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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives Aug 22 1976, Page 1

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - August 22, 1976, Cumberland, Maryland Talk to in 60i the of rain it near tera 232 ass Daig press service up Cumber and Maryland sunday Nino Tovarka latest sports Cra Kraf social a vets comics Ramiv we Kiy shopping Stitik mints eight die in Ohio Accident Valley View Ohio up at least eight were killed and 16 others injured in a series of explosions and fires when a tractor trailer truck sped out of control Down a Long Steep Hill and crashed into 10 cars stopped or a traffic Light Here truck Driver John Harris 56 Detroit told police the brakes ailed As he started Down Granger Road Hill shortly after 7 pm Friday the Hill turned into a holocaust of flames and screams As the truck slammed into the cars at canal Road intersection police said the truck which skidded into the rear of two cars Jackknife and rolled Over and crushed several cars in fifth gear instead of second or Low gear is recommended on lighted the Nill because of this Harris May face charges police said Klue were Henry Skitzki 68 his wife Florence 63 Vincen Battiato 65 Carl Carl Rifici or 19 Wanda g Mooney 22 and Edward Rosala 58 All of Garfield Heights and Patrick Patrustas Richmond Heights and Frank Burkhart age arid address were not immediately known a had been burned beyond recognition according to Cuya hoga county Coroner or Samuel r Gerber who marshalled his staff of h medical experts working on the Case Tim Adams 19 who works at a nearby service villagers flee danger a Long Row of can and trucks line up at French army checkpoint a villagers Nee the danger Lone of the la souffle re Volcano on the Guadaloupe Island of Basseterre despite a deceptive Calm authorities warned the Volcano could erupt at any time and urged residents to evacuate the area Sappho Tofau tidal wave victims found by frogman Manila the Philippines recovered the bodies of 274 persons mostly children swept out to sea by tidal Waves following a massive Earth quake in the Southern poll some 3200 bodies have been recovered officials say most of the3000 missing were probably swept into the Gulf by the tidal Waves and Are also dead an estimated 450000 persons Rel a Ltd in me Azul Flani fail in non station said he heard the i Pines the official Hora blow three philippine news Agency t times before the crash Kency the earthquake Detroit Ufa on tuesday three weeks before the contract ends the United Auto workers will pick one of the big three automakers al its target for a new settlement to set the pattern for he 680000 autoworkers the larger company still have to come to terms on an by mid night sept u or a strike while us competitors continue a build cars the Ford motor co was thought to be the Favorito Tor the dubious distinction when contract talks began in mid Luly bul observers now say general motors probably will be selected Chrysler is thought to have Only a slim change of being picked and anger can motors none at Alt what could make pm the favorite according to Daw vice president frvling Bluestone is Hal the largest automaker is introducing an entire new line of smaller full sized cars and would Hale to have Hal interrupted by a so Rake the unions is local bargaining units already have begun a strike Vole Law president Leonard Woodcock directing his last negotiations prefers to Call the unions Choice the settlement target saying its More poll Mistoc whatever term is used bar gainers will have to Wade through a Host of Union demands that Auto company negotiators claim Are massive and costly and company proposals called takeaways and the Korea claims us provocation Carrier Midway ordered to Korea the crash reported president Ferdinand e Marcos said his country was sitting at the wheel and would need to foreign Aid in he was burned Black recovering from the disaster which left More other Guy and you could see than 3000 dead on the Island Mindanao and 3000 earthquake itself which measured 78 on the Richter scale considered a major earthquake was entered in the celebes sea 250 Miles South of the worst hit land area i have explained to our we the philippine Navy a ii8 patrolman were working in Tim Augh Lobough one of the first police officers to City 500 Miles South of arrive at the scene people Manila where 30foot Waves atm for help swept Inland with the heat and flames we Early wednesday after the could t get close to the huge quake smashing into cars cities and fishing villages news briefs woman Heads Philadelphia up the Philadelphia Junior chamber of Commerce which had its charter lifted three years ago by the National organization for admitting women has elected a soil Ali woman As president o Oil Iii Alluca after her election to the top Post Margi hippie 29 lid we have Long stopped considering the and of incas to world they Are capable of handling this situation by themselves Marcos said after returning from an inspection trip to Mindanao Marcos said visiting Secretary general a Karim Gaye of the islamic conference of foreign ministers had offered help for the mostly moslem area however i told them Gayes parly we Are handling the Mailer Quile Well ourselves assistance has also been offered by the