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Cumberland Times Newspaper Archives Aug 20 1967, Page 1

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Cumberland Times (Newspaper) - August 20, 1967, Cumberland, Maryland Rfcs weather Tim my Itic vol no 229 Cumberland Maryland sunday August 20 1967 flit catty Suc sections c1tya1ea latest 8fobts general society weddings comics family weekly Price is menu invade Cong hideout driving rain fails to halt March in la negro klansmen schedule on Capitol slept Baton Rouge la about 130 walked seven through a driving rain saturday to Complete the next Toast let of a 100mile protest March both marchers and the Kun flux Kjan had rallies scheduled of the Steps of the Capitol Sun Day the klan Wai to arrive at Tot statehouse 30 minutes after negroes were to leave fifteen Hundred Louisiana National guardsmen stood by saturday there were no incidents la contrast to screaming egg throwing Whites who lined us to Friday the wet streets were quiet and Clear As the negroes in arched into Baton Rouge Lincoln Lynch associate National director of tin Congress of racial Equality led the March la addition to the guardsmen to the capital 75 state police deputies and City police accompanied the marchers Mora than 150 cheering singing negroes greeted the marchers at capital Junior High a negro neighbourhood gov John Mckeithen ordered nearly 1000 More guardsmen to tile capital saturday he activated s50 thursday left the Segre f stronghold of Bogalusa they planned to present Mckeither list of grievances at sunday rally but the governor said would not there he warned Friday a a television talk that the guardsmen were under orders to Start shooting if Ria tag occurred when stepped Ett saturday in a rainstorm m us next to last leg of their March reinforcements had brought the total of to 104 at their head was Lincoln Lynch associate National director of the Congress of racial Equality the saturday March route was about seven Miles to a Park inside the Baton Rouge Munici pal limits the negroes Wil March sunday fro the Park to the state Capitol state troopers guarded the marching negroes the National guardsmen were at major intersections along that part of us Highway 190 inside the City the negroes marched along the Highway Romney plans speaking tour of seven states mack3nac Island Mich George Romney plans a whirlwind speaking tour this fall of seven states including at least three which have presidential primary elections it was disclosed saturday after attending the National governors conference in the Virgin islands which ends oct 21romney has tentative plans to speak in new Hampshire Massachusetts and South Dako of which have presiden tial primaries next Arizona North Dakota ver Mont and perhaps Colorado the new Hampshire visit will be the third this year for Romney a leading contender for the 1968 Republican presidential nomination Romney considers himself an underdog in new Hampshire because former vice president Richard m Nixon his chief rival for the nomination has Strong backing to the state parting humor Secretary of state Dean Rusk finds humor in parting remarks with Kurt Georg Kiesinger Chancellor of West Germany at Andrews air Force base near Washington yesterday Rusk saw Kiesinger off from his weeks visit to Washington that included talks with president Johnson a photo fax Viet cons plans runners in a Field also including 10civilian slates the civilian candidates accusing sabotaging the government of their campaigns the officials said a number of recent Viet Cong defectors and prisoners reported having received orders to disrupt the National governmental elections slated for sept 3 Vonee expected this plus communist Broad casts condemning the elections and the past pattern of Viet Cong led washing ton authorities to expect a wave of terrorist acts during the final few Days of the political Campaign it is anticipated that the harassment will be aimed both at candidates and a keeping Vot ers away from the polls Washington National aeronautics and space published Satur Day the first Large detailed map Ever made of that part of the Moon which is forever hidden from the Earth the Chart was made possible by photographs taken by us and soviet spacecraft which soared behind the Moon and later transmitted pictures to Earth the Chart compiled for Nasa by air Force cartographers at Hospital later group defies israeli Janits general walkout called in Sinai seacoast Section by Utheil Frew pro egyptian elements in toe Sinai seacoast town of Al Arish could include attempt to saturday launched a general strike and hoisted an egyptian Flag m Defiance of occupying israeli forces Stone barricades u s Offidana reported preliminary evidence saturday of Viet Gong plans to mount