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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Sep 21 1957, Page 1

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Cumberland News (Newspaper) - September 21, 1957, Cumberland, Maryland Today weather generally Cloudy and mild with scattered showers. High in the 80s. The <11 a her in nil a cos woman killed in car truck crash see Back Page vol. 19�?no. 291 entered a ascend Cia a mail matter at Cumberland. Maryland under Ute act of March s. Utt. Cumberland Maryland saturday september 21, 1957 associated Presa Nen Tea a photo International new Serries 14 pages six cents troops leave Ark. School soviet tells Gromyko accuses . Of making mid East Tinderbox United nations n. A. Sept. 20 0�?andrea Gromyko told the la n. Today the soviet Union cannot remain an Quot impassive observer a while the United states and other Western Powers try to turn the Middle East into a Tinderbox. The soviet foreign minister outlined his country a position on the Middle East disarmament and other East West issues in a policy speech of 14 hour to the 82-nation Assembly. He denied charges levelled by u. S. Secretary of state Dulles yesterday that the soviet Union was risking War by threatening Turkey and sending Arm to Syria. Challenges United states Gromyko challenged the United states to raise the charges before the United nations. He called on writ orders teamsters into court conspiracy charge on rigged election to be decided Usan has missile radar system detects course at 3,000 Miles new minister Keith Lack Holyoake. 52. Wan named prime minister of new zealand to succeed Sidney g. Holland who reigned because of poor health. See Story Bottom of Page a photo fax fired missile believed air forces Thor Washington. Sept. 20 of a the air Force today disclosed this. _ country first major break w Ashington. Sept. 20 re the through in efforts to set up a de International brotherhood o f Fonse against intercontinental Hal teamsters and its officers were Jas fac missile it is a super radar ordered today to appear in Federal system capable of detecting Ideo court Here sept. 27 to answer tiny my and figuring the precise charges that they have conspired course of a weapon speeding to Rig the Union s election in Laver through space 3.ooo Miles away. Of James . J Gen Thomas d. W Hite. Air . Dust. Judge f. Dickinson Force chief of staff disclosed the Letts directed them to show cause new development in space War Why the election scheduled for the fare and linked it directly to rus teamsters convention at Miami Sian claims of having successfully Beach next month should not be test fired a ballistic rocket Capa delayed by a temporary injun me of reaching any target on Tion. Earth. The 82-year-old judge a former White declaring communist Republican congressman from progess in Airpower Quot does not Iowa. Acted on a petition filed for neutralize our retaliatory Cap Abil a group of rank and file team ttys id the complicated and sters in the new York area by radically new radar system will attorney Godfrey p. Schmidt. Be operating in the near future. Schmidt former counsel for the installed in Alaska new York state labor depart the air Force then said it is ment successfully staved off Hof probable that the first of the 3,000-Fa s attempt to swing a new York mile Range radars would be in defense gov. Faubus obeys court injunction writ orders halt to interference negroes to return attorneys walk out the u. N. To Quot condemn resolutely a icy la it was ,.a1issn,k a for St Entil Cape teamsters Quot Council Quot election a two stalled years Agoa a in Alaska and that North being pursued by the Western c canaveral. Fla. Sept. 20 a year5 ag0 Central Canada and either Labra Powers huge name trailing missile was Dor or Greenland could serve As he blamed the nato Powers launched from Here today in what locations for two More sets. Toter creating a tense situation in was believed to be the first sue court appearance today. Up Ber these could cast and elective Middle East that bears upon Cess Ful firing of the air Force Schmidt claimed Hoffa Midwest Rojc detection screen Over the soviet Security. Thor. J teamsters vice president and most like a approaches o any Quot the soviet Union cannot place authorities confirmed Only that leading contender for the $50,000 space mjg Gjok from Russia itself in the position of an Impala missile had been fired the Sec a year presidential Post being re Quot neither the air Force nor its give observer while the near and Ond in two Days but their tone in a squished by Dave Beck a has of , chief hold out immediate Middle East an area close to the dictated they were satisfied with a mined with Beck and others hop Ltd hat that it Revo uti fiary radar frontiers of the sonet Union is the performance. 