Perso when 4000 Antiwar proles the an uncountable number of tried to Force their Way to to not far enough to meet degree of Healing after close a commission but or goal pokemon said since the Council already has tempted most companies with ewer than 60 employees from controls Many Small ervice firms would not be overed by the proposed continued on Page 2 paralysis cases with Acup unc ure i think it can improve if not completely cure the Case of gov Wallace whose paralysis of the lower limbs was caused apparently by injury to the nerve system but of course we can Only assess the possible diagnosis said prof lok Yee Kung president of the Hong Kong association of acupuncturists acupuncture is a method of Healing or relieving physical symptoms by inserting Gold and Silver Needles in carefully designated areas us embassy saturday two the wounded were reported critical condition it was the worst Studen police clash since october 197 when four antigovernment d monster actors were killed and 3 wounded saturdays encounter Loo place when Force agricultural lands sold inheritance taxes destroy Farmers by David a Andelman o 1972 h t time new Smice new York thousands of american Farmers Are being Iriven off their lands forced o sell their farms to real estate speculators some of them say because of the method used by he internal Revenue service to assess inheritance taxes such taxes Are assessed the land could be sold for Ather than what it is Worth s Farmland thus Many people to have inherited farms have and to sell them to developers imply to pay the taxes As a result the Revenue ser ice is being termed partly responsible for destroying a Seg Lent of american agriculture and at the same time acl debating the spread of the suburbs to the Rural areas of the United states Over the last decade Tho value of agricultural lands in wide sections of the nation within easy Access to metropol Itan areas has skyrocketed As every available piece of prop erty the value of this land for agriculture however has largely remained constant or has declined the internal Revenue service insists on assessing All Agricula ure land at the Price at which property would change hands Between a willing buyer and a willing seller the result has been that farm ers holding property whose value for development is five to 10 times its agricultural Worth have been forced to sell j their property to the waiting speculators simply to pay their inheritance taxes which run As High As 25 per cent children who would have remained on the land Are being forced off most of the pressure has been land speculators have bought up focused on the spreading areas on the fringes of the suburbs where metropolitan America is pushing out to meet Rural America areas such As the farther reaches of Suffolk coun by suburban Phoenix Ariz the extreme Northwestern part of Cook county in Illinois and the Sierra Foothills Region of California once Farmland is Given to the speculators that the final step As far As agriculture is concerned said James e Cross a Farmer in sem Rural Cutchogue in the Long Island area near new York City youre taking land that look 25000 years to develop an amazing land that is Rich and Fertile and overnight you bring in bulldozers and sock houses on it we All pay for it in the Long run in Harrington Iii Xavier Schmid a 72yearold Farmer who is worried about the pro Blem that will arise when he Dies cited the Case of a 90year old neighbor who died and left a 500acre farm to his wife they Haven sold the farm yet Schmid said As the wife is nearly 90 and when she Dies taxes will be levied All Over again and the sons will have to sell the farm for sure to pay taxes there Are no statistics to show on Seaside Bot leva demonstrators tried their Way through cordon of 400 riot equipped police police said they opened ii when some protesters Bega tossing Pillbox of Metal and Gunpowder wrapped in paper which explode on Impact among the wounded a Juanito Nardico a photographer for the newspaper Star and stripes who suffered a c on the Cheek and free pics photographer Raul Uyenco we also suffered facial coils the chanting Bann Eravin youths were attempting March on the american pm Lassy to protest us involve men in South Asia abut 50 youths were arrested including an american we gave his name As Stanley Chinitz 21 of new York City he was released without charge smaller rallies had been hell n front of the embassy Ove continued on Page 2 several support Days for and he past express indochinese Peoples condemn the tyrannical oppress Ion of the american Imperia its simultaneously us service men held a picnic outside Clark air Force base 50 mile Beethoven by Donal Henahan Ici 1972 n y times Newt service longer new new York no mystery in the history of arts and letters except for the questions Ghoul the identity of Shakespeare him self and his dark lady of the sonnets has enjoyed a or More popular run than the Puzzle of Beethoven immortal beloved in the 146 years since the composers death mountains creamy prose have been heaped on the subject and More than a dozen candidates for the title have been advanced musicologists and biographers Bon convincingly who was this woman to whom Beethoven wrote i wildly romantic deranged love letter on july 6 and 7 1812 if Ever a Riddle seemed Likely to remain unsolved it was this hoary one now however the famous Enigma seems to have been unravelled by a Beethoven specialist with the Apt name of Solomon Maynard Solomon a York scholar of Good musicological repute recently showed this writer previously