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Cumberland Sunday Times Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1957, Page 4

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Cumberland Sunday Times (Newspaper) - August 4, 1957, Cumberland, Maryland Est Simian Sintra Quot Olow glancing sideways on your was sir Puli Fehmi a the time athenian comp at 7 and South Mechanic Strait Cumberland. My every sunday morning. Entered St the Post office at Cumberland md., a second Clas matter Ender the act of March 3, Isth member audit Bureau of circulation member of the associated Presa the associated pres i exclusively entitled to use for republication of All Neara dispatches credited to it or other i a credited in Fin paper and Aio the local new published therein Telephone a 2 600 or Lala Branch Exchange connecting All department subscription rates by Carrier. Cumberland evening time 6c per copy 3�jc per week sunday times per copy 10c. Events and sunday time 46c tier neck mail subscription rates sunday time Only it 2nd, 3rd and 4th postal zone t 60 one month 3 60 six months a 7 20 one near t .50 one month 3 00 six month 6 of one year 5th. 6th. 7th and 8th postal zone mail subscription rate evening times fat 2nd, 3rd and 4th postal zone a 125 month 57 00 six month 14 00 Ona year 9th, 6th, 7th and 8th postal zone 1.50 month 8 50 six month 17 00 one year the sunday time assume no financial responsibility for Typo graphical error in advertisement but will reprint that part of an advertisement in which the typographical error occur. Error must be reported to once. Sunday morning August 4 1957 Thoro s in Lac it Ali Iii when marshal Zhukov told president Eisenhower that communism appeals to the idealistic because it allows people to sacrifice themselves to the state he spoke of a theory that has no link with the facts of life in the soviet Union. Despite decades of Effort and concealment of the truth by the distortions of propaganda the russians have not been Able to hide from the world How a communist government works in real practice. It is a dictatorship founded on ruthless coercion of the people. It is arbitrary Rule decisions Are handed Down from the top and must be obeyed without question. The people neither debate nor take part in these choices. Their criticisms never touch policy fundamentals hut Are limited to details of policy execution after nearly 30 years of communist Rule in Russia we have no measurable evidence that soviet citizens selflessly sacrifice themselves to the state and glory in this sacrifice. They yield to the All powerful government because it monopolizes the Means of coercion and applies them with brutal disdain for human concerns. In original theory. Communists argued that dictatorship would be a temporary phase that a gradually re educated people Mould develop habits of selfless cooperation which in time would end the need for arbitral Rule. Early in the game however. Lenin and other top russian reds saw the Folly of trying to remake human nature. They thereafter accepted dictatorship As a permanent condition under communism. Clearly then they accepted coercion As a necessary device. All thought that people could he brought to selfless sacrifice for the state that they could find deep satisfaction in such yielding was forgotten thus when Zhukov told or. Eisenhower communism lured the idealistic because it gave them outlet for sacrifice he spouted theory which his own civilian leaders Long since had Given up possibly being a Soldier he did not understand All that had transpired in the civilian realm Loo a Soldier is trained to accept subservience to firm authority As a Good and necessary thing the military is built upon a system of order maintained from the top. On the other hand the russian military customarily gets far More political indoctrination than do soldiers in tree lands. Zhukov in the mid-1940 s May very Well have understood thoroughly the facts of soviet life the truth is that russian leaders in All walks have sought continuously to perpetuate the idea of selfless cooperation in the programs and policies of the communist state. But what was genuine theory at the outside has become Gigantic fraud. Nothing so sharply symbolizes the fraud As does the constant use of the phrase a Peoples government to describe red regimes which have nothing whatsoever to do with the people except to grind them in the dust. By their nature communist governments do not serve people but enslave them the slate is not an Agency rooted in popular consent and sustained by popular cooperation. It exists As a mechanism to prolong and enlarge the Power of communist dictators. Communism not democracy is materialistic. It is a system perfectly conceived to serve the materialistic needs of the seekers of great Power. The