10 a it the Miami Beach balloting. Wow fad to rapid development being turned into a permanent hot the projectile Rose with a Flam-1 the convention starts sep. 30, a Massif a t0 destroy ballistic bed of military he said j ing Tail. Travelling upward on an web the elections due on oct. 4 mrs Stjes despite Gromyko a Blunt words even keel for perhaps 15 or 20 or 5 j but White on the Middle East some Western Miles before taming in a More Schmidt referring to the team delegates said they did not regard horizontal direction. Stersic o h it c i a i s As a a a a Wii Kile co remand s by it b.52 bombers the speech in its entirety As Quot in at this Point a burst of White bund a told judge Letts they sex standing on a Erl to take of at a in this country the United states smoke indicated a Booster had Ercy sed dictatorial control Over the moments notice. I reports of new outbreak withheld comment. Been fired the gleaming White million member Union j the if porch pupi amp this i United states and Canada but growing concern in the i in. Missile still travelling evenly on he said the convention delegates t of b hitherto tinted to pile up. And in puerto Over the Middle East was reflect its path left a string of smoke have handpicked selected ii the noted congressional Testi Hico a Thomas Harper right. Fort Smith Ark., and Walter Pope left. Tattle Rock attorneys representing gov Orval Faubus at the injunction hearing in la. S. District court in Little Rock Are shown Here As they walked out in protest. Got. Faubus later ordered National guard troops away from Central High school in Little Rock in compliance to a court injunction ordering him to cease interference with integration. It a Pant fax. Said it while to keep the first asian flu new revolt death in Missouri Over phone contract seen strategic new York. Sept. 20 a a Little Rock. Ark. Sept. 20 up a gov. Orval Lauhus tonight ordered the National guard troops away from Central High school a few hours after a Federal court ordered him to Stop interference with the schools integration plan. The guard left at 6 25 p m. Faced with the injunction. Faubus said Quot i will presumably the nine negro students who have been barred from the school by the troops since they attempted to enter sept. 4, will attend classes monday several had said they would go if guardsmen would not bar their Way. The action of the governor apparently closes one chapter of the historic struggle Between state and Federal Power but Faubus said he would exhaust All avenues of Appeal to overturn the injunction. Lauhus spelled out his stand on a three station television Hookup in Little Rock at 6 30 p.m., give minutes after it. Col. Marion Johnson had appeared at the High j school and called out the guard. Dramatic Climax it was a dramatic Climax to a Swift moving Chain of event which started with us. Dist. Judge Ronald n. Davies injunction against Faubus following a five hour hearing during which the governor s attorneys walked out saying Quot we re they had challenged the Federal governments right to question i a that a a i Iii i re a i brought in by passengers aboard rth a tale a Missouri Friday transatlantic liners. Of to reported what it termed the first two cases of asian flu were a informed death from asian flu identified in Sudbury ont., where a a i the City a three hospitals were rank and file revolt was threaten-1 Karubus actions and then left. The in the closed for fear of possible expo pm today Over a new contract j a a Pang continued and at the end Cun sure of patients to flu germs. Ended a four Day Minke of 23, judge ruled that Faubus had and in London England deaths Telephone equipment installers. Thwarted