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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives Mar 19 1939, Page 1

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - March 19, 1939, Cumberland, Maryland Late japanese Diplomat paid final tribute ashes of former ambassador Hiroshi Saito placed aboard Cruiser at naval Academy rites impressive muffled Drums and Spac Dull Boom of guns set solemn Tempo for Farewell sunday March five of eleven women chosen Bett maed in National Pool of the leading designers Muton hed j Drums and Dull Boom i of Tiaval Juns set u solemn Tempo today the United slates of America paid final tribute to Hirw i late japanese two world combined tray Dit Lonal ceremonies for the great dead As the ashes of convivial j Little Diplomat who loved America were placed aboard the Cruiser Astoria for a journey to the land of his i on orders from president Roose the Astoria placed at the of Tulfo japanese american governments precedent lie Tang Isact Saj to had resigned Ai ambassador be fore his death m Washington last was tribute to the most i popular japanese ambassador in re cent i Auto rect with Aires tie Astoria wiled from the Uniti i states naval Academy after the regiment of Sod and the ranking of of the Academy participated in ceremonies for the tiny dip i the funeral escorted by i if Aryland motorcycle police1 arrived from Washington Ati More than 100 ranking naval of their formal uniforms Andi cockade hats stiff with Gold i lined the Avenue at ramrod stiff j As the hear so and funeral party round through the main 1 Gate of the rear Admiral Wilson flanked by by meddled aides and the Academy met the cortege i As the guns of the Academy began a 19gun Salute to tie former representative of his the emperor of gun fired minute apart i the guns Wert set off at minute and Tow echoes i rolled majestically about vied Walls of the a avs Academy build eight captains of the United next or Raak to and took at of for to Madame heavily and her two Ypung daughter were the the ear behind the Alfred Vanderbus state Revenue bilis hanging revision neutrality is aim fire Roosevelt Mcnay Veneta the midshipmen regimental guard of Honor Linert the Quarter mite route from the main along Maryland Avenue and Sands behind the family Rode representatives of United states diplomatic japanese naval officers in full regimentals and frock rated dignitaries come to say for Mal Farewell to Many newsmen in group top flight Washington Cor were among the Nutis Erous newspapermen at the of Seq some of them others thru in Alm Plit homage to the am Asador whose personality and camaraderie won him High favor approximately with the press must the the muted naval Academy band oolj5 the hymn Lead army opens drive for plane pilots five groups of officers Naii to visit colleges to re Cruit graduates March 18 army launched an intensive nation wide recruiting Campaign today for youths to train As pilots for the More than additional War Pinnes Congress has five groups of officers were f named to visit colleges and univer Sites to recruit prospective june graduates for army aviation train new March they Are 11 women who will excite your envy and admiration for they have been chosen dressed in a National Pou of leading designers for the Academy ail american honors go to actress Kitty left who replaces the Cinema Ginger As special award those selected in other Fields were Alfred Gwynn upper right Davis Joan blame supper comma Benay lower Yolanda Osa Tower right Fernanda Wanamaker Munn Adam Gimbel Rosa lower Center Alice a Lucia action of Tot risks with the winners ruled trousers out of Tufie we dressed woman a division of opinion on whether hair should be worn up or Down and that the with Shorter should on both expected to drop in to laps of legislators when ses Sion resumes monday reception in doubt a believed Many of measures awaiting action Wilt fall by Way Side incising hours of Assembly March to the two nost complicated problems of the budget and the Revenue drop into the laps of legislators when they resume deliberations monday Herbert record breaking budget the accompanying tax b hanging Over Fob Heads of the legislators for weeks and the lawmakers already have been Given notice that floor consideration of the two measures Celd no longer be put fourteen Days remain statutory end of the april besides the and the other measures Are before the two Many to fail of action Many of the secondary proposals Are expected to fall by the either by death in or failure of enactment in the House or How Many of them Are to be lost in the closing hour shuffle probably will depend upon How fast the budget and tax Bill can be disposed the Senate already has passed the tax considerable trimming by the finance while the upper chamber wrestled with the delegates tackled the but it has