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Cumberland Sunday Times Newspaper Archives Aug 4 1957, Page 1

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Cumberland Sunday Times (Newspaper) - August 4, 1957, Cumberland, Maryland The weather worm humid showers cooler h-�9ht fail cooler tomorrow. Aural six sections general feat re society City area news sports. Comics family weekly vol. . 213 International hmm Sor rec Cumberland Maryland sunday August 4, 1957 Price ten cents Ike to fight Senate rights Bill urged to allow inspections official say Plo r statute seen unworkable by probes one transportation group could control nation senator says Washington. Aug. 3 sen. Mcclellan Ltd Ark said today that James r. Hoffa s plan to put All a he nations transportation workers into a single Union or federation would create a Hoffa the 44-Vear old heir apparent to Dave Beck As teamsters Union president has said All a Ruck air rail and shipping unions should he combined into a Ringle Union or federation a for their own Protection a Roth Mcclellan and sen Coldwater Ltd Ariz it viewed Hoffa s Filan with alarm and said it looked Ike a move to set himself up As the nation s no. I labor Boss. Can control country a a control the nation s transportation and you control the country a Coldwater said. A there s never been any doubt in my mind that s what Hoffa wants a Mcclellan said if the Type of transportation Union Hoffa has outlined Ever comes into Bema it would Wield economic Power that a would amount to a Mcclellan in chairman of the Senate rackets investigating committee. On which Coldwater also serves. The committee has been delving into Hoffa s affairs and particularly his alleged associations with new York labor racketeers Hoffa recently was acquitted on charges of bribing an investigator on Mcclellan a committee. I under subpoena Hoffa is under subpoena to appear before the committee aug 13. Although the Date May be changed a kiss for Mamie a president Eisenhower greets his wife. Mamie with a kiss at National Airport in Washington yesterday upon her police arrest convict after plane escape convicted rapist i to fled Texas of bae land. In Ohio robbers loot Graham office new York. Aug. I or a burglars broke into the Billy Graham new York crusade offices Early today and took about $2 oho. The Thieve forced open a Petty Cash Box and took $200 in Cash and about $1,000 in negotiable checks. The nightly offerings at Madison Square Garden meetings Are deposited in a local Bank and Are never kept in the crusade office the organization said Springfield. Ohio. Aug 3 of j the Ohio Highway patrol a Mcclellan said that the commit rested an escaped air Force Pris tee. When it resumes its hearings Oner at municipal Airport today monday afternoon will look into when he stepped out of an Airth Case of a Quot bouncing Union plane stolen in Austin. Tex. After charter. A Croas country flight. Robert f. Kennedy Ashcom the patrol identified the Man As Mittee counsel said this was the sgt. Milton j. Martin 27. Of de charter of new York local 226 of troit. A convicted rapist who be a. F n. The old i United automobile work caped thursday from the Berg i 1 off ers t Nioni Al adding it had Strom air Force base. Tex.,r a been granted Quot to a succession of stockade. M m if a i favored individuals a offer no resistance let love la Iii i of a we want to see How often it construction Dulles tells Ike of arms conferences Secretary of slate Back from London talks cites gains Washington. Aug. 3 to Secretary of state Dulles flew Back today from disarmament talks in London and promptly challenged i Russia to join the West in lessening the danger of a great atomic War by opening vast territories to Aerial and ground inspection. Dulles arrived in mid afternoon and went to the White House to give a first hand report of his London Mission to president Eisenhower. He was Able to report to the president according to information in diplomatic quarters that he had succeeded in pulling the Western allies out of a logjam of disagreement on inspection zones. They concurred in a plan he pre Qin seated to Russia at a meeting of the u. N. Disarmament sub com a Mittee in London yesterday. Would halt Surprise attack what he proposed in essence was that Russia agree to Aerial and ground inspection Over great areas of Europe North America and the soviet Union. The object is to preclude the possibility of a massive Surprise attack in this atomic age. In an Airport statement Dulles said that a it is now up to the soviet Union to a if the soviet Union accepts these he said a and if the necessary