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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 4

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Cumberland, MarylandBy the to Lanei company it r and f South Mech Nolc Street Cumberland every Sunray entered at the Iok Torlice Cumberland Maryland m second clan matter under the Artol March 3 1679 member audit Bureau of circulation member press ame caled Irefej is exclusively entitled it Rubel Cimon of All news dispatches credited Loil or otherwise cred used in Ihu paper and also the new published therein talk honk 2 priv to Branch excl Ianc Ronne Tomz jul depart Fnu subscription rates by Carrier Kern int to snip to per copy sunday times 15c per copy evening and sunday times 57 per Wek Ai subscription sunday Orji Marydid Pirn Sylvania West Vic rms and Lii tact of Oun Ibia 70 one months m six one year All of her Statti i 89 one or mail subscription item Kef inc her Blind v and in strict of monthj825 six momhsj16 00 yen All Ochej Sij Itei one six i year the assumes no financial for Fri fulfil in hut part of u advert went n the typographic to error must be reported at sunday morning january 26 1958 political Fortune used to be some attractive and very neat theories to explain the ebb and flow of political Fortune for the major parties in this country then the facts began to confound the theories a favorite notion was that there were cycles of conservative and Liberal tenure in office with the people swinging like a predictable pendulum from one to the other the Early years of the Roosevelt regime seemed to lend credence to the theory coming As they did in sequel to a Long conservative Republican stand but there after things grew less neat with changes in the complexion of Congress and with the approach of world War ii the Roosevelt regime itself took on a considerable tinge of conservatism in 1938 the new Deal died As an Active moving Force but the democrats Rode on in the Saddle through the War through All sorts of swings of Public sentiment until finally they were unseated in the korean War the ii Heral conservative Cycle didst seem to he working nowadays the notion perhaps most widely accepted is the extremely practical one that Politi gain command and hold it simply by attuning themselves to popular direction they May lie in few experts and observers question that president Eisenhower swept into Power in 1952 and again in 1956 be cause he represented the mood and wishes of the majority of americans at those times they appeared not to want hard driving action but a steady hand Bent toward consolidating earlier gains cutting away Deadwood bringing fresh order in government with the soviet Earth satellite launch Ings the nations mood has slowly changed the habit of business As usual is not easy to break but people Are stirred and Are calling for action to put us Back into the Lead Over Russia the tone and Content of the presidents state of the Union message show his awareness that the times and the Peoples mood have changed the old image of the skipper steering steadily through quiet Waters Doest fit any More but the political sages believe the final gauge placed on or Eisenhower and his party will measure not intentions but actions and results if those actions and results suit the people the republicans May still find themselves Riding the win Ning wave in 1960 if they fall Short of Matching the popular need the Republican Cycle of Power May come to a sudden halt the test is on the gop now to demonstrate its flexibility unemployment grows climb int unemployment to last month representing a boost of from the previous month is inevitably distressing news to All americans the labor department does not ease things for us by noting that since that tabulation Many other extensive Job layoffs have occurred some per cent of the u s work Force were Idle in december highest level in three years obviously the percentage May mount still further unemployment in a country of this size is never really Small for there Are inevitably a nary persons classed As largely unemployable others shifting from Job to Job others suffering Par time idleness but even after taking that into account it is Clear that countless american households Are newly experiencing a personal economic squeeze of painful proportions they must never be out of mind As the government moves to get the u s Economy Back into High gear cultural growth editorial duty not to be shirked Calls for an occasional whack at sorry aspects of american culture this docs not mean that one must be Blind to the positive Side o the picture herewith an accent on the positive in spite of such distressing things As the spate of trashy magazines television programs at the adolescent level and Rock n Roll music there arc indications that the United states is moving toward some cultural maturity no longer can it be said that when it comes to painting literature and music we Are merely a Branch on the european tree Madison Square Garden in Xci York City has just been the scene for example of a huge exhibition of american painting and sculpture some items from 40 states though Quan Tity is no guarantee of Quality such a show at least suggests a healthy state of activity in the visual arts not Long ago Leonard Bernstein took Baton As permanent conductor of the Xci York philharmonic he is the first american born conductor to ascend that renowned podium arid he is one of the shining lights of Iho inter National of music Shortt