not yet come out of the House ways and Means red Gate John White Prince Georges administration floor Leader and chairman of the has called his group to meet Early Mon Day and announced his intention to Complete work on the budget at that time so it could be brought put on the floor monday night or Early tuesday Jackie Coogan Given role in wife movie wiil play supporting role in Dollar legs ing Eye catching Betty March 18 were looking better today for Jackie who won Fame As the ragged kid of silent embroiled for months in a court Battle with his Stepfather and the juvenile and Ken Day Light a the whole guard Beret in years of Honor and the officers stood Ati i with four ruffles and a the band began its funeral March i to the pier in behind fell Dea Erml three Mon Tiu tails of marines and kcll3r fled j 1 blonde and beauteous Betty flying Youmg Coo hopeful in elem Tot that his troubles were past a sufficient num is attorneys announced thata or planes which will settlement of his accounting suit Van at and his studio announced that Jackie had been signed for a Tup role in Iii wife new pc Dollar legs it will Ai hit Cemire of tiie guard of Honor came to Salute an the i course thus will be shortened from jl2 to nine at the two army in on Iulg folic i colors of the United states their sch comprise the army training Hearse passed Are to be from arrived at the Admiral to four doubled rown to sl2e to Abonit 700 Brown escorted Madame Saito to the Point of body from the be his first film appearance since College in which he also played with the Eye catching he and miss Grable parted Early in friends said that most Are to be from of the difficulty genered around jackies he sold the household furniture and went to Texas on a personal appearance j while his wife was stricken i with he to her girl hed in death t Young acc enrollee Isabella statement in washing ton Only free czech territory in world contradicts confession she slew youth Icom Iaun from arrangements for maintaining the Hurban said he could answer that with old Ideal r with Iron hand up Tony German proverb poor people Cook with the minister has insisted March 18 not legation Over to belie was held without until he receives bail today on a murder charge Ini written instructions from his gnv1 news had any Sisi three Days advising that on Utji Warlof of Vaughn George 19year was duly auth sed by any interest in their reunited several weeks he returned Germany rules new territory old graveyard pact plays Irish airs Over grave of Friend As Patricks Day ends March 18 Sil very notes a trumpet echoing across Neversink Mountain on the stroke of 12 last night proclaimed to silent listener that once again a Gray haired Church Musi Cian had fulfilled his Hal Century old graveyard pact with a Saloon just As he has done each Pat Ricks Day for 42 72yearold Alva Schweser stood bareheaded be Side the of Tom onetime proprietor of the stars and stripes As Galway and nearer my god to thee were played in keeping with As the refrains died Schaef Fer looked Down at the he the pact sealed Long ago to Han Nahles Saloon stipulated if Han Nahoe Schaeffer would play the Irish air Over his grave in the closing minutes of each Pat Ricks if Schaefler died Hannahoe was to keep hts grave forever Man police sought shooting found dead son and been wounded before is disappeared port March 18 from Onn old acc the Young woman fainted last newspapers were filled instead some officials Here believed is with Tenno arcement of the appoint when a coroners jury held her Wight hold out indefinitely against i Meni of Baron for the youths i in an automobile parked on eventually to the United states Milford supreme court for Settle Man for the reach protector Over he was found shot through that ease the controversy might j Bohemia and Moravia and that Herman a Rostant Leader of the Suc Teten struggle last would become his Secretary of jew Cen Una All Day Prague Contin Luck the for Gallent demons tritons a Fiat rent presented at the the United states Constitution m which the girl Jwta it bib fives the original him self during an Iris diction in affecting state Harry Pusey Bald other Public Minia mis Donovan signed the and shooting affray in which his two year old son his father inlaw were wounded was found shot to death today in his Auto undersheriff Allen of county said Trinka apparently kilted himself with one of two revolvers found in the Coroner Martin pro Nim found a note by its contents were not disclosed August and 3yearold Tony were shot at of reception in doubt what kind 9 reception it will get when the delegates see the changes made by the committee could not be White said his group had made several revisions and that the administration had sent Down amendments since the Bill original was three big questions the fiscal program As the legislature