details Are worked out the risk of Surprise by the associated press attack will be greatly diminished. Record heat in the East and a1 Lessen War danger second jolting storm within 24 and since a major War is not hours for Chicago were among the Apt ,0 launched unless the a nation s weather extremes Satur Ressor can count on Surprise the Day danger of general War will have the. a Ched Loo k is Quot a Quot a a t Brees at , my. In mid a a a .t1&Quot the Burden. Of armaments afternoon equalling a record for no i Ion ,111 a. J. A 3 set in Imi i. Uss 90-Debree nth Vawl v it weather Over much of the South Ega it. Form had prom return from a six Day visit to her Home City of Denver. Mrs. Eisenhower termed the greeting a an unexpected a photo a Eastern area melts storm jolts Chicago record heat cited with Khi readings storm damages City Hunt ring in Straw Barbara Summers. 20, Philadelphia uses a surplus mine Detector to search for an engagement ring in 15 tons of Straw. Or. And mrs. Donald Wake log. Of Hellam. Near Lancaster pa., on whose farm the ring was lost Aid in the search. Story at Bottom of Page. A photo tax Beer puts out fire in truck Atlantic City. N. J. Aug 3 As Well As along the Atlantic i coast with Boston sweltering in oud Western promo the 90s Sals careful consideration. A i Hope that the soviet govern Chicago recorded a la degree ment will realize that an inspect All bickle1gh, England aug. 3 it a truck carrying a Load of bottled Beer caught fire on a lonely country Road near Here this week. Driver Bill Matthews told hts Boss he did the Best he could. He saved the truck but had to pour the Beer on the fire to do it. He said. Soviets claim bounced and where it landed a Martin looking fatigued after Mcclellan Aid a a nigh a a Quot a a interrupted Rte Itei of ital Pucio drop from a a a a lion Raiem that makes us a a a a cheer summed a Ter Rome i former wife. Rela Bui dlr and construction trades 86 10 a Dati rets Dun Quot a crash More Sale and w Bich facilitates re to ii. A it a one of the witnesses called for Lars in not la thursday a a 5ad today is pedal Quot a thu Quot of a or a the Morm duct on of armaments Sas much Lull is kill is monday in Max Chester tonner night offend no resistance on his it convention monday a As struck shortly before noon. Ripping ,0 Lher enl rat As it is t0 ours financial of local 405 of arrest. The patrol said. Used to Amend the Constitution do in Power lines flooding streets Hosa a talk the retail clerks Union. Kennedy he was taken to the patrol Sla and bylaws. A and has ments. And swamping i reported that As a result of said Chester was involved in Tion at Xenia. 19 Miles from Here. Fran Bonadio. Of Doz it i its of sailboats on Lake Mich is visit to London he arrived a Law manipulation and later where he was questioned by the of the depart Lgan there monday he was a More moved Over to the retail clerks. Fri and held in Greene county mint would not comment How a caused wind damage Chester along with labor rack jail. Ever on a hinted move by the steer Johnny Dio and Samuel sought revenge on sex wife Goldstein president of teamsters Socal 239. Was convicted of a $30. I. A. Of Tho Avi in Ltd a a Varija Ruhp in sned with in wavering re a. Once amp London. Aug 3 of the mos Wou lil rallies have no Bill Ilian that up for Senate vote Washington aug. 3 Ltd three Fop administration officials said today president Eisenhower will p u t the administration s weight solidly against House acceptance of he Senate s version of the civil rights Bill. These officials who declined to be quoted by name said in separate interviews the president regards the Bill in its present form As completely unworkable. They agreed that As the matter stands Eisenhower would a Thor have no Bill at All than a Cepp the Senate s insertion of the jury trial amendment in a measure which it already had stripped of authority to enforce civil rights in general. A empty Shell a the chief executive s Legal and Viers Are said to have told Eisenhower the measure the Senate May pass by midweek represents not Only an a empty Shell for projection of voting rights hut will hamstring government enforcement in other Fields i Southern senators held a Strat Jagy session on the Bill today and i sen. Russell Ltd a it told reporters afterwards that he expects a Senate vote a a within a reasonable perhaps wednesday or even sooner. A up to now there has been no filibuster on this Bill Quot Russell said. A none was planned at our sen. Know land a Califi who breakfasted with Eisenhower told Washington aug. 3 a a w. Reporters he Hopes the House will Randolph Burgess undersecretary Send the measure to a Senate of the Treasury said today the douse conference committee in an United states a ought to be head Ltd a sort 10 Compromise its terms. Ling toward a Gold but i Accord not ruled out she said a we can t do it now with Knowland. The Senate Republic the world so it an Leader did not Rule out Tome Burgess vie on the Gold con prom la a Quot it controversial. Jury trial amendment which he Standard question appeared to go previously had said made the somewhat beyond those expressed measure but he by former Secretary of the treas sad he has yet to see any com Ury Humphrey earlier in the sen pro ruse be finds acceptable. Alc finance committee s invent. 