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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives May 7 1972, Page 1

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - May 7, 1972, Cumberland, Maryland The weather potty Cloudy with Chono of Tsiun Lvi Howors High lit in upper sunday night Anil monday variable Cloudin Tii with Chanci of Hun Dot in iowan seven sections comics family weekly general society weddings City area latest sports shopping supplements vol no 127 Ami sit dict in of Cumber Saiid Maryland sunday May 7 1972 Rel Listl itty by Thi Tomii Cumberlin m4 3158 to St pm hid cubits pm my Price 20 Centi Western Ai Hunes Crew the Relief new aboard a Western 737 jetliner which Wai hijacked to Cuba Heads Down to i customs debriefing session after the plane arrived in Miami with passengers a longhaired youth diverted the aircraft into Havana after using a pistol to seize the Salt Lake City to lot Angeles flight Friday and demanding to be flown to Hanoi a Phol fax Italy eyes cause for air crash Palermo Sicily italian officials said saturday they were still without a clue As to the cause of the crash of an a italia Airliner which struck a Mountain top near Palermo Airport Friday night killing All 115 persons aboard 1 the crash worst in italian air history came on the 2511 anniversary of the founding o he airline investigators said at firs there were indications the passengers had been fore warned of disaster and had removed their shoes Glasse and dentures before the crash Ven though the Pilot did no report an alarm later the said it was the Impact of the crash itself that knocked off the sassengers1 shoes the crash occurred twi minutes before the big dc843 was scheduled to land with sicilians returning to vote in he elections for parliament an South vietnamese fail to open Supply route Silver mine first funerals held Kellogg Idaho up Din cold Mountain rainstorm funerals for the first of 35 men killed in the Sunshine Silver mine were conducted saturday while workers using a bizarre scrap Metal torpedo wed for the fifth Day to reach 47 others trapped hut possibly still alive a mile underground mine officials said they stir had Hopes the 47 were alive but if would be sunday before efforts was being conducted b Crews working with in the help could get through to them weary agonizing poisonous Carbo monoxide that has flooded the mine from a fire since tuesday pressed their efforts Effort to reach the 5000foot level of the no 10 Shaft meanwhile outside the Jewell Shaft main Entrance to the nations largest Silver mine where the fire broke out in old timbers 100 women and children waited in the rain saturday they would not go Home even when mine general manager Marvin c Chase told them Early in the morning that the final attempt to reach the Bottom could not be made for at least 24 hours a total of 108 men escape when the fire began pouring smoke and Carbon monoxide through the mines 100 Miles o Chambers and passageway another 82 were trapped Rescue workers have found i bodies so unsuccessful Bottom of no 10 because of the smoke and Gas one of the three main reset far have Bee in reaching the a Crew which set to drop scrap Metal torpedo fasl toned in the mine Machin shop were to drop a camera Down the technician television ventilation Shaft first to determine Whethe it was Clear for the Twoma Cylinder passageways at the Bottom o no 12 connect with those when the men Are trapped h the videotape earner shows the passageway can b negotiated the torpedo was t be filled with sandbags equal no the weight of two men am dropped again if that attempt went Success fully it was to be dropped again with two rescuers inside the no 12 Shaft was Crucia o the lives of the men below Wallace takes Lead in in Carolinas vote bulletin Raleigh no up George Wallace making hit Strong stand against school busing pay off at the polls won North Carolinas demo cratic presidential primary election saturday night by a larger than expected margin Over popular former gov Terry Sanford Raleigh n c George g Wallace the anti busing candidate in a Staten which busing of school children has become a major Issue took a commanding Early Lead saturday night As votes were new York congresswoman Shirley Chisholm had 8 per Cen of the vote with sen Edmund Muskie Maine 3 per Ceni and sen Henry Jackson d Wash 1 per cent an Early trend found Sanford trailing Wallace in Durham county where Sanford is president of Duke University the earliest tabulations found Wallace leading Sanford in All but one of the 17 counties reporting votes forging ahead even in comparatively Liberal Orange county Home of the University of North Carolina Only in mountainous Madison Bounty a sparsely populated Republican stronghold did san first presidential primary with 6 per cent of the precincts reporting Wallace had 53 per cent of the vote while Terry Sanford a popular former governor of the tar Heel state had 36 per cent in the democratic primary counted in North Carolinas Ford hold Sway in the Early going the other major cities of