prepared to reconvene will the House like what its ways and Means committee has done to governor Cycon ors budget win the House like what the Senate has done to tie administration tax proposals will Senate accept what the House does to the budget when the two measures Are exchanged across the legislative leaders Hope that both Chambers will agree speedily to the Senate makes one major change the Senate based the Revenue Bill with but one Insor change in the proposal handed Down by governor it eliminated a suggestion that All Maryland motorists be required to Register again and pay each in the to replace the Revenue thus trim med the Senate tacked on and increased various nuisance levies and at the same time suggested that cutting of Relief expenditures would make ends it is definitely known that the Senate Revenue measure is approved foes several floor the increase in the tax 6n Bee from 75 cents to a Dollar a barrel has found favor a determined House there Are at least Liaf a dozen members of the House who will read a Battle against the increased the House opponents of the Beer tax have the statement of Lee chairman of the governors commission on new that the proposed tax on Beer is in raw said before the ways and Means committee that expected to be first move in renewing stand against Force polities needs Are cited Roosevelt Points to ceh Rural Europe situation to show changes Are necessary March 18 events of breathtaking swiftness in Central Europe arc impelling a decisive test in Congress on presi Dent Roosevelt reiterated desire for a revision of american neutrality in Bis annual message january 4 Roosevelt called for a policy stranger and More effective than of Back up american protests against a using Force or the threat of Force to expand territory or of he made it Clear the that this implied revision of the neutrality Law and yesterday added fuel to the fire of debate Over this ques Tion by asserting that Central european developments showed the need for changes in the act with hitlers slay the presidents statement synchronized with a blistering and for Mal denunciation by unde Secre Welles of German aggression against the gave no hint of the actual form of the neutrality act revision he fur said he did not expect to make that subject the theme of special but counted on working out neutrality policy in v it was noted that the formal condemnation by the state department of German absorption of Czecho Slovakia As Wanton sex achy synchronized with similar denunciations o the German lieu idea Tion of Czechoslovakia from Paris and their timing gave a semblance of concerted action to the French move to extend decree pow ers of Premier to prime minister chamberlains birding Ham to recall of the British ambassador to Berlin to and to Welles two motives discernible two possible direct motives for issuance of the Welles statement Are it again gave to Washington and the leadership in the Campaign to arouse world sentiment against the German Force also kept the record Clear As to american policy in meeting problems raised by7 an Ever changing International there is a direct fresh notice to Rome and Tokyo in that statement that there win be no american recognition of changes in sovereignty brought about by out Side Force or threat of there is even a suggestion that a new government in Spain May stand so far As Washington is unless actually free of italian or German Public opinion studied a further possible motive for the issuance of the Welles May he in the administration judgment that the czechoslovakian liquidation has reacted on icon Nurt from Page Sia to join them in aiding Rumania against economic pressure of expanding tax Bat rejected it because the tax on Beer in the District of Columbia and Jiniv rounding states was and any increase would put Mary land Brewers at competitive Dis Racetrack lobby Active the powerful Racetrack lobby was expected to make b determined Effort to re include the proposed Flat 10 per cent take of betting grosses and abolition of no event a ony License fee on mile tracks in the Revenue the 10 per cent take1 proposal was favourably considered by thenot j soviet Russia a special in Rte rest in for a Large part of that country still appears on russian maps As a part of soviet Rumania seized Rich in 1918 Rumania troops seized the Rich agricultural province of approximately Square while the bolsheviks Busy considering Uiel Hrvoj Normal diplomatic relations were established Between Russia and re mania in 1934 despite the Bessara Blan but rumanian sovereignty Over the lost province was Rooseve pfc spooky in White House describing lift in Frankl a to Ovett mid tatar Talmai experienced a eur iwo feeling when at in a room where Many past Preat dents you get ice uhf that the upstairs rooms of the White House Are a place where people lived