5�?T� a Don b. Johnson of Tex As the democratic Leader made gallon of the nations financial it Clear he Hopes the House a condition. Cents the Senate version without the undersecretary who soon a conference and lays the Bill on will leave the Treasury for a Post a sen Bower s desk. I Vavick a i Ina move that stunned admin on the nato Council was asked ,0�?z paders of Senate a rip i about his views on the Gold stand into the Bill by a 51-42 vote Early Ard by sen Malone a Neva a who Friday a provision requiring jury had quizzed Humphrey along Sirn trial a in ail Federal court criminal contempt cases. Treasury Aid it believes u. S. Should be headed toward Gold Standard teamsters Union to Lead the three is but a,s0 re Nain convinced that nothing the four months work of i of a in Sher a Mas it in Mart of kid s3id department Stone Over the area and caused ask a that 11 must v Aga not n1arun apparently Ca be there to of the a. I to. Some damage from High weds be pursued with unwavering Reso Iron latin Range on his former wife a i Elhai Ive read Saturn thunderstorm Lut on _ i 1 i. To liar lines. Ithan Ever Ware it the immense slam mates Humphrey and Burgess worked. Or Quot Quot anal a a tempt is generally complexity of the task we face. Lary 01 Tate Dulles reduced to. Defined As an action in which a As a team for More than four. �?.v.,ars i no apr As judge desire is to punish a defend the London disarmament Confer-1> a to Cuel and for w,uu11 obedience of with hts inspection promo ministration too Shakedown conspiracy two new York electroplating 1ary Lee fest. Martin was sen in the newspapers court orders there would be no firm. The three of them Are being held without bail awaiting sentencing hut a judge has ordered them paroled Long enough to testify before the Senate committee. Dig also under indictment in the acid blinding of labor columnist a mar Kirill Victor Riesel is expected to testify thursday. Tented to 25 years imprisonment a press release issued by the n no following his army court martial teamsters in Washington yester i 1 1, rain a Quot la pc i 111 conviction on a rape charge he Day said be Union s delegation to hours it ult heavier amounts Apt a a a red u i i the monday in venting Era Parent in some sections of the City i 11��?�% i am ii m to a a Quot at Cuba 0 buttling his j Narei to Udd Ort a of Aad a Bur he. Traffic was hic 111 tile while another Man assaulted her Parl to support a Resolution a a a the Detroit building trades coun s1��c by gloom and ii Tlell by Blaze Syria Nordau crisis Ian in is Cai those policies especially higher a. Quot one concludes that the we Stern Mere tides. Have come under v 1 us u a get a judge a Ugat one concludes that the Western democrats who on a ,0 Dute obedience by Means Powers ant to ignore partial of civil contempt Eit Atmik. And Mea a rps tor disarmament and contend they have Hurt Farmers ,. J Dpi and measures for disarmament and mall Home owners Nvere the defendant could go free and others ave As he complied As Humphrey did before him. The jury trial Burgess insisted the a Duimstra Eltec-uve1 themas 10�3ur Soi the if expressing disapprove of the ast 55 under ses were filled children playing in a hideout in Quot thus Dulles reduced to Noth a Rohdes have kept in Bill that of Al Cio merger. Ullh water of Hay in a barn on the my the four months work of the and effectively every american in the vaguely worded announce storms Over wide Are. Ally farm wer it kill Ltd today subcommittee it of the i United a e his right to Vole a in enl apparently signalled that when fire of undetermined origin turns. Implying that the questions1. A�?