Hyrc is the fact Sikac an opera by the american com Poser Samurl Barber libretto by Giancarlo Menotti received its world premiere recently at the metropolitan opera Hoie these give Promise the will gradually und an honoured place in the cultural Galaxy 15 hearted because cultural mreecth and maturity Are important to full National develop ment a Little Torivo emotion goodnight kiss As Brief As possible involving the display of Little or no is reportedly the order of the Day for coeds who live in a dormitory at Purdue University this order shows an admirable concern for the behaviour of the Young ladies it strives As we suppose a University should strive to keep Edu cation within the Bounds of the stated curriculum enforcing this particular regulation How Ever is going to present difficulties what faculty member would want to be known As the inspector of goodnight kisses sideways new Yorktee British it seems Only accurate to say Are excellent custodians of a Means of communication called the eng Lish language their commercial ways have an austerity we can not match in Winter when weather is bad new York stores advertise bluntly raincoats storm boots rub Bers gloves and scarves Bri Tish stores have Chaste signs Reading Winter but four cypriots who have a Lille shoe shining and repair store in Penn station have out chilled even the British their sign reads foul weather my rocket can lick your rocket Drew Pearson the the film critics of new York Issue a set of achievement awards each mid january and make the occasion palatable by giving a Lille dinner and recep Tion at the time one noted critic his wife being absent in Havana took his 20yearold daughter to the occasion and she was stand ing there in her Long formal gown when Koroi Flynn backed into her and stepped on her toes Ive always wanted to be Able to say that Errol Flynn stepped on my she murmured quietly Flynn startled turned and cried so Nice to see you again and she said equally quietly youve never seen me Flynn is no Man to be thrown for a loss he said great and withdrew to another clutch of people there was a time when a Man operating a new York column will Nilly ran into an annual collection of unsolicited loot a bottle of whisky Here and there an invitation to the opening of a new Plush night club invitations to dinner with Souhr ettes and similar Gauss times change times soften just the other morning the mail brought a package of Flower seeds from Burnees and with it a note it took 20 years of hard work and the assistance of thous ands of bees to bring these flow ers to their present state of excellence David and you know something 1 loved it you can keep All the Bright and shiny Token ill find Charm and something pleasing in a package of seeds there is something about the germans and in not talking about two wars there is a forthright attitude toward a code of conduct a German actress was at the House for the weekend and she was telling about a facet of her family history in which one Branch of the family in three generations built a paddlers pack into a Chain of 37 retail stores Selling clothing Uncle was the third Gen she said he had a Castle rather More than a Man Sion and its Interior Walls were covered with milians Goya a Gainsborough and almost any Painter of Mark you could men Tion it want a Home it was a museum and like most museums it was fabulous his son and Only child the fourth generation took charge in and by 1930 had speculate the Fortune into bankruptcy he chose the worst two years in human history in which to speculate naturally it caused great family distress and what did the boy do about i asked the Correct thing of course he shot that what i mean about a code if you cause scandal and bankruptcy the Correct thing by the code is to do away with your self u Doest help but it is Correct by the same measurement friends in California during the inn War had an austere and formal German nurse for their child a woman who had lived Here for years and was an Ameri can citizen but a German by birth once a Man came to the done and bested for some Money for food casually the husband re turned to the living room after the meeting at the done and said emphasis i Kave him what change i had a couple of very said the nurse from a chair on the Oiler Ido of the room the Correct Kun i a Fine actor in ruler plays or nil currently is in in Odd weird and very funny play let of Avant Cade design by Fucone an Obs Curant in from Paris at a parly the other Nisi a Young lady walked up to Khz mid in Sweinc you in the chairs tuesday do to a favor is said Kli come and Tell me what it is she said Why yes he certainly but didst he know no one meaning do i he said not one it is for me a spate of words of singular sync Torste barbs real wealth j5 a state of mind says a College professor Dees he mean mind your dollars and sense around income tax time is shout the Only time a Man really fools Hes the head of the build j William if tint across the desk Centennial of the Pau lists has special significance Here Hecker founder of the order lived in is Peter and Paul monastery once a member of Brook farm movement he received go ahead from Pope Pius in Cumberland has an inti mate connection with the a nudist fathers members of the roman Catholic missionary congregation of St Paul the apostle whose Centennial will be celebrated this year As a member of the re Clemp tourist order congregation of the most holy redeemer father Isaac Hecker prime organizer and first Superior