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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Oct 31 1970, Page 1

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - October 31, 1970, Cumberland, Maryland Today a Uther by Tim aug Eutty Prou rain saturday High in 50s and Lew 60i Lew in 40t seme Cleu Elnett sunday the Cumberland news Northern Valley win Grid games sea Sperti Section vol 18 buy to cent sanity by this t Allt Fulu co Baj Mort St camb land my 21502 second cows mid it Cumberland my Maryland saturday october 11 o1aki Las my Olav dual u ado coiled press up Apap Pho Tom 22 pages ten cents politically Independent Lin o Nixon blasts violent demonstrators Agnew blasts angry mob in California vice president interrupted by demonstrators Belleville i vice president Spiro t Agnew Friday criticized an angry mob that threw rocks at president Nixon and reporting to a noisy band of hecklers called on a cheering crowd to squeeze that kind of garbage out of our society the group of 25 to 30 Young demonstrators interrupted the vice president More than a dozen times taunting him with Boos and chants and once with a cry of racist pig As he addressed about 7000 persons at the Belle Glair Fairgrounds exposition Hall Agnew taunted Back calling his hecklers the fringe specimens of our society elitists who dont know enough to come out of the rain in a deluge and As much intellectuals As the Cro Magnon Man Agnew campaigned in Belle Ville for the election of sen Ralph t Smith ri11 and the defeat of Democrat Adlai e Stevenson Iii who he described As a recent and raw recruit to the ranks of persons who want Law and order he scheduled an evening appear soft fuzzy Pillow Little Jarrod Tudor 2 feeling the need to suck his thumb picks out a Nice soft spot and lies Down next to a fuzzy old English sheep dog at the Airport in Columbus Ohio harrods Mother mrs George Tudor Columbus and the owner of the dog along with others were at the Airport to Greet a political candidate touring the state a photo fax Ance at the Hammond ind civic Center Russia gives permission for visit with 3 offers Moscow soviet government granted permission Friday for a second visit by us consular officials with three american army officers held Cap Tive since their plane strayed into the soviet Union from Turkey nine Days ago a spokesman for the us the hecklers at Belleville embassy said the diplomatic tried to drown words with an chanting when he digressed from his prepared text to speak about the attack on the president and his party in san Jose Calif thursday night newsprint destroyed by Blaze san Jose Calif three alarm fire believed to be arson Friday destroyed two million pounds of newsprint at a trucking terminal the newsprint was destined for a number California daily including the of Northern newspapers san Rafael Independent journal which is involved dispute in a lengthy labor out agnews services office of the soviet unintelligible government issued airline tick Els for consular officials Peter b Swiers and Richard combsjr to Fly sunday to the soviet armenian capital of Yerevan he said that although Clea Rance for the flight was Given for sunday the consular officials would not make the rip until Swiers Anscomb visited last monday with maj Gen Edward d Sherrer chief of the us military Mission in Turkey Brig Gen Claude m Mcquar Rie an aide embassy in at the Turkey us maj James p Russell Pilot of their plane and turkish army col Danli a Liaison officer mediator May join Law talks Detroit Auto workers and general motors aroused Hopes Friday that an end to the Laws strike against pm May be near when tit Eye clamped a news blackout on negotiations shortly afterwards the top ederal mediator announced the ederal government will step in f the impasse continues the chief negotiators for the to sides announced they had established a special sub com they Are in custody at a soviet Mittee to probe intensively the the fire broke out about am at the transportation Garden City co in san Joses Industrial area firemen fought for several hours before Dawn to bring it under control it was a set fire said a fire inspector at the scene he said Rolls of newsprint had apparently been doused with military Garrison in Leni Nakan where they landed their twin engine u8 Beechraft oct 21 after circling for a Landing at jars Turkey just across the Jorder the embassy said the officers told Swiers and Combs during last monday blown across a Freak gust they landed their visit plane was Border by wind and Leni Nakan thinking it was Kars the us state department in Washington demanded thurs Day that the four officers be key economic issues that separated the two sides and flammable liquid and touched i released immediately but so Independent journal is off the the target of strike by the International typographical Union which began Early this year and has been marked by several incidents of violence the warehouse served about 20 Northern California newspapers including the san Mateo times Palo Alto times Salinas californian Monterey Peninsula Herald As Well As the Independent journal the loss was estimated at publication of the newspapers was not expected to be affected because there Are other sup pliers in the area today chuckle Why is it that a crowd has to be very quiet while a golfer addresses a stationary Ball but is allowed to yell like crazy at a Bat Ter who is having one at him at 90 Miles an hour c 1970 Gen on inside pages Ann Landers 4 Bridge 4 comics 19 crossword 19 crypt quote 19 deaths 