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Cumberland Sunday Times Newspaper Archives Aug 18 1957, Page 1

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Cumberland Sunday Times (Newspaper) - August 18, 1957, Cumberland, Maryland The weather Poir Plata of. High 75-82 vol. Xxxvii la no. 227 Intonational nows service Cumberland Maryland sunday August 18, 1957 associated press services a photo Tan six sections general feature society f Ity area news sports comics fam icy weekly Price tem cents secret civil rights plan posed . Envoys daughter husband branded As spies mrs. Stern accused by j counterspy Boris Morro Tell House croup woman tried to betray him photo on Pogo i w Shi Moton Auk 17 Bons Morros counterspy for the Fri. Has named Martha Dodd Stern. Daughter of a former . Ambassador As the soviet spy who Oner tried to betray him to the russians the House committee on i a american activities announced today. The announcement came after the committee took sworn testimony from Morros. Hollywood composer director who recently disclosed his sensational career j in International undercover work for 12 years he worked in what the russians believed was the role of spy for them but he really was an agent for the Fri. The House committee said it had gleaned much valuable information from him. Including statements that 1 a Secretary in the u embassy at Prague. Czechoslovakia and a member of the . Intelligence Agency in Germany were involved in soviet spy work these persons were not named. Unpromising1 data 2 Morros superiors in the so i Viet espionage network asked him to get Quot compromising informal a on about High americans in eluding president Eisenhower. 3. They also asked him to Plant a spy in the office of Cardinal Spellman of new York to report on the Churchman s activities 4. Fifty five business firms in the i Mcd states were covers for soviet espionage. Martha Dodd Stern is the Daugh Ter of the late William e. Dodd who was ambassador to Germany just routine capt. Clyde Parlett Points out a i split in the right inboard tire of the United airlines plane he landed at san Francisco after a flight from new York yesterday. The tire blew out on Takeoff and emergency preparations had been Marie. Story below. A photo fat ousted Syria envoy fears for his life returning to Home although versed of plotting till i. S. C chaplain quit Post at prison san Quentin calif., aug. 17 a rabbi Julius a. I Sibert resigned today As chaplain at san Quentin prison. Saying. A boing a chaplain is so futile. All i could Ever do a list on. Quot prisons Are a carry Over from the dim. Cruel unenlightened past. Crime is but another form of mental or emotional probes set 4ihoffa,Mohn appearance teamster big shots will be witnesses at rackets inquiry Washington. Aug. 17 tfx sen. Mcclellan dark said today two teamster big shots James r. Hoffa and Einar 0. Mohn will be the principal witnesses in the Climax next week of an investigation of labor racketeering in new York Hoffa is live Midwest Leader of the giant teamsters i Mon and the front running candidate to succeed Dave Beck As president at the Union convention in Miami sept. 30. Mohn is executive vice president and Beck s right hand Man. Both have been linked in testimony before the special Senate rackets committee to Charters issued for phony gangster dominated locals of the teamsters i a Ion in the new York City area. I ailed monday afternoon Mcclellan the committee chairman. Said Mohn has been called i to testify monday afternoon when the hearings Are resumed. Hoffa is scheduled to take the witness chair tuesday. Bary without a country a u. S. Air Borer sergeant William j. D. Lewis is shown in Paris yesterday with his four month old son. Anthony a baby without a country and his English wife the baby Horn in France has been denied citizenship by three countries including the i. S. Story at Bottom of Page. A photo fax West Powers j prepare new disarm move our or More Lions possible Iii Effort to beef i a conference i elderly fellas stick together Rome. Aug 17 to a ousted syrian military attache Ibrahim Hussein said today he is returning to Syria even though his life May be in danger there. He is accused of plotting with the United states to overthrow his government. 9 a i have decided to go Bas k and i i a it a i of f i / defend the Square Jawed m 1 f colonel said 1 have absolute Faith in syrian Justice a Airliner w Ith funds safely Washington aug. 17 a top. S. Officials have deluded that Mcclellan said the committee Western negotiations with Russia plans to wind its current series on disarmament need a shot in of hearings on new York labor the Arm. Rackets in midweek and then take this foreshadows one or More a recess for three weeks or so. Moves by the United states and he said hearing might be re Allied governments in the London sunned about sept. 20 hut declined disarmament conference within to say what they would Deal with. The next week or so. To Justice department officials who declined to fore cast the nature of these moves precisely said cautiously today that certainly some movement is be expected in the Western Webster. Mass aug. 17 a Fred g. Roomier 81, of Dudley was in District court today charged with driving an automobile with defective brakes. Judge Louis 0 Rieutord who is 84. Said Quot Aren t you too old to drive0�?