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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - June 23, 1940, Cumberland, Maryland The weather Cloudy slightly warmer today monday fair rising temperature 28 pages today vol 174 Cumberland Maryland sunday june 23 1940 direct associated press service Price seven cents 000000000 Navy expansion Bill will Churchill a appeals to Aii frenchmen to on if j sweeps through Congress with a chorus of ayes on a voice vote after Little debate two other defense Bills Are passed Swift action shares at Tention with reports of Strong opposition to knows confirmation by the associated press Washington june 22 000000 warship construction pro Gram to make the american Navy the greatest assemblage of sea Power the world has Ever known was voted by the House today after scarcely two hours Phate the Swift action together with final congressional approval of a tax defense Bill and a 51768913908 emergency appropriation for the army and Navy shared attention at the capital with re ports of Strong opposition within uie Senate naval committee to confirmation of colonel Frank knows nomination to be Secretary of the Navy committee opposes Knox the naval committee voted at a closed session to ask Knox to appear before it for questioning on his news toward United states policy and the War one member who said he favored approval of the nomination told reporters that an informal poll indicated that if a vote were taken today the nomination would be rejected 11 to 5 whether or not the committee approves the nomination this Mem ber said May depend on knows statement of his attitude toward possible United states intervention in the european War the Navy expansion Bill swept through the House with a chorus of ayes on a voice vote the exact number of new ships proposed in it is a military secret the Meas ure cloaking this by providing Only for 385000 tons of battleships 200 000 tons of aircraft carriers 420 000 tons of cruisers 250000 tons of destroyers and 70000 tons of sub marines Fleet of 618 warships planned there have been unofficial Esti mates however that completion of the program together with other naval construction already authorized would give the United states n Fleet of 618 warships capable of meeting simultaneous threats in the Atlantic and Pacific this Fleet would be comprised of 26 is plane carriers 70 cruisers 338 destroyers and 170 submarines this compared with the existing Navy of 15 battleships five air plane carriers 35 cruisers 219 destroyers and 05 submarines in addition to heavy combat ships the Bill also would authorize a continued on Page j col i reach settlement in Niney Earold suit widow will receive share of estate of husband she shot fatality Philadelphia june 22 up mrs Charlotte Isabella Nixon 35 the former miss St Louis today obtained a Compromise settlement of the More than nine year litigation to obtain a widows share of the estate of her husband Frederick g theatrical Man she shot fatally in France in 1931 the widow was tried and acquit Ted til Nice a Rance after the shoot ing under the stipulation signed by All parties interested in the Nixon Nir Dunger will mrs Nixon is to receive from the principal and one third of the net residuary estate for life her right shall not be lost in the event of remarriage it has been Lepor Tod that the pretty Blende widow was contemplating remarriage France grieves and amazes him prime minister Winston Churchill aft West recesses for weeks period scattering of noes come from Republican Side when House adopts Resolution reconvene july 1 much of must Legisla Tion is passed and sent to president for signature Washington june 22 con Gress quite tonight for a one week recess after sending to the White House a billion Dollar tax Bill and Over of legislation a scattering of noes came from the Republican Side when the House adopted the Resolution which closed a ten hour Day for the legislators and recessed Congress until july 1 acting swiftly on one item after another the Senate and House sent to president Roosevelt a score of Bills during the Day including a emergency defense measure and the annual appropriations for Relief the labor depart ment and the Federal Security Agency authority Given for contracting in addition to the direct appropriations Congress also granted authority for various government agencies to enter into contracts totalling almost another a look 000000 in addition to action by both houses on the emergency defense Money Bill the House passed on a voice vote and after Only Brief de Bate legislation to authorize a six year program of naval expansion which would Dou ble the strength of the Fleet now in commission the Bill then was sent to the Senate the measure was not on the must list before the recess however and Senate consideration is Jot expected until after the conventions the purpose of this High Speed action was twofold to allow an interlude for the Republican National convention beginning Mon Day at Philadelphia and to get vital appropriation measures enacted in to Law Well before the new fiscal year starts on july 1 tax measure passed in