the order of the court _ the health department said from bronchial pneumonia follow As the los takers we Drew inter or a Errata on by by use of the de in a proposal put before the like that from a skywriting air without the membership vote Simony by Quot dept rotary of se-1 then Assembly by foreign minister plane. It moved Avay toward the 9.u,red the teamsters cons Titu a fans i it Onald that such a Case Frank Aiken of Ireland that a . Tion. He alleged this was typical Rajar detection ays commission be named for Quot pro a yesterdays firing believed to of the teamsters practice of de about j5 minutes warn ing of Quot the near its Peak. Motion of reconciliation and eco be of a snark was made in Pron rank and file members of Addora h of a miss ii hurtling the Public health were to during the week ended mines. Pm my rank and file member of approach of a missile hurting the Public health service in nomic betterment Quot in that Trou Cloudy weather. The missile was a lace a Miner conventions or the h space at 15 000 Miles an Washington estimated that about hied area. He called on the big visible Only briefly. It vanished local Union affairs it hour boo too persons in the Continental my Powers to Quot Abate their diplomatic in a Bank of heavy rain Clouds. A los conditioned the sept 27 quaries today was at the Capp lated states have suffered asian Competition Quot in the Middle East snark is essentially a pilotless Leann on Schmidt s succeeding Gana Spraj pea missile test Cen flu and avoid risk of a world War. Bomber. In serving today s court order on. Where he Resu Malv a a. A. Gromyko submitted three pro today missile. Launched wow Septa in a iced a Hal was believed to he health a Quot a nol Powals or sons duration try the the same spot where three pre. ¢1"5 of Quot Union. Holla of h Ealton invasion Aid n Assembly at us session. They. Vadous firings of the Thor report try a a a a a the anglers a ref i. Vat mile Ranje Thor. Sld Iau Uty he was a trick. So a Bee Quot made or bad a Quot Rcv it a a exr up Nas Slraight up and was clearly vis a a. Secretary of defense Wilson has Missouri against his doctor s and Bible for two minutes before it be l"1 who Foj is , Hoffa been relying heavily ,8s in s i in United states Britain and the so came a of on horizon. It presi ene v up one n Quad Psi an Engineer with Long sex Viet Unton to Tsume a Mem a the Thor 65 to 70 feet in Len the and a k 8 f Tab Prience in missiles to help de Viet Union to assume a Tempo and designed to travel 1,500 Miles. I Shine a of phantom team d whether the air Foret a Roltz we no for the 18 an Etc mediate Range sters locals York in 1056 next five years developed for the air Force. The defendants in Florida nation of the two will go into pro 2. That the three atomic Powers the unsure of a. Mot of the defendants Are now auction As this country a first in a a conclude without delay Quot tests of to Jihn a nday prepann8 for he con termed ate Range ballistic missile. Atomic and Hydrogen weapons As i t r estimated 13 to 17 mention. Secretary of the army Wilber Navi Ion i for a Norm a it of Tun i�08 before its Booster apparent Schmidt sought court appoint Brucker already has pronounced ment of a referee whose Job it the Jupiter a Quot spectacular sue would be to determine when new Cess a Ible 129 mix new my flu attacks Rose to 27 in the picket lines in 44 state and the troops and directed him to Stop. Week ended sept. I hard hit midlands and North of District of Columbia thousands Taubus in his speech said would give h. The epidemic there is believed England today. Eight of the vie card is m Quot a Moa a jud8,> Davies a a minored Law Quot Ulm were children slayed off their Job in sympathy m up fusing some of the motion thirty sailors of the Royal yacht returned to work. In a matter in map by by governor attorneys Britannia were Iii of flu at port hours Telephone service was re Jay it he did not say specifically ported Back to Normal in most of ones nearly 1.000 miners in Leicester-1 hic nation. He said. Quot i have instructed my Shire and Derbyshire were off however there were a slings Aji Orpys f0 exhaust every Legal assume obligation i. That the u. N. Rail on the i vice. The University of Colorado prepared to open on schedule Mon. ,. Day although about Soo students i�?