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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives Jan 27 1935, Page 4

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - January 27, 1935, Cumberland, Maryland Cumberland sunday tags sunday january 27 1335 Why building lags the building Industry Doest revive because private capita i will not invest in new building this May be unpatriotic but theres a sound business reason people wont build he Faiivae if i it b wont pay 8t the present Levels of rent Mechanic tree Cumberland at second one month 17 70 one month six months one year one month six months one month six months mail subscription rates first second and third postal Jones fourth fifth and sic vhf seventh and eighth postal Zonov sunday times 70 Cut Sams apology International Justice Pioves go slowly the in alone Case is almost forgotten there was a sensation when the Canadian Schooner of that name was pursued and sunk ring again practically ise in Only per cent on their vestment is inescapable copies Thirol Powl one month 05 six months 20 one year u 13 1 remittances should be uhdin8f costs must fall or both if rents will natural a Rise editorial Arvei rising i general social news circulation 2212 business j b plan 213 general offices improves materials in in the Gulf of Mexico in March of 1939 she was loaded with Contra band liquor and seeking to land u in american seaport when at tacked she was owned and con trolled by american citizens but was registered in Canada and had some Canadian citizens in her Crew the Canadian government challenged the act and demanded apology and compensation the two governments could not agree a Board of arbitration was appointed its recent decision awarded no dam age for destruction of vessel and cargo because the vessel was used As a rum runner and was trying to land its cargo illegally but required an apology for disregard of the Flag of for for the flown and a Small losses inflicted Gonna Hon a possible and unless ing trades face facts and lower their old would get steadier work and a larger annual income autos Lead again automobile business is booming manufacturers Ishup and r and sales taxes inflation a editor writes As for financing the governments program All we have to say it has got to be financed and the sooner we get the taxes started for the purpose the better off we All will be we dont want inflation we want Taxa Tion to meet tha Bill bigger net in come taxes bigger inheritance taxes our idea is to pay the Bill most of it at any rate As we go not very Many people believe they want taxation but taxation is just As important an item in Balan cing governmental budgets As in come is in balancing family budgets and taxes must increase for that purpose much As people can stand rising As business improves Wise spending intelligent Thrift curtailed extravagance Are Essen or Walter b Johnson Speaks on paralysis urges Community support of presidents party to raise funds for Relief or Walter b Johnson Well known local phys Cinn and surgeon delivered the following address Over station Otbo yesterday noon in behalf of the Campaign to raise funds for the prevention and of infantile paralysis acute poliomyelitis commonly tial too but when certain expenditures Are recognize Das necessary have been of state Hull tenders to his majesty Canadian government the official apology of the United j states government for sinking the the awarded admitting that Al though the Mission and use of the of Cage i f i but the Factor is that the old and inevitable the Money for them has to be provided an honest and Frank study of the situation might bring More persons to the viewpoint of wanting sound taxation instead of unsound India called infantile paralysis is a Gen Erel systematic infectious disease which in a majority of cases tends to affect the Central nervous system resulting in paralysis in a certain proportion of these cases there is apparently no immunity to the disease by any race nor is there any particular racial susceptibility males Are More often affected than females and there is apparently a higher mortality in males although this disease is not strictly limited to infants As the name might imply it attacks particularly children under 10 years of age As nearly All cases Are under this age the mortality rate varies from 10 to 25 As reported in different epidemics and of the and into whose t care of these unfortunate entrusted let me urge you Al pc make this National Celebration p huge Success and you will a double pleasure from the Chat you Are at the same or George o Sharrett win Over Otbo tuesday at 1245 on the same subject 5 Yankees drive Auto around Jeffi world Chicago men now in South America wore out five cars Capetown s Jan Oung men a f Kane Chicago and w j Kahler Tum arrived Here in their c apparently a higher having driven for Nir mles cars 000 t they travelled from Japan London from London to Nora and from Cape North the northernmost Point in to Capetown it Hast Aken them five years to to that Means that the have averaged vessel were unlawful its sinking also was unlawful there is Honor in procedure like it Way should Deal with sunday morning january 27 1935 the proposed thirty hour week cars bought before the depression Are people want new ones and at last have the business Tidence to order them i other industries Iby the automobile i in our history it recovery Cumberland stamp club show some i do not intend however to give you the source and Channel of infection nor a description of the various types of Onset nor to enu Many weird Erate the symptoms of infantile nonchalantly nearly the paralysis in its several stages nor to explain the treatment and final results obtained As such retails in a travel stained car Bearin