7 or Van Dellen 11 editorial Page 11 i racing 14 sports 1214 state news 3 Tri state news 8 want ads 19 20 21 women news 4 Viet officials said an investigation of the incident has not been completed Watson judged insane unable to stand trial los Angeles a Charles Tex Watson a tall texan slated to stand trial alone n the murder of actress Sharon Tate and six others was committed to a mental institution Friday after a psychiatrist de scribed him As an insane vegetable who May be in Dan Ger of dying a judge ordered him commit Edas a lifesaving measure and said he would not be tried unless he regains sanity watson1 24 a clearcut look ing Young Man has been de scribed at the trial of Charles Manson and three women Mem Bers of mansons hippie style Elan As the Leader of killer Par ties that killed miss Tate and that a news traditional sign that serious bargaining was beginning would be in effect throughout those probing j Curtis counts head of the the Federal mediation and Concilia the Tion service flew Here from of Washington at a news Confer at ence at pm Headquarters he said that if the subcommittee talks produce no Progress members of his organization would step in on an Active basis it was the first time in Auto negotiations history that the Federal government has said Iti would step into the dispute if necessary a spokesman for pm said the company had not asked for any Federal mediation he added he knows of no authority for the government to step in unless both sides ask it to the Law has stated previously that it would prefer to work out the dispute now in its 46th Day without the intervention of any third parties counts said he has been in Penn Central reports loss of million Philadelphia a the Penn Central transportation co which runs americas larg est Railroad reported Friday it lost million in the first cig it months of this year More than four times greater than the million deficit in the same 1969 period for August the loss was million up sharply from million a year ago total income for the Parent company was billion for the eight months including million for freight and Mil Ion for passenger trains Tjimis compares with billion a year ago when freight brought n million and passenger service million total expenses including il05 billion for railway operations were billion for the eight months this year com pared to billion in 1969 the report was filed in us District court where the rail Road is seeking to reorganize under the Federal bankruptcy act and was in accordance with interstate Commerce commis Ion regulations worst floods in six years hits Vietnam communist troops launch assaults on us positions Saigon a North Viet namese troops launched their fiercest i assaults on us positions in More than three months Friday but the worst floods in years in South Vietnam claimed a higher death toll while us forces fought Back attacks in the Central Highlands and the Saigon area american rooms in the Northern sector of he country turned to mercy missions evacuating thousands of vietnamese from flooded Vil Ages the third tropical storm in two weeks brought heavy Rains curtailed Allied operations to one of the lowest Levels of the War and made Allied forces More vulnerable to attacks and ambushes thousands were homeless in he area extending from a Tang 100 Miles South to Quang Vagai City eight vietnamese drowned in Village near Chu Lai and four us marines were believed crowned when their jeep was wept off Highway 1 South of Here North vietnamese forces at criticizes permissive candidates san Jose Rock throwing incident angers president pumpkin painters Joe Melan left and Benito Lujano concentrate on their Art of pumpkin painting at a Market in the French Quarter of new Orleans the painters master both clownish and fright Ful faces on the pumpkins a Phol fax asking under the cover of dark Ess and clouded skies that limed american air support truck a us artillery base 16 Miles Southwest of Plesku in the ventral Highlands and an a Mored column in night bivouac 8 Miles North of Saigon four americans and Outh vietnamese three were killed and 27 americans and 12 North vietnamese wounded in the two tracks North vietnamese mortars almost daily Contact with both sides since the strike began the Nixon administration he said is intensively and critic Cally interested in the Situa Ion because of its Impact on he National Economy the employees of pm and Othen companies and the Union i Public blames Kent students for 4 deaths new York two thirds of the Public holds students themselves responsible for the killing of four students at Kent state University last May a lbs poll showed Friday the Survey also concluded that the Vietnam War which was the top Campaign Issue in the 1968 presidential race and the underlying Issue involved in the Kent state killings was selected by Only one voter in eight As the driving Issue in the this years congressional elec Tion the poll aired during the Friday edition of the lbs evening news showed that no one Issue seemed to dominate the current election Campaign one voter in eight responding o the Telephone Survey picked Law and order As the to Issue while one in 10 Felt student protests and drug abuse were the major problems facing the1 nation and rocket propelled grenades it some american artillery and Mored personnel carriers in be fighting North of Saigon held reports said damage Over 11 was Light Gromyko seen seeking Accord n Berlin area Frankfurt Germany a soviet foreign minister Andrei a Gromyko paid an unprecedented