a terror Campaign aimed at disrupting the september Elee communist harassment assassinate opposition candidates and blame the killings on the present military regime Elf Idt shows Uriart israeli military authorities Chiel of state Nguyen Van to Ujj immediately invoked Thieu and prime minister jul Lliel it skin the clock curfew and Nguy Encao by Are the front g r t in effect until the pro egyptian instigators axe rounded up it was the first reported open resistance to israeli Rule in the Sinai since the israelis occupied the territory in the june Mideast War were arrested saturday after Amman radio broadcast their name and said they had signed f Louis covers More thaa 75 three British airmen killed Aden Royal air Force sergeant and two airmen were shot and killed by Arab terrorists in separate attacks saturday the sergeant was filling his car at a Gas station m Adens residential Maala District when he was shot at Pointblank Range the terrorist got away an hour later two airmen apparently unaware of the earlier attack were filling their police saturday arrested is Jed immediately the other in a Vietnam during a us army St per cent of the Moons far Side it will used As a guide by delegates to the 13th general Assembly of the International astronomical Union in assigning names to newly discovered craters seas rills and mountains on the Back of the Moon the Assembly will open at Prague aug 22 about 85 per cent of the photographs used in making the map were taken by us lunar orbiters 1 2 3 and 4 the Chart was prepared before the aug 1 launch of lunar orbiter 5 which is expected to raise Good photographic coverage of both sides of the Moon to nearly 100 per cent arrest protestors Berlin Berlin Parade Bap Browns attorney claims client is political prisoner9 new York a h rap Brown jailed on a Federal gun charge was held in 25ooo bail saturday Over the protests of a lawyer who said the militant Nefro Leader was a political prisoner Brown chairman of the Stu deat nonviolent coordinating committee was arrested at 2 am outside a friends manhat Tan apartment and put in the Federal House of detention his lawyer applied to a Feder Al judge for reduction of the Kail which had Ben set by us Earl n Bis Opp the real crime is his being rap Brown is a militant Black Man in America said William of Kunstler Browns attorney Brown was charged with carrying a semiautomatic car Bine on an airline flight from new Orleans to new York while under indictment a violation of the Federal firearms act punishable by up to five years in jail and a Fine he is under indictment in Maryland on charges of arson rioting and inciting to riot when arrested Brown was not armed but Federal agents said they later searched the apartment with a warrant and found a gun in a plastic bag with a banana clip of 31 bul lets asst us atty Stephen e Kaufman said Brown was seen carrying the weapon in Baton Rouge la thursday and also was seen buying ammunition when airline agents in new Orleans asked him Friday if he was carrying a gun Brown re plied yes and turned a Rifle in a plastic bag Over to an agent for during his flight to new York the complaint mid an around said it will lbs Senate support on War erodes Vietnam policies backed by Only 44 Coloru checked Washington a sen ate support for president John sons Vietnam War course has eroded so sharply he apparently would be hard put to Muster a majority for any Broad endorse ment of his asian policies an associated press canvass which found 8i senators willing to express an opinion either publicly or private showed 44 willing to say they generally support what the president is doing and 40 who disapprove of his actions for one reason or another a breakdown showed 27 democrats and 17 republicans Back ing the president those opposing his policies included 26 democrats and 14 republicans those who criticize the presi Dent do so for sharply contrasting reasons because they include both the most convinced doves and most militant Hawks Swift Victory thus even though they list themselves As supporters some Hawks assert strongly their be Lief that Johnson should go All out militarily to bring the conflict to a Swift and victorious conclusion on the other hand the doves complain that Johnson is Esca lating the struggle dangerously by bombing Nea China targets is failing to get the South Viet namese to do their share and is leaving no opening for a negotiated peace the substance of the com ments at individual senators there is such wide spread dissatisfaction with the Way the War is going that it would be risky for the president to seek any formal endorsement of his position As he did in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution in a gust 1964 Twe Aga just in All the Congress Only Sens Wayne Morse