the state followed Raleigh in voting or Wallace president Nixon was practically guaranteed a massive Victory and 32 convention votes n the Republican primary fresh air was being pumped Down it at the rate of 20000 cubic feet per minute and All efforts were made to make sure the torpedo would not Block it we Hope to have a Complete Rescue operation under Way in 24 hours Chase told newsmen of course we dont like to see time pass Chase added but there was one Case in Virginia where a Man was continued on Page 2 candidates on sunday and monday authorities said All but four of those aboard were italian he others were a couple from Paris an English woman Anc a belgian stewardess the disaster came on the 25th anniversary of the Day a italia began operations with a single Fiat g12 aircraft borrowed from the fledgling italian air Force it now has 105 planes and serves every continent the worst previous disaster in Italy occurred in 1959 when a trans work airways Twa Jet disintegrated in a storm near Milan killing 68 persons among the victims of the Palermo crash were film director Franco Indovina 43 the president of the Palermo anti mafia commission rela Tives of several Island politicians and the son of the coach of the Juventud soccer club of Turin North Ireland sees first Legal March Belfast Northern ire Lam 200 anti British demonstrators turned out Satur Day for the first Legal March in Northern Ireland in Nini months while stood by there was Security Force no violence although protestants booed the marchers and catholics cheered hem the roman Catholic Civi lights association at the Sam Ime called for a mass turnout t a rally sunday to bail demands for the end a Ternent of suspected rebels without trial scattered shooting Vas reported across the Reli Jio Iisley divided province police said about 200 of the Nti British Peoples Democrat y movement marched through downtown Belfast brandishing socialist flags and chanting Uch slogans As workers in tosses and British army out and Orga ize to smash the state two joint army police land overs preceded the marchers rho were flanked on both sides and rear by policemen while British troops stood by out of ight in Side streets rebel scum shouted prote Tants gathered along the route hich passed City Hall and totes ant and Catholic Dis riots in the Catholic Falls Road Rea however there were leers and applause it was the first Legal March Nee William Whitelaw British Secretary of state for Northern Reland lifted a nine month ban parades imposed protestant dominated by the Ulster government Britain direct control of the province last month the Catholic civil rights association combined its appear for a Large turnout sunday with a condemnation of the iras copter Crew Foi Iii alive in Highlands Plesku Vietnam a five presumed dead in a helicopter crash were res cued saturday after surviving without food for 13 Days near an Airstrip captured by the ene my three were badly injured us and South vietnamese planes have been flying daily Over the Airstrip in the Central Highlands a radio Call for help was picked up saturday afternoon from Point about four Miles away from the wreck where two of them had walked several questions about their Rescue remained unanswered these included where they obtained their radio Why it took 13 Days for them to make radio Contact and Why they had to walk four Miles before getting a radio message through there was speculation that he two fittest had set out to walk for help through enemy Leld territory and on the Way had found either a radio or parts to repair radio which May have been broken the five were among 10 americans who were believed to have died when their aircraft was seen to crash in flames Las ditch defender capt Trail Van twit bearded and sporting i Chest full of medals carries i lie Flag during a Parade yesterday through the near empty streets of Hue South Vietnam the 70yearold Veteran of the French and South vietnamese armies is a part of the City defense division a paramilitary Force of the militia made up of government workers and civilians charged with the last ditch defense of the old Imperial capital of Hue against the North vietnamese a film Lomax reversion nears Okinawa counting criminally irresponsible1 Bombran bullets tactics at a time when both the Catholic and protestant populations Lack civil rights Ano liberties to an almost identical degree the Campaign of bombing is criminally irresponsible a statement said it blinds people to their common plight rather than uniting Peoples democracy University based socialist organization demands unification of Ulster and the Irish Republic in a socialist workers Republic by John m Lee o j972 n y thu no Striet Naha Okinawa the sign f the faded executive office proclaims in a Lanese the number of Days to reversion and the figure is changed every Day but As the Lon sought Day approaches an air of apprehension hangs Over this sultry militarized Island on May 15 the United states returns to japanese control the Daito and Ryukyu islands generally known As Okinawa