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Cumberland Sunday Times Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1957, Page 2

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Cumberland Sunday Times (Newspaper) - August 4, 1957, Cumberland, Maryland Postal pay boost passage seen by Republican Solon beat wave Snow Many Molly sue Palm. 3, of san Diego cal., admires Snow Man made by children from ice shavings dumped Lawn As temperature neared 90 degrees yesterday. Paul g. Helling company trouble shooter got the truck Load of ice shavings free at ice Plant and dumped it Lawn at i Home. Made the grass Greener too when it melted he said. A photo fax tight Money slow sales Cloud business picture Carlson looks for action to a Shote up9 Ike by Joe Hall Washington. Aug. 3 la sen Carlson Ltd Kan predicted today that Senate democratic leaders will push through a Bill raising pay of Taesoo too postal workers before this session of Congress ends. He said republicans expect that such a move will be made Effort to Embarrass president Eisenhower who has announced Strong disapproval of the Bill. Sure it will be killed he told a reporter he was sure it would not become Law. How Ever if it is sent to the White House time to Force the presi a Dent to veto it before Congress adjourns there would be Opportunity to try to Over ride the veto. Eisenhower killed Federal employee pay Bills his first term but not until after Congress had quit. The House already passed last month by a 379-38 vote a Bill raising the pay of the postal employs $546 a year. The annual Cost would be about 280 million dollars. The Senate Post office and civil service committee which Carlson is senior Republican member has approved a different measure for the same employees. It would provide across the Board adjustments running from san Francisco. Aug. 3 Uby a $80 to $240 for workers the Bot 21 year old unemployed Ware Tom seven grades of the postal Houseman was arrested today for service. The committee estimates the Golden Gate Park torture rape the annual Cost of this at 270 Mil of a Young student nurse lion although Carlson said the p0iice capt. Daniel Mcklem Post office department figures it said Melvin. Bakkerud admitted the july 20 brutal assault by Wai tar Breehl or. Aug. 3�?ob�?business, pinched by tight Money and cautiously to Washington this week for new York sluggish sales looked remedial action. Chances of Early turnabout the governments monetary policy seemed slight. Price a creases aluminium up 4 per cent tires up one to 5 per cent hogs at their highest level three years apparently ruled out any drastic changes now. Indications were that the present anti inflation policy of letting interest flying nun honoured a sister Mary Aquinas 62. Of Green Bay wis., a member of the franciscan Sisters of Christian Charity receives the air Force association citation of Honor for a a contributions to air age education from mrs. Carl a. Spaatz wife of the first air Force Chic of staff Washington yester Day. Sister Mary Aquinas whose aviation workshop methods have been used More than a half million youngsters aviation and science workshops Catholic schools earned her pilots License Early world War ii As a background for her teaching. A photo fax jobless Man arrested nurse attack Shelton son delve into Scot history at 300 million. Would avoid delays democratic Senate sources said Edinburgh Scotland aug. 3 lbs Richard Skelton ailing son of american comedian red Skelton had exciting time this sunny morning delving into Scotland s history. Negro pastor gets threat phone Calls Church Council seeks better race relations by George Cornell new Haven. Conn., aug. 3�?lb�?world Christian leaders today considered Steps for giving Concrete Aid to individual churches improving racial relationships. A two fold plan was placed before the Central committee of the world Council of churches pro Quot Viding for 1. The appointment of a full time roving consultant to work with churches and Church organizations ironing out a a racial and ethnic tensions their areas. 