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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives Jun 23 1974, Page 1

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1974, Cumberland, Maryland The weather Cloudy an cooler toddy and tonight with Chance of ram highs lows around 60 partial Clearing and pleasant tomorrow highs in 70s naive sections general society weddings City area latest sports weekly shopping supplements vol 172 associated press photo fax Cumberland Maryland sunday june 23 1974 published eve sunday by albanian Baltimore Cumberland my 21502 second claw Portafe paid my Price 25 cents Nixon to seek More Summit agreements Washington a pres ident Nixon Heads for toe sum Mit in Moscow tuesday hoping to promote u s soviet detente through new nuclear and eco nomic agreements officials Here Are careful not t o excite american expectations but Leonid i Brezhnev the communist party Leader already has Sean options tic tone predicting Good new agreements that will please people in both countries Nixon and an entourage headed by Secretary of state Henry a Kissinger will Stop first in Brussels for the signing of new declaration on u s relations with its allies in the North Atlantic treaty organization Kissinger plans to report to the nato Council after the Summit and to swing through Paris Munich and London meetings with French West German and British leaders coming on the heels of a five nation Tri tothe Middle East he Moscow Summit serves to Ocus attention at Home on the presidents interest and accomplishments in the foreign Field critics suggest that Nixon Hopes thereby to offset his watergate troubles and to improve Liis chances in Congress of surviving the impeachment drive initially the administration looked to the Summit session to produce a comprehensive treaty limiting strategic nuclear weapons but it lowered its sights when a Kissinger mis Sion to the Kremlin in March did Mot in the break through needed to expand upon the pioneering 1972 Salt pact now Secretary of James r Schlesinger and other senior officials seem confident that Nixon visit Wall re suit at least in a partial ban on underground nuclear tests and in an agreement m principle to limit the deployment of new so Viet missiles with multiple War standing i the Way of a Broad new Salt Accord Are internal debates within the two countries As Well As differences Between them on How to Meas ure nuclear strength and on the significance of the soviets mass e launch Power even As the Summit a preached fresh controversy broke out Heie Paul h Nitze the top Penta gon representative on the Salt talks resigned without Specif Cally mentioning watergate or the impeachment move he expressed doubt that an accept Able agreement could be worked out under the Circum stances existing at the present time Seii Henry m Jackson d charged that the administration secretly negotiated startling changes in the and soviet missile Levels permitted under tie 1972 pact knowledgeable sources Sale that the 950 sea based missiles allowed the soviet Union were raised to while the tvs total was lowered from 710 to once again soviet restrictions on jewish emigration Hov ered Over the Summit he a dark loud continued on Page 2 witnesses to be limited Washington House judiciary a committee is planning to limit sharply the number of witnesses called in its impeachment inquiry and the areas in which they will be questioned under increasing pressures to wind up the inquiry in the next three or four weeks the com Mittee is expected to decide that Only five witnesses will be needed that would include witnesses recommended but the inquiry staff committee members Andy James St Clair who is in charge of president Nixon impeachment defense the witnesses will be exam ined Only on specific Points where gaps appear in the committees documentary evidence or i where there is conflicting evidence longer sworn state ments from witnesses would be available to the members few Greg major except watergate Fig former White House counsel Charles w col son Are Likely to be on the wit Ness the committee has the testimony of the others from the grand jury and the Senate watergate hearings Colson reportedly told com Mittee attorneys that he warned Nixon in january and in february of 1973 that former atty Gen John n Mitchell involved in watergate Thixon had said he Learned of Lig level involvement in the break in on March 1973 colons attorney on saturday confirmed these accounts by columnist Jack Anderson and the new York daily news of colons testimony the identity of the impeach ment witnesses and the ground rules for questioning them will be worked out next week in a series of meetings that will also Settle of How St Clair presents his defense and whether evidence gathered in attacked rebels phenom a penh Cambodia insurgent gunners opened fare Ott a 20vessel con Voy seven Miles from penh pm saturday in their most damaging attack in More Titan a year port sources said the informants said the Congress hit Jar inflation Washington a John Dunlop made Clear he feel f Dunlop the government both Congress and the adminis outgo bag Price controller says Tratia should do More to com rebels Sank a Rice Barge disabled a freighter an damaged two others and tolled two sail ors and guards the attack which Wien the and 14barge Convoy was Witkun i phenom waterfront one River Barge carry dog More than tons of american Rice for the capital another in disabled an moving Down River to Tow it into port tie sources said the Mekong