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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives May 12 1957, Page 1

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - May 12, 1957, Cumberland, Maryland The weather vol 131 strict Cumberland Maryland sunday May 12 1957 Assoc oled Pius put Meta faces mail fraud Ina i Eisenhower gives Strong support to free Viet Nam latest world news the sunday times get 1 kill than Olhow Irving Dii Price ten cents Aid pledged to ease off reds drive joint by Ike diem hits hard at military buildup Washington May 11 w president Eisenhower today hacked free Viet Nam with a Strong pledge or continued u s assistance in the face of mounting communist pressure in Southeast Asia in a joint statement Eisenhower and visiting president Ngo Binh diem declared that any communist aggression or subversion threatening the political in dependence of the infant Republic would be considered As endangering peace and stability in the area the statement issued by the while House at the end of three Days talks struck hard at the continued military buildup of the Chi Nese communists threat to safety it declared Pei pings military activity constitutes a continuing threat to the safety of All Ireena tons in the communique cited communist chivas refusal to renounce the use of Force and unwilling Ness to subscribe to the standards of conduct of civilized the tone of the communique appeared intended to reassure not Only diem but other asian leaders that the United states continues opposed u any recognition 31 the piping regime Eisenhower and diem also noted what they called the Large buildup of vietnamese communist military forces in North Viet Nam during the past 30 months the country was partitioned at the 17th parallel As the result of a peace conference in Geneva in 1954 subversive capabilities although they said there was an apparent slackening of comm Nis inspired hostilities in South cast Asia with the exception of the kingdom of Laos which shares a common Frontier with North and South Viet expressed concern Over continuing communist subversive capabilities in this area and else to counter this threat the com Munique said diem indicated his Strong desire and his efforts to see closer cooperation with the other free nations of Asia in agreeing that aggression or subversion threatening Viet imams Independence would endanger peace and stability Eisenhower and diem noted that the South cast Asia treaty organization Shields the Region out or very Well under control rainfall totalled As much As an Inch in parts of Massachusetts and new York the weather Bureau expected some stricken areas to get still More authorities appealed for continued Public caution in Rural areas although in some instances bans were lifted on Public use of Wood lands for camping Hunting fish ing and other recreation arrives for crusade9 evangelist Billy Graham Liolis Bible and the hand of his wife Ruth As he walks through a subway passage near Pennsylvania station in new York yesterday on his arrival to launch a six week new York the revival meeting l be held in Madison Square Garden map Pool afar music Box is All Shook up Annapolis May it a Juke Box cast its vote Here yesterday in the controversy Over Rock a Roll music with a sizzling show of opinion that left patrons at susies Tea shop All Shook up mrs Ellen haste manager the establishment said the Juke Box burst into flames after it had been on a steady diet of Rock n Roll for Sev eral hours mrs haste said Elvis Presley recording of All Shook up bad been especially popular during the afternoon Rai if All halts Forest fires by the associated pm nature came to the Aid of Sveard Forest fire fighters in the North cast yesterday with quenching Rains which All but ended a week of blazes blackening thousands o wooded acres everywhere in new England Pennsylvania new York and new Jersey the fires were reported relay of labor Mitchell predicted High Waters plague Texas areas again Dallas slay it cloudburst up to seven inches posed additional flood threats to Southwest Texas today As Torna does harried and Hail battered the waterlogged stale again the fresh flood threats arose while heavy overnight Rains up to 4vinches continued from Abilene Westward to big Spring and South Ward past san Anglo and Verizon a woman drowned in a Flash Lood that engulfed an Auto on a Highway near Del Rio on the mexican Border overnight Rains n that area ranged from two inches up to seven at Langtry High water closed the International Bridge Over the Rio Grande at Del Rio twisters were sighted near Lub Bock and big Spring and an Drews Seminole and Denver Cit near the new Mexico Border but Here were no reports of damage employment due to hit 68 million Washington May 11 today the nations employment level will hit a record of about 68 million this summer Mitchell said continued ceo nomic strength coupled with sea Sonal expansion in agriculture construction and other season industries should push National Job totals to new Alllice highs this the prior record is the 1956 mid summer Mark of jobs seven children die As fire destroys old dry dwelling Stratford Small children perished in a blazing holocaust today As a fierce and fast spreading Siroi swept through a three Story Dwel Ling the five children ofor and Are Martin Davis died alone in the second floor Flat the Mother mrs Martha Davis had gone shopping and returned As firemen entered the burning House two children of or and mrs Claude Martin severely burned when fire overtook them As they napped in