Man at the top in the Kremlin a or his counterpart in other red regimes is truly the Only kind of Man on Earth who can do As he pleases. And very Little of what he does ought in fact Appeal to the idealistic. Thorium Pond Henry David Thoreau was an Independent Man a Man who found Solitude and time for contemplation on the shores of Walden fond. For millions of americans who have shared vicariously the peace he found there. Walden Pond has become a Symbol of something that seems almost unattainable in these hurried and fearful times. Now there is talk that some of Walden s Beauty May he destroyed. The Pond May be extended with bulldozers pushing aside some of the Lovely Birch and Tamarack Trees that add Charm to the secluded spot. The citizens of Massachusetts who live near Walden have expressed distress at what they consider desecration. Those officials who wish to change Walden May have some right on their Side certainly they must regard the move As Progress car they would Nev a make it. Yet Walden Pond is really a part of the american heritage it is not simply another tourist spot. Surely there is a Way to serve Progress without destroying or defacing quiet Walden Pond where a vigorously Independent philosopher crated thoughts that have stirred the imagination of americans for a Century past a a rash thu a it of . Mew about two years from now americans by droves will be driving a route which at this moment is red mud from beginning to end. I led a Little Lindbergh an. I be just finished 300 Miles from Veracruz to Tehuantepec by car across the isthmus of Tehuantepec. The part across the isthmus itself runs 140 Miles. Flat. But none of it is Flat All of it is mud. Gravel collapsed Road and Indian villages through which i think i was the fifth american Ever to Pav the Road is being made. It has existed As a Trail first and then a horseback Road for centuries rut right now they Are converting it into a superhighway i should have had my head examined except that i Don t regret one minute of the adventure Ward Mcclarran. Of Buffalo n. Y. Did the route in a taxi for so american. I would t do it again for shoo american. But i did see mafias Romero in Tepee and other villages in the deep Jungles of the isthmus. It seems Only honest to report that in some villages an american automobile with people in it was received with smiles and in others with sullen glances. No one cheered or behaved As though a pioneering event were or hand. They just looked some looked pleased and others looked displeased. I think they sensed that when the Highway is finished smooth and open. Two years hence there will be an Inrush of people like us. I can t say i blame the sullen ones too much. The Road from Veracruz to Acauan is a Good Road at Acau can. Finding no signs of any kind. You ask an official looking fellow with a gun at his hip a where i the Road to Juch Itan a a he looks startled hut nods toward a Jungle Clearing. A just turn in there Quot he says a and follow it. Busser do it maybe you can. But the busses Are higher off the you Cut into the Jungle and inside three minutes you get the information. Ifs going to he Tough the Road is narrow and piles of red mud and gravel lie on one Side rain water streaming from them. Herons and c Anes scream in the Jungle Ponds. A bus is coming toward you and you slither off to one Side while he drives with his right wheels just on the Edge of a fib foot drop to a Brown Lazy Jungle River. You get by each other with a Quarter Inch to spare and As you plow in Low gear through the bus tracks hearing the gravel scratch and grind at the underside of your car. You pass a construction Crew. A can you Tell me How far it is before the Road improves you ask the two gun Foreman in polite Spanish. He laughs and his Crew laughs with him. A go with god Friend Quot he says. A you la need the you go on and on and on. Even the villages Are smears of red mud and wracking roads. The View is spectacular. Long Low Savannah a Blind tangle of pure Jungle growths banana Trees and Coconut Palms abounding Birds of startling plumage Dart through the higher Trees screeching in alarm the hours pass and you wonder if the car is going to make it or if it does will it Ever be the same again. Mile after mile. Once you mop to Admire an almost brazilian Type of Jungle and a truck grinds to a Stop. Three men get out they ask if your car is in trouble. You say thank you. No it is Fine so they look at you As though you were crazy to be Here at All. And go on their Way at Nightfall you come to Tehuantepec and a major Highway you cannot see through the Windshield the car looks like a Hall of mud. The lights in the hotel Are out and will be out until morning. The dining room has Only fruit juice eggs and Coffee frazzled but somehow triumphant it of