overlooked evidence that for the first time for example de of finitely places a candidate in Prague on july 3 1812 that s when a meeting Between Beethoven and his immortal b y beloved is thought by scholars o have taken place because of this and much Ither evidence the Chain linking Beethoven to this time this place and this woman to end topographical or psychological the suspense her Hames an Tonie Brentano now appears so Strong Aslo be startling Solomon believes the solution could Only have been overlooked because it was too obvious like poes purloined letter almost every biographer since Anton Schindler in 1840 has tac kled the subject but the definitive study is 0 g so necks the Riddle of the immortal beloved written in 3927 the investigators task As Sonneck summarized it was to discover tent Alively As the beloved did a woman other than amalie lovers cover their tracks so Well nature would apply she would have to be a woman who pro Bably lived As did Beethoven in Vienna who was in k Karlsbad during the same week that Beethoven wrote his immortal beloved letter at Teplitz on july 67 1812 whom he perhaps met Between july 24 1812 at Prague and whom he expected to see again pro Bably at Teplitz Antonie fulfils All those requirements and More yet she Las never been advanced even scald who has Long been ruled out As a possibility with the Nitiss a in her name to whom ill circumstantial evidence in those Days who is the mystery woman in an unidentified miniature and subsequently misidentified por whether of i found among Beethoven belongings after his death Solo Mon contends that based on comparisons with two Large por traits of Antonie and a sketch of her at age 40 she can be no one but Antonie but one might protest at this Point int All this merely circumstantial evidence 0 f course some circumstantial evidence is Strong As when you find a Trout in the milk to an Eye admittedly in Pratlie de in judging such matters the woman in the larger portraits and the sketch does indeed appear to be the same As the one in the miniature however he Art detectives should easily be Able to Settle that one there other Strong threads in Solomons web Moat of them leading to Points Loo Complex to introduce Here but a key Point is this Solomon examined copies of documents recently donated to the Mugar Memoria Library at Boston University by George Marck Anil found in the arrivals column of the Prager an entry proving that on july 3 1812 Brentano merchant Rea Ched Prague from Vienna Al most certainly accompanied by Bis wife Antoni two Days later Herr Brentano is shown on he Kun Sllen or official guest list arriving with family at the Ipa of Karlsbad these Docu ments dovetail with the require ments of Beethoven letter placing Atlonie in both or Azzue and Karlsbad at precisely the necessary times North of Manila to dramatize their opposition to the Vietnam War airmen in civilian clothes condemned the continued involvement in the Vietnam War the protesters in Manila marched toward the embassy from several Points in the City however when they apart carrying clubs and Metal Shields police refused to let the demonstrators pass and fight ing Broko out Many youths ran into nearby Rizal Park and disappeared among the week end strollers demonstration preached the building they met youths a line of police wearing Bullet proof vests and padded leggings spokesmen said a number of wounded refused treatment at City hospitals for fear they would be arrested Salt negotiators nearing agreement Helsinki up working groups at the strategic Arm imitation talks Salt planned to meet sunday in an Effort to Complete an agree mint on nuclear arms in time or president Nixon Summit Alks with Kremlin leaders this Veck conference sources said the sources indicated Sun ays meeting might be a fill i nary session the final Sulci session of the seventh round of he Salt talk which Hegan years ago following saturdays plenary session soviet neg Obialor Vla Imir s Seminov deviated custom and talked with newsmen outside the us embassy where the talks were eld Semenov said contacts will e maintained Between us and soviet negotiators by special working groups until the next plenary session is scheduled time n the session depends next plenary on Tho con works of Tho groups destruction of the special working Minov said elaborating on Semenova statement conference sources said negotiators had virtually Ock cup an agreement limit defensive anti ballistic mis Siles but the sources said there were still problems Over the wording of a supplementary agreement dealing with Offen Sive strategic weapons such As and based intercontinental bal is tic missiles if was possible hat Inar submarine launched no missiles were being included in the supplementary chord on Page two Black lung benefits president Nixon signed a Bill saturday liberalizing and extending Federal government responsibility for Benefit payments to Coal miners suffering from Black lung disease and to their dependents Pentagon blast probed with hundreds of fingerprints taken from the double doors the Fri began a Sharoh of its file of nearly 200 million prints to try to learn who bombed a Pentagon washroom Heath Plum peking visit prime minister Edward Heath is planning a visit to poking Early in 1973 in Britain bid for closer trading and political cooperation with China Berlin Wall open thousands of West berliners flooded through the a firkin Wall saturday to make Pontes risk Holiday week end visits to friends and relations in the East

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