and lived told a lecture Aud old get an Atmos phere of their and old houses have noises sometimes when 1 am work ing late in my where Many presidents have i get the distinct feeling that Liere is somebody in producing airships near wartime Speed air corps beginning in Tensive nationwide recruiting Campaign to double pilots facilities grow spa expends 000 in Relief Roll wages for airports March 18 government disclosed today it was stepping up to a nest wartime Speed its production of planes and Traini Trof the air corps announced it was beginning an nationwide recruiting Campaign intended to double the army output of Mili tary pilots without waiting for the Start of another program in sep tember to give primary training to College students tests the be seeded the War department announced simultaneously that tests would be seeded to permit a Quick Start on mass of attack the arms program Al ready approved by Senate and House includes funds to build the reputed to have speeds at least approaching sex Miles a the works Progress administration reported it Tiad expended More than in re Lief roil wages for construction of aviation facilities useable in event of colonel spa administrator said that during the last three and on half years 154 new airports had been extensions or improvements made to 494 and hundreds of air navigation aides placed throughout the country part of National defense while these facilities Are mainly for civilian Harrington pointed out they also Are important to the National in announcing the Pilot recruiting official estimated about flying cadets would be put through intensified training in the next two other measures to step up train officials included reduction of the Armylis Pilot Crafty killer of 2 officers evades possess Woods lore Learned on solitary Hunting enables Wyoming gun Man to Coyer Trail of eats his meats raw s so deadly Marksman he can kill game with Bow and Arrow armed with four rifles Powell March of Woods lore he Learned on solitary Hunting trips in the mountains East Yellowstone National Park enabled the Crafty Slayer of two officers to leave no visible Tau to Day Lor 80 grim Power in to a search eastward proving fruit scouting parties worked North Ward today in the hunk for bail who took to Woods after a hooting undersheriff Baker of Park county and Marshall Charles Lewis of is deadly american Public opinion and in training course from 12 to 9 Congress to Clear the Way for re making neutrality except for the neutrality the Welles pronouncement would be an example of the Mere words the president scorned in his annual backed by the new moves toward neutrality it be comes part of this acts Short of but stronger anymore effective than Mere words for Wimch Roosevelt has now called some 15 civilian already turning out commercial will be employed to give the first three months of primary at Randolph and Kelly West Point of the air Basic and advanced courses will be Short ened from four to three months classes will be increased from three to four annually and doubled in size to about 700 stud the immediate aim is to turn out annually instead of the approximately 600 flying soviet Russia keeping watch on nazi moves suit not alarming to presidents son Senate finance but was finally lopped off the Bill As passed by the Early yesterday after Long Muf it contradicted a con Pimin sir i inti made the asserted her fim account of shooting had been made sheriff Ben Runkel of Ozark be county said he was informed Trinka fails in attempt honouring who Wert killed in under duress after seven Pusey displayed to the coroners san March Listro to serve Alx months in a county Road Camp after testified be beat Fujs fore the Uthaw our memorial j his wife had had marital trouble and that Trinka had gone to her fathers Trinka forced Entrance Runkel and shooting jury a St Alneil shirt he said wefa children by proxy to get around Law when Cucha once before loot their inside the Latham citizens compiled with a military order requiring them to Turrender a when pm waa he testified there were no powder Marks around the Bullet in trying to the he pal tar found Wailer Burns Dow Harrd mat Rev Chr the shot that Webb charged with told judge Dean Sherry yesterday he had been warned by probation de if a mans life is Saia to wicked it actually Means it is and a Jewah in Bruenn was today by fire of unknown also virtually completed in push toward the Independent consideration of the whether its decisions will jibe with House calculations will be known when to icehouse measure is prevented on the the Senate group is known to be pressing for greater in Relief appropriations in the budget then the House so far has been willing part nent Riffi nals not to his no wanted Appel red be he said or made them in Ottre of punch our Truu Moravska Ostrava other Rodler Tiff Frati