of the Tau lists lived for a while in Cumberland at is Peter and Paul monastery now occupied by the capuchins order of friars minor of father Heckers Book questions of the was written while he was stationed Here and aspirations of nature was composed Here in Baltimore and Annapolis the life Story of this founder of the Pau list order t first society of missionary priests to be founded in the United states is one of the most amazing biographies in american religious life this Man who was a close Friend of Emer son Thore Aii and Brownson who lived in such diverse places As communistic Brook farm in new England and is Peter and Paul monastery in Cumberland who was born of a lutheran father and a methodist Mother who no sooner had he become a Catholic than he Felt called to the priest Hood who was ordained by the famous Cardinal Wiseman in London who was expelled from the red Motorist order carried his Case to Pope Pius in and was Given papal permission to found a new congregation of missionary priests this was no Ordinary individual As the Pau lists celebrate this year the Centennial of their foun Ding they Are known everywhere one of their most recent activities is to staff 12 Newman foundations club centers for the religious needs of catholics in non Catholic colleges and universe ites All Over the United states briefly Here follow More de tails about father Hecker new York born protestant who once was Stalio cd at the monastery Here and is said to have so inspired a Young mar i nud James Gibbons that Young Gib Bons consulted his pastor about entering the Priesthood and eventually became archbishop of Baltimore and James Cardinal Gibbons As a boy Isaac went with his Mother to Church his father John a locker operated a foun dry and helped to install the Ori Ginal boiler on Robert Fulton clearer not this boiler was made of bricks and didst work too Well so Hecker built a Metal boiler that proved very Satis factory Jane ends when the Hecker foundry had to close for Lack of business Isaac was taken out of school and began working in the methodist publishing House of the Chris Tian advocate and journal which then claimed the largest circulation of any paper in the world the boys two older Brothers had been employed at a bakery and were doing so Well that Isaac joined them the three soon decided to open a bakery of their own they worked from Early morning until late at night and Isaac the youngest worked the hardest of All at an Early age Isaac Hecker took an interest in politics and associations of working men be cause of his feeling about the need for social Reform he began attending a unitarian Church of which the minister was Orville powerful preacher who had been associated with bos tons famous Rev or Channing it was this preachers sermons that really directed Young Heck ers interest to religion new York in the 1340s was a great place for lectures and Isaac Hecker went to hear most of them one night he heard ores Tes Brownson speak on the democracy of the lecturer made a tremendous impression so much so in fact that Isaac sought an interview with him and later convinced some friends that they should sponsor additional lectures by the Elo quent bostonian the Hecker bakery prospered but Isaac Felt More and Mora that business was not for him he went to Boston for a visit with or and mrs Brownson and there Learned for the first time about Brook farm founded by George Ripley a unitarian preacher it Drew such intellectuals As Nathaniel Hawthorne Charles Dana and numerous Harvard professors Ralph Wal do Emerson and Henry Thoreau showed keen interest in the altruistic settlement these peo ple Isaac he Cicer Learned to know and to Exchange with them views on philosophies of life religion social Progress and democracy on january in 1843 the truth seeking Youngner yorker began a diary with this prayer lord thou would it have me walk Reading everything he thought might be helpful Hecker was impressed by some of John Henry newmans tracts for the and he carried on Dis cribs ions with Brownson and rip Ley on the Pusey ites in the meantime Bis brother John had become a full hedged Episcopa Lian i think t will wrote Isaac until there is a Union of All the one sunday on an impulse he went to the Catholic Church at West Roxbury mass the effect on him was almost overwhelming at the very time Isaac Hecker was trying to find the answers to life at Brook farm the Rede motorists were building is Peter and Church and monastery in Cumberland it would take More space than available Here to Trace in detail the transition of the Earnest Young new yorker from the Massachusetts Center of culture known As Brook farm to the Center of religion that overlooks wills Creek in Cumberland but that transition seas made on August 2 1344 in old St Patricks Cathedral in new York Isaac Hecker was received into the Catholic Church by Bishop Mccloskey the next year he applied for permission to join the Rede motorists he sailed for the novitiate in Holland with two other converts Clarence Wol Worth son of the Chancellor of new York University and James Mcmaster Hecker was ordained As mentioned previously by Bishop afterwards Wiseman in London father Bernard Hafkenscheid a classmate of Pope Leo Xiii was american provincial of the Rede motorists when father Hecker was ordained it was father Bernard who with the venerable John n Neumann selected the site of is Peter and Paul Here and who presided at the solemn Blessing of the local Church september 23 