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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 2

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Cumberland, Maryland 2thi Cumberland news saturday october311970 i u a strike against pm said taking heavy toll by the associated press i try the 46day United Auto work layoffs Are mounting among cars strike against general Monuto salesmen and mechanics tors corp is taking a heavy toll i from Massachusetts to califor in terms of jobs and Money Innia so Are pay and commission steel rubber rail automotive cuts for those still working parts and other industries that some steel and rubber plants depend on the Auto Industry for i have Cut Back from five Day much of their Revenue weeks to three and fou Day general motors the worlds weeks largest company normally complaints of parts shortages spends million a Day with resulting m Mechanic layoffs 39000 suppliers and averages were scattered throughout the s90 million a Day in sales country one big Ohio dealer associated press instance to 15 Mechan inday that thousand reported a 10 per cent an showed mushroomed across the Bush haired Man sought in n and by or brakes a pm estimate placed losses to the economies of Eastern Pennsylvania Delaware and Southern new Jersey at almost Sll million through last thurs Day wages lost were figured at s82 million with suppliers sus Taining a million loss among the nations five top steel producers and has two new York that Are major pm sup sought a tall Bush haired said at Middletown Ohio Friday As the chief suspect if the strike continued two the slaying of a College Friend More weeks it would cause a of mrs Julie Nixon Eisenhower Jajor layoffs who taught at a private school Jones Laughlin steel corp attended by Caroline Kennedy which Sells about 32 per cent of the victim Patrice Leary its production to automakers 22 had come Here from her j announced earlier this month it Home in Okoboji Iowa la twas laying off 4000 workers in month to take a Job at the Pittsburgh and Cleveland sailing Samaritans Roberta Stabbert stands with son Dan 15 in front of converted world War ii minesweeper in san Diego Calif on which Treyve lived since 1947 former Seattle Wash executive Fred w Stabbert his family and hundreds of volunteers have gone since then on Goodwill missions to underprivileged in foreign villages a photo fax exclusive Brearley school she was slain with repeated slabs of a Kitchen knife beaten with the grand railway has trunk Western furloughed 800 Penn Central has Laid off 150 a Hammer and choked thu Sand the Chicago Rock Island Day afternoon in the West Side Pacific said the strike was Cost Manhattan Brownstone apart ment she was sharing with two other Young women a neighbor said a Bushy haired Man about five feet 11 inches tall weighing about 130 pounds and in his Early 20s had entered the building about about 15 estimated died the minutes before the Lime miss Leary apart ment is near Riverside Park known to residents As Needle ing it million a month in lost revenues Firestone tire rubber co at Akron Ohio Laid off some 1500 or about 10 per cent of its work Force and work schedules farm prices plunge two per cent during month Washington years but in the next 30 Days prices plunged 2 per cent in rebounded for a 2 per month ending oct 15 and Price of the things Farmers sell in comparison with have been reduced to three and things they to its fou Day weeks by of eve since the Depths of Rich co at plants normally sup the great depression it was plied by pm gov William Michigan which Milliken of has 180000 strike idled said his state was Park because it is frequented losing million a week in state Farmers by drug addicts j Revenue and will have to make the medical examiners of budget cuts if the strike goes be fice said an autopsy would beyond dec 1 performed All three rooms of the apartment showed signs of Ohio Afono Battle fought by miss Leary al Law plans to indict reported Friday the agriculture department monthly Price report showed that the drop in average prices to save herself from assault by knife and Hammer both of which were found miss learns body was discovered by one of her roommates Betsy Paull 21 one More person Kent Ohio pics said Friday if Tarp g go let 1 per cent below the prices and the prices same time a year earlier while farm costs Rose 05 per cent in the month to 5 per cent above a year earlier and a record High this combination of higher Faa to require jets to land More steeply a in the interest of safety the govern ment will require Jet planes to take off and land More steeply to keep them away from altitudes used by smaller and slower aircraft near airports the Federal aviation administration disclosed Friday that i is putting into effect the new Rule which serves double duty in the abatement of noise