~1 Midwest teamster chief James thunderstorms were the Rule destroyed the Structure. Replace them All by Aerial an Anonymous commentator said in a French Langu a Mason w is., aug. 3 u�?1three age broadcast. However Over wide areas the Weirton. W. A. Aug. 3 or-1 Hoffa. Heir apparent to Dave Withers Bureau Quot Iid a Quot series of the a us Maynard Bald fir today destroyed the buildings by a a National presidency would Thundu Ritorna Over much of or and mrs Quot Quot Henry of a lumber company and a con try t0 Rall a building trades ,. To Karen 01 air. Ana mrs near it Striction firm with a loss Esti unions against the former Cio in mated by fire chief John Feruson dust Al unions. At Quot a minimum of $200,000.�?� goo and Washington was unusual Baldwin or. The farm is located by heavy for this time of year. Damascus. Syria aug. 3 a Syria rejected today a jordanian Nineteen persons were treated if Mio a fir protest viewed Here As an Multi at a Hospital Here including 17 for a Quot a Mill it Nat ump at a syrian newspaper smoke exhaustion but All but five 4 a Campaign against Jordan. Had been released tonight among Cill a a broadcast announcement said those released were two firemen Fhi it f Jordan warned she would sever who suffered first degree Burns. In item to till diplomatic relations with this Sis Ter Arab state and even resort to arms it the newspaper attacks lollies slaying did not cease by tomorrow. Dds Stu non v v a a a but a Milder View was taken Brentwood n. A a a aug. 3 atom shots set today monday children were in the barn bodies be atomic test site. aug. 3 urn the Lith shot in the _ in Bayfield county in the extreme Northern part of Wisconsin. The parents did not know the discussed up to now Are of no ,10.n should return to the Gold importance and that the main Star Laid left 24 year ago. La a i would not go Hack to a Metal it thing is Aerial photography a l Quot a a not a a Nack 10 a Nie Al 9 a Vyman the commentator added a that Bass form lamp a today 00 or a i i of a cannot be agreed Humphrey replied he said that a jul Clell without Concrete disarmament a haps at some future time there measures a he said a Aerial Pho-1lgtl1 sufficient stability in to graph cannot be anything else in w0jd or this to happen their but reconnaissance and will re i Leia Mson aug. 3 i a a at one Point during the lengthy gunman with a mysterious motive shot a jobless Mingo count Ian in a Dies were discovered by a Mem sult in intensifying the arms questioning Burgess said every Anoa Rentle took Quot him he a of the Mason fire department race big Boom that keeps on Longsden Etc apparently took him by ill Atter the fire h id b ironed a the main thine is to take Oral enough a bust Carito a Fork in a Rural Fly , Bur Quot to ii. This is the bouet Quot Vou lha Quot a Quot Here we re had put him out and left him Pittsburgh aug. 3 a City current Ojea us St it Ries bulimia hate Dati Glite to oaf 11 leg Rex i Anh Ai Tolly scheduled for last tuesday. Tical measures Point of View. Detectives Robert Diven and Al Forsythe were quite curious today when they saw a Man dressed in heading Quot Malone asked. T0 die a it a a today. Burgess indicated he text a bust nov a Roy Belcher 54, would come if inflation were not was found by an Emden tried her was reset today by the atomic Havana aug 3 a Lut Energy commission for 4 45 a in. Pound daughter was born today do mrs. Marta Fernandez Miranda Oman. Climbing checked and economic stability my. My in maintained. In Amman Jordan s capital. A 1nsi f walking Al no the dec also announced that de Batista the wife of Cuba spokesman for Young King Hus Ltd Quot confessed late tonight the. Tx.0 in t. He j2th shot hag been scheduled pres Dent. The Batistas have four can s government denied an Multi a lab Slayma of an attractive the Man wore a tight Ittig monday. Sons. Neatum was intended despite t to chef and her two Young Chil White sweater printed skirt silk Thrall fib win Dot cats Olin Throat a a a from Brielle tests be Pill on substance to dissolve jots in blood Lii a a cd Mcm it Iii 11 lost girl spending weekend pawing through Straw Strung diplomatic language in the Dren Hose a Quot Dorritt a woman s protest. He said the syrians Quot May police said that Eugene Hardy purse they knew he was a Man rest assured that any attack on admitted the killing in the four because his dark Beard showed Syria would not come from Jor room ranch Type Brentwood through a heavy layer of Fate Home of the slain woman. In Der and the officers followed the Man into a store and watched him Pur-1 Chase a Bra. They trailed him to another store where he bought two girdles and another Bra. The detectives finally stopped him. He identified himself As. A. J. George Duda 19, a machinists ,. New Haven. Conn., aug. 3 i cause phlebitis and clots from Pitts Hureh Duda spendin8 the weekend looking for oif came the ring. _ a two Yale scientists reported to in the lungs