badges of every nation and packed to the roof with equipment and curios they through Capetown for Sec stamp exhibit six each other mount w locomotive Beauty Max Kallush famous american up from automobile sculptor after visiting an Auto show it has risen now to i looking for somewhere to rest we have been on the Road for five they said we arc would require quite some time to collecting material for books and Dlf cuss lectures at the end of the month Many cities and communities re we shall leave for America to pre quire that a Case which has some of this but we Sham diagnosed As infantile paralysis be i return in 1936 to undertake no x e o Une Rake an Mes were filled and sixth removed at once to an infectious other trip planned in the revert exhibits shown it was first exit lease Hospital unless very Prience for most of the exhibitors and every exhibitor was Given criticism or comments on his sex and rigid quarantine rules can be during their trip they observed at the Home i had the i worn out five different cars the looked Good the editors standpoint it and the club feel i3roud or Liege of spending one year of my Hospital training at the Syden spare tanks fitted to the run Ning boards have enabled them o pm o Ham Hospital for infectious miscarry gasoline and Oil for 500 mile eases in Baltimore and i am Goat a time pm exhibit the club has members who b and a Prience i throughout the whole journey of the had at time Wowch i shall they Only four times used h never forget Impang of Rorr As Talent some of the in this line exhibits f any that the editor has Ever seen worker to Slyt the production of these two expectations Are fulfilled the pres la talc Tirol to l i isliis2t a 1j f could be rolled Down a Mountain Side without injury by this he 1 says Kallush that it should be one unified mass without pro truding arms or legs this year for the first time the automobile designers have achieved that same Unity and coherence for the first time the whole automobile the club pro to the Means of transport other the most interesting Ever held in this Section the Pennsylvania Avenue school department helped make it a Success in making the frames the material being furnished by Arthur Weber spor Oer one afternoon in August ear twice to Cross the in received a phone Call from Channel once to Cross from of the poorer Sec Italy to Tunis and Aga i to of of the City reporting a casette River Juba Africa of infantile paralysis the Ami Burlace was ordered and a with a mask and gown and i As i found Why youths Cross Sti of 1b35 have started a Sheet of National Park six of issued feb 18 at Petersburg Honda boys scouts have applied waging an Interne also wearing a mask and gown responded to the Call when we arrived at the address Given us went in and found that go to College now u in and found that a Missoula Jan 26 ins child about two years old had Are you going to College i that or three and one about six Bank Ideal changes bumpers fused into one structural i unit the resultant a extra Money for More Stamps r going to College an in quiling reporter for a University of Montana student publication of for if a anyway but probably not Fis f a Lamner 01 production which v aim irom the strict rules enforced these b m their new cars Down mountainsides that is purposely what a lot of beautifully sculptured cars the path in ii get even r pc and shovel Ana i now a fellow Haa to Haye r n Ren were b the official business set will make taken to the Hospital in value subtly vow j Lance but die the of Day Dav returned to t 5ecause the Only the editor invited to speak at the same House and took the five1 besides everybody else Enn Slva a insisting on better Decury than even a flt was often their own excessive std Ness noded n no nos Selfon at run h pro3pered or increased his Joa finl zip he enjoy by and Joa mar More and a group or a nation cannot Prosper or or cult they questioned destroyed the credit of would be borrowers they questioned out is something Mich or even his Friend Leon Ardo with his flair for War Mach Ines never dreamed of or to protect them different or inefficient the thirty hour week 011uu1u government decide to Experiment with it would retard covery instead of boosting it 0 the machine and the Man As one visits a display of the new limits of themselves now agree but would help mightly business expansion Spain takes peace seriously americans do not consider Spain in world affairs in they have paid so Little attention to the constitution1 of the Spanish Republic a Liberal document which ought to Pennsylvania Avenue school wednesday found a Well going club run in a very business like manner go Over and que Suom some i old boy to the Hospital where was boing several weeks he finally re Nauy covered cultural background to get More or less of could not and was fortunate enough to have some of the Cumberland club members answer those i could not at the regular meeting that there Are two first Day covers in the collections that of our local club were carried by commander Ulm on his new zealand and Australia flights com Vas lost in the Panfic some of the new issues noted in january Issue of Scotts monthly Are Afghanistan Australia Belgium Brazil Cape Juby Chile Curacao four children in that i am serving time int family died of infantile scams to necessary until because of their inability to cach a age at which Peoplis 11 j and Early medical which for fhe broadening in thence ated to you occurs personal satisfaction and contacts again in the Varit Nat a person out just took it for granted that won the subs in and ii would 80and found that i in the t what lit t e i get out of it is Well Worth the time and of one or the characteristics of it is observes John read the words of Wiliam business observer of the