visit to West Ger Many thursday in an apparent bid to Speed up ratification of the soviet German Nona Gres Sion treaty he talked for More than six hours with foreign minister Walter Scheel and left behind the impression that Moscow is seriously interested in improving the situation in and around Berlin Chancellor Willy Brandts government has made such an improvement a precondition to submitting for ratification the includes previous old the in general Assembly the Basic error in the 90day israeli egyptian ceasefire standstill was its Lack of guar Antee by All the big four pow ers or the in Security Council in a Brief appearance before the 127nation Assembly thurs Day night soviet Deputy for eign minister Jacob a Malik accused the United states of trying to substitute its own peace plan for the one endorsed by the Security Council in no Anaheim Calif a president Nixon said Friday night its time to draw line against violent demonstrators of the sort that threw rocks and bottles at him and his motorcade in san Jose Calif thursday night addressing a Republican rally Here Nixon called on the nations voters to reject dates who have condoned or excused violence or failed to speak up against it the president said he could assure his listeners that Republican candidates seeking and Senate seats in next tues Days election have not been guilty of permissiveness to Ward either violent demonstrations or crime broadcast live in California the Nixon speech was aired nationally on television on a delayed basis with the Republican National committee picking up the Tab the presidents decision to transform what supposedly would have been a routine speech to a California audience Ivas prompted by the violence of some 1000 Antiwar protesters who attacked him and his Caval Cade after similar partisan appearance in the san Francisca Bay area City of san Jose it was a violent demonstration said Nixon adding that rocks bottles and bricks were thrown bus windows broken and some members of his party injured none of the injuries was serious As he has repeatedly done in Campaign appearances this year Nixon said that television news programs showing the violent few May have Given Many people the false impression that the violent ones represent a majority of Young people my friends i have Good news for you he said i can i Tell you that the Radical few centuries ago halloween nol the major to of Ameri France blasts us plan for peace in Middle East United nations by a France criticized Friday the american peace initiative in the Middle East already under attack by the soviet Union French ambassador Jacques Odusko Morzet professor says jack0lantern gift from Devil state College Paap vember 1967 Kosciusko Morzet said that France supported the american initiative fragile though its base seemed when originally informed of it he noted that France did so Nivans could give you a burned nose and did you know the Jacko originated in a gift from la i or that masquerading dates to 2000 by and the Babylo so says a Pennsylvania state University astronomy professor who collaborated with his wife a two year study called because it made possible the Ara israeli peace talks under the direction of Gunnar v Jar ring the in special envoy the talks were broken off Al most As soon As they began aug 25 when Israel raised costumed kids Bob for apples can youth today and they Wil not be the leaders of America tomorrow the Anaheim convention Cen Ter audience let out a Roar and leaped to its reaction typical of Nixon crowds every where when he has used this line about 8000 Republican parti sans filled the convention Center thousands of years of Hallow for Nixon appearance Only a few dozen opposing the Vietnam War and violated the today but in the 1700s the urging military Victory standstill by advancing16 game of the Irish was snap paraded on a sidewalk Ous soviet missile Sites into the Suez Apple they also originated a Jsoe anal zone Ilot of the other pranks and Les the secant measures in of the French Delegate said that ends of the Holiday treaty Brandt signed in Moscow last aug 12 Scheel who met with Grimy to near Frankfurt told a news conference the soviet foreign minister told him he believes there now exists a basis for a our Power agreement on ber in the ambassadors of the United states Britain France and he soviet Union have been Dis cussing Berlin wit Little pro Ress since late last year Scheel said his talks with Gro Myko also now exists indicated the basis there for an agreement Between the four Powers the United nations ought to learn a lesson from the current impasse in order to overcome it he said that neither the big snap Apple involved a stick which was suspended from its feet at the building were de Middle by a string say Louis entry and Carol Winkler on one end i signed to make certain that no vocal Nixon critics could gain four Powers the Security coun of the stick was an App on the cil nor the United nations As a other a hunted Candley tried cil nor the United nations As a whole Ever had to take Cognito byte the Apple when the stick Zance of the ceasefire stand still due to expire nov 5 there lies the Basic error he added a ceasefire a halt of military preparations under the guarantee of the four acting within the framework of these purity Council would have had a completely different value he endorsed the threefold approach that Secretary Genera j Thant has described As re possible re sumption of the jarring mis Sion Extension of the ceasefire or an unspecified period