have these by c candlelight. You have crossed the isthmus Iii a Day under your own Power and without a Tow. Non stand and look Back across the starlit sky and feel a kinship with that tangled looming mass of Jungle a i naught Syndicate. Inc to let to one reit rent problem on the nation s highways is that of waning Driver attention mans Are afflicted by what safety engineers Call a Highway hypnosis a lulling of alertness caused but the Monotony of driving on Long open Stre Lehe this dimming of a Driver s awareness of his surroundings and especially of Roadside warning markers becomes a real menace at intersections when a Driver misses warning signs and then suddenly finds himself on the verge of Cross traffic he s in trouble. Two army safety directors have now come up with an interesting plan to jog Drivers into alertness As they approach intersections. The idea is to have segments of the Highway painted yellow and red at approaches to intersections. The length of these coloured segments would he determined on the basis of the Legal Speed maximum the Type of Road surface and other factors. The idea is now being considered by the Bureau of Public roads which May use it on the extensive new Federal Highway system. Highway officials in a number of states also Are considering the plan. Tarlis Drew Pearson the Washington merry go round Eisenhower administration sets trap against leaks some senators want to kill i he anti billboard Bill arabs pressure Oil companies against Israel. Washington biggest leak in the Eisenhower administration was the letter of budget director Pereival Brundage to administration Bureau chiefs demanding that they Cut an extra billion dollars below the cuts made by Congress. This infuriated congressmen who had accepted Eisenhower s plea that defense and foreign Aid must not be Cut. The Brundage letter thus caused both democrats and republicans to vote for the cuts which Ike said he did t want but which his own budget director did want. Naturally. Brundage was bawled out for leaking. Brundage in turn wrote a confidential letter which int supposed to be published. However this column can reveal what he said. Inca service j. William Hunt across the desk my naval records reveal items of Cumberland area interest a Story of naval invasion of harpers ferry More about Skipton. England and failure of name to a a stick instead of Oldtown even Cumberland not named after skip tons searching old records for additional information and new facts relating to local history sometimes brings to Light totally unexpected results. Not Long ago in checking Navy files there came to my notice a record of bid on bituminous a a Cumberland Coal to be furnished to the Washington Navy Yard during the second year of the civil War. The government advertisement asked for a offers on supplies for Nav Yard. Washington Quot and was dated september i. 1862. As Only the bids Are listed in the report i saw it is not known what amount of tonnage was to be furnished but the Money amounts asked by the local bidders ranged from $42,363.20 to $62,748. A difference of nearly $20,000 on the Cumberland Coal sought by the . Navy Yard. Among the bidders were William Borden. W. W Mckaig William m. Davidson John w. Barrick William Hunter. Or. And George h. Plant. The latter was Low bidder and was awarded the contract Mckaig was Only about $400 higher boing next to the Low bidder. In that same volume of u s naval documents 1111621 is a report on what might he headlined a naval invasion of Western Maryland and Western in this unusual episode of May june 1862 a never before published. To my knowledge. Outside Hie Musty official report a naval Battery helped to protect the East end of the Cumberland division from Confederate capture according to the matter of fact official account filed away in the Navy department. C. Ii. Daniels commanding the Battery reported under Date of june 8, 1862, to Apt j a. Dahlgren commander of the Navy Yard. Washington As follows a in obedience to your order of May 25. I assumed command of the naval Battery consisting of six naval howitzers and one nine Inch Dahlgren Shell gun and proceeded by Rao Railroad to harpers Kerry i arrived there w till my c o in in and about 7 o clock the next morning and reported to general Saxton commanding at that place a the howitzers were quickly disembarked and made ready for service but the Barge gun could not be so easily handled. Weighing nearly four tons it required much More time and trouble to disembark it from the Railroad car. I succeeded at last in Par buckling it Over the Side and securing it to the Large truck used for transportation fourteen horses from the 1st new York Battery were attached and succeeded in drawing the gun to the foot of the Mountain Road four More horses were Here added