United slates Britain China Australia India and new zealand the United slates offered 15 helicopters from the Carrier Tripoli due in Manila on monday As Well As four Large cargo planes the philippine govern ment is very thankful Lor and la offers of assistance coming harshest Ever by the Law from Friendly sources but a single Law demand for the government is Able per worker con Trie moment to handle the Iri Button into the Sun situation in the Cala Naulty elemental unemployment stricken areas of Mindanao benefits fund that gives on its own said a foreign workers up to 95 per cent of office spokesman Here their take Home pay when mks it or int jew York Aid t had sent a proposal by pm that 1600milks later Costlow 25jerold Nallas Texas registered Nure Beldt her be at her Home after completing the Bike ride from Astoria Oregon o Wullum Surj in 74 Days in he she was permitted five rest Days and to Crry la camping equipment with her she 60 mlle per App Hoyoux Europe eyes v i Naa sent a it i people they Are showing the 7000 tons of food clothing Auto workers Nick Uhl world they Are capable of and Medicine Worth ass up he a Theunis unsaid York London up government red tape saturday held up London water saving plans million Gallons to do Down the Drain every Day officials locked Hie Gates of Public forests in seven English counties in Hopes of hailing a rash of triggered by Britain worst drought in 250 years said Oil Porcu Fuji Munjig the to Mission of women to be an Issue it has since become a Way of life with us As evidenced obviously by my election As president la 1973 the Philadelphia chapter was expelled from the National organization for violating the male Only Rule Richard Burton weds Arlington a a Richard Burton married blonde British Model Susan Hunt Here saturday afternoon with Bob Wilson who was Best a acors fir marriage to Elizabeth Taylor filling that Post again the civil ceremony was performed by judge Francis e Thomas or who also married Secretary of state and Nancy Kissinger after the wedding the newlyweds flew to new fora reception at Laurent a restaurant in the Lombardy hotel where the Burtons will live while he makes a new movie City curfew enforced looting Johannesburg South organized moderates within the lutheran Church Missouri Synod have made the decision they have Long debated to pull out of the conservative Church and to form a new denomination it was done with some expressed reluctance and with some reservations As to its effects Aboul 1100 members of the moderate group called the evangelical Luther and in Mission met for three Uruu Days the past week in their Africa up a White third annual Assembly a couple shot their Way meeting us Leaden honed i rough a gang of about 20 would end the concept of the knife wielding Bucks 17000 member movement wounding at least five in one of the first attacks by Blacks on whiles in South Africa spreading racial strife police said saturday demonstrations sporadic arson attempts and looting were reported in at least nine towns in All four of South Africa provinces and police continued a nationwide Roundup of dissidents in an at Empl to smash the Black consciousness movement he cd Vit ill lutherans will establish evangelical denomination to tit Skoul South up North iodised the United sulm saturday of Large Soli military provocation by lending heavily armed Force into Jan Munjon truce Villi be to Cut Down the tree where two us army officer killed earlier Ihli week the accusation by the official North korean Cen los new Agency Curt As Lite 7lh Fleet Chi ruler Midway accompanied by cml scr and four Frog Lei was reported steam Long from Japan toward Walers two Squadron of us already have la Soi Illi Korea the communist Agency said the us action involved about 700 men and helicopter creating the Agency in a report intended Lor he North korean Domestic service said the United flew Over communist Ler Tilory accused the us o trying to new korean according to in Washington the alack came As five Man work party by us ind South korean Security Welsh Walcer Aulhorn tics ruin ads irked to prune circulated Bright red he posters warning its near Ian Imjoo running out and prepared North korean los cml off water to l million red to Block the workers persons Homes for 17 hours according o United in every 21 nations command orcs try commission with and orders closing forests and axes Hack not to death Mil Woodlands in the hardest hit Arlhur Bon Lui 33 of areas did not come soon As an organized thrust Many will be in that within the Missouri Synod position some Bui things went As sex congregations that might peeled el1m general like to join the Klc would Manger of Clwyd Wald said be forced to pay Back in and ki1m will continue ils mediately Lon Lerm existence past next building Loans if Thuv led the december when the new denomination Inu yemeni Ford the association of evangelical lutheran churches gets organized in Chicago Wald said although the Assembly gave the emm Board of directors authority to support the Alec directly there was fear that individuals whose congregations will not move into the Aelic will be left Wilh nothing Missouri Synod and some k11m members arc a vocal Man oily in staunchly conservative congregations that would Tel join the Wafic the Missouri synods supreme court