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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives Jan 26 1958, Page 1

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - January 26, 1958, Cumberland, Maryland The weather Cloudy ram mow today and tomorrow High today 3540 Tom what tomorrow six general feature society c1tvarea news sports comics family weekly vol 25 emf atm i i my my no two Cumberland Maryland sunday january 26 1958 fruit Price fifteen cents Ike surprises gon brass solons told of torture in elevator unionist says he was beaten during terror by goons Washington Jan 25 up a unionists torture in an elevator slowly moving up and Down May feature the Senate Racket committees investigation of the operating engineers Union its the Story of Theodore Mccarty of Clementon who will Tell it to the special Senate group investigating evils in the labor management Field Robert f Kennedy the commit tees counsel said Mccarty has told him he was tortured for opposing the operation of local 542 of the Union in As it was run by officials installed by the unions International president William e Maloney to testify tomorrow Kennedy said he expected Mccarty to testify monday when the committee resumes its Public hearings on the unions affairs with local 542 under the spot Light with the exception of four years 194352 when it had its own elected officers the local has been run since 1933 by men chosen by the unions Hierarchy among its appointed Bosses has been the convicted labor extortionist and racketeer Joey Fay of new York Fay is on Call for questioning later Ini the week possibly tuesday or wednesday Kennedy said Mccarty a strap Ping figure of a Man broke Down and wept for shame when he had to admit to committee investigators that he and been beaten by goons hired by someone in the Union rail magnate kills himself in Florida Hopes for rocket Beltran 17 of Brooklyn holds elements of a Model of rocket Harvey and said yesterday he Hopes the government will appropriate for the device developed by teenage research group in five years of experiments the Navy has already shown interest in the two stage High Altitude rocket a photo Tox Turk Leader trip arouses air of crisis Ankara Turkey Jan 25 Premier Adnan Menderes has Kennedy said the Story is metered Home today from a sudden carts to Tell in full but that the and secret Mission to Iraq his Man was trapped in an thickened an air of crisis sur overpowering numbers and As rounding the opening monday of elevator kept Coin in and Man was trapped in an elevator trip thickened an air of crisis sur by overpowering numbers and As rounding the opening monday of the elevator kept going up andean important Baghdad pact con descending was subjected to torn Veronce Here lures some of which he termed the five pact nations and the unspeakable he declined to states Wilt discuss the de where the beating occurred sense of the Middle East against Kennedy displayed a Colore threats and thrusts of soviet com photograph of Mccarty his face Unis j a mass of cuts and bruises Keni b57c missing lit Chesapeake Washington Jan 25 a two passenger twin engine Jet b57c bomber was reported missing tonight after it failed to make a scheduled Landing at nearby Andrews air Force base authorities said the plane was seen at p m on radar making a letdown turn in the Chesapeake Bay area about 25 Miles Southeast of wife a a u u i the strains and stresses of Nady said that is How the Man Middle East political Maze Ivl Lea Octola looked when he got away from his formed uie background both to is Way to Rnic Conr torturers and made his Way to the Menderes unexplained Mission Union Hall to denounce those who and to the conference of the did it to him before going to a dad Alliance which u s Secre Hospital Kennedy said one of theory of state John Foster Dulles injuries May yet Cost Mccarty Sis tip Primo a Smith scores Dean Acheson in Ike attack Robert Young suicide ends hectic career new York Central official reported despondent lately Palm Beach Jan 25 r Young chairman of the Board of the new York Cen trial Railroad committed suicide Jin the top floor billiard room of Lis mansion Here today with two shots from a double barrelled Shotgun the death was called a suicide by it Frej Mead of the Palm Beach police department who said friends told him the 60yearold executive had been despondent lately j reporters were barred from the 25 room Home and from its grounds but Learned Young was found in a chair dressed in Street clothes with the Shotgun Between his Knees to notes Are found a Deputy sheriff who took Pic Tures of the body emerged shaken and said its the worst one Ive Mead said the right half of Youngs head was shot away there was no immediate information on who discovered the body at noon no notes were found state atty Phil d Oconnell said he plans no inquest i am involved Only in cases Washington Jan 25 sen h Alexander Smith Raj assailed Dean Acheson and he said talks with top leaders on defense president with Mcelroy 14 others two hours where a crime has been com tycoon takes r Young Railroad magnate who committed suicide yesterday at his Palm Beach Home is shown waving on arrival in Albany n for new York Central