hut were unable to move the gun up the Mountain. A finding it useless to try and make the horses pull the gun up this Road and hearing of another Way some five Miles around i went Over the Road and finding it much better determined to take the gun up this new Avenue of approach by hand. With the assistance of three regiments with the proper tackling attached i had the gun hauled to the position assigned to it a which is 2000 feet above sea level xxx a my Light howitzers were dragged up the slope by hand and placed in position to protect my rear the position being such that they could be made available at any moment for an attack upon the front. A thursday morning an addition of two guns was made to my Battery one a nine Inch the other a 50-Pound Dahlgren xxx a my whole Battery commanding the valleys of the Potomac and the Shenandoah As also the Heights of Bolivar and Loudon. Was now ready for any emergency. A on Friday in obedience to Gen. Saxton s orders i opened my Battery on Bolivar Heights where the enemy was supposed to be in Strong Force. After an hours action during which time i expended 25 shells ten shrapnel and 15 smaller shot the enemy retired leaving our forces in Possession of the Heights. A saturday june 7, in obedience to orders received. I turned Over to the army my two 9-Inch guns and the 50-Pound Rifle receiving a receipt for same with the remainder of my guns and with the 9 Inch gun at Point of rocks. I returned to this Yard Washington Navy Yard and reported last evening. A of my whole command i can hut speak in the highest terms during the entire the naval aspect of the War Between the states has been less publicized than the land Battles but there was plenty of sea action As is attested in the 931-Page report of the Secretary of the Navy Gideon Welles for 1862. As the naval contest was generally far removed from Tho Cumberland area it has not berm Given much attention in these article the couple of matters recited herein today just happen to have enough local interest to make them Worth preservation. Just one further note about Skipton in Craven. Yorkshire England Birthplace of Thomas Cresap. First permanent settler in this county it 1742. When the members of the times tour arrive a few weeks from now in Skipton from Edinburgh. Scotland Enro Ute to London. They will be in a typical Market town whose charter was granted by King John and whose foundation goes Back to Saxon times there is a wide and spacious High Street at one end of which is the Castle and the Parish Church anglican the Castle. Dating from the 12th Century was the Home of Hie Earls of Cumberland. Edward i stayed there in 1292 and Edward ii visited the Castle from september 29 to october 2, 1323. The Eastern portion of the Castle was built by Henry Earl of Cumberland in 1536, because of the impending marriage of the lady Eleanor Brandon Niece of Henry Chi to the Earl s son. Henry Clifford. The Castle contains the tombs of several Earls of Cumberland it can be readily imagined that when Thomas Cresap named his settlement Al the meeting place of the North and South branches of the Potomac in Honor of his native English town he envisioned it some Day rivalling Skipton England. But not even the name of Skipton a took Quot in the new world settlement and today the place is known merely As Oldtown Only part of its pre Cresap name of Shawnee Oldtown. And even the a big town at the spot where wills Creek empties into the Potomac is not named in Honor of Skipton s Earls of Cumberland but for the Duke of Cumberland an entirely different family Brundage wrote to his subordinates scolding them for leaking the letter and telling them it happen again. Believe it or not. He also warned that in the future letters of this kind would be changed in wording so that each letter to each person would he worded slightly differently. In this Way he said any future leak could he traced. Brundage s subordinates chuckled they figured this was like telling a burglar in Advance whore the burglar alarm was located. All they have to do in the future is to change a few words in a confidential letter the next time they leak it to the press. The billboard Bill to keep unsightly signboards off the new Federal highways will be quietly buried in the Senate Public works committee a it certain senators can get away with it. When sen Albert Gore of a supporter of the Neu Berger billboard Bill asked chairman Dennis Chavez of new Mexico to report the Bill to the full committee. Chevez stalled a now. drawled the pin sized senator from new Mexico. A i think the thing to do is to hold hearings during the congressional recess in about four or five major cities around the country to test sentiment on this matter. It would be a Nae trip for you. Too a senator Neuberger. The 44 year old Oregon