�.11 . Or Ombal became ,11 during i,.hem, and Thor i sick cutting production at six Coal discontent Over a 13 2 a in a r needy to Appeal this order. How hourly package won he the strik Over it s0 j no As this order is in ers. ,. Effect and until its certain rever John Flanagan a Leader of the Saj on App pay j a Jujj comply it # t a communications wot k e r s of yep governor bin Sai even As America strike in new 5ork, by by guar a were Leav predicted the installers would re ing up for or Jer Anco Jet the proposed new contract in Llulu and sad agreed to Early today by Union Jow is be me Jor be utmost negotiators. He added that he had precast on Anco for thearance received re forts of discontent the part of a a persons a Keith Jack Holyoake a 52-year. From other sections installers struck against the Holyoake new prime minister Auckland n z sept. 20 us on it was believed Donald Quarles of next Jan. I for a period of two. A a Jim throw it off course. To three years. Compliance would fir checked by an International., assistant or tense Secretary wit convention delegates have been 3 that the u n Call noon its nested the filing. Chosen democratically. A Mem Hor nations to or by mid a Quot Rev a wed seas he Schmidt said there Aas on Point Dudus exo Ecleo the principles of Quot peaceful coexist. I i fuck a m App a ins 10 mph mention a in t my to defense Secretary Wilson credentials committee because he uov6mmpnt to Fence a and Settle any dispute among peaceful them Quot exclusively by offic May dec de before he leaves alleged. Roff and Beck control the next month whether the convention machinery. Oil drum blast ,15 Moline. 111., sept. 20 up a 15 Thor the army a Jupiter or a combination of both should go into production. Win injunction he said he hoped the National sorority Ruh week. The spread of old self educated Farmer was i he installers shuck against me Assn for by advancement of a respiratory infection appeared named prime minister of new Western electric co., the Manu coloured people would Quot not he so to have slowed and Laboratory zealand today. He succeeds Sid fact hiring Arm of the american reckless As to push integration tests Are being made to deter Ney g. Holland. 64. Who resigned Iho phone k i Holograph to. Until a Cooling off period a mine if the virus is asian flu. Because of poor health. About 18.000 a members con passed it similar tests Are being made in Holyoake who has been Agri he need on or of e against the Ohio j. Irani South Carolina where a respire culture minister and Deputy prime i a phone co. In a separate. Tory infection hospitalized about minister since 1949, will Lead his dispute. Most of them Are opera. S11. N a is in r.t1 half of two companies at l t. National party in new general ors who walked out monday when Jackson. A total of 187 men Are elections in november. The installers strike began. I a a f a affected. Holland after nearly eight the Cwa. S0ll8ht a in cent an is cd a the Public health service said years in the office announced on hour Wake nth rasp and 1 More p y increasing absenteeism in schools aug. 12 his intention to resign at runs a rage benefits Aller their u t indicated spread of asian flu in the end of the parliamentary ses 0,d Coni Rad expired last aug. 2$. A me Mhz a of Oregon Colorado. Mississippi Aud Sion in october. He stepped out Restrike wages ranged from $l3�. I Hoth races and immeasurable Texas. There also was Industrial about a month ahead of schedule.i0 2,80 an boar Narm in am a Mimi u the Union also sought a one year harm to an a Community where it absenteeism in California. The re a former businessman he had contract. Ii forcibly final a neither state police nor City to the attorney presented judge Letts with a Batch of affidavit Little Rock. Ark. Sept. 20 of from teamsters members most a gov. Orval Faubus when told of them in new York locals. By his attorneys that they had. A a i 0n, a Allt / a a c port added reports of influenza headed the government since the he said they backed up the walked out of a . District a ,.knuever pw4 Neeff Ater i ill r do Ici enemy ride Contention that convention Dele court hearing in the integration Oklahoma and part in accepted