the commission on constitutional mailers ruled wednesday thai any congregation joining the Klc automatically for feits membership in the Missouri Synod enough for some exhausted lire departments we Are stretched to the limit said Hay Orringer ire officer in South we arc fighting War w i i h o u t wartime orgin Ralton in Normal limes we get 10 to x Calls 3 Day in the Post few weeks we have Iwon gelling up to i to a Day some Par time lira Man have nol slept for 48 hours because they go straight from their usual jobs to lir Lhing ires one Man Hast slept in 72 hours belgian authorities saturday regulations which could loss a Man into jail or washing his car an emergency decree imposes lines o up to i million and Erms up to five years Lor wast Lynx Walcer the minimum me is Juki Ami the minimum jail irm on month Newburgh by an Lilu Mark Barrett is of Columbu so the bodies o two men arrived at Travoli air Dait saturday were awarded Milbury Honori maj Boult at funeral will be held aug 21 at Point by the funeral of 11 Barren will b in Columbia aug Karly saturday Unco headed by us army Gen Elchard g still will knt work group into the Village and Cut Down according o korean Central a two at nov report monitored in Seoul More than to Rigandi including us troops in Lull trim were into woe it Talf they backed up by Over 400 armed a Heli Copler creating a in Noble tar atmosphere government blames for the violence Kansas City to up president Kord has taken bold Gamble and volunteered to confront Jimmy Carter in a series of nationally televised debates to Lei the american voter choose the belter Man Nas Noim Ford who trails Carter by debates 25 percentage Points in he Bicentennial Wilh Jimmy Carter the american people have the right to know firsthand exactly where both of us stand Ford the Republican underdog from Michigan has Noah my to Inse irom the americas year for plan to debate Detroit up scores of specially trained police prowled the streets again saturday to enforce a Tough City curfew that apparently was succeeding in curtailing the cites recent youth gang rampages a Light schedule of nighttime events that might attract Leen aged crowds was credited with helping officers enforce the 10 pm curfew tir Tii 1 in j ror Ven weeks of racial upheaval the worst in South african history at least 2 persons have been killed Many by riot squad gunfire according to police figures More than 100 Black schools have been burned Down or damaged in arson attacks nomination thursday night thai a facet face debate would be the Best Way to launch an aggressive Campaign against his opponent he quickly composed a few lines on a yellow was it it p and in detention j1 was preparing to of us arrested Friday and Early saturday a the latest to yellow 5hoel dozen were 17 years old and faced arraignment up this sear the issues Are saturday m traffic Cort on curfew charge on our in pleaded innocent juveniles were to appear later in ars in Durban for Riv to probate court with their Parent rest Lydai amen can Scopi he real i Suci facet face Ford can Only Gam Horn ii said a historian he dont go into this debate As a favorite said a Carter aide pointing to Fords congressional and White House experience Fords skilfully timed Challenge caught Carter sue s similar Challenge bul he quickly to the debates ignoring advisers warnings that Ford has More practice a debater the National television indicated a willingness Loio along providing the debates can be held by an Independent sponsor to circumvent Federal equal Lime regulations a format proposal by the of in Oman voters would place the hrs of Ihrcke debates inst m a Lite More than a month away two More Rie Balraj would follow in other Cilius during october Ford and Cir tar Eion selected n adviser to rat John details Wilh the Lea few tie league pro Pond that die vice pres denial candidates Republican Kobert j tale of Kansas and Democrat Walter f Mondale of Minnesota debate the week of ocl n both seemed willing o meet in the Lurt nationally televised debates Between vice president ii candidates Ford Carter it realm would be the first Between presidential Venisi revision Sinira Wrinn John r ital Kennedy outshone Kichan Ulm 10 clip a before word m Nuon his ill most of command of the Issum his advisers favored a those debates Kent and the Kate a a bold stroke biggest Volar Tutti it of the their Confidence was Century providing a a Fay mad Edge for the majority democratic parly Kord took a big by deciding o Deltito Carter no incumbent sri or has Chown to risk the a i a anlage of pm older b Bard on the Ile bating skill hat Kord an Ivy league accumulated blur my a Quarter Century in Public Olliff and the Rev he has been it Donini ref fitly from High Panl int Ilia Only ure at Vurr Kord a aim the debate actor dog to inside apparently k of failure great bul debate is a Cummon two of the political in la de dog who has the adviser to gain if or can Xii died Chr t his and according to he adv Larrt believes he skilfully can ukr his in siders Kph Lertsr o to Vermeil to reinforce a prevailing it nor that Carter is Washy on the issues political stipend its across the country agreed Witt Iii tylors i inc Baltimore a the win Nln a two saturday in Maryland gum Dally lottery we

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