Stout president of the society of j engineers he says Toj Many italian Somaliland Italy Yugoslavia Mexico Aegean islands nejd Norway we face a has Over Date which must be revised Coni to american the world changes More today in five Jears than it used to in leu Marleav this s an illuminating 50 years re the place the Engineer has article 66 of the constr to to the mind that mechanical ingenuity that is almost a Miracle who of years ago had ventured to predict that t0 such a of perfection would have been considered a Mere dreamer ment of the tragedy of our civilization that this Chine often comes into the hands of fault give such a Driver the very Best automobile and in a week he May run it into a Trio and Pond recon Nitina n i w Clown More in i i its breadwinner Orides iak6 in Delin hindrances of ignorance and the 01 needless arro Industry now trend is to and take seriously the league i nations and the movement for ule movement Loi America in a preliminary declaration of i Spain renounces some important As an instrument of National find Gater materials Are the largest measure contributed proper says the place of creating this new world of All International a plants heavy Reater Opportunity therefore it sir stifled by spa and to make in coming As the editor expects to a s new York show 8 and 19 expecting to attend the Cumberland girl scout activities and crippled for life infantile paralysis is no re prominent Sredl she draws blindfolded Standard of gets action n 26 satiric 0n who wanted to be m front of police Headquarters red placed three goldfish in a of water filing the depression of the fish in the puddle a crowd and also attract the attention of City authorities to fix the sidewalk is now a fund being cum stances who is so u As to contract infantile to receive the proper and nursing care so the n Ber of deaths from this Cav be dec cased and the a Sui cases of a permanent Rar Alvs i addition a is Vised to carry the prevention of in w new m clothing grows lighter a totally obsolete and must go Auto an Taftt when agreement is Rati Lugge is feeling so Mew like cd rating the Al Alice when she i to he application an t pc Mati that to nov of Beneficence and Fino similar trend u noticeable even in1 motive in order to live whether despondent people but at it i Comfort Aims to travel Railroad Man believes it or not ind vice behind u he Case the heavy other machines in order to so our people have i industries Are probably not so a whether dishwasher heating Section of scientific and Mezs i l Marvel in their As weve been lighting equipment Kitchen not done much yet to i prow have Phamalia or methods of trave pouring in and the committee on to my my r h c a have been unusually Suric cads from this Iron d is a Good Deal tougher of inv to v Vul the human can Mould in research he adds established ill juju Ftp intr or e unc pc Ingeni remark pro to us for feature posters and Camj you Palgon plans which Len to was Paten plans which up to Date Wiki Luck it Procesa Suh or flt of that Japan As in need of revision to meet the is Tholt the us a Nurl on foreign ithe Spanish Republic cannot sign sponsors and contributors to performing these u lations it May be regarded As the1 its brat Worlof a k declaration of Jthn scout Council this is rather Monroe doctrine and my Toiven 12 dont l a copies win be sont t vanishing diphtheria never doubt that the japanese Kovi in Raj sorted this am i except in the conditions press every scout committee in Region it lop f it bribed in the covenant of the i j a Volch Pennsylvania to cradled d p up t0 u fail Baker is quoted As of nations and then Only in j934 Only of run caul by exhaust those Del the Smth in in f Zilph Thyrl were wet fam Lack of Security and Rollf enslave measures which do not have i report Contala in the Kimhor of Wun the United states of a achievement for i the scout Council this is rather Niti of Anu an Kin or faithful nurses physicians Joti ill Iii Muir and card party 500 Bridge setback tuesday Jan 29 in the y m i Hall Virginia ave under the auspices of the holy name society of St marys Church Beautiful prizes refreshment the number of cases though we Washington and Mary most important of All Headquarters the contains our record of in Kofl Jon 01 cases United stat of pious reformations our warlike character and the judicial Chi Clement for 1d34 the badges 2 a of on h in f Young children again the goal of immunity j diphtheria Wal it in Prev anti Niagara two two 01 conc nation Ana trained for so omit u k Fth never expressed and the night clubs Are doing established in the into Raj is tics regarding Day week end and As Japan docs and they can to Check the third tonal agreements registered with Camp As Well As ten now have greatly moderated it of a attributes the Small is in ant j Ca he great a Mccaa in h having the ume must be so that each pictures of scout activities in our Community these books will be offered to every troop by their to own Inoc two the third the league of nations up an argument pm Nav president of the Anniv the Best time in8panls l 1 d Roosevelt i by a pedal Law before he can i win Rogers or Townsend or Huey declare War n Rogers the Spanish government is hav Hopkins could think of to Fifthe difficulties of the times but711 Mil Jorty of our members to that whaler a ppm f of the of Ese help y service Ann Iii Piort this record you will a rec real Money if you order that memorial now that you intend to have placed for your loved ones in the Spring As Pye pcs Are sure to be higher then largest and most Complete Stock to select from phone us for evening appointment if More convenient we specialize in Sand blast lettering and carving the a a Roeder us for further Ralph k Giitl see

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