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Cumberland Sunday Times Newspaper Archives Jun 16 1974, Page 1

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Cumberland Sunday Times (Newspaper) - June 16, 1974, Cumberland, Maryland Ass the weather variable cloudiness with Chance of showers and thunderstorms today and tomorrow. Highs both Days in 80s. Low tonight in 60s. Seve sections general society weddings City area latest sports comics family weekly shopping supplement vol. . 165 associated press services Upit a Maryland sunday june 16, 1974 of a a by pm a Quot a. Cumberland my. 21502. Second Dana Portage paid at Cumberland my. Price 25 cent Nixon greeted gets Tough talk Damascus up a flying lion restore the land to its Palestine question Quot in through an unintended palestinian people remove Assad also praised us. Security scare that caused the grievances inflicted upon initiatives in a tempting to tense moments aboard his the people of Palestine and mediate peace and Nixon presidential Jet president ensure them of their legitimate responded As he has to other Nixon saturday got a cordial National rights Quot he said Arab leaders that he has Quot no Welcome to Damascus followed Assad said the rights of the it Distant solutions Quot to the prob by the toughest lecture he has palestinians Lay at the heart of i is of the Region yet heart on the Arab these peace requirements and. Quot you have indicated your requirements for Middle East blaming Israel he added that concern about such matters As peace. Palestinians Quot despair of the the palestinians which we of president Hafez Assad Greet Justice of Man and International course understand your bored Nixon with formal honors Dors which we of courts upon arrival at his third Middle a Jbv doing this they the understand and Jour concern East tour Stop Rode with him israelis have forced the of other matters Nixon a Through throngs of applauding palestinian people to follow a he said he and ask and sunday citizens in the heavily guarded path not of their own Choice in Wolf a explore in greater capital and then bluntly stated order to remind the world of detail a1 of the factors involved in an evening dinner speech their existence of their in. The problem you have what it will take to establish he said referring to guerilla touched on tonight a peace in the Region. Action. Quot i can simply state inight Quot the Only lasting and durable1 Quot no peace can be established that we do not consider the first peace would be a peace that in this Region unless a real and step the syrian israeli Disen would terminate israeli occupy just solution is found for the continued on Page 2 Iii jew. -1 we Tref St v 1evasive action taken Rubens Art vandalized Cambridge. England up a the initials of the Irish Republican army a Ira a were found carved saturday in two foot High letters across a 17th Century Rubens Art treasure on display in Cambridge University a Kings College Chapel. The painting. A adoration of the magi. Among the world a most valuable it Worth per haps $2.4 million. A College spokesman said a tourist at the Chapel a a Cambridge landmark designed by Henry it a spotted the damage to the 128 Square foot Canvas saturday morning. A Coin apparently had been used to scratch the initials Ira across the Center he said. Tile Rev. Michael thy Dean of Kings College said a the scratches do not go through the pigment but they do break through the surface. It is obviously going to be very difficult and expensive to College authorities had discovered earlier that the Chapel had been broken into during the night a some coins were stolen from an Oak coffer a but did not learn of the vandalism until it was spotted by the tourist. Police declined to speculate on whether the vandalism was an Ira operation or whether the initials a simply took the fancy of those re the masterpiece was bought by London businessman Alfred Allnut in 1959 for $660,000 a at the time the highest Price Ever paid for a painting a and Given by him joking s College in 1961. S ii is president said member of conspiracy Washington apr the supreme court released on saturday a watergate grand jury declaration that Quot Richard m. Nixon. Was a member of the conspiracy to defraud the United states and to obstruct at the same time the court agreed to consider arguments by White House lawyers that the grand jury exceeded its authority when it named Nixon by a vote of 19 0, As an Unin diced co conspirator in the watergate cover up but it refused a motion by both special prosecutor Leon Jaworski and presidential attorney James St. Clair to make Public the entire portion of the grand jury proceedings which were attached to its listing of Nixon and others As among those responsible but not charged in the conspiracy. The passage released said Quot on feb. 25, 1974, in the course of its consideration of the indictment in the instant Case the june 5, 1972, grand jury by vote of 19-0, deter mined that there is probable cause that Richard m. Nixon among others was a member of the conspiracy to defraud the United states and to obstruct Justice charged in count i of the instant indictment and the grand jury authorized the special prosecutor to identify Richard m. Nixon among others As an a indicted co conspirator in connection with subsequent Legal proceedings in this in agreeing to hear St. Clair s argument that the grand jury overstepped its authority in naming Nixon the court fixed House impeachment panel Oral arguments for july 8, the does not support the co