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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1974, Page 5

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, Cumberland, Maryland 14 bridal image enhanced by the 1974 june Bride has the Freedom to create many1 different bridal images according to the National hairdressers an cosmetologists association How the Bride wears her hair with her veil Andor Headpiece can create various bridal images that of the traditional says Louise Cotter of Detroit styles director for the professional association of United states cosmetologists is Cotter has created four different bridal Ini Ages All on the same Model to Freedom of images that Are available for the 1974 june Bride the four bridal images pictured Here Are 1974 flapped Bride top left a strip of White Cluny lace tied in a 1920s style headband gives today Bride nostalgia and Romance her Short Wavy hair makes the total flapper image Complete 1974 new now Bride top right 1 simple tulle veiling with a White Flower on top right for today freethinking Bride an up Odate professional permanent gives her the Freedom to let her hair be Loose and Beautiful 1974 traditional Bride Bottom left Pearl encrusted Crown and tulle veiling shaped around the head create a traditional gains added elegance when the hair is style to one tide of the face 1974regal Bride Botton right a Mantilla Headpiece and veil of pearls develop a regal image enhanced by hairstyling that works together with the Headpiece to Frame the brides face f research variety help designers and engineers create toys with tiny hands and Active imaginations researchers children East Aurora n y it is a legitimate full accredited Nursery school Butts pin sized t pupils Are involved in a research Effort that can spell the difference Between a million Dollar Success and equally costly failure i the school and research activities Are conducted Here at the Headquarters of the worlds largest producer of preschool playthings and it is three and four Jearolds who often play the decisive role in determining what toys finally make their Way to store shelves and what others Are dumped or sent Back to the designers drawing Board for major revision to open weekday a mornings for groups of six children the school is staffed by two stat accredited teachers and a research psychologist its their Job to carefully observe the play habits of children with an Eye toward alerting designers As to what toys should ultimately make production what changes made what details should be added behind a Wall of see through mirrors trained staff watch for telltale signs that indicate which toys will generate and More importantly which ones will succeed in really engaging a child same questions Are silently repeated in the minds of the adult observers what draw children to a toy most quickly what toys occupy them longest Are knobs too to manipulate and what role does color play in grabbing attention Robert h Hicks vice president of research and development is sold on the value of the Nursery school we simply have to know what children like and How they respond to experimental he says this kind of input wed be fishing in the dark these kids really help is in deciding How to proceed with an idea and How to go about designing toys that have a maximum amount of play by observing company staffers Are better Able to gauge which toys Are returned to again and again and which ones Are ignored after routine inspection often they will revise a toy several times before production for example a ride toy was revised after designers observed Nursery school activities As initially conceived the toy was fairly Stark minus Many of the Small details that children respond to when the children Rode the toy Over the carpeted floor they invariably provided their own sound effects they also were interested in carting with them Small articles considered necessary for the trip the decision install a Pill mechanism that would create a realistic whirr sound and provide for a cargo Hatch to be used for storage one designer added a diving Board to a recently introduced Houseboat because children in the school loved to have the Small figures div into the imaginary Waters around them and the new puzzles had Small knobs affixed to the Puzzle pieces because tiny fingers had difficulty removing them Hicks can also Point to a number of toys that were scrapped based on observations in the Nursery school we thought we had a Winner in a music Box he says but the kids thought it was too Clumsy and Wear it another manufacturer tried marketing one and one ride toy had a rocking kind of motion and the kids fell All Over it literally the wheels were too close says Hicks it was unstable and when we changed it the kids lost interest in the soothe next time you Marvel at ingenious toy design and Laud the inventiveness of designers remember that they dont the pupils who attend the Nursery school Are really doing research work for millions of children around the world Little saints marching Home by Betty Canary look look Mother the children Are Home Early today Good morning Dick Good Good grief its thelast Day of school see Mother Mother is drink my Coffee now she can stay Home and have butter Lucky Mother of listen what is Mother saying she is saying i thought you were in school where you belong run Back to school Dick run Back to school Jane run run run maybe Youcan get there before they lock the doors run run run inside the school and hide maybe they will lock the doors while you Are hiding int that a funny joke jokes Are fun maybe Youcan play a joke on your teacher get Back to school before your teacher leaves for the summer see the Blue car it is the teachers Blue car ride in the car the teacher will not see you until she Parks in her driveway then you can jump up and say wont she be surprised if she is 39 surprised she Falls Down she is not playing a joke on you she has had a heart attack Call a doctor and Tel him the address not your jokes Are fun if you play this sort of joke often you get a Surprise you get to go to a special school it is called Reform school Mother is playing joke on you when she tells you to hide in the teachers car mothers like jokes play a joke on Mother Call Mother bedroom Tell her to get into bed hand her a Book and say you want she is sick and that you nurse nowt is time for the joke once Mother is in bed run out of the room slam the door and lock her inside run run run throw away the key wait a minute father might find the key dig a Hole and Bury it int that a funny joke laugh laugh laugh Jane do you hear what i hear Mother is laughing too funny funny Mother More couples share professions m Robert Partee is from new York City her husband James was bom in Kansas City Missouri the parties Are hardworking ambitious and in the same line of work both Are sailors Roberta is a Yeoman first class and James journalist u s Navy although the Novelty of occupation sharing couples has won attention for people such As the parties actors Paul Newman and Joanne Wood Ward scientists Margaret and Geoffrey and singers Evelyn Lear Stewart and Thomas Stewart there Are Man american husbands and wives pursuing similar lines of work who dont make news reports the health insurance Institute in fact More than on fifth of All working couples around the country share the same occupation in 1971 according to the department of labor the highest concentration of similarly employed husbands and wives was among clerical workers per cent of wives who were clerical workers had husband sin the same Job category this occupation group includes typists record keepers office personnel secretaries and stenographers professional duos the next most popular Job category with husbands and wives was in the professional and technical Field Here More than two fifths of the wives have the same occupation As their spouses according to the governments statistics working couples in this group ranged from medical and other health workers to teachers except College arid other professional and technical practitioners such As social workers and another occupational category which has attracted Many husbands and wives is in the service Field Here More than on fourth of the wives shared along with their husbands a Job group consisting of Cooks waitresses bartenders policemen and others beside the prime advantage of double paychecks for similarly employed couples there Are also such important considerations As double pensions often a Factor in retirement planning for both As Well As group life and health insurance to augment Scheir family Security arrangements in Jase anything should Hap Perito either other ont Ejob benefits May include a sheltered savings plans and Protection against loss of income through disability of either spouse the Institute suggests that a working couple review their employee benefits occasionally since these Are subject to modification As Well As their personal insurance plans from time to time while Over 20 per cent of americas husbands and wives pursue similar employment Many do not labor at identical jobs nor do they necessarily get the same salary for example among professional and technical workers women were much More Likely to be technicians teachers or nurses rather than doctors High school principals or scientists however if More women than men tend to become waitresses rather than bartenders and nurses rather than doctors the situation is changing according to recent census Bureau statistics reports the Institute within the past 10 years female professional and technical workers accounted for per cent of the gain in new jobs among women in managerial positions the increase has been per cent and in such predominantly male professions a bar tending women have gained 121 per cent of the new jobs does this mean that in the future a will have More women tending bar As their husbands serve at tables the census bureaus Crystal Ball gets a bit Cloudy Here one thing is Clear however reports the Institute married working couples enjoy More employee benefits than when Only one spouse has a Job another Benefit couples with similar jobs have is that they May never run out of conversation when they get Home next to love talk shop talk says an old proverb Cumberland Maryland sunday june

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