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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives Mar 10 1974, Page 1

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - March 10, 1974, Cumberland, Maryland I lie Wen i her considerable cloudiness Windy and turning colder today High Al the 50s pair and colder Lotos 25 to 30 sunny monday High near 50 nine sections general society weddings City area latest sports comics family weekly shopping supplements vol 68 associated press photo fit Cumberland Maryland sunday March 10 1974 Pum mid Overy sunday by the to Law allegation co Baltimore St Cumberland my 21502 second claw postage paid at Cumberland md1 Price 20 cents Senate eyes plan fair Reform in elections Washington up the Senate already has moved beyond president Nixon proposals for Reform of political campaigns and now is ready to consider the most controversial change financing of presidential and congressional elections there Are some similarities Between what Nixon proposed Friday and what the Senate has passed or will shortly consider but there Are some marked differences notably the question of taxpayer subsidies to Candi dates and a limit on the amount that can be spent on campaigns the Senate already has passed a Campaign Reform Bill which includes a limit on Campaign spending i lion in the Case of presidential candidate in general election Nixon oppose any lid the Senate will consider probably late next week legislation which would finance presidential and congressional primaries on a contribution Matching basis and Genera elections in full Nixon i vehemently opposed to sue subsidies in his opposition to federa financing Nixon has som Strong allies although ther appears to be a majority in the Senate favouring subsidies ther probably Are not enough vote to kill an inevitable filibuster there were note last year in addition the House a shown Little enthusiasm of taking any action and As a Las resort Nixon can use his veto Nixon Campaign message and a briefing by White House specialist Bryce Harlow Gavi no firm indication of Nixon position on a Law now in effect which would finance presiden tial elections he neither criticized Noi endorsed the checkoff by i Bayers on their income Taz jffigip1 Kwh we would furnish the presidential can Otu ves the catch is that before the Money can be disbursed Congress has to pass an appropriation Bill that is subject to a veto Nixon left no doubt As to his philosophic opposition to federa financing of political campaigns i strongly oppose direct Federal Campaign and i double very much that most citizens would favor diverting hundreds of millions of tax dollars away from pressing National needs in order to underwrite politicians campaigns he said to which sen Edward m Kennedy mass a prime mover for Federal subsidies along with Senate Republican Leader Hugh Scott commen Ted the message is no More than a thinly veiled attempt by the president to obstruct or even he the most effective response Congress has yet made to watergate Nixon and the Senate now Are both on record in favor of limiting contributions by individuals Oil exporting nations May revoke embargo charged in coverup six persons charged in the watergate coverup Are shown outside us District court in Washington where they faced arraignment and pleaded innocent to conspiracy charges included Are top Row from left John d Ehrlichman former White House Domestic affairs advisor h r Haldeman former White House chief of staff and John n Mitchell former attorney general Bottom Row Kenneth w Parkinson a lawyer retained by the com Mittee to reelect the president Gordon Strachan former aide to h r Haldeman and Charles w Colson former special White House counsel at Phot fax Fri seems Ransom Hackensack our Young men were being Leld saturday in the kidnapping of 8yearold John Calzadilla while the Fri pressed a search or a mysterious re haired woman and the paid to Ransom the boy arrested in the kidnapping were Norberto m Fernandez 17 his brother Eligio 19 Ricardp r Tuero 17 and Wil redo Alvarez 18 All of Union City the Fri said they were charged with violating Federal ddn aping statutes said he recently had been Livin with a re haired Young woman at his apartment in Union City the Calzadilla boy son of a tire executive from Dix Hills by was kidnapped near i Home on wednesday and re leased unharmed on the new Jersey Turnpike in Secaucus Early Thi Ransom had been left at a Dro in nearby North Bergen the arrests came shortly after president Nixon asked of reinstatement of the death pen ally in kidnapping cases where the Fri declined to elaborate the victim is killed after con the search for the Wom Aii suiting with the president however neighbors of Alvarez atty Gen William b Saxbe san Francisco paralysed san Francisco in a state of emergency because of a 1 three Day strike by municipal employees is without Public transit sewage plants a symphony or a zoo All but emergency facilities were shut Down Vesco Wheeler dealer the image of International financier Robert l Vesco is emerging from the conspiracy trial of former Cabinet officers John Mitchell and Maurice stans As that of an incredibly bold Wheeler and dealer Belgium votes today Belgium quietest election Campaign since world War n wound up saturday with the seven major parties presenting voters with a Choice of action on three main issues More autonomy for the French and dutch speaking citizens Energy supplies and abortion urged Congress and state Legislatures to reinstate the death penalty the Fernandez Brothers pleaded innocent saturday