fled held lies Luna appeared in store i Rte Ildri Wojie they being a or played out on the inside Vincent Pasitor of new Marble collegiate Las saving the ways and Means committee probably would include the proposed Deregt Stratton of motor vehicle Drivers in the Revenue we losing our mid of Pennsylvania the in approving the reve removed proposal Jimmy to Crevelt named in antitrust action against picture Industry March son the president a was unperturbed today at being named defendant in a Justice department antitrust suit against the motion at where Jimmy is a Board member of United 1 believe i have been named in the place of James Mulcy whose place i took on the United artists the name of the presidents son and former Secretary was mentioned by the Justice department yesterday As substitute for Mulcy along with several other new motion picture company whose employees were named in a monopoly suit filed several months ago in the Federal Southern District of Compromise Between the two the suit charged Sev eral major producers with con troll ing the distribution and exhibition of a picture in violation of if Hitler were to take Over re mania he ready would have what is considered Here a part of the so deadly a Marksman he can kill a pheasant on the Wing with a 32 Caliper Durand fatally wounded the two officers with three when they drove up to his ranch thursday he had overpowered undersheriff Noah Riley at the jail and forced Roicy to drive him to the ranch to let Northeast of members of the searching parties admitted Thier task was doubly difficult because of the deadly marksmanship of the who equipped himself with four x rifles before vanishing into the and second because Durand was capable of living almost and in wild eats us meats raw having a taste for raw game Durand would not need to build a fire that would disclose hts hiding and if he had cached a Bow and Arrow some place along his he would not need to fire a shot that would attract the Klindt of Powell said Durand could kill All the game he1 needed with a and Durand broke jail while serving a six months for game poach Hitler aides show Defiance Over protests continued from ont i minister and president of the secret f Cabinet As Helen protector of von responsible Only to the will have supreme Power Over czechs who have become Gennava Rumania feared for her Fertile wheat Fields Oil alarm was reported in Litho concern was shown in suspicion grew of a de Tat in Danzig and the possibility was mentioned of German aggression against t Helmuth advisor Field marshal Herman Wilhelm nazi economic was in apparently at tempting to tighten germans eco nomic Sway in Southeastern the rumanian legation in London reported Bucharest had received a virtual a government How described As arrant non sense reports that Rumania and Hungary were slated to follow czechs Lostia in hitlers Book of a German spokesman denied there had been any ultimatum to re of British and French charges that the Munich Accord of last 29 had been disregarded in German occupation of a foreign spokesman we can Only that it was done in nazi stand expressed by informed Ger Man quarters in answer to the condemnation that Prague had violated the spirit of that manner of incorporating protectorates was within policy of pan that Germany never renounced her right to a dominating Hole in Central Europe that there no More cause for Hitler to consult Chamberlain in Ihsen there would be for British statesmen to consult Hitler on within their own of the basis for justifying the inclusion of Bohemia Moravia within the Borders of Germany was that it reestablished old White Fiu ors the reregistration is an open Revenue shorn of the plan for re of Drivers at the same governor Ocoor tonight that the administration proposed to concentrate pressure on the adjustment of differences Between the two with the end of the session so speedy enactment of the fiscal program la considered highly desirable by the and All other efforts will be Jib Oral Federal antitrust dancers diminutive and for Good cause March most of the girls at the Northwestern University Law school dance last were and far Good a their escorts had to pay on third of a cent per Pound scale attendants reported bodily and Hosac of to the Revenue flu dust the lightest in weight hit 102 plan would prec Loilau a need the heaviest raid precautions extended in Italy Blue Street lamps for Emer gency use Strung mask Price drops Sreh 18 against air Are being extended in Blue Street for emergency use have been Strung up in Etta a of newspapers have been publishing advice on How the Public should behave in ant air raid and announced a drop in the Price Gas Gas now Cost 6350 about tie previous Price not employers Are requested to out fit my with go by i april y

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