River is phenom Penis lifeline for supplies being shipped into the capita because All roads leading to Tofoi have been Cut of Jnore than six months in another development in formed sources said it Gen Sosthene Fernandez the com Mander of Cambodia armed forces is one 6t 17 generals to be retired in the near future of corruption or incompetence Congress is aggravating in lation by pursuing inconsistent economic policies As an example he cites proposals to Aid the beet Industry j one hand Congress Ris demanding that the adm is Ratkin restrain inflation Dun of said while on the other it is considering guaranteed Loans Bat inflation which has re suited in consumer Price m creases of per cent m Thi last 12 months use of fiscal and monetary policies alone by the administration will be Caus of political consider a turns he said in inquiry will be made Public at a meeting monday the Ommittee is also expected to sue another subpoena for White House tapes and Docu ments Nixon has refused to comply with four previous ones seeking watergate evidence the new one will demand Evl inc relating to the settlement f an to political contributions by the airy Industry and to Allega ions the used the internal Revenue service for political purposes one reason for the new subpoena is to build up the committees Case for making Nix is noncompliance with subpoenas a possible ground for impeachment the committee has also Noti red Nixon it will feel free to Fer he is withholding incriminating evidence if he fails to provide material that could Oil m some of the gaps m the Case that there Are gaps is con ceded by nearly every member some of Nixon strongest de fenders on the committee say nothing that could involve him in an impeachable offence has been proven so the other hand number of democrats say documentary record already provides sufficient grounds for recommend ing that Nixon be brought to trial in tie Senate Congress on the other hand quota for the beef to just Settle economic to meat prices icy and stick to it Dunlop said a year1 ago Congress was de from falling there is special irony because americans ready have shown they unwilling to buy Large quantities of beef at current prices its time Congress stopped its month month changing of economic Dunlop a interview Dunlop who will be 60 next month will cease being director living coun cil when it formally goes out of business on x june he plans to return to Harvard University where he is a professor of economics but he will serve As a Par time adviser to White f economic Kenneth Rush your License please mama Matt Jackson Twoy Earold son of or and mrs Joe Jackson of Muncie a ticket to Young Mary Klopfenstein Matts uniform is a replica of that worn by his daddy who is a Campus policeman at Ball state univer sity mini cop Matt cited Mary for going four Mph in a three Mph zone a Pho tax missionary released Addis eritrean Ababa liberation movement guerrillas saturday freed a 24 year old pregnant american nurse they kidnapped four weeks ago from a Mission Hospital said but dutch nurse kidnapped with her was killed and the Deborah Kutzbach guerrillas said they would Pul on anal two americans a Canadian whom they have Hel since March Deborah Dortzbach who i six months pregnant was released apparently unharmed in the red sea port o Massaway 450 Miles North o Here in a Telephone Call to Hei husband Karl at the american evangelical Mission Hospital Ghinda 30 Miles West o seated Well during her Cap Ivity members of the Eritrea liberation front Elf abducted her and dutch nurse from he Mission at 27 the dutch a Bhaji Ann Stirkwerda was shot t death later by the four n Good condition and had been Elf has been waging an Independence Campaign against the ethiopian government mrs Dortzbach and her husband a theology student had worked in Ghinda since last june the Hospital is run by the society of International territory yielded by Israel by United press International israeli troops took a Sabbath rest saturday before turning Over to forces the remaining chunk of a 325 Square mile sector captured from Syria in the october War israeli military sources said the return of territory seized in 1873 would be completed sunday while land captured by Israel in the War including the City of Qun Eitra and Summit positions atop mount Hermon would be Given up monday israeli and syrian forces must be in their new ceasefire be positions by wednesday under the Accord engineered by Secretary of state Henry a Ossinger responding to israeli air tracks against guerrillas a lebanese foreign minister Fuad Naff a mean while called upon a meeting of 7 moslem nations in Kuala Malaysia to Force Srael to respect All a solutions there Are Many ways to orce Israel to do this but the most appropriate would be lot he to impose economic sanctions against he said in his opening address to he 5th islamic conference of foreign ministers the Middle East question a our opinion is far from being solved despite the disengage ment agreement Between Israel and Egypt and lebanese president Suleiman Franjieh received a note from egyptian president Manwai Sadat declaring according to lebanese government sources unlimited backing for Lebanon against the israeli Daggres Sadat sent a letter to president Nixon Friday protest no the air raids in Damascus the syrian missions earlier this month the Elf released a wealthy italia born Farmer also a Kidnap victim but the group announced that three oilmen would be put on trial for exploiting Eritrea natural resources