Democrat who is author of the Bill reminded Chavez that the rights of Way for the new highways already Are being surveyed in Many states. A unless we pass anti signboard legislation at once he warned a it will be too late because the signs will be erected and a Grandfather rights will be claimed by the big outdoor advertising companies a the meeting ended with no action though Chavez promised to Call another session before the Senate adjourns there s a significant Story behind the sudden announcement of Shell Oil to pull out of Israel. Shell Oil did $20,000,000 Worth of business in this Little country. It handled about half the israeli Market. Most companies Don t give up that much business easily. But Here is what happened backstage to cause the Shell re treat. For a Long time Shell was being blackmailed by the Arab states on april 28, 1956. The jordanian daily Quot a lasting reported a the Arab governments made a common demand to the company to follow their Boycott on May 5, 1956, another jordanian daily a reported a the Arab government warned Shell for the last time to liquidate its operation in All this was part of the Arab economic warfare directed against Israel the blockade of israeli shipping through the Suez canal got More publicity but almost equally important has been the Arab demand that the big Oil companies not do business with Israel on the threat of losing their concessions in the Arab states. The coordinator of the Arab economic warfare Arab Boycott office announced this goal on Jan. L5 1957 Quot continuation of the present policies is Likely to Lead to the elimination of Israel Quot a British woman whose father had been buried alive in Kenya As a sacrifice by the Man Mau tribe was in Washington the other Day. Her father. A g. H Leakey had lived among the Mau maus for years was Friendly to them defended them hut a Mau Mau prophetess said that a Good Man had to be sacrificed so he and his w Ife were carried to the slope of mount Kenya. Two grave were dug and they were buried alive he continued talking to the Mau maus As the dirt was shovelled in. Mrs Bremer Hofmeyer daughter of the dead Man. Is married to a South african where hatred of the negro is probably More hitter than anywhere else in the world her husband s family have lived in South Africa for 290 years and six members of the family have her de in the South african Cabinet. Mrs Hofmeyer was accompanied to Washington he about so africans from 14 nations. They came during the height of the civil rights debate. With them was the King of lower Uganda together with the grandson .1 Gandhi Tim Sun of it / Premier Mendes France of France and several member of the parliament of Ghana newest african state they had been attending the annual moral rearmament conference at Mackinac Island Mic where members of the Ghana parliament wrote a plan and Thev flew to Washington to present it. It Bell syndic. Tags h. V. Hurling topics of rile times kor cats i Don t care for. My dislike for these Ani Date it Back to childhood i saw a cat torturing his a mouse. Jam hails a Ray in a is Heady Lor anything Many travellers want to see America first and we All want to see it last. A woman retired alter 40 years of service to a concern and was Given a wrist watch she really has time on her hands waiters and tramps have one thing in common they live by a hand out. When you in going to an average Benet it dinner it s smart to eat a bite before you leave Home. Of a father had t been one himself he would t worry half a Muc h about his son. Somebody should invent a bed with a comp Ometer for counting sheep. Washington a rep. Grade Pfost will be Riding and walking All Over her vast District making speeches and shaking hands Riding in rodeos and competing in log rolling contests when Congress adjourns. The colourful Auburn haired congresswoman known to her colleagues As a a hello a Belles tor her sponsorship in the House of representatives of the hell s Canyon dam construction Bill in t one t 1 sit Back and relax with her husband. Jack Shell be off in her new automobile equipped for whatever contingency arises whether it be pitching a tent tor the night in a ghost mining town in the mountains twirling a round log in a burling contest or sharing a bit of her precious sourdough with a Lumberjacks family nestled in some lonely soot off the beaten track. A she takes All of her equipment with her ready for anything a a member of her office stall told me. A she never knows when Shell be r iding in a Rodeo so she takes along her boots and Riding pants and usually an Orange silk shirt. She knows she he elected out there if she ride a the congresswoman also tote along jeans and sturdy rubber Soled shoes just in Case she s challenged to a burling contest. During the Campaign last year these items