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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 5

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Cumberland, Maryland Four men seen in quest of 72 demo nomination Washington a Ever scr Mccarthy and of course Day at 8 am Donald e Nicoll Ted Kennedy the cinch Nomi 8trides off an elevator onto the 10th floor of a downtown office building juts right and Nee until he drove off a Bridge elect Fon revue but so far Only four men come close to having accomplished Ine the self persuasion and crucial i j disappears for 12 hours Early footwork that marked the behind the door of suite 1004jbids of John Kennedy and Rich busiest Back room in american lard Nixon in years past they Are Muskie Mcgovern Bayh across town the lesser at the staffers of Lanter Jawed Boss refer to the place simply As the other of fice the title fits for while Edmund Sixtus Muskie busies himself up North stumping for reelection it is Nicole Singu Lar ongoing task to put the Junior senator from White House not that the cheerful bearded Nicoll runs the Only encamp mint of its kind on Maryland Avenue in the newly established her office of son George s Mcgovern and while aides to Coy cautious and available sen Sirch Bayh refuse to say whether he has one they note that were not hurting for space which Means he has one or will have such Are the shadowy quasi Anonymous outcroppings of the men who have emerged from the 1970 of year Campaign Trail with enough Public encourage ment and political Lous to com Mit themselves at least privately to the quest for the demo cratic party vacancy at the top Many other names get dropped in fanciful conversation Over prospects for a White House turnover in 1972 names such As Lindsay Humphrey Mondale Jackson Clark Shiv buy your laundry equipment from laundry specialists where expert service is yours f Ever needed Cumberland Capitol and hustling sen Harold Nicolls of Iowa a near consensus dark horse each of the four has his staff building a Force of political researchers Advance men speechwriters and fundraisers 0 put the Jun crisscrossing the coun Maine in the try to help fellow democrats and keep himself in the Public Eye the traditional three component formula at nearly every Stop a speech to the rank and file a news Confer ence and a quiet meeting with local pols where aides can Jot Down the names of Likely Dele Gates and update their correspondence demographics and issues files each looks to the primaries More than a year away As the most important test of All shirking notions of Mastermind ing any sort of Las minute coup at the convention Muskie the lanky pole who captured considerable National Iancy As Hubert Humphreys running mate two years ago is amassed the most impressive scorecard although the polls continue to show Muskie with substantial margins in voter preference Over other democrats there Are challengers Mcgovern hopeful of shrink ing his image ulary that of a reflex Liberal he moves around the coun try has stumped in 23 states since sept l delivering on the spot endorsements to 62 major candidates and key noting fund raisers on 22 occasions the challenger behind big brokerage House will buy Goodbody firm Cumberland news saturday october 311978 Gene Barry once insecure Greene Jim Efrem or and Robert priests running for three priests Are on the ballot for Congress in the nov 3 election father Robert Cornell left in Wisconsin father John Mclaughlin Middle in Rhode Island and father Rob Ert d Drinan in Massachusetts Cornell and Drinan Are democrats Mclaughlin a Republican Hollywood 2 an imposing voice barrys confident swagger on 3 a flair for the dramatic is the product of a gesture insecure Man who once aimed these elements can be found new York a Merrill for the stars and made it Lynch Pierce Fenner Smith the nations largest brokerage Barry who head nes the House said thursday it plans to name of the game m its acquire financially ailing Goodyear on the tube no longer Inyoung body co the nations fifth gripped by insecurity he is those who Lack one or largest brokerage firm Rich getting Richer and Good a two of the three elements the transaction would repro does rarely succeed in a eries and sent the largest consolidation in soon drop from sight the Hie Terv of to Vout a Fork still he attributes the Scalfi it u i 11 me in Story of the sew York u people who see my show Tell Stock Exchange the on the screen to theme they Dej eve me in Tje largest securities Exchange self doubts he had As a characterization Barry said Merrill Lynch entered Young actor suppose i have the to nations with Goodbody at the remember i spent 541 for necessary qualities but they request of the Exchange a suit n new on the aren1 valuable Only to actors from anything Ive Ever done i want to play a Slob with a Beard and baggy clothes maybe ill have to co produce it in other successful television myself stars