a third floor bedroom died in a Hospital in nearby Bridgeport their Mother grandmother and a brother and sister the Latte Only escaped mrs Martin tossed the two wee sold baby Sandra from rear third floor porch and a worn an neighbor caught her the first floor Flat was Uno a tipped the victims were Russell mar tin 5 Doreen Martin 3 Benja min Davis 5 Jeanette Davis 3 George Davis 2 Evelenia Davis 114 Patricia Davis 8 months the Martins Are White 11 Davies negroes fire chief Theodore said the House was so old an very very dry that once in fire Sot started it spread awesome rapidity autio urged 11 censuring of witnesses Beall warns against joining menial Lynch mob in probe cases Baltimore May 11 3eall Rydl of cried today against allowing ourselves to join sort of mental Lynch mob in ases involving congressional Robe witnesses who refuse to esl Ify on constitutional grounds Beall said in a speech for a re publican women meet no Here lat in our constant fight against menace of subversion we must never inflict unintentional on the philosophy of gov rement we so zealous y to the Maryland senator referred o hearings held Here this week by be House Una Merican activities Ommittee Twenty two of 25 wit esses invoked the first and fifth amendments in refusing to Tell the Ommittee anything they might now about communism in Mary and and the District of Columbia granted that it is the cons Titu ional right of any person to pro act himself from questions about is communist connections by in oking the fifth Aid Beall it is also my right to old such individuals in the utmost i do he said George a Meyers for Merly of Lonaconing one of the recalcitrant witnesses who was de cried by Fri informers As communist Leader in the Maryland Washington area was one o Bealls bitterest critics when he was a member of the House the fact that this Man did everything he could to defeat me in order to show How in Ronal feeling can be involve n a matter such As this said Beall that is one reason Why despite our hatred of communism despite 3ur desire to protect our own free and we must be extra careful no 0 allow ourselves to join a sort 1 mental Lynch mob against those who employed the first and fifth amendments in their offers Russia test disarm plan would provide arms Cut inspection in Only limited area May 11 United states is peeking to gel soviet Russia to accept a Pilot agreement providing for arms reduction and inspection in a limited test area with that aim in mind this country is consulting Britain France and Canada on e proposed reply to russian latest disarmament proposals officials Here said today that the test one can Ever be agreed very Well be located in Europe but not entered on the dividing line Between East and West Germany Donl want Neutral zone authorities Here also ruled out any positive United states inter est in the creation of a neutralized or demilitarized zone in the heart of Europe they made a Sharp distinction Between such zone which would require the removal of Allied troops from lain defensive positions and a one of Small dimensions in which and forces might be limited and techniques for e n f o i n g rms control agreements could be ested Harold Lassen president Al a showers top negotiator on Dis armament has reported that the a Endon talks Are doing Mon hopeful work than any disarmament conference in the postwar period stale department officials say russian apparently genuine concern Over disarm me issues can almost certainly be Itri buted to two factors effects of nuclear War one is real worry about the devastating effects of a nuclear a the other is concern Over what s dubbed the fourth country this is the enormous problem that will arise when countries other than the present Lig three the United states Britain and to be r make atomic weapons on an Iver widening scale at Ever de Reasing Cost r a us Ucucu Iii Illel Isirov n do its Mother from the second floor porch where she was trapped in a fire which claimed the jives of seven children yesterday Story at Bottom of bleaching Plant fumes kill five men in Alabama Pepperell May ii it fumes beneath a text Mill bleaching Plant today claim it the lives of five men Opelika fire chief g a Mitch Ell said they were overcome b Gas from a sump pit into which waste from the Pepperell Mill bleaching Plant was Drain cd police chief Floyd Mann o Opelika said the tragedy occurred when Bryant h Jones 28 of clip dropped his spectacles through manhole and climbed Down after them lie was overcome and the other four died in a vain Rescue attempt Cecil b Ray Plant chemist said the men were victims of a combination of Hydrogen Sulphide fumes and sack of oxygen third atomic sub Groton May 1 third atomic powered submarine will be launched thursday when commies rap u s missiles for Formosa Hong Kong May 11 Monist China charged tonight tha he United states is turning for Mosa into a base for atomic warfare by stationing Matadi missiles on the nationalist Island a sharply worded foreign min sly statement broadcast by Pei Ping radio warned the chinese government hereby solemnly de clares the determination of Thi chinese people to liberate their own Ler Tilory is unshakable thl United states must Bear full re Pon Sibilly for its action fag ression the statement followed by three Days a u s announcement tha Advance units of american Mala Dor missile units capable of Hur no atomic warheads several Hun dred Miles into red China Hac arrived on Generalissimo Chian socks stronghold 100 mile from the Mainland the red chinese freely Boasley dial the matadors