at their arraignment Here before us magistrate Bruce f ban to Lahb set bail at for for nor Berto the pair was returned to the Bergen county jail at the request of us marshals the county sheriff said Tuero and Alvarez pleaded innocent at their arraignment saturday afternoon and were also taken to the Bergen county jail bail for each was set at the Fernandez Brothers were generally quiet during the arraignment in the private Law office of magistrate Banta they were accompanied by heir father who spoke Only Spanish police said that at the time of he Kidnap Eligio Fernandez Vas free on bail in the armed robbery last october of liquor store in West new York Eligio works As a machine operator for the Maryland Dye co and Norberto is unemployed police in Union City said All our of the suspects had been picked up in previous years on an assortment of juvenile of lenses the Fernandez Brothers live with their parents and a sister n a two family House in the heart of a predominantly cuban continued on Page 2 Beirut up an egyptian newspaper predicted Satur Day that sundays meeting of Arab Oil producing countries in Cairo will lift the embargo against the United states but three of the biggest Arab Oil exporting nations said they would refuse to attend the conclave the sem official Cairo news paper Al ashram said the conference organized by Egypt is expected to decide to Ift the embargo imposed during the october Middle East War Oil Industry sources in the egyptian capital said however they doubted the whole Boycott would be lifted they said the Arab Oil ministers might ease he embargo to the extent of treating the United states As other Western nations now subject to the 15 per cent production Cut the Arab o producers have maintained but Middle East Oil source said the scheduled Meetin faces a potentially serious split Over the Issue of lift a the Arab Oil embargo on of supplies to the United states the sources said Libya Algeria and Iraq have refuse to take part in the Cair meeting Iraq official new Agency announced late Satur Day Iraq is opposed to any efforts to lift or even ease the embargo and thus would no attend Libya backed by Algeria tried to have the conference held in the libyan capital o Tripoli next wednesday the sources said these three coun tries might go through with counter conference in tripod to oppose any lifting of the embargo that might be decide in Cairo the Oil sources said the mov to lift the Boycott Stemme from us Secretary of stat Henry a kiss Iners Diplomat efforts in the Middle East earlier an egyptian o ministry spokesman said the ministers a would meet Sunda evening at the Sheraton Hote in Cairo for three Days there were conflicting reports about the Ime and place of the conference the libyan regime of col m o a m m a r khad Afy had proposed holding it in tripod wednesday the Oil ministry spokesman said the ministers Are expected to review the Arab embargo on Oil supplies to the United states Al ashram which often reflects official government policy said the ministers would confine themselves to a single review of the Arab Oil situation in the Light of All developments in the Middle East since the Oil ministers last met in Kuwait dec 2425 these developments would include Kissinger prodigious efforts to bring about troop disengagement on the october War fronts since late january Arabia Kuwait Abu Dahabi Qatar and Bahrain already have advised egyptian authorities they would be arriving in Cairo saturday or sunday he also said Syria which up egyptian president Anwar j conference Sadat has been urging an the Oil ministry spokesman easing of the Oil embargo As a said Oil ministers from saudi gesture in return for the us efforts Al ashram said the lifting of the embargo would be implementation of a decision adopted at last months conference in Algiers of the to now has publicly opposed a Heads of state of Egypt Syria lifting of the embargo has said saudi Arabia and Algeria but it would attend it did not spell out that there was no word in Cairo decision Jabout embargo hardliners still unclear was How Many Libya Iraq and Algeria but Oil of the 10 member nations of the sources said a decision backed organization of Arab Oil by saudi Arabia and the other exporting countries Yapec persian Gulf states would prove would attend the sunday effective Golan Heights Battle kidnapped coeds message heard san Francisco up a fourth communique from the sym Blonese liberation army containing 11 minutes of the taped voice of Kidnap de Patricia Hearst was received saturday by a san Francisco radio station the tape received by pm radio station san was noisy and hard to understand the Fri immediately picked up the tape to determine its authenticity Nixon confidants plead innocent Washington apr Haldeman John d Ehrlichman and John n Mitchell once president Nixon chief aides and confidants stood before a Federal judge saturday and pleaded innocent to charges they conspired to coverup the watergate affair they entered their innocent peals in a closely guarded courtroom along with Charles w Coison Robert c Mardian Kenneth w Parkinson and Gor Don Strachan All former White House or Nixon reelection com Mittie employees Ehrlichman and Colson also pleaded innocent to charges levelled by another grand jury that they violated the rights of a California psychiatrist by sending burglars into Bis office the proceeding before chief us District judge John j Sirica lasted Only six minutes As i Call your name please state to the court How you plead to the charges said the clerk James Capitanio As the seven men