around airports where traffic and operational considerations permit be planes generally will stay above 10000 feet until they Are within 30 Miles of the Airport then they must remain a least 5000 feet above the group until they reach the final turn into the descent area and enter the final Man Euver in preparation to land arriving aircraft will be descended As steeply As passenger Comfort permits Faa administrator John h Shaffer said climb out will be accomplished a rapidly As aircraft performance capabilities noise reduction procedures and Senger Comfort permit this Keepe High proce Dure will reduce the exposure Between the higher performance Turbo jets and the smaller slower aircraft that usually Fly at lower altitudes the program also will re Duce the noise from the Turbo ets in the Vicinity of airports the new approach and Depar ure procedures already Are in effect at some airports and Are to be the Standard at All 119 air ports having terminal radar control service by next feb 1 the Faa has set a deadline of next july 1 for use of the new procedure at the 246 Airport Beers that Lack radar at airports that have no con Rol lower the deadline is nov 1971 by february 1972 All remain Washington a Safe aborts will be using the Jet Keepe High proce dures Shaffer said an Faa study of near miss escapes from cent increase unit pricing plan slated by Safeway Way i begin pricing products in its Washington division by Pound or report showed farm pint with Hopes of extending the at least one j costs for equipment fuel who found the door unlocked More person would be fertilizers and help and lower and the body lying in the living by a special state grand jury if prices for farm products room in a Pool of blood miss he can be identified from films Broucht the parity ratio of fair Leary was Clad Only in her Bra taken during last Springs panties and stockings disorders at Kent slate univer the dead woman was a 1970lsity graduate of Smith College in state attorney general Paul earning Power Down to 70 per Point in 37 years its previous Low Point was in december of 1933 when parity a classmate of Eisenhower both had Northampton mass where she mrs been history majors she had planned to do graduate work at new York University next semester she joined the Brearley school faculty in september at the same time Caroline Kenne w Brown said the grand jury dropped to 67 per cent which indicted a total of 25j the parity ratio had been 72 persons had viewed photo per cent on sept 15 and a year graphs of a Man who was not a ago it was 73 per cent Kent state student but who Wasj Don Paalberg chief Agricula department economist the october decline was this fellow shows up in the due to particular Circum Stan film and he is actively involved Ces on some commodities and stores an Active participant in the Ture disorders said practice to its supermarkets nationwide rep Benjamin s Rosenthal any described the move As an encouraging Advance for the consumer about a dozen chains such As National Tea and jewel Tea in Chicago Stop n shop in bos ton and King supers in Colora do Are trying unit pricing but none is nearly the size of Safe Way which ranks second Only to in annual sales i would predict that within two years youll see this in every supermarket in the coun try said Rosenthal whose con Sumer subcommittee worked with Safeway when the firm tried the system in two of its in the disorders but no one by transferred to the school who he is Brown an eighth Grade student from do know he is not a1 prices not an indication of an Basil Winstead vice president the sacred heart school student softening in far for the 255 Safeway stores in j Washington Maryland Virgin Rock Nyham the new Mark of Superior Quality and flavor in meat products i Grain prices he noted were13delaware and Pennsylvania above their Levels of a year ago told a news conference the firm were begin within a month using shelf tags providing shoppers with unit prices of what he called the items most frequently purchased while hog prices pressed because of heavy supplies and because Farmers were getting rid of their hog herds in the Wake of blight damage to this years Corn crop the decline in hog and other prices was partly offset by higher prices for Cotton and milk which hit record Levels been thus stamped in addition prices on to the Coffee air 1968 and 1969 showed that a Large percentage involved aircraft below 8000 feet and within 30 Miles of air ports scientist says mud damaging to Ocean life new York a Plain old mud dredged from a Busy har Bor May be More damaging when dumped into the Ocean than sewage sludge a Marine scientist reports our most recent work Indk Cates that mud mainly dredged wastes not the inno cent material it appears to be said prof m Grant Gross of the state University of new York at Stony Brook Grpss said a