stockholders meeting la t year a photo lox the body is at a funeral Home where arrangements for services and injuries Mav i life democratic National committee tonight for what he described As attempts to interject partisan politics into foreign policy in what was for him a Surpris ten Eyck Okeeffe went to the singly healed statement the schol Home of nearby or and arly Smith spoke with scorn of mrs Charles b Wrig batsman aft what he called the the shooting there was no in of ache sons own record and then mediate word on her reaction to history of the Truman admin Straher husbands death lion in which Acheson served As the two were married in 1916 Secretary of state they had one daughter Eleanor the statement was precipitated Jane Young who was killed in an by a news conference last week air plane Accident in 1941 at which Acheson attributed a the Youngs had a social in failure of leadership to the engagement with friends this after Ike pushes program of atoms for peace Washington Jan 25 a Progress toward harnessing the bomb for peaceful uses today As opening up Washington Jan 25 Ufi president Eisenhower took a per Sonal hand today in moves to re organize the defense department he paid an unusual visit to the Pentagon and conferred with top civilian and military leaders there was immediate bipartisan applause from members of con Gress for the presidents dramatic action to Speed a promised Over haul of the nations military set up to meet the Challenge of rus Sian sputnik and missiles no word on decision Eisenhower conferred for Mora than two hours with Secretary of defense Mcelroy and 14 other civilian and military officials these included reorganization advisers whom Mcelroy named recently there was no announce nent whether any decisions had Een reached White House press Secretary James c Hagerty was asked Why Eisenhower had gone to the Pentagon instead of having Mcelroy come to the White House the president said he was joing to take a personal interest in this so he went Over Hagerty said it was his Hagerty said this was just one of a series of conferences Eisen Hower will have with Mcelroy prior to the presidents decision on defense reorganization sen Mansfield of Montana the assistant democratic Leader said he was Happy to note that the president at this time is taking a personal interest in the reorganization of the Pentagon As he British american indicated he would do in his unbelievable vistas for the future As an observer there is indication that Kennedy told reporters the main the meetings inside the Flag Quiry into local 542 is just a closely guarded turkish toward the committees investing grand National Assembly build murdered Tion of the conduct of International log Here Dulles will have to Plav officials of the Union the delicate key role of Keepin Home burned an Atlanta doctor and his wife Ennover administration and used noon Mead who reported the klan Leader delays rally until feh 8 this is Only a first Eisenhower said but it does bring within the realm of possibility a limitless Supply of atomic Power and Energy for ill the world for Many thousands of years to the president issued a state ment congratulating american and British scientists for Burlington Jan 25 in Button they Are making toward the Rev James Cole Leader of peaceful uses of the As Dis were found in the burned ruins terms As complacency and shooting occurred about 10 t Carolina Kun flux Kian t e runs o of Annoh up their Home today and police said in High i said the body probably would not called off a scheduled a11amencans sin the couple apparently had been Smith said he was amazed and have been found for some time rally near Here or Benjamin l Camp 5s a graduate of Northwestern univer a attack on Ary of state Dulles the Republican senator a vet foreign re 4u4menitcut t0 Home at Marion s to one heard shots his i tries will be that the governments All americans sincerely Hope other scientists in other coun do similar re Mead said no one in the big president Maloney has sent word moslem states firmly Allied to the site Schoot of Medicine and mrs Ine he is too ill to testify in the Camp died in their two bedroom fran member of ing week but chairman Mcclellan Menderes flew to Baghdad Fri Horre on a pin studded Hill on the axons said it is dark said his group is prepay for a hurried conference of Atlanta in adjoining j two act sen Lyndon has winding stairways which tend Ion pared to wait and that Maloney ported la at the urgent request of county i Johnson Texi and other demote muffle sound j request of resent this Effort there was no information on open Field on which the Eisenhower said adding be ultimately will be called request Iraq the Only Arab country with Kennedy said that the the anticommunist Alliance of of local 542 closely ties up wit nations along russian Southern Maloney and it ties to Borders other members Are Brit Maloney he said because it was lain and the moslem states of tur Maloney who left Fay in comi key Iran and Pakistan Mand of the Union in the Days before Fay went to prison for extortion he added it also ties to cratic leaders g Rains a Char Rufi to run Irfan Fifish Unic cd orig tie Nai no i Ormason on an com what might have