and their lawyers stood before Tho Bench Mitchell charged with six Fel ony counts in the indictment was first in the unprecedented even in their arraignment Rol Call i the men were Given vip status not guilty to All counts said the former attorney Gener Al Here from new York where he is on trial with former see none had to fill out the Cus Tomary probation forms or undergo fingerprinting usual procedure none had to Post rotary of Commerce to remain fret h Slans on allegations that he their trial is scheduled for traded a favor for a Campaign sept 9 six months to the Day contribution then Haldeman not guilty on All counts then Ehrlichman not guilty on All counts then Colson Mardian Park Inson and Strachan not guilty Sirica will preside if there was Strain in the re Union of onetime the same courtroom where the watergate burglars stood trial m months didst show Mitchell Shook hands with special watergate prosecutor leaders harried by Ike i Maeroff o p7i new York nines san Len new York the american superintendent Long Tho ruler whose word Law has become a harried pm Hallord figure of waning from when i started that i recognize my oxen Job Austin who Heads the school system in Muskegon Mich is president of Tho american association of school administrators which hold its five Day annual for Xvi com the Ledger convention recently Hook hns grown As Villa As the the moot of the thousands of superintendents at Iho Congo Lynx Lwok when they discuss their prob lems weve lost six Bond issues and warm Ono in the last eight or nine years says Helph l co Clos superintendent in ring Mellary and secondary Educa Tion has largely dissipated now they Are urging Washington to pay 25 to 30 per cent of the Cost of operating the nations schools instead of the current Leon Jaworski under whose leadership the charges were brought John How Are you Good to see you again Jaworski said Are you in Good health Mil Chell asked fairly Well said the prosecutor and moved off As the others arrived the Shook hands All around ant stood in clusters talking the seven men were represented by 10 lawyers at the proceeding police and marshals were everywhere identifications were checked to gain Entrance into the courthouse everyone Hac to sign in but lawyers per formed the chore for the defendants a Metal Detector scanned eve Ryone for weapons before entry into the courtroom outside the courthouse on a i gloomy Damp Day a crowd of 100 spectators jeered As the most easily recognized defend ants pushed through sick Hail some shouted at sir hints facing directives from courts and Legislatures brow beaten h y once subservient hoards of education and parents the superintendent can scarcely to blamed if lie fools Hohns loss control of his destiny much less Ihn destiny of Tho pc hols on Aldo forces Siivo reshaped in to Iho extent Hai or Wllliam l Austin i for 2i years his Rolo is so different financial co Tiou was Onn of Houston k Wood okla and were in per cent shape compared to some of the encroachments districts around us that have lost nine 10 and to times a feeling hint they superintendent arc being called upon to solve the problems not Only of the schools but of society itself furthermore they believe that their shrinking authority has left Linni with neither Mir film Mckinl resources nor Tho Power to exer Cise proper Dominion above nil else twin superintendents Sny i Hoy non expected to in fiscal in nagors instead of educators Money is the word mentioned most often miss tells of Seay assistant in Pascagoula his Gulf coast districts need to scale Doxon its building plans despite passage of n million Bond Issue inflation hns forced up costs so Ruji sickly that the protected plans Ivo become unfeasible too Mideast Alert seen by United press Early afternoon it said fire with israeli forces not returned and no to a prewar Alert were reported howitzers pounded israeli clash Between tons on the Rocky and israeli troops was Heights saturday the third reported this week on said they destroyed a Heights the scene of the and another vehicle in a fighting since the us minute Middle East ceasefire the syrian military into effect Mand said the latest in a and israeli troops of clashes began at exchanged artillery Anc when an israeli fire in two separate unit tried to strengthen Syria also reported Vance positions in the monday sector of Heights the Tel Aviv a commander on ended at pm and syrian front said israeli syrians reported no on the Heights were on a casualties except the Alert because of a attempt by Damascus in Tel Aviv the recapture the territory it lost command said syrian the 1973 Middle East War opened up israeli positions can see the syrian Jeba in the Southern sector walking around Wear the Heights East of Kun Eitra inline steel helmets and coming workers in ending Short week London up returned to a full work government estimated saturday ending 10 weeks three Day week Cost Britain an economically billion in lost production i reeday week but new minister Harold Wilson automotive firms said Here were still serious will be hampered for c problems by shortages of Compo Wilsons minority from suppliers or Monte party government which took office Only five Days head of the state run British steel corporation said normally ended at three Day week slashed the abbreviated output 50 per cent and it Veek imposed dec 31 by take six to eight weeks to ormer conservative party full production rom inf to save fuel officials said Britain Coal strike ending the Coal strike and turning Britain to a five Day Vork week were the Wilson governments first