would not Dele piping from its intention of Tak ing Over the nationalist Sanctuary fire kill seven baby Safe fund an unidentified Stratford Volunteer fireman carries a bundled infant thrown by its it from the a wring Al nor by lib leaders see vew records for business weeks reports no great bulge slated but will top 1956 hot Springs May 11 i officers of government and Industry predicted today that Busi Ness activity will strengthen slowly throughout 1957 and wind up the year at a record Secretary of Commerce weeks after hearing lie views of dozen key corporation executives Washington economic experts told reporters this meeting has strengthen i my opinion that 1957 will be some that better year there will be no great bulge Ike that of 1956 but the trend is upward and the second half of 1937 will be better than the that appraisal was accompanied by warnings that inflationary Haz Ards Are still serious and considered so not Only by government officials but by most of the 100odd big Industry members of the com Merce departments business advisory Council from other sources it was Learned that 12 corporation Heads n As Many strategic industries lad reported on prospects in their own Fields All industries reported rising activity except three Railroad earnings were peeled to decline housing was rated Likely to drop a Little further and the Outlook for automobiles was called Good but not outstand Only so improvement was fore seen for steel chemicals Genera construction retailing textiles and other major segments of Industry annual loss to the Public of 50 million dollars action May take the form o fraud orders which Cut off mail service or prosecution in the fed Man guzzles High octane Baltimore May ii of magistrate Howard Aaron sniffed and asked a prisoner today have you been drinking gasoline yes your replied 43yearold Edward Mahlstedt Ive been drinking gasoline and a lot of other stuff the magistrate sentenced him to 45 Days in jail on a disorderly conduct charge and advised t smoke any Cigar Els for 15 Wilson slaps Effort to Cut def Ense fund again hits his c of c friends says budget Al peril Point Houston May 11 Secretary of defense Charles e Wilson said tonight he is Aga Iris anyone trying to Cut the defens budget with a Meataxe no Matte is the United state chamber of Commerce or an other group of individuals the outspoken defense Chie who Only last week had criticize is in the Cham Jer of Commerce on the Sam Issue took out after them Agai n an address prepared for h Junior chamber of Commerce no squawk about Tares Wilson a former president general motors said no one enjoys paying taxes i have mrs a Herica Competition enters final fort May 11 a gruelling round of contests behind them women rom 48 states and the District of my taxes were too High Columbia wailed with mounting or k t l excitement today for tonight announcement of the Winner of the mrs America Competition although top awards in various categories of homemaking skills vere made today judges emphasized that the grand prize Winner will be selected on the basis of Allaround ability and May not be among the finalists in the specific leads of Domestic arts women from West Virginia Vir Ginia Texas Tennessee Georgia Rhode Island Kentucky and Massachusetts were crowned As tops n the Fields of cooking table set Ting ironing and sewing the prize for the Best dessert went to mrs Fred Messersmith of Suc Haimon w mrs Griffin Staples of Portsmouth placed first in the cake baking contest use of mails by cure alls gains Washington May 11 in pos Masler general Summerfield said today that sure cure medi Cal quackery by mail has reached the highest level in Summerfield said that sofa this year postal inspectors have stopped for prepared cases representing an a violation in another state am car registration cards unsigned causes trouble Baltimore May 11 a some Maryland motorists Are driving with registration cards not Signet by the commissioner of motor some discovered this to their Cral courts or both Moonshiner life sours elicit still owners face loss of sugar supplies Washington May 11 tothe Moonshiner arid those who offer government set out today to turn life sour for Moonshiner you cant make drinking whisky without sugar and Uncle Sam plans to Sec to it that As Little As possible of the Sweet stuff is the uss skate slides into thames River the Premium prices it lakes about 100 pounds of sugar to make 100 Gallons of Mash this in turn will produce 1012 Gallons of Low proof but drinkable booze irs figures Backwoods the internal Revenue service taxes that Moonshiner dont pay is asking All sugar suppliers to refuse to make any sales to suspect include diverted to illicit stills in the that most americans today buy their sugar in bags of two five or ten pounds purchases larger which worries about the liquor than that May the any the sugar is intended for something besides a breakfast Cereal the plan was i people who want unusually Large in new York and new Jersey re amounts those who Are unknown gently and irs says it sent the to the seller or Are known As into a dither or 25 years but i Haven a hawked about it i could join the Meataxe boys who want to chop Down the de Ense budget if i didst know so Tich about it in my opinion it is i Peri Point budget and should not be the results of present policies Peak for themselves he said aggression halted aggression by communist imperialism has been halt our Economy is healthy am growing with Prosperity wide hared after years of chronic deficits Theu gird balanced Budge n a Row has