� Quot Heck roomier replied. Quot you Are Only a old As you i guess you re right we old Fellows have go to stick said the judge a As he fined roomier is. Ike planning n final foreign Martin save j will attract demos help House lop Leader assert party will seek a adequate Bill Washington aug. 17 tiny after a conference with president Eisenhower. Rep. Joseph w. Martin. Or. Announced today he has a secret civil rights proposal and said republicans would fight for an Quot adequate Quot Bill. Declining to describe the proposal now or tip off strategy the House Republican Leader said Quot i think a lot a democrats will i vote with us Vav Hon they see our proposal. Some of them will think twice before they vote against stiffening attitude although word yesterday from some Republican leaders indicated that a Compromise was a Good As wrapped lip there appeared to he a stiffening attitude today in a least some sectors of the gof Camp. After breakfasting of the Whit House Martin returned to the Capitol to declare the. President s position is unchanged and he still is not in favor of the terms of a Compromise being pushed by Dulles l o Larry Bailie for Bigler Eli to it to Senate in another development. Mcclellan told newsmen the transcript of testimony involving Marshall m. Miller recently fired As 0 a consultant to the new York legislative committee on Industry and labor would a turned Over to the Justice department the senator said this testimony showed Quot wilful perjury by one or More people the committee placed in Evi negotiation comprehensive statement number of House democrats. Quot let me make it Crystal a a i Vee a Martin said. Quot there is no weaken \ 111 till Chi to in m our p05011 we want a Bill As first proposed by president Eisenhower that will adequately protect the voting rights of million or our i although the administration has stated that voting rights Protection is its main aim its Bill As re Jack Bell i introduced and passed by the Washington aug. 17 in a House went far beyond that Field. President Eisenhower is sending a permits injunctions team of three top officials for a it would permit the attorney last ditch Appeal to the Senate general to apply for Federal court for an increase in foreign Aid injunctions against alleged Viola funds. Lions of All kinds of civil rights. I but unless All the signs Are persons disregarding the injun we to wrong Secretary of state Dulles tons could be jailed for contempt r 11 Al i ii if do i i Vuk adm. Arthur w. Radford and by Federal judges without jury John Hollister Are Likely to have trials to g k Little Success. J the Senate Cut Down the in g is of of \ j i it Dulles is expected to ask the Junction provision to voting rights. Senate appropriations committee then it added that jury trial t 1. 1 Al 8 closed door session monday must he granted in most criminal la incl i i Chi Rill if to boost to the Legal ceiling of contempt cases. This jury trial re Quot $3,367,000,000 the Mutual Security qui rement would apply not just to Angeles. Aug. It in a Cash allowance shrivelled to $2. Voting rights deputies but also to one project on which Hie United Hollywood indignation Over Sensa by Hoult to ear 8 a de ran of c ases have Noth r ii a i n Era Are and can a tonal testimony n the criminal Lier no die week. My to do with civil right. A Ana Arp Gnu no hard is a Babel trial of confidential Maga Hollister the retiring director of i rider the Senate Bill jury trials a Ana Are now working hard is a a into,.nafmn-i a a via am Norph Png ii statement of the 7ine Bas brought a Call to action be International cooperation and would not be required in cases of whole Rani of Western disarm from actor George Murphy. A a str to on. Jul Back duo civil contempt whore Tho judge a Murphy whose Many Public a j. Airn 1s,<0 obtain compliance with Radford retiring chairman of his order rather than to punish a ment proposals that has been Par a passenger plane . Cording Tho. Peled a jul by l s i. Prances Aboul the country base a a a a a 1 a former official of the Ator tar ice during the made Bun film lands unofficial i Quot Aff will Stassen lated events when her father was a Lum in to but said How snal a res in ribbons from a Blowout hat accepted Quot n a but Tiit new i Fleming to. It a la i a Ewe ass. That occurred a it left