cause serious comply Raj Rel he to the proverbial Needle in a Hay Barbara persuaded a construe braves baseball game at Ork crusade of evangelist Kee stadium for an outdoor rally Dav that tests on human patients cations. On Prada As a woman and shoo for state Lon firm in Philadelphia to loan Kee. Mrs. Wayland put up a ladder Billy Graham was extended to the latest Extension makes the arc being made with a substance the substance with which or ladies a a unmentionables Duda in this i a need a is a her an army surplus mine detect and wriggled through the window night for the third Lime until new York meetings the longest they believe will dissolve blood Daniel l. Rime and or. Jacob l the. $750 Diamond engagement ring or bought some batteries and in the process she jabbed herself sept i in grahams experience Topping a a. And Jay Jug ready Straw. But brought it Back to York. In the Throat on some curtain rods the announcement to Tugg hts a by 31 z weeks the 12-week London the search is just As difficult. 1 at last report the family was stored in the room. Rally was made by Roger Hull. Crusade in 1954. The ring was lost while Barbara having trouble with the mechanics a a. 7 a a. Chairman of tin executive com in Taliam of lice say i Ihl son Coroner Tabor Ball said Belcher idled at the Fork of Laurel Creek i Road. He had been hit in the lower neck by a Shotgun blast. The condition of the ground near the body West Bend. Was., aug. 3 of a 1 Sav Francisco aug 3 of a indicated Belcher had moved a a 68-year-old woman who with Donna june Tracy Mother of bout and tire tracks indicated the her husband was inadvertently0 children leaped off the Slayer had left in a hurry Ball locked out of a summer Home Golden Gate Bridge today a the said he expressed the belief that was injured fatally last night Span s 169th known suicide in its the shot might have been fired when her Throat was Cut by a 20 years. Elsewhere curtain Rod As she climbed through an upstairs window. Mrs. Erna Weyland made the climb because her husband. K. A Weyland. Suffers from a heart ail York. Aug. 3 i4t�?a pretty children the sister was pushed ment. 2t year old Philadelphia girl is into a huge Mound of Straw and finding the House locked when they returned from the dodgers Graham leu Sac extended third time until sept. I new York. Aug 3 or a the 100,000 people who jammed Yan Alq Ujj Fishman Are working is an in _ the tests which follow Success Zync called Plasmin or. Kline is Ful experiments with animals Are associate professor of physiology at mechanized a Aeres it Laking place at the Roswell Park Yale and or. Fishman is a re memorial Institute in Buffalo search associate in physiology. Washington aug 3 Iida Fri her family were visiting relatives tor a National guard organization a. Y judging from the results of sex director j. Edgar Hoover today on a farm near Here. Barbara for some sex i in the neighbourhood a clot Dis sever is a Long sought Perimenis with animals they said described the nation s Highway goal of medical science because if Plasmin is injected into the death toll As a mechanized Mas blood clots Are extremely danger blood Stream of a human As soon he said the reckless driving they can cause heart attacks As a clot is discovered the Dot or can cause As much grief As by halting the flow of blood by should dissolve and the blood re the kidnapper and the armed Rob forming in arms and legs they can turn to Normal within a few hour Ber. Summers and other members of of the machine and were looking Brill a troop mor Iii Mittee of the Billy Graham new persons have attended the Garden York crusade. Meetings since May 15 and 41 657 Manama Bahrain aug 3 w the crusade which began in persons have recorded a a decisions went up in the Hayloft with a who was acquainted with the de a British troops commanded by a Madison Square Garden May 25. Tor Christ Young Cousin and. Because the vice. Trouble shooting old Jungle fight originally was scheduled to end the same schedule of meetings ring fitted her loosely she gave it the Straw stands 30 feet higher moved into summering my june 30. Then it was extended to will continue during the extended to a sister to hold As a Pecau and covers some boo Square feet eat and Oman today to Bac k up july 20 period nightly meetings except on Tion. 1 of the barn floor. Its Loose weight the pro British Sultan s drive to that night the second Extension monday designated As a rest then while frolicking with the is estimated at is tons. A put Down revolt. Ito aug. To was announced tonight for the crusade personnel

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