1849 first n Baltimore and then Here father Hecker was a Zeal Ous member of a Mission band that preached and conducted ser vices in Johnstown Loretto Wheeling Richmond Baltimore and Cumberland the Redempto Rist priest was concerned because All the work of the order seemed directed to German speaking people the idea grew that there should be a comparative Effort for the Bene fit of English speaking people his first idea was that the re Dempt Orist order organize mis Sion bands that would carry on such work failing to get per Mission from Redempto Rist superiors he plan to Rome for this he was dismissed from the order through Pius to whom he appealed there came the suggestion of an entirely new religious society which would Cam out the ideas advanced by the protestant born Isaac Hecker the Pau list order is the Amaz ing result of this series of circumstances the rules of the missionary society of St Paul the apostle were approved july 7 1853 Princess legend survives Washington Alice Roose velt Longworth began making headlines at 17 after the turn of the Century when her father Teddy Roosevelt became president and moved his Large family into the while House on feb 12 still nursing abiding convictions is ill As Independent As Ever she continues to and to her legend a tall woman impressive de spite her sumo did clothes and big rimmed hats that Shade her remarkable Grayble eyes he is a familiar figure at widely contras King events Here from prize fights and Senate hearings to elegant balls and the symphony there was a Long period though when she remained conspicuously out of things that was during the administrations of Franklin d Roosevelt and Harry Truman when the republicans came into she belatedly announced she was More than ready to Bounce Back into the social swim very much at Home at a recent White House Tea she whipped out her familial Long cigarette Holder and lit up she barely hid her Chagrin when an aide reminded her that smok ing in the executive mansion was forbidden Young Man i smoked my first cigarette in the House cars and years ago when i lived she reminded him tartly daughter of the former Alice Hathaway Lee who died giving her birth three years after her marriage to Roosevelt teenage Alice added to the merry Melee at the White House with her five Hal Brothers and sister the Par ties were the gayest the Young sters collected menagerie Slid Down banisters walked on stilts Alice even picked a rare loom ing Century Plant she made her debut in the White House and was married there feb 17 1906 she met her late husband former speaker of the House Nicholas Longworth then a Gay Bachelor congressman from Ohio when she accompanied the William Howard Taft Mission to the Orient on ship Board she jumped fully clothed into the swimming Pool As Princess Alice she reigned supreme Over capital society Blind girl gives Ike a Blindfold solution for Little Rock Secretary Seaton stands by his 1952 speech on alaskan statehood federalized National guard at Little Rock is used to make army look stronger washingtonian the White House mail the other Day came a simple suggestion from a 12 year old Blind girl Leah Russel of Miami on How to solve the segregation controversy her ideas were written in braille translated by her teacher miss Emma Rowe and for warded to president Eisenhower if i were the wrote Little Leah i would have All of the children blindfolded and Send them to school i would also Blindfold the coloured children and Send them to school too i think they would have a lot of fun together and there be any fights probably after they got to know each added the Blind girl there be any More fights or anything like Ike was so touched that he sent a personal letter to miss Rowe thank you for sending me the Little essay that Leah rus sell was prompted to write As a result of the Littlerock diff wrote the president i Hope you will Tell her for me that at the age of twelve she has already grasped one of the great moral principles by which we All should Mit the president but indicated that the administration would probably be for alaskan state Hood republicans have opposed statehood in the past because it probably meant two new demo cratic senators this year How Ever Republican minded Mike Stepovich new governor of Alaska has been brought to Washington to get acquainted he might run for the Senate and get elected statehood for Hawaii and Alaska will not be tied together at this session Hawaii will lag first to the definite democratic trend which arouses no enthusiasm for statehood on the part of the present Republican administration second be cause the race question arouses no enthusiasm in the hearts o some Southern senators the first senator from Hawaii under statehood would probably be of chinese ancestry Secretary of inferior Fred Seaton is one Man in Washington who Doest deviate from his convictions he was for statehood for Alaska in 1952 and he is for statehood today that is one reason Alaska May at Long last fulfil its ambition to become the state when Fred Seaton was appointed senator from Nebraska in 1052 alaskan hard working gov Ernest Gruening dropped in to see him i dont know anything about said Seaton but in glad to be informed sit after listening to alaskan Side of the Story the new senator said i want to talk to Jos Farrington about this then ill talk to you he referred to the late Able hawaiian Delegate to the United states a few Days later Seaton told governor Grue inc Ive made up my mind in for statehood