addition to giving Quick approval to Senate Home compromises on the tax and defense Bill the two branches of Congress accepted and sent along to the White House a Compromise Relief appropriation Bill As finally passed the defense tax continued on 14 col j minit 55 Bobbing up at Philadelphia leading contenders for gop presidential Nom kept Busy denying them contest wide open Dewey denies his forces Are lining up with Taft delegates in Stop Willkie movement by Richard l Turner Philadelphia june 22 ing contenders for the Republican presidential nomination arrived in this Carniv Albent convention City today denying fast flying rumours of impending deals and looking for Ward to the party first wide open contest for the nomination since 1920 Wendell Willkie the new York utilities Man risen from dark horse ranks Thomas e Dewey the Young new York District attorney who swept the preference primaries and senator Robert a Taft of Ohio fresh from the firing line in Washington reached town to join sen Ator styles Bridges Frank Gannett and governor Arthur h James of Pennsylvania contenders who had previously taken up their quarters Here with them came a Rush of Dele continued on Page 14 col i urged to help in Force prime minister holds it Only Hope of Frances eventual restoration of Liberty assails laying Down of its arms cant feel that free and constitutional govern ment could have surrendered armistice conditioned on her capitulation to Italy French say terms hard but honorable where France accepted hitlers peace terms London june of minister Winston Churchill expressing British grief and amaze ment at Frances acc plance of German armistice terms appealed today to All frenchmen wherever they May be to Aid the British fight against Germany As the Only Hope of Frances eventual restoration to Liberty declaring that the British government could not feel that a free Independent and constitutional French government could have submitted to the German armistice Churchill appealed to frenchmen Over the Heads of the retain government to Aid to the utmost of their strength the forces of libera Tion which Are enormous and which faithfully and resolutely used will assuredly prevail cherish Gauss French Pespas despite the action of the Bor Deaux government he said a victorious Britain will cherish the cause of the French people and f pointed out to them that a British Victory was the Only possible Hope for the restoration of France and the Freedom of its people the prime ministers statement As rend Over the British broadcast ing facilities follows pc majesty government has heard with grief and amazement that the terms dictated by the Ger mans have been accepted by the French government at Bordeaux such terms if accepted try All frenchmen would place not Only France but the French Empire entirely at the mercy and in the Power of the German and italian dicta tors v sees France swallowed up not Only would the French peo ple be held Down and forced to work against their allies not Only would the soil of France be Xis cd with the approval of the Bordeaux government As the Means of at tacking her allies but the whole resources of the French Empire and the French Navy would speedily pats into the hands of the Adver sary for the full Lent of his Pur pose his majesty government firmly believe that whatever happens they will be Able to carry on the War wherever it May be on the seas continued on Page 5 col s Price paid for peace remains undisclosed French government admits terms Are Bui declares armistice is soldiers peace negotiations Are carried to Rome in this Railroad car in the comping be Forest of France where marshal Foch met with representatives of Germany in 1918 to sign the armistice ending the world War Chancellor Adolf Hitler met representatives of France to give them his terms of Pence ironically the now vanquished French had historic shrine above of the Railroad car in it late yesterday they accepted the hard honorable armistice terms but u s senator Carter Glass marries widow in Virginia mrs Mary Scott Meade wife of late Robert am Bler Meade becomes Bride of statesman she is thirty two years his Junior couple leave for his country estate near Lynchburg until health improves Washington june 22 Glass of Virginia and mrs Mary Scott Meade of Amherst a were married at Amherst p or e s t today mrs gins is the daughter of the continued on Page s col 4 senator Carter gloss England airmen bomb German Krupps works important nazi aircraft factories and storage buildings also attacked direct hits made meanwhile four italian air raids on Allied naval base in Egypt beaten off London june 22 air ministry announced the Krupp armaments works at Essen were bombed by the Royal air Force last night important German aircraft fac tories and storage buildings Wen reported attacked by heavy bombers in raids which lasted in hour and a half direct bomb hits were scored on the Focke Wulf aircraft works at Bremen the air ministry said and six ammunition and Supply trains Between Bremen and Osnabrock were wrecked italian air raid in Egypt is beaten off Alexandra Egypt june 22 four italian air