after the largest Island in the group this is the key United states military base in the Western Pacific the population comprises 900000 okinawan and 80000 americans including 42000 servicemen nuclear weapons have been stored Here and b52s have bombed Vietnam from Kadena air Force base but such activities will sprawl a 20mllelong strip fro Nusha the capital North to k Dena a Hodgepodge of concur Block houses military depot steam Baths and used Carlo an american civil official w laying that the end of Milita occupation will not solve t islanders problems there not wild Over j panese Rule theres a lot that going to change he said on the lawns of the execute building workers from to water company red bands tie around their Heads were Stagin a demonstration to insure the their wages would be protect once Tokyo takes Over the waterworks from Washington inside Choyo Yara the 6 Earold civilian chief execute f Okinawa said that the okinawan were wary of to he Mainland japanese and the americans but he dismissed restricted when Okinawa Vlay 15 becomes the 47th prefecture province of Japan amid the Urban military he idea of Independence bps id there was no question tha Okinawa was japanese the Short and forceful yer won his office in 1968 with the support of the socialist an successful extortion two hijackings concluded two Domestic who vowed hed Vandeering planes the extortionist i n Eastern air lines ers of Mexico uras and Guai Premier Point of entry by James m Markham o ij72 n y Timm entry Point have encouraged French men South americans puerto Picans and cuban refugees Are turning Southern Florida in to the Premier american entry Point for smuggled heroin and cocaine Federal Law enforcement officials say the emerging prominence of Southern Florida in hard drug trafficking reflects the increasing America As a use of South Stopover and dispersal Point for european refined heroin the growing popularity of South american grown cocaine in the United states and an infusion of new latin elements in the High profit High risk business they also say that stepped up us enforcement efforts in new hereto the largest seizure the expansion of the Southern Florida route other Atil used entryways to the american and diet Market Are Montreal mex Ico and the California coast in january Federal agents Here made the largest heroin the hard drug smuggler Are seizure in the history of Ameri can anti smuggling efforts 385 pounds and arrested two cubans five puerto Picans and an argentinian the Bureau of narcotics and dangerous drugs s reticent about details but it does Lair that heroin was refined in Europe and brought nto Miami on the latin american route and Early in March Marseilles customs agents discovered half ton of pure a shrimp boat that operated out of Guadeloupe in the Caribbean Cuba brought officials said the ships French tastes with them captian had moved heroin in the past from Marseilles Miami the attractions of Miami for Many there Are some 280000 cuban vials say that some cubans refugees in Southern Florida most of them in Miami Ity so latinized that some stores Post signs saying to be made English spoken Here in this Milieu it is easy for latin drug smugglers cuban and non cuban to remain relatively in Consi suits cubans have traditionally been on april 7 ism involved in cocaine smuggling n Batistas Cuba the Rich journalist a vice trained by snorted to Cine while the poor the cuban beaches ransomed 4ted mountains in Honduras was the second successful Vith the hijacking of a plane one Laden november a Man calling ated Region do Cooper Para and the to Freedom in the Pacil War Northwest with sex keep from Northwest airlines Eastern Hijacker de bailed out Only As a Vietnam vet lines about 45 took control of plane with 48 passengers need into seven Crew members Here the an hour after the flight British Allentown a Friday Emala on its Way to Miami scape area armed Man forced the is the the United states govern fled a few of the anti Castro air moved into smuggling cubans out of Cuba in hink that Craft for a Price until violation became too risky de one certain corsican whole heroine in the French Manuis world War 11 some of these i cations drifted naturally into Ime trafficking putting to pro about use their newly Learned Groin Are techniques w big of and intelligence in have that in the late 1950s Lii ced number of corsican heroin Ain settled in South fault and by the Early Bay of had established ties with pilots who had Central More than a decade smuggle Defeated scarce american consumer s plane to land at Dulles Airport outside Washington then demanded the Ransom in Exchange for the passengers h released them along with an i Crew member the Jet took off and Landec again Dulles for a change in the Bill denominations it finally flew to new or leans there he switched to an other aircraft and headed of Central America having obtained two Bush knives two jump suits two crash helmets food drink cigarettes the Money and six parachutes the skyjacker bailed out sometime before Dawn the Crew landed