con same Date it is scheduled t take aspirator identification. Jaworski up the dispute Over whether the has countered that the evidence president should turn Over 64 presented to the grand jury More tape recorded Conversi was in fact sufficient a and dons to Jaworski. Has noted that St. Clair himself the Brief order noted that has not seen it All. Justice William h. Relinquish St. Clair has asked for More took no part in consideration of of the grand jury material a a the Case. No dissents by any of move resisted by Jaworski a the other eight court members while claiming that the portion were noted. I which accompanies the list of St. Clair has said that Back a indicted co conspirators pro ground on the matter some of Vides no basis for the non Pun which is in the hands of the Shable allegations. Israel ranchers mourn Low Price tighter Laws Are sought Snake bitten Comanche Tex. Up Washington up the Senate watergate committees draft report on a dirty tricks has recommended tightening the Law to keep White House officials from obtaining confidential data from the Fri and the internal Revenue service irs for use in a presidential Campaign. The draft pinning responsibility for such past activity Harold Tanker of Bowie said he squarely on president Nixon has a horror of rattlesnakes recommended new legislation and he said he was sure he saw to protect against Quot wholesale one crawl into the cab of his political investigations such As two ton flatbed truck As he those conducted by the White emerged from the deluxe cafe a House staff and its agents from after dinner Friday j 1969-72 and by the committee to a a a Are elect the Ltd a Quot it i the police who. / ii a 1 a referred him to Joe Waring a it proposed full disclosure to Oca ,ale5man 8, Sofira Uttsar lie a incr a or Are a officials and Iveah gave a in a Rived at the do use Ca a a a aes such As the Fri and irs Haj it prohibiting such agencies from. A furnishing confidential inform bored holes in the doors Tion to any whte House a a or cab. No Snake officials except those expressly they flushed the cab out with authorized and full disclosure fire extinguishers. No Snake Quot of All investigations and they got out cutting chisels surveillance of any kind by and and Cut the roof off the cab. No for any presidential candidate Snake. Including an incumbent presi i Tanker Finay believed them Dent that there was no Snake in the the 350-Page draft was cab. Waring and his crewmen another in a series of staff piled the parts of the truck on reports being submitted to the flatbed and Tanker drove continued on Page 2 i away. I fit Washington apr the does no to have it. His mortgage banker Meyer brought Here constituent in a Long distance statistics Haven to been like this for a week Long conference Decall wanted his senator to since his father was a banker signed to enlist the support of know that his neighbor a in the depression he said. Urbanite said Quot we re looking rancher losing $200 on every ij3st thursday night sen. Hgt a a psychological boost by the steer he sold Quot went out behind George Mcgovern. D s d., administration or the depart the barn last night and blew his soberly taped a special radio met it of agriculture to take the Tel Aviv Uppit Deputy head message to his constituents in fear out of Peoples prime minister Yigal Allon said a mississippian a few Days 18 years Here he has never seen indications Are that Congress saturday night he was Quot not later broke into tears while an economic development that will Point an increasingly acc Happy with the . Egyptian calling about what a 43-pcr-cent is Quot such a potential Camast Satory Finger at wholesalers nuclear know How in hog prices Means to his Rophet for his and other live and retailers for not lowering saying it came to Israel As a life. Stock producing states. Prices As the farm prices fall a Surprise and might tempt other Perry Mever a banker from the beef and pork markets thus keeping the Public s de Arab states to seek atomic fuel Bancroft. Neb., told a breakfast have been going Down steadily Mand for a cat. Lower than no from the soviet Union. Gathering last week of Many for eight months Una Compa a presidential economic and in a National television Rural and a few Urban Mem Nied a until recent Days a by Vilser rerun my Rush s As interview Allon sounded Isra hers of Congress that he can to much Hope of an upswing. Live much Friday Al s first note of concern about give his cattlemen neighbors cattle prices Are Down 25 per the department has at the Deal in contrast to his and any More credit because he cent from december a level. Tempted to help a bit on that information minister Aharon a a a a y Arivs earlier statements that played Down significance do bul Minn repeated that the a it a Junt Accord posed no military threat to Israel. Allon who is also foreign minister said Quot i am not Happy with the paragraph concerning american Aid to Egypt for the building of an electric Power station based on nuclear Quot effective inspection will prevent the use of the uranium supplied As nuclear fuel for military purposes Quot Allon said adding he was sure Quot the inspection will be absolutely but he said Quot i ask myself does Egypt already need atomic Power so much when she still Hasni to exhausted the exploitation of Energy from the hydroelectric Power stations on the one hand or her independ-1 ent Oil resources on the other a in earlier hebrew and eng Lish language interviews carried on National radio and television he and Yariv sounded no