came in right Handy. She found herself on a round log with Erwin la Schwie feet a lanky six foot Republican who was out to get her seat in Congress. In a burling contest one contestant stands one Way another the other each twirling the log with his feet trying to out balance the other Grade and Schwiefert both fell Oft at the same time into the icy cold water. The hurling judges considered it a draw1. The loggers loved of course this was All in the interest of Good clean fun the office Secretary said a shut Grade won the election just the Little Delaware has taken Over the spotlight from big Texas this year in providing presidents for two of the top clubs for congressional wives. Mrs John Williams wife of the Republican senator irom Delaware. Is president of the congressional club which this year celebrates its 50th anniversary. Mrs. J. Allen Frear Wile of the democratic senator from the state is the new president of the women a National democratic club. East year two texans headed the dubs. Mrs. Omar Burleson wife of the democratic congressman piloted the activities of Hie congressional club. Mrs Mastin g. White wife of one of the commissioners of the la. S court of claims was president of the women a National democratic club mrs. Williams and mrs. Frear both have already lined up ambitious programs for the year ahead. As them Mals when prey cabs even when Well fed will kill Birds. They do it for pleasure. People who favor cats for pets keep insisting to the Point of boredom that the felines Are remarkable animals. Yet these cat lovers protest when it is suggested their pets be licensed the same As dogs. Yet it must be admitted Many famous persons favor cats above dogs Ernest Hemingway has 36 cats they have the run of the Hemingway residence in Cuba. Or. Samuel Johnson had a cat named Hodge for which he had a great affection. Hodge s favorite food was oysters and or. Johnson went to much trouble to provide them for his pet. I knew a woman in Arizona who had a eat that wagged his Tail just like a dog. That is about the Only cat that Ever really interested me. No doubt you know that the cat is never mentioned in the Bible but the dog is. Also you Are probably familiar with the tale about Dick Whittington and his cat. That is accepted by Many As a True Story. It in t. Whittington who became lord mayor of London never owned a cat. How Are you on speedy mathematical problem solving Here is a simple problem that should be solved mentally in a minute or less the following Are the Odds on the competitors in a three horse race. Horse no. I is even Money. Horse no 2 is two to one horse no 3 is ten to one. How much would it be necessary to bet on each horse for a live Dollar profit no matter what horse won there Are million husbands in the United states ninety five per cent of these husbands Are under 65 years of age and have regular jobs. One fourth of these Hus band. Or nearly ten million Ara under 35. That is a lot of Young husbands. One Quarter Are Between 35 and 44 this is a critical period of married life for a husband. When the average woman reaches the age of 40 she becomes a Little Wilder and More temperamental therefore much More difficult to handle. Tile statistics aforementioned indicate the we training advice offered by our horses a women expert is has quite a potential audience. We have been severely criticized by some feminine subscribe s because of these helpful hints on wife training because of them the number of women eager to slap my face it on both sides has greatly increased. Nevertheless i am determined to continue doing what i can to Aid my fellow husbands. After All. I should not pay too much attention to the aforementioned criticism it is just a Type of technique used by women in the Battle of the sexes. Of they want to get their Way and have no Good argument to Aid them they try to make a Man feel like a brute even resorting to tears. This has been referred to As a the tyranny of have you among your relatives friends or acquaintances a person who habitually corrects pronunciation having one s pronunciation corrected can be quite a source of irritation. Even persons who Are otherwise very tolerant cannot accept a correction of pronunciation with Good Grace. The Only defense against this irritation is to make a study of pronunciation. How Are you doing in that Field How do you pronounce Tchaikovsky How about Chopin a or Van Gogh or innocuous or prurient by the Way do you know what prurient Means a of not you should for your own Good. The word has been used in a supreme court decision. It was decided that any spoken or written word dealing with sex can be classed As obscenity and therefore illegal to use if it appeals to a a prurient kid features it Adwate inc

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