Anc implementation of the nov 22 1967 Security Council Resolution the Resolution provided for an Overall peace settlement including withdrawal of israeli troops from Arab territory occupied in the june 1967 War air Force will launch spy satellite Cape Kennedy Fla a under a cloak of secrecy the we 111 Oil ii f ing with the lord because of his air be plans next fonday was spun after a Good Many noses were singed ducking for apples became More and safer the Jacko lantern tale involves an Irish gent named else Jack was not in Good stand drug abuse deaths on Rise in Vietnam the six others he fought extradition from Texas until after the trial of the others began since arriving he has stood silent with Mouth agape occasional smiling aim Essly in several court appear ances the 6foot2 former High school athlete described As chief lieutenant of mansons Ian was not present at the Saigon a the us army expressed grave concern Friday about an increasing number of american service men killed or hospitalized by narcotics abuse in Vietnam in 1970 alone the army announced there have been 25 confirmed deaths from drugs another 64 suspected As caused two months ago when High officials claimed the increase in narcotics usage was insignificant the statement reported More drug related Hospital cases and More drug caused fatalities so far during 1970 than in All 12 months last year of 89 deaths reported through oct 18 the army said Auto by drugs and More than cases 700 admitted in August and septem ber the army reported adding that 11 of the confirmed deaths committee although Dodd accused Mili tary authorities of failing to and 64 other suspected drug fac lamp Down the army said new Tali ties occurred Between aug 1 and oct 18 the findings roughly corresponded with those of sen Thomas j Dodd Donn who claimed in Washington on thursday that an air Force hos sics confirmed that 25 were Pill in Vietnam had reported 83 by drugs and doctors deaths from drugs Between aug an official memorandum said the problem involved not Only marijuana which always has a Carrig to determine whether Bacn abundant in South Viet he is competent to stand trial but narcotic drugs such As Superior court judge George heroin which arc addictive 3cll macs ruling after hear1 by Labelling drug abuse i suspected drugs to have result cd in the other 64 although autopsies did not confirm such findings far memorandum listed 746 admissions of drug related cases to hospitals from Jan 1 through sept More than no that Watson is in serious matter of grave concern the were reported during All of condition in the jail infirmary army shifted from a stand of j of those this year 241 were 1 and oct 18 Dodd was sharply critical Fri Day of the military for punish ing drug users instead of trying to Stop the traffic in narcotics among the troops in the last few months South Vietnam has Bacn flooded with the most powerful heroin Ever to come to the attention of the programs Are being initiated in an Effort to alleviate the prob Lem those programs a spokesman said include intensive medical and psychiatric treatment for drug users up Law enforcement with increased emphasis on identifying manufacturers distributors and pushers in cooperation with vietnamese Agen cies efforts to educate officers and noncommissioned officers on narcotics so that Hoy can More effectively com Bat drug abuse in their units overindulgence in drink and his mean and Tricky ways the launch a sophisticated spy Satel Lite to provide instant warning Winkles say their research Uno a missile 2tlack on the covered states by Russia or red China Jack also lost the devils a Titan 3 rocket is to boost the 1800pound satellite toward a near stationary orbit about 24000 Miles above Southeast Asia from this lofty outpost it Good graces by tricking him and when Jack died he found no Welcome in hell or heaven however the Devil did throw Jack a lighted Coal to put into a carved out turnip and thus the Jack lantern was conceived to help Jack find his Way As he wandered about the origins of masquerading Are also very ancient the would be Able to observe Long Range missile launching Sites in both communist nations if either nation launched an fallout attack on America the spy satellites infrared sensors would spot the exhaust from the Winkles report the Bayl rising rockets and relay the in Nivans Are known to have formation instantly to a new dressed up during their new year celebrations and the Irish and scotch picked up the Cus of on halloween called the night of mischief or night of confusion country lads in or Nate dress would approach Var Ous people they chanced to meet or they would go to specific farmhouses they blew horns and idly threatened retaliation if not rewarded with some favors or treat oppose Buckley Washington up Cio president George Mcany Loday urged Union members in new York stale nol to vote for conservative parly senatorial candidate James Buckley ground Slation being completed under heavy Security in austra Lia sources report this alarm flashed from Australia to United states would give the us a 30minute warning Dou bling the Alert provided by existing systems such As the ground ased ballistic Early warning system a rocket warhead requires about 30 min utes to cover intercontinental Range services set Austin Tex Morial services will be held monday for Jay vessels 73 the army major who operated Amous press Center for War correspondents in Africa Italy and France during world War i

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