subject to rank-and-1llce would comment on whether k s Dov j a Arnm hcs Plo if , own in a by elected.,trebles Here today said Holyoake Dato stration Rob approval a wage boost that Jer from their ranks would 7 j domes rl60t. A Abl will brine no Chance in new rang of a to 12 cents per Euf St&Quot>n.s at the school London. Sept. 20 i a a Lone would Sonn 6 1 fled from team a there w,11.he no Cross Exa Rii a thesta e Heath Dupar Tenient zealand foreign or Domestic pol hour to Quot w3s the Pat porn he mind a 10 see that Prev enemy a Blanp rare Vino o him sters members in Hoffa a Home nation no evidence presented a a he ,. J a a ,. Com Nav offered lust before the valued. Year old boy died today of hums a o m Iesh hot. Al Michigan said a pm red no re a med lately announced "7etan suffered when a firecracker sex a a Otto n? Schmidt asked the court to Lake Quot so now by the use of carefully a Quot Quot Day so a ,n8 t asian flu a Quot for sen members of the a a a Man Oil drum to Dvoret a Quot yet dwt a a proceed nos Selee cd witnesses the Duslier he a a a 6 c,8m w cd of Quot Dot a Quot a Quot five others were Hurt one or i part 0 be a Jed St in Jpn for against Hoffa -.un<10r Case can be sus Beck and other apartment a a mane vering off the coast of eur me a bears of the teamsters Bier Archy before the Senate rackets the results Are a foregone con committee and the Al Cio Ethi Headquarters Mically. In the Accident at the rear of a South Moline Home yester Ropp Jato v a a i l said the firecracker was an he big a tub Ner Quin Cal practices comm Hee. Tossed into a dim i Elizabeth. Sailing casually for of tool a 11 la id str a a a a a a it los Host to delegation Zech bl11 Wollod officers said a lid was placed submarine r an Jakarta. Sept 20 intones it Luj Llu a to am the up a Sam a ing As part of the Orange oppo a is Host to a four Man hungarian which followed sent out Homes 8 1#b in the Jato Fate re a delegation Here for a month Long Al fun a. Austria. Hep 20 and threw the drum in feet. Str Kleback. Visit to negotiate increased Trade czechoslovak communist news Russell Morris a neighbor boy. A i-1 legalize abortions investigation. A dozen of would stay on and that Holland the known cases Are in new York would remain in the government City. As minister without portfolio. Or. Eugene Foley chief epidemiologist of the Quebec provincial r n a health department said Quot every Otter Noel Mussid thing indicates asian flu is Active in he added it was plane flies twice Speed of sound j at the court hearing today Faubush attorneys Laid Down a Broad Legal Challenge on the right of the Federal government to ques Tion Faubush action. Papers reported today the government plans a Bill to legalize abortions on a wider scale. Princess Grace again expecting old Laws permit abortion ifi20/--the Palace made it offic Monte Carlo. Monaco sept Tai died in a Moline Hospital of Burns famed finnish composer body and Hospital attendants listed her condition As critical. Others injured were Kunst his sister Barbara. 17 his brother Richard. 15 and mrs. Dorothy Helsinki. Sept. 20 it pm Jean the craggy faced giant Long had already have four or More Chil f nne if Haigh 1,1 Panl 18 95h Renda. J Caline a the great regarded As among the Dren who Are deserted divorced an a 0-s Are inc Louise mar Jmuncie Paris sept 20 Upu the French air Force said today a Mirage 111 fighter made almost twice the Colombo sept. 20 of a a key Speed of sound in a rocket assisted Ion official source reports Russia flight thursday. The test Pilot was is offering to carry out work Roland Gravany. Costing about $280,000 on a Hydro the air Force said this was just electric project in Trade for a beginning and that it is believed rubber. No decision was an the plane would go much faster bounced. Than the approximate 1,200 in p h. \ continued on Page 2, col 3 flu spreads in puerto Rico Jean Sibelius 91, Dies there is danger to health or life. The new draft reported prepared for parliament in october would today the former Grace Kelly. Princess of Monaco expects a second child next March. Allow abortions for women who she was married to them Nini it rigged package ii three coeds Are injured Washington. Sept 20 us the puerto Rico health department estimates there possibly were 129,400 new of it in u in the territory during the week ended sept. 14. The Public health service reported today. The services weekly report put Shanklin Mother of Brenda. On inside pages Bridge to comics .13 crossword 13 crypt quote 13 deaths. 