2. The inauguration of full scale studies into a a the biblical and theological bases of proper racial relationships set Forth Christian teachings. The report was presented by the Rev. Or. J. Oscar Lee a new York specialist the subject who recently completed a world wide Survey racial conditions for the Council. It said that racial tensions were one of the most a a serious problems the life of churches themselves and the societies to which the churches must Render their Christian one special phase of the problem has been brought up by the it. Rev. Abrose Reeves of Johannesburg South Africa who asked the Council for a judgment whether that country s apartheid policy of segregation was or was not a morally a a regretfully i have been driven to the conclusion that apartheid is both unethical and immoral a he said. A it is important that we consider. What Steps can be taken the world Council to give a Clear answer this 1 reports attack Darien King 22, a waitress told new York police two men offered her a ride Home from the latin Quarter night club then robbed her and attempted to assault her. They were arrested. A Pho Lefoi Rock Hill. S. A. Aug. 8 us a negro minister Leader of a Boycott by negroes of City franchise buses Here said he received three Anonymous Telephone Calls last night. Scrambled All Over Edinburgh the 19-year-old nurse. He was held i Castle the old fortress which suspicion of rape kidnapping overlooks the City and visited that air like Lahood the Hoe and Burgl it Holyrood Palace old seat of Scot Bill will be called up that body. L1.e,arrest, Tun Effort to get it directly to a .n, the president without any Confer a the 9-year-old boy suffering one saying that the caller a wanted from the blood disease leukaemia to be sure you re there before it goes the minister. The arrest meant the end of Tish royally. Richard said he was once or further House action. However Carlson said he was sure Effort would be made to Amend any postal pay Bill to include pay raises for the one Neil Lioi. Civil service classified the Rev. C. A Ivory replied calmly to a question that a a you might Call them threat eng Calls a but added that the feeling caller did not specifically mention a bomb or otherwise explain the Emi rates seek their own level and not pumping up he credit and Money Supply would continue. U. S. Aid hinted but there were Broad hints of government Aid from other quarters. Biggest splash was created by As a possible parole violator. Bakkerud was arrested wednesday a pharmacy burglary charge. Mcklem said Bakkerud told him till u of up i into this measure could be offered Ash of the idea for the attack out a Fth till jul Jan amendment to the postal Bill. Detective Magazine a complicating Factor a Quot police searched Bakkerud s Khrushchev tit ploy i the Senate committee also has meet i to. I chord approve f a 7�?T per cent pay boost for these employees. Carlson said her. 23, a san Quentin parolee held Fine. As the prime suspect the Case. This afternoon a comforts remark. Rexinger. Who steadfastly main-1 Hie automobile Richard set out Ivory said he had notified police. Tamed his innocence is still the Trail of Rob Roy scottish who still were the area of the jail however. The state adult a fre Booter of the Early 18th Cen a minister s Home today Hority has a hold order him jury. This expedition took the the Boycott to o weeks old. Skelton family including Rich started after Allene Austin 23 Ard s Mother and 10-year-old Sis year old negro woman allegedly tor through the Trossachs coun was ordered by a bus Driver to try a Region of lakes and Heath covered Hills where Rob Roy and his band led Carefree outlaw lives. London aug 3 if president Quot a Kern the room and said Thev found a wrist Tito of Yugoslavia and Nikita a a Niay e a 005..? to watch belonging to John loner Kim Sychev met for two Days this add a"7 pos Aipa it a Bill the and belonging to John loner week satellite Romania and m strata a quo Long pushed proposal for hikes postal rates. The Kansas senator said he knew of no plan to make such a move from the Republican Side. At cud a a Concrete forms of cooperation a Moscow radio announced tonight the conference Between the the rape victims escort. Oakland criminologists reported they found strands from the victim s dress Bakkerud a shoes and socks. Rexinger told of Bakkerud s news that the Federal government be co Quot Here Quot be a a a he and democratic sponsors of the a a a a a a. Bakkerud s had earmarked near three Bra w mid they though if Quot Quot a a d Quot ?0,j?h leaders of Russia and Yugoslavia any such Effort would be blocked steamroller has been lifted off my the floor. Chest. But some senators have argued by a v d 5 7 Congress must face increase or if int to Etudes postal rates because of the Post a ii i if office departments Long string o it act i Sill 8 of ill International and now a deficits. The red Ink figure is Esti i a it it it the. Patty pres. Mat a Al 650 Miuki Duars or its Iii Center Tho was actin panted by la,.uri.