raids on this Allied naval base were beam off today by the antiaircraft guns of the British and French fleets four of the attacking bombers were shot Down coastal batteries joined in a heavy bombardment of the enemy squad oils bombs fell in the Harbor but hit no warship and Over the cites seafront the raiders apparently from Italy Dode Scanes islands across the in Waves which were driven Back by the co operative action of both fleets italian planes also bombed Albu ii French Somaliland several times today but there were no casualties and no known damage Balta was bombed the Day european Blitz peace now held possibility Italy France to hold first meet monday officials in Bordeaux be Lieve it will take two or three Days to reach settlement place kept secret French authorises expect Germany to influence reduction in Musso Linis claims Landor june 23 sunday Rev the French peace negotiators Are expect cart to have their first meeting German War correspond ent gains impression during negotiations Over armistice to ignore Britain no longer considered in fluence on continent German City for re mapping chosen by Louis p Lochner Berlin june 22 hitlers Britz Kring May be followed by n Continental european Blu peace tills predominant impression 1 received in tie Forest of Compoi find France Britain will have no hand in i Pence on the contrary once this pc arc is established Germany and Italy can pursue the War with England Goebbels holds surrender end of economic and sociological system of French Republic Bordeaux june 22 we French government Nunno uzeed officially late tonight that France land Germany had signed an Annie j Tice providing hard but hour 1 Able terms if the terms had not been honorable France would have brim ready to fight on in her colonies French sources said the Price Adolf Hitler demanded for Pence however will not be renounced officially until after France reaches an agreement with Italy and the Cense firing order is Given in a heavily censored dispatch it was disclosed that i he government remains for the moment at Bor Deaux the provisional capital French Holubik finn from that Headquarters official spokesmen said fresh French troops were holding firm along the Alpine Frontier satiric Buck at tacking italians from Mont Brno to the a fun despite the menace of German pressure from the rear the germans were pictured us pushing a speak my Clown the Rhone Valley behind the Frontier defense forces slowly steadily Des Pite Valient resistance the High common Iris night com Munique indicated visit while lha it plating Wai Lew severe it continued in local combats Oil along the front the germans apparently were pushing Forward with Advance and scouting units a War office spokesman said the tired Poilu arc Contin ulna a Des Perate but not uie Lesi fight held soldiers peace their resist acc during the Lene Hovirs in which of their Poven Imrit Dis Ruward with germans Llic term of armistice continued on Page 5 col j Carol urges people to adopt nazi ideas with the italians monday Exchange a moral romorse1csrly than Ever news a British Agency reported from bred Cav Early today official circles in Bordeaux were said to believe 1t would take two or three Days to reach a settlement it was said also that French authorities expected to influence a reduction in Italy claims against France the French government proposes to stay in Bordeaux the news Agency said and would not return to Paris unless the nazi captured Cap ital Wai a free City and not con trolled by germ Fri bayonets pm acc of bin re kept secret Rome june s2 fl1 the place the attack led to predictions that Jarl time of armistice negotiations continued on Psge j co f continued on Page j col 6 information authentic naturally t am not it Liberty to reveal the names or the men with whom i talked during the historic hours at Coniti Fernc they Are men in the know however they nil agree in believing mint some South Ern German City already has been chosen for remaking the european continent these men feel confident that Hitler and Mussolini win not de Mand peace which will Lead to new wars but one which will assure h Long earless period to the Conti nent Britain these men Point out German thesis consistently that he by Rytima Nikii King announces totalitarian Union is essential now Burli Nurst june 22 Carol in lord upon rumanian today to revise Ali eur entire mental attitude to conform to the new a nil pattern Chi totalitarian party into whose minds the government has irn placed its him the King kaid in a radio will be to put aside personal interests anti aspirations in the interests of the state no Onn must any longer thl ulc about himself but Only of purr in Ifon National interests Carol said its typical Foll cations Are imposed on All must work struggle renounce All per Sonal interests and sacrifice selves to the new ideals of the peo ple King Bald air created party with the conviction that i have since needed in totalitarian Union which is so w fore tie outbreak of the War now for no one knows what continued on 14 co i ithe future holds in store for us

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