government newspaper Al tha Wra said the Syria israeli military disengagement agree ment would not deter Syria from performing its Panaras duty in face of the repeated aggressions on Lebanon and the israels former chief of army intelligence maj Gen Haim Herzpog said in a National radio interview that american Mil itary Aid to Egypt and Syria could bring at least temporary quiet and would not be Likely he said watergate probe near to end minding a Price freeze h said while i now it opposes much less Price re so Saint 1 among other Points he made of achievements of the 2v4yearsold wage and1 Price control program particularly in health costs and construction wages already Are being seven weeks since the program expired country was fortunate it had a an Price control program in place at the time of the Arab Oil embargo bother Wise Domestic Oil prices prob coordinator ably Woi ild be double what they Are now Washington up the arid the Bahamas All they uncovered Senate Wylie rate cum tee completes work this month with Many unanswered questions about mysterious Howard Hughes a retribution to president Nixon Campaign the Hughes was one of the moist extensive and Complex of the committees year lawyers and investigators spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars travelling to Las vegas California questions and very answers i the investigation will not Stop when the goes out of business however the watergate special prosecutors office reportedly has been receiving reports from the Striate investigators and eventually May take the matter to a grand jury the watergate committee will be for malty dissolved june contributors eyed the securities and Exchange commission begins probes which could Lead to wide scale prosecution for illegal Campaign contributions Page also Gulf Oil May go into the circus business National airlines announces profits and gives employees million m bonuses gasoline consumption reaches an Al time High and a Denver neighbourhood has problems with the Hughes investigation began with an unsubstantiated Rumor that the was part of million Dollar Trust fund kept for Nixon in the Bank of his close Friend Charles b Rebozo Aiu Tough some watergate investigators believed the Rumor they never found any evidence prove it under oath categorically denied any wrongdoing in connect Dpn with his handling of the denied he kept a secret fund for Nixon and Abele As ridiculous reports subpoena All his financial records but he challenged the committee in court saying they had asked for too much and were invading his has just run out on vice chairman Howard Raker said Senate sources said their investigators found from Hughes that he wanted to make a 1 million payoff to a president of the United states in an attempt to bait nuclear testing in Nevada where he feared in heres the Wei flying Ace its not snoopy just Henry the motorcycling Beagle at Bottom Henry poses with his Mas ters Jay Ann and Tom Yates who were that some of the Money was funnelled into the financing of Nixon san Clemente estate the Senate probe was thwarted on Many fronts they found the Hughes organization impenetrable and of course there was no Way to interview the elusive billionaire Rebozo was interviewed seven times but for the most part the investigators were unable to punch holes in Bis Subry they attempted to headed from Mcminnville Ore to Vancou ver the Trio has caused More than one head to turn while heading up interstate 5 a photo fax would Empire Hurt there his gambling is no evidence the payoff was made indicating but not the the governments decision by then attorney general John Mitchell to drop an antitrust suit the suit had blocked expansion of Hughes Nevada from Law relict m Higby top White a Idem any Hal Demari fund controlled Jay Rebozo they said could be for Legal fees for defendants the t e s t i m could never be from Nixon former personal lawyer Herbert w Kalmbach that some of tha former assistant House aide that Nixon once discussed conclusively proving that was linked to went to Nixon Bro thers f Donald and Edward continued on Page 2 state denies missile Deal Washington up the Mansfield told reporters Satur saturday Day he had been satisfied with denied reports that explanation in Henry a Kissinger committee meeting agreed More than a year ago editions of allow the soviet Union Yore times however increase its missile a report that a private beyond ceilings approved agreement was disclosed Congress in 1972 the Senate armed department spokesman Robert Anderson declared the sports to be totally without Merit or any foundation Friday by Paulh Nitze resigned last week As a member of the american negotiating team for new strategic limitation talks c v said Kissinger is there Are no secret agreements of any he said to discuss the new controversy at a news Confer a monday Mornine and at on Friday sen Henry Apnoea ranch before Jackson Sam armed services sub com and agreements had on arms control later privately negotiated to raise Day ceilings for numbers of want to emphasize that no missiles and lower them for Deal has been made United permitted any change in following a meeting with totals outlined in the 1972 foreign relations All of which was later that Day Kissinger at the press Confer asked about Jacksons of May 27 1972 in ment and said that View Anderson said be based on a is that this of the negotiations by some suspicion has been raised the before the presidents trip Senate majority Leader

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