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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives Jan 8 1967, Page 5

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - January 8, 1967, Cumberland, Maryland City 4boom begins soon in Uruguay by William Hamilton Punta Del byte Uruguay is Wake up month for this tiny town and its 7000 residents on the Peninsular just where the Rio de la Plata joins the icy South Atlantic its a quiet unpretentious place eight months of the year but in a week of so the 7000 will have swelled to 50000 the beaches will be packed the hotels crammed at Getrich prices and the merchants open from Dawn until Well past Midnight vying for business the season is near and the difference in Between the Punta Del est first and third weeks in january can be like Day and night summer officially begins in this hemisphere dec 21 but Uruguay tourist Argentina Brazil and a few other South american countries until its really hot then in the visitors pour and the 35 hotels that have been shuttered throughout the Winter Are suddenly bustling with activity the big Casino that has stood empty for eight months will find lines wailing at the door at opening time where a few weeks ago one could walk Miles on the Playa brava the Oceanside Beach seeing More seagulls than people and an occasional Seal splashing in the tide now there a Bustle and Bustle in preparation for the big invasion a clerk at the hotel Playa said proudly there were More than 2500 building projects being from tiny newspaper and suntan lotion stands to hotel additions and new night clubs All be ready when the season begins he said sanctioned by the Bureau of International exhibitions offi Cial governing body for world exhibitions expo 67 will have More than 70 nations participating in the fair which opens in Montreal on april 28 1967 advertisement amazing psoriasis Story Pittsburgh for psoriasis 30 years spent much Money to no Avail then used Gap ointment and tablets for 2 i weeks Scales disappeared As if by magic in6 weeks skin completely cleared and clean first time in 30 years thanks for your marvelous products this much abbreviated report tells of a users Success with a dual treatment for the outward symptoms of psoriasis full in formation and details of a 14 Day trial plan from the Canam co dept 372j Rockport mass the family lawyer Between you and me John alone with Edward in an elevator says to him you Are a Crook assuming that Edward is not a Crook could he colled dam Ages for defamation of Char Acter no because nobody else heard what John said generally speaking to de Fame someone is to injure his reputation if no one hears the accusation except the accused person himself then his reputation has not suffered at All while a private Acet Oace insult might occasionally amount to a criminal offence it is not grounds for a defamation suit unless there is a third party in the picture this applies not Only to Oral defamation slander but also to written defamation for example a Man wrote a bristling letter to the widow next door accusing her of stealing his Lawn Mower he happened to be wrong and she sued him for defamation of character but the court denied her claim be cause the Man had not made the charge known to anyone else but her suppose that such a letter Al though mailed to one particular individual is also read by a third party if the writer should have foreseen that eventually then he May indeed be held responsible for making his accusation Public thus a wholesale grocery sales Man irked at one of his customers wrote him a scurrilous letter but the customers Secretary opened the letter and read it before passing it along to her Boss was the Salesman liable for defamation the court said yes because he was familiar with the Secretary habit of Check ing the mail the court said he should have foreseen that i accusations would become pub Lic just the Way they did but there is no liability if the third party even though he sees or hears the accusation cannot understand it in one Case a virtuous Wom an was accused of immorality in front of her very Young children a court found no Defa mation since the children had no idea what the words meant the essence of the injury said the court is the effect upon the minds of the hearers and Here there was no effect at All an american bar association and Maryland state bar association Public serv ice feature by will Bernard by us Sovan Beirut Lebanon a once again As so often before the Middle East Outlook for 1967 s for multiple crisis a dirty Little guerrilla War in the Britsch controlled South Arabia federation is almost sure to grow despite or per saps because of a British curb tiling Salty Tims sunday Impi t1kt Outlook for Middle East during next year seen one of multiple crisis about Churchill Ike to reminisce former president Dwight d Eisenhower will reminisce about the late Winston Churchill As a military Man on the Abc pledge to withdraw by 1968 a Jerri la front backed by presi Dent carnal Abdel Nasser of Egypt probably will increase terrorism to prevent More mod crate groups from gaining control after Independence on israels Border Jordan again is a hot spot King Hus skins throne is in danger riot ing by palestinian refugees Fol lowing a sudden israeli military attack on Jordan in november has raised the crisis temperature should there be another such israeli attack