yearlong study of new York Harbor and Ocean dumping grounds revealed that of materials dumped into the Ocean dredged waste is Proba Bly the largest single source of substances that consume Roxy breakfast cereals detergents and canned fruits and vegetables shoppers will be told what gun the Price figures out to by pint eventually dumping of male or Pound 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 farm prices have been i trial that consumes oxygen can fluctuating wildly in recent advocates of unit pricing Coni my off the oxygen Supply for months for the month ending tend that varying package sea life resulting in dead aug 15 the department re Portland twofer and therefor areas of Ocean de prices declined 3 per cent in pricing make comparisons be the finding is included in a the sharpest monthly slide in different sizes and brands report delivered this week to the practically impossible us army corps of engineers from the Marine sciences re search Center at Stony Brook the corps of engineers is responsible for regulating waste disposal in coastal Waters Gross said he suspects the find ing in new York Harbor would apply to any buy Harbor or elect William Bill Byrnes f Cabinet set in Chile Santiago Chile i marxist president elect Salva Dor Allende announced his Cabinet Friday night naming Clodomiro Almeyda an anti american marxist latin americanist As foreign minis Ter Almeyda appointment one fed by a polluted River the mud Gross said Proba Bly picks up nutrients such As phosphates and nitrates that Are dumped upstream into the Hudson River by other communities also much waste including sewage is dumped directly was into the Harbor he said of the House of delegates the Only Surprise As it had been generally expected that Socia Allende would name a non k marxist Radical to that key Post Las a Token gesture to Modera Tion Almeyda was pro chinese and ant soviet in the 1963 Power struggle in the communist i u t for 25 years Bill Byrnes has been employed by the department of motor vehicles As investigator he is convinced that a More equitable automobile insurance Law aimed at reducing today High Cost of automobile insurance must a enacted Many innocent persons involved in accidents through no fault of their own have their insurance cancelled or their insurance rate increased Bill Byrnes has opposed the Law that permitted insurance companies to arbitrarily Force Drivers to obtain sr22 insurance coverage or be placed on assigned risk at increased rates to maintain their Drivers License Bill Byrnes will work to change these unfair practices to authority ill Ltd Lawn world because he believed the chinese endorsement of National made liberation struggles More sense to latin America than the soviet Espousal of a More peaceful route the Cabinet makeup con firmed to the general consensus w i that the socialist communist Radical parties would r receive three posts a Chi with the remainder being divided among the three smaller partners of the popular Unity political backed Allende coalition that the Cumberland news pull Herl dully except sunday by the times allege Liin company 79 South Mechanic so rat cum Berland my id per copy by Carrier my weekly mull for Maryland West Van Lynli unit District o Columbia 12 one month six Ninny in 121 inf year other Nulen j22j one month 124 one year second Tam paid at Cumberland my basically he said we use the Harbor As a sewage treat ment Plant homemade bomb series damages two armoires new York updo synchronized series of homemade bomb blasts Friday morning damaged two armoires in Queens and a police station in the Bronx there no injuries police reported later in the Day that they had no clues to who placed the pipe bombs containing propane Gas and timers or any indication that they were linked to revolutionary groups a spokesman said the blasts were very closely and it was highly unlikely three bombing attacks could1 he planted coincidentally by different groups or unassociated persons in such a Brief time i police1 said the bombs described As All Hotd been placed in windowsills of the building before you vote remember this under the Republican administration of Allegany county your county income tax has More than doubled since 1967 your real estate taxes have jumped o since 1962 you deserve something better something about it vote democratic nov 3rd Allegany county needs new faces and new ideas state senator Ronald c Brubaker House of delegates William Byrnes i John j Long Frank Nethken James s Stafford county commissioner George Boch John Tucker Mason f Allan weatherholt states attorney John c Sullivan sheriff Thomas Barton county treasurer David Sigel clerk of the court Cletus Brailer judge of the orphans court Louise h blizzard Pat Farrell Marfaret l Ritter by authority Liten Trun

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