5 or. Van Delton 7 editorial Page. 7 markets. 2 racing. 9 secrets of Charm 3 sports. 8, 9 television to Tri state. 5 want ads la 12 women s news. 3 Ian in music of his 1/1 1 a s melancholy up j6wish i old i id i Fly Sibelius. 91, the great brooding Deen regarded As among Aina a a m t world s Foremost composers from a min hymn Ryhn a hic his countrymen Ann his Admir drunkards from a brain Haemorrhage at his a., secluded Woodland Home outside ers,.Over world regarded by ,.As the spokesman in music of his Helsinki., rugged country he was Best known popularly t re c a Over the world for the sweeping shaven. Headed his brooding 0 a lilt servicemen sonorities of his tone poem Quot Fin face Jned a Job age he remained landia Quot and to musicians for the out of the world spotlight the last new York. Sept 29 up craftsmanship of the dark mesh 20 years. He had published no jewish chaplains will Fly thou Cal music that challenged doth a musical works after 1929. But the Sands of Miles to the far Corners their wonder and the critical j whole world joined in a swelling of the Earth to conduct Rosh fac lev Powers. Outburst of Praise and gifts tor has Hanah religious services for Sibelius left a mystery for the the Maestro on his 90th birthday servicemen next week the nation musical world to sizzle Over. His dec. 8, 1955. A1 jewish welfare Board Here re cast published works Carne out in death was unexpected the ports. Chaplains will Fly to such the late. 1920s and he is believed composer appeared to be in Good places As Thule in the Arctic the to have done some major compos health until the fatal brain Sei azores islands and desert posts in ing since. He died without saying Zure. North Africa. The estimated cumulative total in in sept. 20 a a and traffic director said the Box the Continental United states at or unwed or who Are married to Acrite was Horn to them last Jan. Ball state College coed was in contained the Breech mechanism about 100,000. 23 j Jared seriously today when a pack from a Shotgun set to go off when Quot influenza has now spread Caroline is the 31st generation Are sen another girl exploded the Box was opened throughout puerto Rico where of the Grimaldi family that has and sen Shotgun pellets through another coed Sheila Stine of the epidemic began in san ruled this 367-acre principality an office on the Campus. Fort Wayne. Ind., found the Box in the service said since the 13th Century. / mrs Anita Reynolds 20, an Lier locker and took it to the office Quot or Arbona believes the puerto unless Caroline has a brother Derson. Ind., was in serious con miss Petry came to pick it up this Rico is nearing the Peak of the she would inherit 24 ancient euro action in Ball state memorial to morning. Pean titles and her fathers pad the explosion Tore off part the Box bore a return address discussing the situation in the of a Finger on her right hand and from Quot John Fite jr., county line United states the report said i riddled her Arm neck and face Road Chesterfield Chester creasing absenteeism has Otolith Buckshot. Field is a Small town six Miles East curved in schools in Oregon Colo two other girls Ruth Petry. 21, of Anderson. Rado. Mississippi and Texas arid and Linday Helvering 18, both of Quot i done to know anybody by that ii a few industries in California Anderson were treated for Shock miss Petry said. J Quot reports of influenza in several the this of e were opening a Small postal officials said Stamps on areas of Texas Utah Oklahoma Wood Box addressed to miss Petry. The Box had never been cancel eds i and Tennessee also suggest in in a when the explosion occurred. Indicating the package was not creasing the service i Thomas Osborn College safety sent through the mail. I said. Throne. S chuckle in America the poor people enjoy the same luxuries As the Rich. The Only difference is that they need More time to pay for them. Copyright general feature corp it

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