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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1974, Page 4

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, Cumberland, Maryland Cumberland sunday times sunday Lune on Congress t 1974 new York times news service by Andrew h Malcolm Holdrege neb 1972 president Nixon tallied More than 82 per cent of the vote in this bustling sout Central Nebraska Community that was even better than Elarid Swen son did in his bid for a position on the Phelps county Weed control commission today however after All the watergate disclosures the transcripts the income tax difficulties the court cases and the unresolved charges local watergate news has become real said Lofton if asked it gouges its news if it Doest its ignored that senator Edward knocks the president and the Omaha world Herald puts it on Page one our senator Carl Curtis defends him and its on Page you can see the gleam in those to reporters eyes when they have bad mrs Lofton Clark Noble residents say they now believe if another election were held this month Nixon might do just a bit better Here it is not just that they love Nixon although Many Here do it is not just that they dislike Geogre Mcgovern although Many Here do its a combination of diverse reasons a Strong Republican tradition in the nations historically most Republican state too Many charges that touch on but do not clearly implicate Nixon a fear of the unknown aftermath of impeach intent proceedings a certain feeling that propriety and Good taste have been exceeded in at tacks on our and an intense dislike for and disc Trust of the presidents Eastern enemies is believed Are applying a double Standard in Gleeful attempts to Settle old political grudges against him out said Ralph Misko the Republican party county chairman you dont hear the bitching about Nixon that you do Back East its Congress that lost its credibility i cant believe theres one dirty thing wrong with Richard says miss Nellie Johnston who saw television for the first time on the night of Nixon 1952 checkers speech some people did some awful wrong things at she continued but youll never con Vince me that Nixon knew of them now you talk about Dis honesty what about All those votes the democrats always steal in Chicago and presi dents Wilson and Johnson talk ing about their going to keep us out of War and immorality what about that Wilson running around with another woman until his wife died of a broken heart and took the same tax deductions for his but you dont hear about that much no if Nixon had been a demo she concluded wed heard of any of in just not going to believe the president is wrong until Hes said Harley Lofton i dont have that much Faith in the news Media any More they keep talking and writing and talking and writing about watergate Why dont they get off the poor mans Back Why Nixon by thrown out of office any More than Johnson was Over Bobby Baker or Kennedy was Over the Bay of and about those added his wife Neva there private for one thing and if theres nothing wrong on Triem then they matter to that House committee and if there is then Why should Nixon have to incriminate himself what about the fifis Amend ment i both said they sensed a surge of sympathy for Nixon among their friends thanks to what they Felt was negative news Cov Ert be added a 42yearold lawyer says the Adverse report ing is so bad it seems like a reverse Mccarthy Ivady trooper quits charges harassment a r r i s b u r g a one of the first females admitted to the Pennsylvania state police in 1972 has quit the Force charging harassment discrimination and corruption among senior officers in an interview the 30yearold former Aue town school teacher claimed Louis Supnik a retired police officer from Kingston her superiors to investigate her actions last fall while she dated a Man Sepa rated from Shupnik daughter Shupnik he made a complaint but refused to answer further inquiries aside from the customary 24 hour Day a Day can be defined As the time interval Between the moments Point in the Verdi entry directly called about when a sky say certain a con located overhead Star this sidereal time 3 minutes 56 and is seconds Shorter than a solar Day hearts Castle Citadel of publishing r t Empire said Awe inspiring to tourist l r c by 1974 new York news service san the tour guide pauses at the foot of a Marble stairway leading to the Hearst Castle and gathers her Brood of sightseers around her like a Mother Superior ready to usher a hushed class of novices into St Peters in Rome youve heard a lot about the Hearst family in recent she tone says in a confidential that assumes her audience know exactly what Shes talking about she with a sweep of a hand this is where the family spend Many More happier the eyes of the pilgrims follow her hand upward to behold the Cathedral of american capitalism san Simeon thrusting into the sky High above them Are the twin Hispan Moresque towers of the Castle built 50 years ago by Williana Randalph Hearst As the Citadel of his publishing Empire and bastion ofhis1 notorious 36 year Liaison win Marion Davies the motion picture since 1958 i when the state of California opened san Simeon As a historical site Public has filed r through the 100room Lacasa Grande and its three satellite search of clues to the Complex character of Tufe late master of the san Simeon and his enigmatic excesses today however an other mystery seems present in the Long shadows cast by the duality of the castles design an elaborate mix of ornate Rococo splendor an monastic Soho Berness As though tie owner had unconsciously inscribed his own ambiguities on his Imperial nest and housed libido and con science under the same Spanish tiled roof the new element of mystery As the tour guide suggested Patricia Hearst the newspaper magnates 20yearold grand daughter who in less than four months has gone front Kidnap victim to a professed accomplice o her abductors the decimated sym ionese libera Tion army Elf i had any part of this property i sure As hell be running around the streets says Bui Francisco trying to get Richards of standing san about 40 other tourists on the Sun mottled Esplanade in front of the Hearst Castle surrounding Richards and the employed at the Castle and his duties Deal chiefly care of Rose gardens outside the Casa Del sol one of the three palatial guest miss Hearst and her Boyfriend spent a week Here in one of the cottages Over the Christmas r e c All s Mazelin who wears a Brown pith helmet and a carnival Rose she impressed me As a highly intelligent he adds lean ing on a Spade the Only Way i figure they the made her come Over to their Way of thinking they used drugs to change her others in his Lush party were gardens of the san Simeon the Banks of Flowers shrubs and an arboretum of Orange and Lemon stately and slender italian Cypress Spanish fan Palms and Irish Yew Trees Jim Mazelin is one of the several full time Gar Den or s marijuana gone Weippe Idaho up the police department says two mad Juana plants that were being grown in City Hall so that local residents could learn to identify the Plant have been stolen vote machine Cheek Okeed after protest Chester Paap Ware county officials have give the Pennsylvania Crima in commission Spect voting permission to in machines used in the May 21 primary following allegations of fraud in the elec Tion in Chester rep Lawrence Williams who lost his reelection bid in the Republican primary a questioned voter t out in Chester he carried the rest of the county attire for court London up the Magazine new Law journal has taken to task a judge who barred a girl from his court because she wore Slacks Slacks arid trouser suits Ara perfectly Normal Wear for women the Magazine said any judge who doubts it is an Montevideo southernmost Uruguay is capital in the the Western two youths Are named to program Charleston up James a Mckowen of new Martins Vule and Robert h Shockey of Bridgeport have been named West Virginias representatives to the National youth science Camp opening today in Pocahontas county the june High school graduates were chosen by gov Arch Moore for the three week Camp which attracts two top students from each of the 50 states it has been held annually since West Virginias 1963 Centennial year Shockey is a National Merit finalist an Eagle scout was a of the Bridgeport High school track team and student Council Mckowen of Magnolia High school avas a National Merit finalist vice president of the National Honor society and state Champion in the american legion oratorical contest attack by pig Morioka Tapan up a Man whose ear was bitten off by a 600pound pig died Friday of excessive bleeding police said Akira Sato 49 was attacked thursday night by the pig while he was filling its feed Box Wolf furniture got together worlds biggest maker of sleep needs to bring you rest easy prices twin size bed outfit Sagoo save comfortable firm innerspring mattress with Matching Box Spring Metal Frame on casters and your Choice of ten different styles of decorator head boards Complete bed save 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