the National guard unit federalized to serve at Little Rock is going to help the administration in More ways than race problems its also being used by the arithmetic jugglers in the Pentagon to boost the alleged strength of the army to 19 alleged Comba ready divisions a backstage debate has been taking place Between the administration and certain senators Over the size of the army it began when i Gen James Gav in decided to quit a Brooklyn born orphan raised by a Pennsyl Vania Coal Miner Gavin joined the army at 17 and studied nights to pass his West Point exams the army has been his whole life and it want easy for him to resign when he gets out of uniform in March he plans to speak out against the secret manpower slashes the Only full dress speech Seaton made during Bis Brief tenure in the Senate was on tha subject of alaskan statehood now As Secretary of the Interior he is in charge of alaskan relations with the rest of the United states and in a position where his voice Counis heavily with Eisenhower the other Day Ernest Gruening now sex governor of Alaska but elected by the alaskan people As their senator to Washington drop Ped in to see be atom again six years had passed since he took his stand As a senator How do you feel about Alaska now asked Gruening i feel just the same replied the Secretary of the Interior How about your Boss Gruening asked Seaton did not definitely com e v Purling meanwhile Missouri sen Stu Symington asked the Penta gon for an official statement on the army strength the Call was put through by Symington scholarly assistant de Welch and was finally transferred to gun Maxwell office the army chiefs aides explained that the information would have to come from the budget office which is now running the army the budget boys cheerfully in formed Welch that the army combat strength now Stan sat 19 divisions sceptical of this figure Welch demanded a break Down on exactly where each i vion is by counting partial divisions the fiscal i anglers we Reable to account for 18 divisions when Welch pressed for the whereabouts of the 19th they sheepishly explained it was the hastily and temporarily federalized tonal guard division now guard ing the nine Nero children at Little rocks Central High school whose members have Long been chafing of get out of uniform and who dont consider themselves exactly Comba trea Dybell Syndicate topics of the times according to the original idea a honeymoon should last 30 Days the period All to be spent in gaiety away from Home what is the Best place to spend a honeymoon that depends on the size of the bridegrooms bankroll 1 would say the Best place in the world for honeymooners is Paris after that new York City honeymoons should be spent where there is plenty of activity this gives the couple a better Chance to get used to each other it is said Only 30 per cent of wives have really enjoyed their honeymoon the other 70 per cent were disappointed it didst live up to the buildup they had Given in m their dreams not romantic enough How about your wife sir did she enjoy her Honey Moon Are you sure better not bring up the subject let Well enough alone Why dont they have Auto Mobile Saleswoman the Auto sales few seems to be one that women have been unable to in Vade of course there May be an Iii Mohile Saleswoman where in this fair land of ours incidentally there arc More than Foo million licensed motor vehicle operators in he u s a and 15 million of these Are women the question As to whether men or women arc better Drivers has been thoroughly tested men Are the More skillful Drivers but women Are More careful that is in so far As general driving is concerned when it comes to Park ing the ladies arc far behind Only one woman in seven knows How to Park a car properly it has been said that most women know How to Park hut Are Handi capped by their attire or hats they cant urn around to look As easily As men Era Singer to be plump or have a figure which will never cause her to worry As to How she is going to look in a bathing suit the directors of the metropolitan opera of the yesteryear favored plump singers most of the feminine stars at the met around the turn of the Century and for some years after were in the stylish Stout class if not plump they were generously proportioned As for example Jeritza when Grace Moore was first accepted for the metropolitan opera the director Giulio Gatt Casazza said she would have to put on 15 pounds later when Grace was signed to make a moving picture by Irving thai erg he said she would have to reduce pounds that stipulation was put in the contract when Grace went Back to the opera to put on the 15 pounds i understand the plump est All Mim poloian stars was Lominy Mcminn she weighed 210 is it be1ter for a female opral years ago in Bev Hills there was or the society for the pro Nilica of containers with tops covers a vice to get off Jean Macdonald was elected pres ident Greer Garson vice presi Dent Roth redheads and there fore Ohff cult to Down i believe Bliss Macdonald first gave birth o his great idea when she was trying to open a can of sardines on he Cooks Day off miss Gar son was impressed with the necessity of such a group because her St niggles with the tops of old Cream jars maybe this in organization has done some Pon for there has just been invented a bottle Cap for which no is necessary it is a thoroughly protective top but just f Light twist of the hand can n off features

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