priorities the 269000 mineworkers saturday completed voting on acceptance of a record million pay Deal they won this Veek and prepared to return to he pits monday after a four Veek walkout but Wilson said the end of the Trike and the return to a five a week did not mean Srita ins economic crisis was ver we now have to face twin Roble is of our Trade abroad and inflation at Home Wilson Aid in a speech Friday night this is going to mean an Allut Effort by our people the Chancellor of the exchequer Denis Healey is preparing a Tough soak Herich budget he will present to parliament March 26 political informants predicted he budget will include big tax likes for High income bracket 3ritons to pay for the new governments programs the government has promised Large increases i state retirement pensions and Hospi Al and school spending and subsidies for some foodstuffs and possibly for Coal to offset part of the cot stemming from his weeks miners pay sett ement fulfilling one labor party ledge to inflation plagued Bri tons the government Friday froze rents on All publicly and and out of their communications trenches More often tha unidentified commander said in an interview broadcast by the israeli army radio the traffic on their roads has been accelerated in recent Days in View of the reports he said we have gone into a High special an Alert which before this we used to Call a prewar Alert the commander said tension on the frontline was higher than it has Ever been before we Are located closer to our tanks he said we Are ready at any moment to mount them and carry out whatever we Are required to or spot counter thrusts and so on prime minister Golda Meir said Friday night the Alert was called because of intelligence information that Damascus had decided to attempt recapturing the 325 Square Miles it lost to Israel in october she did not identify the source of the intelligence data but another israeli official said it came from the United states on the diplomatic front political sources said in Jerusa Lem that mrs Meirs new government is unlikely to change israels policy toward the arabs one expert said major changes would come Only after frs Meir retires or is replaced the 75yearold prime minis or is to present her 23member Cabinet to the Knesset Par lament sunday it includes members of her own labor continued on Page 2 Fri stops los Angeles Kidnap plot los Angeles a a Young woman and two jailed men were charged saturday with plotting to Kidnap a for eign Consul general to bargain for the release of the two men the Fri said one of the men is a convicted skyjacker and the woman was identified by police As a former member of the Charles Manson family the Fri said agents arrested Maria Theresa Alonzo 22 at la Leman How does and Ehrlichman it Foci someone have narrowed the Domain of shouted at Mitchell who had Tho they arc complaining unit their authority Lins been circumscribed by Laws and court decisions on student rights and maternity leaves and in a Host of other areas in which they once had exclusive control superintendents around Tho country see particularly Trou bled by twin spread of Laws on Madeno secret of his Tough Law stance As attorney general one Young Man wearing a Nixon mask dropped his pants but police were in no mood Foi streaking they surrounded him and hustled him off the watergate indictment charges All seven men with conspiracy to obstruct Justice even while construct Ion is under mandated collective attempting to thwart the in which no now in effect in some burglary and in As i to financial hns to Stales into Tho watergate grown tighter the traditional ton Chers contend r u c burglary and wiretapping by objection by the measures no essential to Craft trickery and Dis i honest Means to Federal involvement in do continued on Page 2 Asch worry for lend of this year privately owned Homes until thether apartment the two men Post massacre meeting former watergate prosecutor Archibald Cox left listens to former us attorney Gen Elliot Richardson Tell n Harvard University audience thai to has nil but closed lift door on running or governor of Massachusetts Cox said it was urn first time lie two had mrs fico to Tare since before twin saturday night mass hero of oct 20 Tho night of Coxs firing by president Nixon a photo an Garrett Brock Trapnell 36 and Robert Bernard Hedberg or 37 Are prisoners in los Angeles i county jail the Fri said trap Noil is serving a life sentence for sky jacking and Hedberg is being held on charges of unlawful night and assaulting a policeman the three were accused of conspiring while both Mea wore in jail to Kidnap Tho Consul general of one of the Fol lowing countries Estonia Paraguay Uruguay Canada France Germany Switzerland or Haiti the three Are to be arraigned monday a los Angeles county sheriffs spokesman said miss Alonzo was once a member of the Charles Manson family and had picketed frequently in sup port of Manson during his Mur Der trial Manson and three female followers wore convicted in 1071 in the murders of no Tress Sharon tale and six other persons Trapnell was shot by an Fri agent in next York who posed As a Crex member he Vns in Iho los an Clos jail awaiting action on n state charge had Borg Tho Fri snid was being held following his arrest Jan 29 by local authorities on charges of unlawful flight to avoid prosecution regarding a charge of assault Ullh a deadly weapon on n police officer Killcy sold Iho plans of Tho lire included n demand for so too and n guarantee of political Asylum in Sweden

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