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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1974, Page 3

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, Cumberland, Maryland Amin Landers dear Ann Landers i was deeply disturbed by that letter signed late and plenty the woman bad had a breast removed and was seeth ing with resentment against the doctor who talked her into having that horrible operation khat deprived her of her to and left her Muti lated and she asked what Man would want me i agree with you get Down on her Knees an thank god her cancerous breast was removed so her life could continue i had a breast removed Al most three years ago and As co chairman o the 1974 cancer crusade i have travelled to All parts of the country and met hundreds o women who have had the same operation breast cancer strikes of every fifteen women am More of us now survive than Ever before so there Are great Many of us around big youd have a hard time picking us out Ofa when we Model in fashion Wear bathing suits an participate in All sorts of competitive sports the woman concern Icove life is needless patients have told me that it made no differ Erice v whatever to their Hus often it brings them together when they walk through the Valley of death hand in hand the mate becomes More dear than before to those women who have had a Mastectomy while Young and i say none of Usi knows what tragedies life maiming Accident on the a crippling car wreck or blindness from disease who would want a Fairweather Friend for a husband if a missing breast matter it is better to know in Advance and shun an inconsiderate in feeling person i agree with you Ann any woman who loses a husband for this reason Hast lost Birch Bayh of Indiana dear Marvella Bayh thank you for a wonderful letter i had a difficult time selecting Oneto were thous ands and i want to thank each and every one who wrote and now heres a letter from a dear can a get into the act i have Stead your column every Day for and although youve come pretty close to hitting me on a few occasions you never quite scored a Bullseye until you printed that letter from the woman who had a breast re moved and was afraid no Man would want her mutilated my wife had a Beautiful body could easily have been a bras Siere Model she was proud of i enjoyed her womanly curves five years ago she went to the Hospital to have a Lump biopsied i held her hand when she came out of the aesthetic and realized she had her malignant breast removed she shed Many a tear that week but i let her know that i was so thankful to have her alive that it made no differ ence to i can truthfully it never has weve laughed a lot since about the line i used when i drove her Home from the it dear All i need is love dear love what a Beautiful letter you sound like a Prince of a Model for All and now id like to Tell Muf readers that if they Haven written for the free pamphlet on self breast examination do go at once is the american cancer society 219 e 42nd Street new York new York 10017 Ann Landers discusses teen age myths its realities learn the facts by Reading booze and teen t agers Only by Ann Landers Send 5c in Coin and self addressed envelope to Ann Landers Box 46 Chicago illinois60654 Cucaro Tribune experimental Plant history Little Rock Ark up the first experimental plants in the United states for the recovery of Fulfur from natural Gas were built in South Arkansas the experimental plants led to the construction of two full commercial plants one of produced approximately 100 tons of Fulfur Day by purifying sour Gas Fulfur As material is important because it can be converted Tosu Luric acid which has numerous Industrial applications Steak on Sale Douglaston of a new restaurant in a this suburb of new York City features Steak by the from 55 to 70 cents an depending on the Cut the Are Cut to order for each and grilled on an open Beartic cum Berlani sunday times sunday june w o 1 1 Bible schools dominate first june Days y most activity in by rot heed j 1974 new York teams Charleston Ark a Stormy Days of june Charleston and a thousand other Southern towns during the first where hold off the would get it Over with Freedom As Long As they can they Are not fretting much piano deep inside the first free will Baptist Church sounded the opening chords of at exactly five minutes late seventy five boys and Gilson the Gravelled parking lot outside formed a single line and began marching militarily deficient toward the music the formation was it was sober and Bible school is in the last rite of Spring for a few million re sless7 people they have finished nine months of school and now before they can receive their Freedom they must perform this last we Klong duty in this Region a final purification of the soul is deemed necessary to prepare it for by staggering their schools two churches a Baptist and a methodist began Bible about the Economy although Joa Hiatt the president of the Bank has noticed that people Are gait school classes on the first Mon ing away a lot of Money in Day morning after Public school1 savings these Days just in ease was out since Bible school Isof hard times ecumenical dozens of children who were members of other the town continues to grow the population was just Over churches were allowed to attend in 1970 and now it is about the Natholie Church arid a a lot of Young men and second Baptist Church took the women to leave Baton on the second monday a state for jobs the Day after Grad the Rigours and temptations Pfizer school was out by the end a Avion Are now staying Home does the Bill of the Pelican hold More than he the thesis propounded Back in 1910 by a Chap named Dixon Mernett is tested by Jim Mccaffrey left and Harold Guild of Santa Barbara Calif this Pelican sort of adopted them in the Santa Barbara Harbor while they were fishing and after feeding the Bird several1 pounds of live bait and herring snacks the boys were willing to concede that Mernett might have been right when he wrote a wonderful Bird the Pelican his Bill will hold More than his a photo fax straight As it approached the pastor at his station near the door but at the end it was ragged and undisciplined the larger boys Hung Back snicker ing and grimacing at the snickering stopped once line was inside and presently the Strong voice of a woman was raised in prayer we Hope and Pray dear she said that we can do something to help these Chil Den along the Way dear god when the come to the age of accountability they will be Good thus began another Day of vacation Bible school the single the softball swimming of the third week All the Chur Lole the picture show and the Hes had taken their turn Ong hours that will be while the children Pray that is 23 Miles to the Oll gagging on the build consuming comic books cans Many of the adults in place like Charleston the Peanut butter one of Industry is moving in especially around fort Smith a City of was Over ill go country arc left from and Arena up 1 the town have already need to be affair a baptists relax they have just Way that goes Bey aged was a trying experience this is one Rea tended to Deal election it had a Bible school once Bible suspense in Charleston is not merely for cd the towns favorite of the mothers Al he Dale l bumpers ride horses and to unseat sen j Bible school one it 11 ride out in he Sharps Mothe and the strip considered Sharp stood i the Coal Home town seems to of the children and out at the one of the More fortunate so other mothers Ere on the in America this As teachers and d rimming dont seem to be opening devotional Hes Here As watergate except to min Sermon mrs i front 15 or i were silvered a kind Bank savings offers three locations for your banking convenience the main below fat 201 Virginia Avenue Confer City Harrison Street s Centre of George and White Oaks shopping Center Branch use any or All locations As they serve your needs More and More area people yes sir that my Bank of course there talking about Cumberland savings Bank and the reason is because cab is the yes Bank he Bank where the first order of business is to make you Happy regardless of your banking needs or problems purr yes s on fhe at All three offices to make your banking trans actions As easy and efficient As possible join Many people who Are saying my Bonk is the yes the Cumberland savings Bank main of fact 201 Virginia Avenue Center City Harrison Street s Centre to George White Oaks shopping Center Branch

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