�?z�?zt. Of had earmarked nearly three Bil l�?~0"d0ur�?T-&Quot 11 1h, t plat thursday and yes-41.ooo-mile network of i noted a Torday sum a cml Khrushchev cams a user highways were Deputy Premier a. I. I Home builders eagerly awaited k and v Kuusinen. For word that the government would Boss o a 1 Dos handed com. Lift the present five per cent inter Niu nist est rate mortgages insured by fun be the Federal housing a Duimstra dmm. Nix Hon a a f comp Mea by Tho current fiscal c u Quot a., two vice presidents Edvard Kar no a for some time Bankers and oth de j and Alexander Rankovic 8 pm or lenders Hae shied awas from Wadu have spent considerable time government backed mortgages Chr soviet Union this summer with fixed interest rates. The Jon vacation by official de scrip have been putting their Money into Jon other Loans where the return is a a. A. Western experts communist kid Rac Cua Lenng non or. At airs suggested London that Meade md., aug. 3 lbs interest Elhaj is can be this meeting could Hera a he the body of a negro dressed hued to 5 4 per cent under the Mot Sig if Tant soviet yugoslav Ariy unit re. Was found last housing act signed last month by a Cord Tito a break with a it Kelly Pool at this sprawl president Eisenhower. 1voices plumping dose of government help Ness were heard Congress this Quot ill i land week Man uniform found Pool leave a seat she had taken beside a White woman. The negro said the seat was the Only vacant one the bus and that the White red said the family was still woman had invited her to take it travelling without plan. Boy 12, held j for assault Ivory said he and other negro leaders have set up a private transportation system to make the Boycott effective. Squirrel snags Golf balls Lins 174 hidden a tray Boothbay Harbor. Maine. Aug. 3 Jbv Mark Leeman and Ken san Rafael calif., aug. 3 lbs architect Frank Lloyd Wright says ties still going to design Marin county a civic Center despite a letter read to the Board of supervisors questioning his loyalty. The 88 year old Dean of modern architecture became indignant yesterday when the county clerk for a bigger Sal ,94r it . H beyond the Accord worked out. R found the body had Wright had a Given Active and sex we a ago whet. Khrushchev it live upper Tafs Tell. Went to Belgrade to apologize for. Howard Carey of Philadel Etc Roises a joint congressional a a the l9m , attached to the 2nd army1 p Baltimore. Aug. 3 f police a Lanned to obtain juvenile petitions today against a 12-year-old identified by two Little girls As the boy w to raped one of them and assaulted the other. Police said the boy gave a full Klc. Country club Green keeper statement connection with the spoke a Grey Squirrel snatching a assault the eight and nine a As funded onto the eighth year old girls. Officers said they tar can yesterday. Today Leeman hoped to have the Case Juv Vii Nesse a repeat performance Enile court by monday. Anc followed the thief. The arrest was made when the 1� a Thicket Leeman found the children accompanied by officers i00111used Squirrel s Cache. It con suddenly identified the boy As he ,174 Jai s walked along a Street. E keepers turned Vliem to earlier a doctor confirmed club pro who paid them Sio that one girl had been raped. Ami suggested they Purchase some the children told police they peanuts for Tho rodent. A re a Woods near their North. I 7 East Baltimore Home when the Rill of 111 a Ollu ii boy approached threatened the with a knife and attacked them slloh�?T8 Lollor Hsc Omic bulb committs announced bad cd wed Alt a the i Goluh and Sun or element. Plans for a series of full dress hearings. Heading the Agenda will he a discussion of Federal spending a study of How government i Loller hungarian rebellions last year. Financed projects can revive the lagging business Boom. The aircraft Industry hit by fall j my defense orders scheduled fur ther cutbacks. Boeing air plane co it to i a cil gain to Kell arrested a there is no substance that a a spokesman the Post pub cd Luj to z1 a of am a relations office said the victim had the supervisors my muted him Bull 0 i. And refused to hasten to the added that Carey has been miss Ling from his unit for several Days. Remainder of Hie letter. ?,.ml.l, to visit Hong Kong. Aug. 3 urn Pei it performed at the base hos Ping radio reported today the a Pital will red belts Seale Quot and Quot Wichita Resl a it nine plotters accused of. A. La amp Inlo the asian fill unit nip 1m\ payrolls by several thousand using the asian flu epidemic Driver 93, serious Fly against ailing communist injured Arri Hent the