caused youngs0 the same site two weeks from today on feb 8 the itinerant minister who is Camps body was discovered Sev eral hours later in the water filled the bipartisan despondency he attended a meet Ling of the new York Central Fay because Fay once was May be quitting the Alliance Boss under mandate from a the Sake of Arab unit to the speculation among Diplomat behind her Back with adhesive and terms and military men assembled Herb tape More tape covered her ranged from the possibility that Board of directors Here Only a few Mouth or Herman Jones director of National committee Smiths statement repeatedly referred to the Democrat com and demo favored More partisan minded members of Congress and by the Republican Here every Winter for three of a worldwide atoms for program becomes More inevitable he said the rally will be held to permit All scientists to devote their skills and energies to the Benefit of to its de the British and american atom under indictment in Robeson count in Energy agencies yesterday re state crime Laboratory said suggestion that Iraq plans to Dehe would conduct autopsies on the Mand British american support two bodies in an Effort to deter for a Tough new policy toward is Rael Whitney daughter 19 and Oil heir married mine what caused the deaths National Headquarters and ran it with an Iron hand phase no 3 of probe when where and How the Story of Mccarty fits into the picture is for Mccarty himself to Tell Kennedy insisted the Philadelphia inquiry is phase no 3 in the committees i investigation of what went on in e York Jan 25 the operating engine cars Union of Cornelius this is an Falcio organization Vanderbilt Sonn Whitney Andi t of unionists who handle heir Rchard Cox m ers cranes and other Haw were married today 0jsold at bargain prices in the Chin cry principally in the Condas after her had area of Illinois Striction industries it is a and of their engagement Iowa today milk bar Rains o follow cutting i o by Chain store civilian killed in bomber crash Citar Getoff incwn7an7t7t i ported experiments indicating not to declare a dividend at last night Progress had been achieved to v the would be in personal controlled fusion of Hydro the who usually Comey the rally Here what j h w Gen atoms to produce electric pow re even for or raw Materia for in two weeks said he of Windsor father wounds who Salt Lake City Jan 25 loaded with secret gear believed to Deal with missiles an mrs Oil til Force b25 crashed and burned Ini a Snow storm today killing a Evansville Jan 25 i civilian passenger and injuring e Pond three air Force men aboard charged with assault and Battery the air Force after some delay i Vest j Carolina already had arrived in 1st1 cons ered years away Bulington and that some of them07 t i visited the rally site it was Lett f Tutlis their advice the klan Leader that he called off the meeting Khrushchev asks ban on missiles n Jan 15 and powerful organization of in dan15 lne blonde pretty it sold last week at 41 cents an Cipal Airport 000 dues paying members Whitney said in just London Jan 25 shooting and wound communist party be just North of Salt Lake the was state of the Union i Hope he takes a close look at the extraordinary number of assistant secretaries of defense and assistants to the assistants who Are cluttering up the Penta Mansfield said sen Knowland of California the senates Republican Leader said Eisenhower action confirms ear Lier statements that the president is giving his attention to changes and will have Concrete recommendations to make to Congress Eisenhower told his Jan 15 news conference that while he has some rather fixed ideas about the proper defense organization he is not going to insist that All of them be adopted he said a consensus must be reached with Congress and those charged with operating the Mili tary services and he would be the last to ask for a detailed organization in which i believe Eisenhower said he looked for a great Deal of argument about any reorganization plan arid he would certainly express his views As Best he could oppose single commander without reference to Eisenhowe ers Pentagon visit Knowland and sen Bridges Rah voiced Vig Orous opposition to placing a sin Gle commander Over the armed forces in the forthcoming reorganization Knowland Sain in an interview he is not convinced that a single chief of staff is the answer to the problem of speeding up the development of missiles and Satel Lake Placid x Jan chairman of the Senate Fol new s gov Averell Ngop policy committee said in a Hamman dangled 60 feel above statement he is opposed to con half hour Icen rating the military strength of ailed honour country in the hands of one the Harriman stays aloft half hour round for More than in when a ski Lif Mountain in cow radio tonight to be ready to id witnesses Friday testified fewer than a third of he members Are allowed to vote kid Eisenhower years ago Advocat be a gun i discuss the governor Here de the single command idea in t to and photographers Powell told police he fired a ballistic misses Narf Ito dedicate a new state Cen testimony before Congress but i love Dick and i this a Chain had gotten a closeup Leslie Jones because feet later dropped it in favor