Idlewild York and sought one in grand. A ,. U,.p Mach Nerv to prevent such a thine &Quot,l11 l lug Aiu a Vam it my a stronger measure than i c said he turn Over the Airport. New York Mai. Miller mad. A �, a this trial from ,.u�?o Senate r Public Penalo Bill. Hyvo talked of we ambassador of Good will de argue for increases in military As a number of House democrats. Stassen has been hampered is flared. Quot we be got to set the a Quot of uding some northerners favor. Envoy. By Hind Iron curtain slowed the Pace of his operation and brought a steady drum fire cd happening he said he had received word mom 1933 to 1938 in 1939 she came Only today that he had been fired san Francisco aug. 17 a to Public notice when a Book she from p0s a syrian pm Yule was banned in Germany by a Vurr. 61 people aboard landed Safe Muier a through Ems ask fees it Quot of Den,2 it it Quot i by Loday a a of a ant 1 Holste Reisimer Maiio i in on in Rouk it i a in Man it ii it a Altim to it Jill hut no he t Chunc a i accepted to bribe in with sen. Knowland a �11, Art it i ice Nara asian a ii Mon novo Nikii Ullin v in in rvs in Xiii ii m i min. Rapids Mich. Miller made affairs of his office to another the United air lines d �?T7 came sworn denial of the charge. Kiember of the embassy dispose Down smoothly into a brisk wind she recently departed from of his apartment Here and arrange at san Francisco International Mexico with her husband Alfred for the return Home of his wife Airport on a runway lined with a caller k Stern wealthy investment and six children eight fire trucks which had been a a a Quot a Dill i i jct in. Broker and belief was expressed the recall order he Aid. Did ready for hours. A Large crowd a a they went behind the Iron curtain not give any details of the charge had gathered to watch the drama f h v Cut Kcal it to chairman Walter Ltd Page of the against him but he denied once the Pilot capt. Clyde a House in american activities More he had anything to do with 53. Of san Carlos Cali brought committee said today the alleged american backed plot his big Craft quickly to a halt. A emr. Morro a testimony clearly Hussein said that he has proof he a Vvs it a a Dunn ecu. U., establishes Martha Dodd Daugh no a 10 1 on a or a it 1 a Back to the Airport with by the Boston daily newspaper de Sta a particularly has a Rishi now our people Are i Ter of the former . Amassa sir an government alleges he was a triumphal escort of three fire publishers Here As a final offer to neutered in recent months is that most defenceless to protect them. Dor to Germany and her husband Man p1.mnk against the re trucks police cars and a Busload end me City s nine Day news Black of mopping nuclear test. Staisenjf1 a Tda pm a 1 a a re full sufi Atuf Alfred Stern As part of Hie soviet Ynne it _ of newsmen. _ 0u apparatus a commit of official said the Al Clit Coli o Ali us in period in 1 a a a Roston aug. It i mailers tonight rejected a $10.50 to Calif my a stronger measure than the my cans will seek to wipe out some at this time for the senat Bill ,. In a a. Of the House cuts. But they have with Soma change complaint from the russians. Murphy president of the motion almost no Hope of Stoner the halt on manufacture future Industry Council and do full amount sought by Eisenhower. The completed Allied statement 1 Eton Public relation for Mem House minority Leader Martin seems certain to contain for the Slu i0, pr�p�8ed establishment of r.mas8 quoted Eisenhower aft first time a definitive proposal on \ permanent organization. He said or a Hite House visit today As cutting off the manufacture of 1 Otte e is �?~0im expressing Hopp that most of the Sci to expose publication of what reduction will he reversed in the striking atomic armaments As part of a first step disarmament treaty. In falsehoods about Holly sen Ftp turned it around and taxied meekly Quot i age Parka be Quot s submitted i another Field in which the i nit pm d nol Abies in Rome on a die Day the Back to the Airport with by the Boston Daiv new Sanei de Sta,0s particularly has May Hight now our people Are Al a a Shasta l Ost hallo i Vilaia Loren of newsmen. Our Quot has proposed suspending tests for rial is a shameful procedure. All Quot it was just a routine Max my Ein. Business agent of 10 Ninny is but Only 00 Hie cond the old stories Are being rehashed Sant Gai Deas France aug said Parlett. A Veteran of 20 years Maiier j ocal no Lold Notts. Lion that the suspension would be creating embarrassment All Over 17 Keg let French to a ppm atomic test site Nev aug 7 a the 12th a ionic to to of tile 1957 series code named Shasta was postponed again today for the 20th Tim. This set a postponement record for All testing in Nevada. Previously a shot called Turk in which Martha Dodd the Tollik damages Stern was involved was in 1940s. Committee staff