broadcast told this Story the plotters spread word Coeur d Alene. Idaho. Aug Sunyi county of Kwang Tang prov 3 lbs a 93 year old Man was serb Tion announced it will Stop buying Milt a lha a the nearby Temple of sly injured today when his 1926 Lead and Zinc for the strategic yellow wind contained divine Model Coupe with Only 42.000 stockpile a Lew months. Many Waters that would cure flu vie Miles the speedometer and a producers had hoped the program tiros. june 26. More than i .ooo11957 Sedan collided North of Here. Would continue for a year or Long-1 persons trudged to the Temple and August Peterson. Hayden Lake Baltimore aug. 3 us a a Layoff soon further layoffs loomed the Lead and Zinc mining Industry. The office of defense mobilize sen. George not a hopeless Case fat Germany Moscow aug. 3 Uby the soviet government announced tonight communist party chief Nikita Khrushchev will begin his visit to East Germany aug. 7. Premier Nikolai Bulgarin is not included the list of 12 men to make the trip with him. Driver cd ideation mrm London aug 3 # a crease crime has exploded the a londoners boast of living the a worlds most Law abiding City. Vienna ga., aug. 3 lbs for a police report published this Mer sen. Walter f. George s phys week discloses a 14 per cent Iciano reported today that his crease last year indictable of heart condition has improved but tenses robberies assaults with expressed concern that a there intent to Rob burglaries rape and May be complications the the like. A Quarter of those arrest jul for violent crimes were under they ruled out the term �?~�?~hope-21. Less a detailed statement of the 79-year-old diplomats four month illness. They said that All should be prepared for a critical period of unpredictable length. Many died the Way the civilian front Auto sales later the plotters spread re fell below earlier expectations mors that a too jars of Silver were was listed a a fair condition at a Short course Driver education Hospital the car was demolished 1,01 High school teachers will be the Driver of the other car. Mrs he a a Baltimore Junior College dealers striving to whittle Down buried near the Temple. When Dorothy Mckinnon of Coeur a aug. I inventory of 775.000 new thousands of persons gathered do Alene pulled Peterson from the cars stepped up sales promotion there the revolutionaries tried to wreckage when his car overturned efforts some gave away ponies arouse them against the govern Aiter the collision. She was not store sales climb new York aug 3 it ins de Par Mont store sales the u. S. Last week were four per cent above the corresponding period of 1956 nine of the 12 Federal Scotland Yards Boss John Nott Bower says a it is no Consolation that the trend is National not confined to Reserve districts showed improve had walked out of his depth near ment. His Burlington Beach Home and air conditioners with each 1957 Merit Model told. Their problem is to Clear out the 1957�?Ts before the 1958 s go Sale two or three months from now. Crash \ victim Hospital for 15years is married Mamie leaven Denver after six a it v i it Chicago aug. 3 iffy a wedding i injections of Denver aug 3�#�?mrs mama has ended a 15-year slay Cook la i hairs. Eisenhower the nation s first county Hospital Lur Cornelius lady Lett by plane at 7 of a Bud it Foster victim of a 94i morphine every both Foster and his Bride Are divorced Foster and his first wife act Fitim drug Ghod i were divorced Atter he was hos most a return flight to a. a q mrs a that crushed his pitched spine and Cost him both legs. The new mrs. Foster a Tele Foster has lain his stomach phone company supervisor first most of the 13 years but yester saw Bud eight years ago when Day he sat up a wheel chair she came to his Ward at the hos and exchanged marriage vows Pital to visit her son John a Vith mrs. Josephine of cerebral palsy. Son 40 a i liked Bud the Day i met him it a a memorable Day. A a a 1949,�?� she said. A i thought i the happiest Man the a what tremendous courage a a Sherborne England. Aug 3 Foster said. It was also coined tie couple moved into a new Ivy firemen and their $15,000 dentally Foster s 38th birthday five room Brick Home a Chi Gine were called out today to put Foster has had 27 operations ton after a 6-Day visit her Home town. She came Bere to visit with her Mother mrs Olivera Doud and to attend the dedication of a new Park named the Mamie Doud a Benhower Park. Fire prove Goat Cago suburb after the wedding. Out a smudge the stubble of Nice he entered the Hospital. 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