Hussein to save his throne would have to meet it with an equally Large counterattack the United states is sending arms to Jordan to bolster it against Israel and raise Hus the United states and the West saudi Arabia Kuwait Iran and the persian Gulf Sheik anxious about the flow of Oil have heavy Slakes in the Vola tile Middle East on Jordans Northern Frontier a regime of Young revolutionaries in Syria seems firmly in Power the regime is volatile and it is engaged in applying heavy pressure on the Jordani an throne stage 67 program feb 16 skins prestige among arabs Jericho out the loins All Rich in Oil will in crease their revenues and continue to pursue Large scale development programs saudi arabian ruler King Faisal is about the Only Middle Hast figure who can Challenge Nasser stature As a Leader of arabs Nasser Likely will continue As the Man most Likely to influence Middle East events hut he too has plenty of Trou Jericho series on economic stagnation at thus will be under a relative amount of control turkeys government faces Many internal problems but the year could be he most Prosper Ous and politically stable since he 1960 army coup toppled the late Adnan Menderes the dispute Between turks and cypriot greeks on the Island of Cyprus will remain far from settlement but Cyprus is Likely to remain quiet for Israel surrounded by t sea of Arab enemies the begins with a serious economic crisis which could bring ment changes belts will have to be tightened and luxury spend ing curtailed the main ment concern will be to improve Border Protection will be replaced in the Home a costly War in Yemen pm spot thursday beginning Jan 20 by coliseum a series presenting spectacular shows in various Arenas at Home and abroad circuses ice shows rodeos and other attractions will be presented state economic news in Brief flew Cecil industries Elkton the Central chem ical corp is building a fertilizer Plant in the Elkton Industrial Park the aluminium fabricating co has occupied the Industrial building on Mackall Street for the assembling of shipping containers for helicopter Blades the present staff of eleven will be increased to forty under present expansion plans discover America award Annapolis Maryland is the first state to receive the discover America award from the National travel promotion organization discover America inc gov j Millard Tawes accepted the citation presentation was made by Thomas s Miles Deputy director of discover America inc who in his or mentation remarks cited As out standing the program of the tourist development division Maryland department of eco nomic development of which Gilbert a Crandall is chief oceanography facility Annapolis the multimillion Dollar Westinghouse oceanography Laboratory on the Shore of the Chesapeake Bay near Here will go into operation in mid december it will be staffed by 500 scientists and technicians it was built on a 115 acre site and contains 120000 Square feet of floor space head ski expands Timonium the head ski company has broken ground Here for the fifth major addition to its factory and office build ing the expansion project will add 40000 Square feet of floor space the Plant has been enlarged five times in seven years Londo town builds manufacturing company is building a 12000 Square foot addition to its local factory the original Structure was completed in 1962 it contains 30000 Square feet of floor space the new addition will permit an increase in production personnel sell Container Plant Fairfield paper Board company is closing negotiations for the Purchase of Union amp corporations corrugated Container Plant in this port of Baltimore area Plant has a staff of 220 the he supports revolutionary guerrillas and the constant threat of new Israel Arab conflict in Iraq the revolutionary re Gime of president Abdel Rah Man Aref will make economic Progress but fail in All probability to win the support of j disenchanted political groups a peace agreement with Iraq rebellious kurd is Likely to continue respected and this Potin Middle East powder Keg prizewinning Little Devil Praise winning Low sprite sprite another action car from the sign of the Octagon give in to it Thompson Buick sports cars in Cumberland a loan to the Rescue pay your Bills with Money from us Dave will help you get out from under with a debt consolidation repay us monthly in Small amounts phone or come in for immediate service Dave icel i borrow 10141 pay too Bock to 20323 Poy floor or Boek to 30000 Poy 1 771 per Bock to other loom in proportionate Amouli Allegany finance corp 11 s Liberty St a 47610 Coats sport topcoats entire Stock mens fancy sweaters Wotton maryland1 Tineil popular priced mens smooth posture final Opportunity yes this is your last Chance to buy this famous mattress and Box Spring at this Low Price to maintain the Quality the Price will have to go up soon dont miss out on the healthful firm support it can give you dont miss out on the luxurious Comfort you can have dont miss out on this value hurry in i life exclusive smooth Loc construction no buttons no lumps hundreds of twin tapered tempered steel coins Lovely Long lasting Woven cover special Box Spring designed for maximum support and durability Small enough to know you Large enough to serve you Are open 317 Virginia Avenue phone and thursdays from 9 to 9 other Days 9 to 5

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