Dore and Ernest Gruening Dalaska voted against the 1964 Resolution but a number of senators including chairman j w Fulbright d Ark of the Senate foreign re lations committee have said they would not support such a commitment now eleven arrested memorandum declaring sup port for King Hussein of Jordan of the eleven arrested including former jordanian parliament Khamis o said they were threatened into signing the ant israeli Declara mrw erf he Tion in agitators who scattered leaflets 000 urging shopkeepers to close their stores Al Arish inhabitants hag about including 5000 egyptians who mainly of teachers doctors and other professionals map thrown open to visitors Thieu pledges Ort despite defeat Saigon up chief of state Nguyen Van Thieu in a move to temper remarks by his running Matt prime minister Nguyen Cao by pledged saturday to a civilian president if he ii beaten in South Vietnam sept 3 still there seems no likelihood that any attempt will be made to put into operation the in Bethlehem 11 persons by Johnson k cos conference that is available any time con wanta to rescind its 1964 masked Bandit Only nine were held vw9uw gems Paris a three masked men overpowered the night search started watchman in the Deposit room t orly airports freight depot Al Ansh israeli military Early saturday and got away jut j in Ilu a of Allu a Way Force started a House by House with Gold bars jewels and Bank search for arms and suspected notes valued by police at m m to h Kvil a Al he told police later the three quietly had Cut the huge Safe 30000 open with a blow Torch then about calmly walked away with their consist loot this was the biggest Holdup at n in the Airport since 1948 when Gold Only this week the area was bars Worth were taken among those from the Gaza by gangsters who later were arrested killed huge fuel Oil tanks explode in Montreal Montreal up two huge fuel Oil storage tanks exploded at a Montreal depot saturday feeding hundreds of thousands of Gallons of Oil into flames that leaped 850feet into smoke wakened skies the fire which began at to was still raging out of control late saturday and it was feared that it might spread to two tanks containing 18 million Gallons of High octane gasoline at test eight persons including seven firemen were injured m the fires none seriously one unofficial company source said toe had already exceeded million by noon saturday the first storage tank exploded just after the fire started at the Calex Oil refinery the second exploded 13 hours later at approximately 2 pm the earthshaking explosions spewed torrents of flaming fuel Over the area As More than 400 fire fighters tried to bring the fire under control most of the firemen injured in the Blaze were treated for Burns smoke inhalation and exhaustion and released from the Hospital after treatment a truck Driver employed by the Oil company was hospitalized with Burns received in the spectacular five Alum under Hospital guard a Deputy sheriff stands guard beside the bed of David Hoskins 30 in a St Cloud Hospital yesterday after a Bullet was removed from Hoskins shoulder sheriff Peter Lahr raid Hoskins signed statement admitting he shot his wife then set fire to their farm Home four Small Hoskins children died in the Blaze Hoskins admitted shooting himself twice a photo fax Tion Thieu is a lieutenant general and the Only military president hot Hiltl tial candidate the army has no right to Ilan a coup to disturb a freely and fairly elected civilian president Thieu said i Don want the army to interfere in political affairs it is against the interests of the nation criticize military n Beauty Queen f the military ticket had been Titi sized both in Vietnam and abroad including members of the us Congress for state ments by by interpreted As threats to overthrow an elected civilian government i would be very pleased to go Back to the army Thieu said i would be fair with any civilian chosen by the people Thieu 44 spoke in English at a news conference in his office at Independence Palace earlier both Thieu and by continued on Page 2 ten escape s c prison Columbia so state prison inmates used a Hydraulic Jack to buckle a window then crept through a Utility Tunnel under watchdogs saturday to escape two of the fugitives one a Baltimore a Pamela Valori pall a Green eyed Bru Nette from California was named saturday night As miss Worl Dusa the 20yearold Winner who reads the classics for recreation but enjoys dancing and sports and is an expert water skier will represent the United states in the miss world Beauty pageant in London in novem Ber miss Worl Dusa stands 5foot 5 weighs 118 pounds and Meas ures 362336 she was one of 50 contestants in the contest held at the civic Center task Force dropped by helicopter leathernecks hit