of think the world of him but frankly in scared to marry three jets crash Fuchu Japan sunday Jan 26 of three u s advertised a half gallon for 19 look wreckage cents other retailers dropped prices to meet the Competition last night a Moline store Cut the Price to 5 cents a quart several Moline stores Are give school Aid urged Washington 25 up president Eisenhower will Send students die 111 air Force Jet trainers that crashed Ling a half gallon away with a Sio Congress monday a special me wounded into the sea yesterday immediate grocery order the area also in1 Sage dealing with his Vas treated at a Hospi new Castle Jan 25 after Takeoff was still sought eludes East Moline Rock program for for a neck and re two Steubenville College students j today 15 hours after the and Davenport Iowa to education leased were killed instantly today when a car skidding out of control was he Jeral disarmament it Arop pea n in Tavor of Corn thought Jones was reaching for a j t Mamell agreement Siope when an electric motor Promise gun As they met in front of Powe d that s3dfhfe Down joked and Strong support has developed in that the West must first agree laughed about his predicament Congress for reshaping the duties in i f f o Ells Home 1200foot lift and skied Down struck broadside by a Coal truck on Pennsylvania 19 ten Miles East of Here Lawrence county Coroner John e or identified the Vic Tims As Thomas a Lorinc 19 of Windber and w w wish mar 19 of Canonsburg a for a neck wound on bail president names panel to Avert Eal strike Jan 25 four other students in the car train Simuan to make Normal driven by Burr Atkinson 20 of sharper and help pull Many Elizabeth n were injured h Back to reality was the truck Driver William Scott by a Georgia doctor to Roth 22 of new Brighton was not injured stimulant seen aiding Normal persons mentally special Threeman Board today by John a Harbour lies the stimulant May also Hal Plochock one evening until 4 a strike Theca new York Jan 25 a borderline mental or anxiety the next morning Kennedy will seek pay Law Extension Overall military planning they Are presided Over by a fourth member As chairman who serves As chief military adviser to the Secretary of defense Washington Jan 25 25 Peron May stay Caracas Venezuela Jan ruling Junta pres ident said tonight Argentina a dictator Juan Peron May re main in Venezuela if he demands the right of political Asylum Dav cases such As disturbed or Delin quent children he said or Pfeiffer believes the stimulant called or dmae exists naturally in nor Between Eastern he said at the time that his s said today a measure was a Compromise Bei action this session tween the recommendation of Snow covers to citation today the patient tells simply that he likes this new schedule better than his old one in a test of Normal men medi Cal students at the University or by the associated press us us t i i n May be available by press Nuj Mal brains but so tie mentally ill Pfeiffer reported these results Tion in about three months persons May Lack enough of this from use of dmae the stimulant is Kin to a chem Iiamae j Many said they needed the panel is headed by David l Cole Paterson n attorney and former director of the Federal mediation service less three year trance like cat called choline found in fishy he told of one patient who had sleep some said the slept sound foods and fish egg preparation been in a catatonic state for about woke earlier and More Clear like caviar it was reported by or Carl Pfeiffer 49 at a conference of the brain research foundation effective against Schizo Hren drawn from reality the tone of their Muscles in after four months of treatment proved the patient improved he suddenly j they were belter Able to con broke into talk continuing from 6lcentrate Popes tooth treated Vatican City Jan 25 about six million additional Pei sons the senator said in an to the Snow Belt covered parts of View he would ask that the labor j to 0 Mon lore West Virginia Maryland Pennsyl committee resume its work on Vania and new York state the legislation at an Early Kennedy said today it appeared the Blanket reached a depth of he said he would be ready ony choices Are Between his Joo inches near Jamestown proceed with the minimum wage Obj and me administration the Snow ranged up to 13 inches Bill As soon As a labor a of Oner senators onion Erie county at the Northwest Mittee which he Heads committee showed it might be Ern tip of Pennsylvania state to Pope is report on a Bill to regulate Pius Xii shortened his morning welfare and pension plans audience schedule today so a dentist could attend to a tooth which has been bothering the pontiff hard to break the deadlock lice said roads leading South from sen Allott r Colo said it the City of Erie toward Pitts Kennedy minimum wage pro seemed to him the legislation was Burgh were in bad shape s3l was snarled in the full cumin a mix Rinn stains when lip the Pennsylvania Turnmi a mixed up status when the the Pennsylvania Turnpike was Mittic when the 1957 Congre Sioni committee stopped wrestling with reported covered with Snow from Al session ended Jit last summer the Ohio line eastward to Reading

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