Raymond Burr lome Barry his Confidence intact Arness Mcgovern is Indiana Birch Bayh whose candidacy for the presidential nomination is alternate july termed his jogging pro or his availability Campaign what it Means simply is that Hes running sen Burdick appears to be leading in and completed by next thursday the deadline the Exchange had set for Goodbody to raise Addi Bismarck and a of the Interior Walter j Hickels tonal capital or face expulsion sen Quentin n Burdick pro have stumped in North Dakota Goodbody declined any is prepared to move on the exchanges Board of gov easy payment plan for my they could be used offstage errors moved thursday to at param0unl Many in politics or Industry maybe state the acquisition by propos Vears gn0i be j theim in the wrong business 19j i like playing a Winner but Al find myself doing Many of the r f the recollection of that suit ing to guarantee any losses that t in picture Merrill Lynch might incur up to Elevado Street million it proposed that this be done by assessment of big and his own economic Straits Board members o being this series is Over id love to an agreement effecting the recently As one of somebodys0 to new York and do a Plav acquisition is expected to everybody list of 10 Betto let the juices flow same things week after week Barry said that Why when Ising a last ditch Effort to defeat for the two term congressman the Nixon administration farm Billy appears to be leading his Republican opponent As their Senate race nears its Climax Burdick has pledged to seek Senate rejection of the Compro Mise farm legislation in the Hope of sending the Bill Back to Tricia Nixon flew into the state today to Campaign for Kleppe in Minot and grand Forks the role of the Independent immediate comment on the acquisition plans James e Thomson Merril Lynch chairman and Donald t Regan president said their dressed men on or off television work myself up to a pitch every night now in sick of the clothes if Othen a movie with a horse bit and look Forward Mir Ole that is completely different watch your Fargo lose ugly excess weight with sensible new Fargo diet plan nothing sensational just steady weight loss for those that really want to lose a full 12 Day Supply Only the Price of two cups of Coffee ask Potomac Volley pharmacy about the Fargo reducing plan and Start losing weight this week Money Back in full if not com Pletchy satisfied with weight loss from the very first package dont delay get fatso today Only at Potomac Valley pharmacy shirtsleeves scenes in the i the impeccably i a House Senate conference for support from this bloc he also rewriting More to the liking of can claim loyalty from a sur prising number of republicans jh1 i win Viii 1t Oters appears crucial and to this difficult urn or Larrt o it itt Dick the Only Democrat in the states congressional delegation has always drawn substantial you Are invited Church of Christ to worship 211 s Lee St 7291312 Cumberland Maryland sunday Herald of truth am radio program Otbo am 1450 pkg Bible study am worship service am evening service pm wednesday Bible study North Dakotas wheat Farmers his opponent rep Thomas s Kleppe argues rejection would All any chances for passage of a farm Bill this year North Dakota Farmers Are unanimously dissatisfied with the legislation the question is whether they want to risk the Uncertain consequences of sen ate rejection in preference to accepting the Bill on the basis that it is better than nothing in the final analysis the armers decision on How they want the Bill handled probably will decide the election Burdick argues the farm bloc has nothing to lose by trying to recommit the Bill to conference and he has the support of the powerful Farmers Union Kleppe claims such action i could Force the farm program to revert to 1939 legislation with a consequent loss to North Dakota Farmers of million to s100 million he has the support of the states senior senator re publican Milton Young who says that it would be impossible to get a stronger Bill this year most political observers in North Dakota believe the farm vote will come Down on the Side of Burdick and he generally is regarded at this Point in the Campaign As the probable win Ner the administration has made a concerted Effort to help Kleppe a 51yearold million Aire who lost to Burdick in 1964 730 p m president Nixon vice president t Agnew arid Secretary affair1 cause was of its primarily concern for be the father the late usher l Bur Dick who served 20 years in the lotion Between the Republican party and the nonpartisan league in fact Bur Dicks name is his most valuable asset Many observers believe that voters still confuse the senator with his father Scrooge coming Hollywood up Scrooge a musical version of Charles Dickens a Christmas Carol will open in new Yorks radio City music Hall As Holiday attraction 225000 Goodbody customers further the repercussions o the immediate liquidation