military position in North Vietnam Saigon us a Fine task Force whirled in by helicopter charged up Jungle covered Mountain slopes Satur Day in a lightning strike against the Headquarters hideout of a North vietnamese division Brig Gen Foster c Labue the task Force commander hoped to overrun the command Post of the North 2nd division before High ranking communist officers had a Chance to escape or destroy valuable documents the area was 30 Miles South of Panang and some 10 Miles Inland from the South China sea determined drive the Leatherneck strike was part of a determined Allied drive to break the Back of what appears to be a new communist Campaign to capture the North provinces with thrusts South rom the demilitarized zone my East from Laos in support of North vietnamese and Viet Ong troops already in the area sporadic sniper fire hampered he Marine drive in its Early hours Lahue said he believed hat at least 2000 communist rooms were lurking in the Ungles one helicopter was shot Down by machine gun fire a Short distance South of the new Marine sweep us Para tropes from the 101st airborne fought their Way out of an ambush Laid by part of the North vietnamese regiment they believe they have boxed in six died and 15 were wounded before the ambushed platoon of less than 40 managed to fight free kill thirty pc another paratroop unit m the area killed 30 North vietnamese n a bitter Jungle Battle earlier m the Day there were five americans killed and 35 Woude fighting increased in other areas of South Vietnam and in he North american pilots flew 86 missions the highest since 97 were flown nearly a month ago hitting the Ben buy Thermal Power Plant at Vinh and truck convoys anti aircraft Sites and Bridges in the Southern Panhandle terrorists hide rash of bombs in Hong Kong Hong Kong its plagued Hong Kong Satur Day with a rash of bomb threats m heavily congested Public places explosives experts removed is Rem oven convicted murderer were remix bombs and exploded them captured hours after the harmlessly earlier in the Day thieves broke into a warehouse and stole a Quantity of gel ignite Aid predawn break eight others most of them Young Breakers and robbers labelled dangerous were at Large the 10 men were quartered in a Ward in the Manning correctional Institute 11 Miles North of Columbia they used the Hydraulic Jack to tear away including detonators it was the in entire window trame and bars Moscov reports attacked peking envoys Moscow soviet press said saturday that ram aging red guards in peking had seriously several soviet diplomats and burned embassy cars pravda the communist party said the mobs attacked he soviet embassy compound Wice smashed windows and furniture burned records and threatened to Burn Down the embassy they also pasted up posters of communist chinese Leader Mao stung on the Walls of tha soviet Mission the attacks occurred monday and thursday and were the most serious yet against the soviet embassy Jel lands safely at Kennedy port new York a a Trana world airlines Jet that lost one if its wheels on Takeoff at Shan bombs were planted in or near the 26story Hilton hotel in a tourist shopping Center a swimming Pool a Bank and in the station of a Cable railway second non Ireland landed Airport safely passengers and a Crew of nine the four engine Boeing 707 touched Down at pm on a runway coated with foam pan Arab conference debates economic action against us Beirut Lebanon a planned for later Panaras economic conference or Early september this in Baghdad debated drastic measures against the United states and Britain saturday amid reports it had agreed on gradual nationalization of us and British owned Oil companies the reports said the economic conference might be convened again after the Summit for discussions in the Light of new guidance from the Arab chiefs of state the leftist regimes of Iraq Algeria and Syria have been pressing for outright nationals nation Iraq has been arguing for a Complete shutdown of Arab Oil production for three months saying this would Drain m saying mis would Ozain in the Arab world earlier dispatches from Iraq Western european Oil reserves reports received Here said capital said agreement on bring pressure on Israel to Lack of agreement on other Ual nationalization of us from Arab terries British Oil companies had saved occupied during the june War Tnp Tiv of t a t i to t measures might Force the 29 finance Economy and Oil ministers from 13 Arab states to refer the mors thorny resold the five Darold conference from backed by Syria and p interim clash Between left Iraq also Calls i iliac Nellu to tons to an Arab imn Mit confer1ernments is and conservative Arab gov All Arab assets from British and us Banks

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