been he these Happy results seem t Lave caused some people to take or granted the Protection provid act by our armed forces a he same time to suddenly Down Grade the dangers that we As a nation still face nothing could b More pleasing to our Potentia enemies than a rapid decrease ii our military strength at this tiny and nothing could be More Erous to our future As Wrell a hat of the entire free world police asked to see their card a number of unsigned cards were mailed out when Marylard was Between commissioners Small had resigned arc James b Monroe had not yet been appointed the department of motor vehicles has sent out Iclet jape notices asking 13 neighbouring states to Lonor the unsigned cards arrangements also have been made for the refunding of any fines a Marylander May have to pay As a result of having an unsigned card trapped Miner reported alive Richwood w May Rescue teams mad verbal Contact today with a Coa Miner trapped by a slate fal since 10 wednesday in a Coa mine near Here vice president Joe Mcquade o Donegan Coal and Coke co sail rescuers might be Able to read William Carl Richmond 38 it pert before morning three Tols drowned As car Rolls in Lake Lebanon May 11 Lvan automobile parked in a cemetery rolled Down a Hill today and plunged into a Lake drowning three Young occupants another child who was in the ear leaped to safety drowned were Nicholas Yand Rich 3 his brother Paul 2 and a trial run an 8monthold sister Sylvia a Cousin Stephen Yandrich 9 who was also in the car escaped be fore it went into the water Nase in senator treatment of widow Friend a jailed by Mcclellan in review Washington May 11 in Mcclellan dark said Joay hat teamsters Union ent Dave Beck May have run Oul of the Federal mail fraud w in his handling of a widows rust fund the treatment he accorded e widow of his Dearest Friend typical it seems of his Domi Aling characteristic of greed and Mcclellan told news Ien in reviewing the latest Lesli Iony about Beck Mcclellan is chairman of the special Senate rackets investigating committee which will re ume monday afternoon Public earnings in which Beck has been cured As using Union funds for e enrichment of himself and i embers of his family to be recalled the 62yearold teamsters to already has invoked the fifth amendment Protection against incrimination 150 Mes in refusing to answer com nit Lee questions will be recalled Ier in the r o b a b 1 y wednesday Mcclellan said the widow Mcclellan referred o is mrs Ray Leheney whose us hand was an official of the old Al Beck was trustee of an 00 fund raised for her Fromon in members after Leheney death Donot f Hedlund a Seattle mortgage banker testified yes erday that he and Beck shared an profit from investing his Money for mrs Tedlund described As Becks Best and closest would derive profit placed in evidence was a letter from Beck to mrs Leheney in which no mention was mad Eilhart Beck and Hedlund would derive a profit from the Sale of Mort Ages which he recommended to her As a sound investment Mcclellan referring to what he jailed Becks breach of Trust n this transaction said there is possibility the letter he wrote or would come within the Feder 1 statute Banning use of the Lails to he also said he thought the in Ernal Revenue service and the ustice department would be in erected in finding out whether Eck reported and paid income a on his profit in this Deal As yell As other financial transact ions brought out in the testimony Beck already is under indict ment on a charge of evading in Cine tax payments for the year 950 Mcclellan said testimony now n the record has clearly re sealed and further testimony Iso will reveal that Beck has wholly breached his Trust in the position he holds As president of International teamsters in on and As trustee of its Elkins guilty of wiretap ii racketeer big Jim Elkins whose Udden a 11 a c k of Talkat Veness touched off the Portland vice investigations last year tonight was convicted of wiretapping dist court jurors convicted Lkins 55 on All the seven counts before them the possible penalty s a year in prison and a me on each count his employee Raymond Clark j3 was convicted on the same ounts Elkins and Cark were accused if tapping and recording Telephone on creations of William m Lang by former Portland District at Orney and others Britain Queen Elizabeth Philip to visit u s in fall Washington May ii it is expected that the queen1 Early october has been selected forma acceptance of an invite Tor the Long reported visit to country by Queen Elizabeth he and Prince Philip this was Learned today from persons familiar with the negotiations that have been under Way from president Eisenhower will be received Here in two or three weeks elaborate secrecy has marked the negotiations Ever since they Uusita Judi i Advt str ii Lull cur Way for months Between Washington began As is usual in such cases and London the British Queen but it is expected that the Royal and her husband arc expected to Vejsil we delude other cities he spend about 10 Days in this coun try this will be the Queens first visit to America since she ascended the throne in 1952 she and Edinburgh were Here in i95t As the guests of former president Truman sides Washington Jamestown almost certainly will be part of the itinerary since talk of inviting the Queen was started by sponsors of this her husband then the Duke of years Celebration of the 350th anniversary of the settling of James town the first permanent British settlement in the new world

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