cautionary notes about the Accord that was announced in Cairo Friday at the close of president Nixon a state Allon said in the later broadcast Quot it might have been expected owing to the special nature of the relationship that has evolved Over the years Between Washington and Jerusalem that a subject like this would be made known to asked whether the agreement would give other Arab countries Quot legitimization Quot to demand atomic fuel from Moscow Allon answered Quot legitimacy no. An Allon had said ealier Israel saw Little cause for concern Over the Cairo agreement and indicated a similar Accord would be reached in Jerusalem. Making the most of things a there a nothing like being in the right place at the right time with the proper equipment. In this Case it happens to he in the Hack of a pickup truck stuck behind a slow freight at a crossing with a comfortable sofa. Of photo tax score by making a Large beef Purchase itself recently and by allowing the resumption of exports to Canada. The latest us a figures show that in april the middleman received 519 cents and Farmers 84 5 cents out of the average Price of beef. The middleman a share was Down 7.7 per cent from March but 16.1 per cent above april 1973, the month of the organized beef Boycott. The Farmers share was Down 1.7 per cent from March Down 7.4 per cent from the year before. Universally cited As the major villain in the Market dislocation Are the Price controls slapped on beef. Warden would resign Canon City Colo. A Warden Alex Wilson of the Colorado state Penitentiary is campaigning against a proposed restoration of capital punishment. He says he might resign rather than execute a prisoner. Wilson has been making speeches to try to convince voters to reject a referendum on the Issue this november. The legislature referred the measure to the people because the previous death penalty Law was voided by the supreme court. Wilson. 48, said that if capital punishment were restored he would have to either carry out the Law or resign. Quot by Law the Warden himself must inflict the death penalty a Wilson said. The Warden must pull a lever connected to the Gas chamber releasing deadly Gas into the face of a condemned Man. The Warden said if an execution were scheduled tomorrow head reluctantly perform the chore. But he also said he might change his mind and consider it necessary to resign. He bases his objections to capital punishment on religious grounds. Quot i done to think christianity is compatible with taking another person s life a said Wilson a roman Catholic. The evidence which the grand jury cited directly regarding the co conspirators list included testimony from Nixon aides h r. Haldeman and John a Dean Iii watergate conspirator e. Howard Hunt Atter Ney William o. Rittman and former Campaign aide Fred Crick c. La Rue. The supreme courts order called for filing of initial briefs by june 21. The order also set Forth guidelines to assure continued secrecy about eos As pets of the Case. Oil nations meeting Quito Ecuador up tile world s major Oil exporting nations opening a three Day meeting to decide Price and tag level were told by Iran saturday that they mute be guided by mounting inflation it the industrialized world. Before the session convened in the legislative Palace the iranian representative outgo ing open president Jamshid Amouzegar. Told newsmen that Oil prices should Rise to keep pare with inflation in the Western nation which sell goods to the developing world the 12-nation organization of Petroleum exporting countries accounting for 85 per cent of the worlds Oil exports went into the session divided Over what to do about Oil Price and tax Levels during the three month period beginning july i. Saudi Arabia the worlds leading Oil exporter wants to lower prices from $11 to $9 a barrel and leave the taxes on Western Oil companies unchanged despite Iran Scall for Price and tax increases. The majority of the other favored leaving prices unchanged but raising taxes on Western Oil companies by 58 per cent believing this would Cut excess profits but not contribute to inflation addressing the opening Mee Ting Amouzegar said. A Tho industrialized nations must realize that the old economic order cannot be sustained it has to be replaced a Quot the developing countries can no longer stand by As headless bystander watching the galloping inflation of Tho developed nations a he declared. Quot we believe that Oil prices should increase with the rate of inflation a he told newsmen earlier in a backdrop of anti Merit Anim. Ecuador s Energy ministry printed posters depicting a shield repro enting the Oil group s members guarding an Oil Derrick against the outstretched claws of an Eagle. The country a military president Gen. Guillermo Rodriguez told the meeting. Quot Tho goals achieved by open will constitute a new decisive Power. President Nixon greets uniformed syrian school girls shortly after his arrival at Damascus Airport. Washington up a Pentagon officials Are reluctant to talk about Security precautions for president Nixon a plane but they do admit the Craft is normally protected by air and sea and a special communications system. The question of Protection arose saturday when syrian Jet fighters provoked diving twisting evasive tactics by air Force one before Landing in Damascus. The four soviet built Mig fighter with camouflage markings appeared in pairs just As Nixon a Boeing 707 Jet crossed the Jordan Syria Border. Continued on Page 2

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