investigators los Angeles. Aug. 17 in jew us i Al and 20.000 hours of flight men Afler a time. Quot that Why we have two Houe conference tires and two tubes on each Side seven hour state linked with a pledge again week. Current wage is Quot we re going a a., to continue the he did not a on but he showed signs of Strain elaborate and wore a stubble of Beard rep mailers reported today the woman was i actress Maureen of Hara said to which he had bothered to amiss Dodd who just recently Day she was in Europe making shave 0ff before Landing dropped from sight when . A a movie at the time a witness 1 to cities sought her and her bus testified she and a Lover. Hand in connection with i Vestiga engaged in amorous embraces in in laths i 1 111 a Ion of the Jack Soble spy ring in a Hollywood theater. Ill a i c j new York. Her attorney said that As a i1 ill Lull by lift \ to halt atomic weapons product Quot the general reaction in the in about 4.� hours by a Ris in sub 1. 1953 had the record. It was Post poorer. Trapped underground. A Detroit aug 17 y sunday editions of Detroit a three newspapers were delayed tonight As Bill a Ralian Loiti snipe message in Leen Ger new York. Aug. 17 a a Billy Graham continued his special Dusty is one of disgust the Superior court trial sullies monday. The undercover role played by result of the testimony yesterday Morros was brought to Light at an in the criminal libel trial of interview this week in the . Confidential Magazine she will into Jetho Ilcisin mailers picketed the Detroit messages to teen Ager tonight news. With a warning that decisions Raymond f. Brown of Dayton made in adolescence Tan affect Ohio vice president of the inter-1 their whole future lives Maryland leads average la i. S. For jail inmates Washington ins the total Terrane an Waters regained the re surface safely tonight. Three of the men had been Cut off at a depth of about i you feet and the others were isolated at 1,150 feet by flooding in the Pierre ave thursday night while study my the behaviour of underground streams attorneys office in new York aft increase the damages sought in Minneapolis aug. 17 4�?a or Myra Soble and Jacob Albam her own suit against the Publica plan for a wide ranging lutheran sentenced for espionage Tion from one million to five study of the roman Catholic i Alk Bol Down Moscow aug. 17 of repair 1 Pond 19 a me. Shasta a scheduled for i a in. Tomorrow hut the atomic Energy commission said a a Titer condition would have produced Art unfavourable pattern of radioactive fallout. It was tentatively rescheduled for 5 30 a m. Monday. Drunken Driver Liol were Jack Soble is awaiting sentence million dollars rep. Miller would Aee ept lop governor nomination Church and a possible Exchange of ideas Drew fresh impetus from two lutheran leaders today. Tile Rev. Or. Vilmos Vajta of Switzerland spoke of a Quot theological offensive a by catholicism and said lutheranism must take Steps to counter it by a full study of Moscow aug. 17 the binational mailers Union said a k at the end of the message 405 number of persons confined in a die Moscow. Aug. 17 repaid Gurney general of the Remote soot lines were thrown at the persons responded to Graham nation s prisons is the highest in a on and Trade talks Between the vie Republic of a a Kuslan 1 in protest to the tiring of Call to come Forward and make history today hut the t ate of soviet i Mon and West Germany cracking Down on traffic violate 87 mailers today. A a a decisions or Christ a increase is merely paralleling the bogged Down again today for the especially hot. B Altimore aug. 17 fled exemplified by sen. John Marshall Ual Holic theology he addressed the third Assembly Ion. National committeeman. The idea of special research into Ward t. Miller Veteran Maryland Butler and Jacob France former a Khz congressman from the Eastern of the lutheran world Federal Oil imm min \ Law a it to v Bennett reported that As of dec. 31, adults confined in Federal and stale prisons and reformatories represented about 114 persons per 100,000 in the civilian population the same proportion was in prison at the end of 1954. And 1955. Ugi m v a g i i hic Thiu a i i i a i Washington aug. 17 Jim the i in nearly every country of the. Anu no the states Maryland led while much Clem Hast put by the leaching and activity of the Una red state a a getting let to fight world. Ai least in outbreak form i a a Quot on pm a a a a a a a ill. S. Charts to loin at Asiatic flu increase is merely paralleling a die bogged Down again today for the per it i growth in population second time in a month i Hay get Federal prison director James air Force Soris Cavil s Drunken drivel. Soil denied Liti Cne Lii i by i. S Paris aug 17 4�? a la. S air that length of time before the Force sergeant who says ins Lam birth of a child if a wants that share said