in Mexico and went straight to bed after he 21hour ordeal several hours after the East Ern hijacking a to dishy dressed youth commandeered a Western airlines Jet shortly after it took off from Salt Lake at its scheduled Stop in los Angeles he allowed four Chil Dren and seven adults to de Lane then ordered the jetliner o Dallas Tex where a fresh Crew boarded the Short Range raft for a flight to Havana Vine More passengers left at he Texas fueling Stop the skyjacker dressed in red checker de shirt and Blue Trott ers had said he wanted to go o Hanoi but settled for Cuba the Plant touched Down in Fla for Mori fuel he Ore reaching Havana five ours later it returned to the United states with persons Board arriving at Miami in Erna Tinnil Airport shortly he Ore 1 pm saturday other leftist parties in the firs popular election of an okinawan chief executive after having campaigned for Complete and unconditional reversion apprehension he said mostly Over everyday matters such As prices and wages we Are also discontented that despite reversion the us military bases will continue to exist we had hoped to he a peaceful Island again he went on we Are even seeing pro ests against the stationing of continued on Page 2 major pass recaptured by enemies Saigon a the South vietnamese attempt to reopen the Supply route from Plesku to j Korntum in the Central High j lands appeared to have col lapsed saturday after the ene my wrecked a base and Recap tured a vital pass despite he South vietnamese setbacks the North vietnamese still held off from an offensive that has been expected momentarily in the Highlands the major fighting in the Central Highlands entered six Miles North of Plesku on High Way 14 the Supply route and at Chu Pao pass seven Miles South of Korntum Korntum is 27 Miles North of Plesku the major base in the Highlands the North vietnamese struck hard at a South vietnamese brigade Headquarters known As fire base 42 six Miles North of Plesku advancing under a mortar barrage enemy sappers smashed into the base dam aging bunkers destroying eral artillery pieces and killing or wounding 100 South Vietnam Ese in a three hour attack the defenders counted 36 ene my dead inside the base one us adviser was killed associated press correspond ent David 1 Paine reported from the base that smoke was still pouring after Daylight from the command Post Hunker the main target of the attack maj Michael Haynes 15 us adviser who survived the attack told Paine the enemy opened with a rocket and mor tar barrage to pin Down the Garrison while sappers slipped tothe base the sappers put bandages on heir hands and Knees to avoid cutting themselves on the meter wire Haynes related farther North the South Lamese on thursday launched heir first counterattack since he enemy offensive began March 30 and scored an Early Success at Chu Pao pass on Highway 14 South vietnamese officer continued on Page 2 Rogers paves Way for Nixon journey Bonn 01 state William p Rogers told Luxembourg leaders saturday hat president Nixon will take a Ough line on Vietnam in his Alks with Kremlin leaders May 2 then he hew Here to Brief West German leaders on the ame subject Rogers visiting us allies in fest Europe before flying to Moscow to join Nixon a noted As saying Nixon will Lake it Clear to the russians hat he considers their arms buildup for North Vietnam artly responsible for the current offensive Vietnam Rogers had a meeting remier in South on hour in Luxembourg with Pierre Werner and foreign minister Gaston Thorn and was received in audience by grand Duke Jean before flying to Bonns military Airport where he was met by West German foreign minister Walter Scheel Welcome we Are still in business Scheel told him the Secretary while shaking hands this was an apparent reference to the april 27 vote of Confidence in parliament which the Bonn government survived by a two vote margin the Vole was a Man Euver by the opposition Christian crafts to Block ratification of Chancellor Willy Brandts non aggression pacts with Russia and Poland Rogers who was accompanied by his wife and assistant Secretary of state Martin j Hillenbrand is spending the weekend in privacy on Page two steel imports curbed the White House has announced agreements with Japan and seven european countries aimed at curbing further import inroads into the american steel Market Price violations cited the Price commission cited 274 of the nations largest companies for failure to file required profit reports and threatened prosecution if the information is not submitted within a week school food expansion president Nixon Lias urged Congress to authorize expansion of lunch and breakfast program for poor children by million fire kill Nini people fire engulfed an old Peoples Home killing nine of the 40 persons inside at Springfield 111 the remainder of the residents were hospitalized top Armi talk the United states and the soviet Union held itry tension at the soviet embassy in Helsinki on the nuclear arms limitation pact

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