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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 4

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Cumberland, MarylandSunday times sunday May 1957 the doctor answers conic Demable variation found in heart Rote of different persons written Lei Nea str la 8y Edwin f Jordan u d a person without medical kmni1 from one person to another in ledge often finds its difficult Louthis instance one Are some heart disorders particularly hear Block which air associated with a slow beat of the Ricail in other words this May Well b nothing serious however a the possibilities i Jiava heard hat Vitamin Rale of e is effective in bringing Relief in heart disease and liardcniug1 of Hie Arl cries what do Vou think of few tests Are usually perforated Ina oily of heart in such instances As this to make sure i years specialists and other physicians stave studied the subject am 53 and for Over m Dos viewpoint have not menstruate personally i would rather have your Horoscope in birthday cd Outlook is e in which your is Ana Vhal your contagious cording to inc stats laughs Tood humor Maju ii Mars Futi 21 to Aziul 20 arl0 in aspect promotes Nilli Ziy matters astuteness statesmanship invention however recently what they have been know whether the interpret told heart beats 12 to 18 St Fokos per minute less Tolian nor Mal what is this called is it r is called Era Ricardia is considerable Varia some athletes normally Liport in the Rale of the heart Cala so Rev heart rate at rest la Tell Lush t j1j i would want to pro cd to it lick Somo weeding heartbeat Colw is be a san anything was present All the Lime it seeded up on exercise and he Samut Hizir other things Anjoul it sort Sil Ould always Call if it is a constantly slow beat if01 medical inv stiga hav Ion Early american culture found the Indian Medicine Man to be both Doc Tor and druggist nine our of ten of his strange mixtures were just experiments dont just guess see us for All your drug needs Lichtenstein medical arts pharmacy 33 North Liberty Street phone a 43730 experiments Ril Alion us flier forms of treatment if i Lia Dirocc heart disease or hardening of the 51 May 21 Taurus july at to August on i have to wait Jong Sood Lurns if you get started Early and main Tain a sensible Pace throughout the any Dot i ignore to Natl advantages 01 suggestions August 21 to 23 Var so note gemini your influences Cilery similar today avoid controversy b b this is a technical Malar a which nol usually concern die patient Bolh Are methods of mocking usually for opera lion the Choice of which to use made by the Anaesthesiologist or surgeon 1 have a Friend who Falls for every reducing method she reads about i am enclosing of Label of her latest bottle of pills will these pills reduce her and is there any danger in taking them ii most of the drugs advertised or used la Aid in reducing arc aimed at lessening the desire for i do not feel that they should he taken except under the advice of a physician who also watches the diet and possible unfavourable reactions from the drug there is some danger from Laking any drug which is Power Ful enough to have an effect on the human body what causes a metallic taste in the Mouth All the time my Tongue looks dark and Swol a j there Are several possibilities which one is responsible in your Case cannot he determined except by personal study Ycu May have dissimilar metals in fillings in your Teeth there May b some infection of the Mouth or Gums it is possible that some thing in your diet court be at fault these Are Only a few of arteries on questions or Jordan is unable to answer directly individual questions from readers however once a week in this a column lie will answer the most interesting and the most frequently asked questions received during tiie week this Days aspects encourage theatrical misunderstanding pressing Loo hard affairs and Doc Jalc d medical work an mailers also the we must Ullh All september wit i Thoie May he tier Vous or agitated May 12 to Jim 21 gemini profit by experience today be careful not to repeal past errors give olbers the Opportunity to succeed before c their efforts keep Calm ult you than june 21 10 july u canc Elook Good first because that which or the Noys always noticed quickly Here e assistance o calmness be Phil to Oci Obb 5 Libra dont intensify your menial activities avoid turbulence and car easm Impal Ericc and too much driving Effort can disrupt what could be Sall factory pack Jessive Day october ii 21 to novesi8ek 22 of Scorpio some unusual opportunities for the ukr no but differentiate Well there Are useless in there Loo to yourself the favor of not Rushing to assist others and Over taxing yourself november u to deck bar 5 still Larli note Scorpio today avoid in Vevi haste Aiu lety tryant 0 keep another Pace when you live enough to do complying with your own schedule keep smiling december 22 to january 20 Capricorn Saturn excellent Post ton encourages originality telling new devices mechanism scientific expert cola lion hut Donl so too in out on any january 21 to february 19 aquarius uranus position Jendl fates a need for some reviewing re checking to eliminate flaws curtailing expenditures stake time Lor some isl 0 replenish Energy feb Heahy 20 to maj1o 20 Piv is a gradually improving aspect of your major planet Neptune suggests some use expansion but also certain separate fac from theory but Donl discard food ideas or suggestions you born today Are a Bill Liao combination of ambition endurance determination and versatility could be Coine an outstanding Mutl Cian idea Mirical kill so or writer you May also Rush scatter energies foolishly while a less sifted person would achieve by smallest Monkey lid pygmy Jna Nosel of South America is the smallest member of the Monkey family in the can hemisphere full grown specimens weigh Only three to live ounces King steadily on one or two mat ters practice restraint birthrate of sharia Theresa Empress of Austria sir Arthur Sullivan com Poser King features Syndicate i j mens Short sport shirts amazing values Ial a 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muncher Chrome Piates Tus Uuk Handie recoil starter new quiet Mugfur i gome in phone or mail Rosenbaum Cumberland my Parkview 26000 j incas a Send me am enclosing will Send five dollars per month until j the Clire balance plus sales lax if any is paid meat a keeps i name phone no Messy mixing of Gas i address Jiow and trims close to Trees where employed and Ntow husbands or wife first Paoju Sfasie cott1mg Heights j i have accounts at fourth floor How Long 5 Osenba urns fathers Day is june 16 wonderful for of aft Day that to to a car homily you Ioc my pro Polo grow potion end by give ifvrf0fevrfri floor amazing reducing agent reduce without dieting proved safer anymore effective by doctors in clinical i sold without prescription wonderful news the amazingly Safe Itsie Way reduce youve heard spoken about in whispers at last approved for Sale without prescription yes the same kind of Safe effective reducing agent used Succes fully by thousands of Doc i to Slid successfully on thousands of 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