today he would run a. I Quot a Washington sin 17 c the in neatly every country of the Quot Rangely to silted tie t h old or a for governor if the Republic a whl1 Boldin Hama i nut i. The teachings and activity of the Umed so alas is get Toni. Lethe world. At least in outbreak form. A Quot Quot a apr Quot a Quoter Day that hts fou months old so by Lam and h Lan a also hav leaders want him. Reach on 10 do yer in. It wite Catholic Church first was a Bable a. Epidemic so far it has occurred Only a a a no it Duson. On a per . Baits without a country a. La. A ant reports were prevalent that candidacy a the. Record Assou broached in he assent Bly Yeste. Am8k. No a Uhls ail or Winter sporadic 0ufbreak, m twln.,-1w per mom. Followed by f of m i tue a by. Lewis who was born in higher in Lite gop were set Liles hate Dio pet in Day by or. Ail , the the malady is a new variety of try. Alabama with 1.4. Geotta with. Barb Germany of Ait american Tat tier. Ling Oil Miller As a candidate All name of other potential such As federation a executive Secretary. in Dimenza a disease but the pus est males that Al 16 1 a a Nevada with iss. The a a by ,5 and an English Mother went it. Factions could Lake and urns avoid a 01 Salisbury. Ile Piapot d a Bio an inst i. On. Attributed of astrologers to least 20,000 to 25.0tsi persons have ll0, average was it. And bus 23-year-old English Wile quote in a slates a 17 to enlist a primary Battle next year it Miller was choler instead to Lute to impute no Quot a he ensure be Evjy Ini Renee of unhappy con hew stricken in at least 21 Stales said they did t know where they 10 be e quote 1 Quot d 1 another Republican Congress fun Hall or Dale Adkins former Complex of roman catholicism. Junctions of stars. Influenza gets the virus is widely Quot seeded Quot teenage prisoner could turn for help their son Al Veas but re and in Bren on univ Man James. S. Devereux in the senator and now circuit _ its name from the italian word throughout the nation and Sui t ready has been denied citizenship Uarl it ails or a die Las it a it Rais second District of Baltimore har judge in Wicomico county would Tel he shark or Lri in Lor influence Geon Gen. Burney continues Kurp Liia la Al bag by three nations. His duty Here counts As t s rest lord and Carroll counties has be considered As a candidate to i the Public health service has to warn that there is a definite the baby Anthony j d. Lewis Derke but 8 years is not enough been promoted Lor months by replace Miller in the House of Seol a South Korea aug 17 taken the Lead in marshalling Over a probability of a Large scale Epi Hill England aug 17 it a was Orn m fat e when Lewis Lewis whose Legal residence is some interests As the Likely can representatives. My nearly 500 houses mostly a National de lenses a including Demic. Leen age or Iso tier kept guards Juull ,0 american pm Englewood. N j wrote to pm dilate. Miller asked what his reaction shacks were destroyed tonight aiding in the development of a so far in this country there at Bay for two hours in a rooftop Dassy a Paris to have his son Jersey sen. Of Alexander Vsmith Devereux has never expressed would he to a top level invitation in a fire which raged for two new but limited Supply vaccine have been relatively few eases Battle at one of Britain amp toughest j registered he was told the baby about the problem any reaction publicly. Neither has to run for governor said he is for hours through a Hillside slum the service is also urging states plagued by complications and Refo Malor ies today. Could not be an american citizen mrs Lewis said the senator re gov. Mckeldin who can to succeed Devereux Quot if he wants to area near downtown Seoul. To and local communities to make Only four reported deaths. The boys fought off the guards because Lewis had not lived to plied that no private Bill could himself after two terms. He added a if he Doest and the lice said 3.000 persons were specific plans to defend against but the service also cautions j with a Hail of bricks and slates years in the United Stales pass in Congress As Long As the Mckeldin is considered a Liber big brass want me to be the Candi homeless. They expressed belief any major attack by a die wily a there is no guarantee the disease before fire hoses doused them under . Citizenship Law an child could he nasal Zed Hal Republican As compared with Date for govern othere is Noth a die fire was caused by careless virus invader from the Orient. Won t change to a Moi virulent unto surrender. Four guards1 american who married an a Aid he would Hung it to the at Quot old guard or conservatives my else for me to handling of a kerosene lamp. The disease has now occurred form. Iwer injured sigh mrs. T alien must have lived in the Tention of the Slat department

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