of Goodbody might have seriously the Anc j might hamper the orderly functioning of the nations capita Market they said Industry sources said Good body had been unable to main lain its capital at adequate lev Els because of deficits caused by Bac office paperwork difficulties dating Back to 1968 and the Sharp Stock decline that Fol Lowed show said i dressed actor but it is neither wardrobe Noraj superlative acting Talent which has seen Barry through series the two previous being in Bat Masterson and Burke Sij Law partly by Accident and by design Barry is possessed in of three qualities that him a successful television actor 1 Strong facial features music Man Hollywood up Pari Sian composer Michael Legrand will write the score for a the room in Paris and play a bit part in the film please consider the following int it a fact that with the great possibility of the continuation of gov mandels administration members of his party can Best serve the needs of the people of Allegany county in Annapolis if you agree please pull lever 11 b James s j hour Quality Al dry cleaning till 3 pm daily including saturday try our Connop professional dry cleaning 8 lbs 200 footers Damn cleaners route 10 West Lavaie open am to 9 pm House of delegates by authority of v r v v and 1969 Ford galaxies 500 4 or country Sedan 9 passenger with facing rear seats 390 engine cruise Matic trans Power steering Power brakes Power windows radio we tires tinted Windshield deluxe Black Vinyl Interior spotless Light Blue exterior o luxury Wagon local one owner St f2570a 2895 1966 Buick Riviera custom built automatic trans Mission v8 engine Power steering Power brakes radio bucket seats console tilt steering wheel Vinyl Interior new tires one local owner St sf2471 1995 1969 Toyota 1900 Corona deluxe 4 or Sedan 3 re four Cyl ohm engine toy Glide automatic Frans custom deluxe Interior bucket radio we tired Light yellow exterior a better import like new local one owner St sf2658a 1795 1967 rambler rebel set 2 door Hardtop v8 engine 4 Speed bucket seats radio we tires All Vinyl Black Interior White exterior with Black Vinyl top St 1295 1969 Ford econ line super Van 1968 Ford f250 Utility Branch new 1965 Ford econ line Van St i Chevrolet 4100 cab Chassis sm41 1366 Ford f100 custom v8 ft2584a 1s39 Ford f100 4 wheel drive St we pledge you Best service always try us and see sales open caul monday thru Friday 9 am to 9 pm sat 9 to 5 7223450 easy terms with extended payments time for a us senator who represents Maryland j Glenn Beall or you know where Glenn Beall stands against violence on College campuses m voted against subsidies to students who riot or Burn x for expulsion of known agitators and rioters he for fir fair strict College administrators against forced busing of school children x supports neighbourhood concept of local schools x favors voluntary prayer in schools sponsored legislation to protect Maryland industries and jobs threatened by cheap foreign imports keeps in close touch with his constituents through questionnaires regular office hours in his District insists Job of senator is to represent people he serves and help them solve their problems with government worked for automatic increase in social Security benefits to help our senior citizens meet Rise in Cost of living won watchdog of the Treasury award for his outstanding Economy record believes emphasis should be on Quality in government rather than Quantity x government must not spend More than it takes in there should be no More burdens on our taxpayers publicly opposed increase in senatorial congressional salaries when other wage earners were being asked to hold line to fight inflation Glenn Beail received citation from american Security Council for his 100 per cent on the record support of our fighting boys and boosting american defense Hes a Strong voice for our Maryland aerospace shipping and defense industries cosponsored legislation to make it a Federal crime to attack a police officer fireman or other Law enforcement official believes punishment must fit crime supports authorization of enough jurists and prosecutors to guarantee speedy trials and Swift punishment of the guilty cosponsored legislation to halt Trade and Aid to foreign countries who ship narcotics and dangerous drugs to our shores Calls for new direction in the u s Senate to end roadblocks to Nixon program to solve problems of inflation crime Campus unrest pollution time for an action oriented Senate Early this summer disclosed net Worth and All sources of income believes Public officials must disclose All sources of income and assets Maryland has a Strong voice with the Nixon administration in Glenn be All you have a Friend in the u s Senate with Glenn Beall on tuesday november 3 elect j Glenn Beall or your us senator remember pull lever 5a and vote for Beall Jthn f comm Llott Laloli tort mar slam

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