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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Oct 17 1970, Page 1

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - October 17, 1970, Cumberland, Maryland Today weather by Aakula cd prom fair Teddy and sunday front tonight Lew in upper High in upper High sunday near 60 the Cumberland news Hunting Accident kills local boy Back vol 6 published daily except sunday by the times t St Cumberland my 21502 second Porte at Cumberland my Cumberland Maryland saturday october 17 1970 Frew up Apap Pho actor Poilu Cully Independent 20 cents Canada invokes wartime measures grand jury exonerates National guard at Kent blame radicals defiant Yippie at Kent Jerry Persky vice president of the youth International party at Kent state University in Kent Ohio rings the Campus Victory Bell at a demonstration yesterday the hippies denounced the state grand jury report on last Mays violence at Usu and marched on the administration building to present a list of demands a photo fax state grand jury on Kent takes Issue with Nixon Campus unrest probes Ravenna Ohio a a special state grand jury took is sue Friday with the presidents commission on Campus unrest Over the role of the National the Kent state Campus riot last May 4 when four students were killed the grand jury held National guardsmen acted in self de sense in their fatal confrontation with students the commissions report to president Nixon charged the deaths were inexcusable and that guardsmen had fired discriminate by the presidents commission said that Kent state must Mark the last time loaded rifles Are issued As a matter of course to guardsmen confronting Stu Dent demonstrators the grand jury disagreed with those who advocated that guardsmen be committed to action without live ammunition saying the guard should have weapons to afford the Neces sary Protection under the exist ing conditions different conclusions members of the National guard the grand jury reported fired their weapons in the honest and sincere belief that they would suffer serious bodily injury had they not done so the indiscriminate firing of rifles into a crowd of students said the Campus commission and the deaths that followed were unnecessary unwarranted and inexcusable participants in a May 4 As Sembly on the Campus failed to obey repeated orders to Dis Perse the grand jury reported if the order to disperse had been heeded there would not have been the consequences of that fateful Day it added the guards presence appears to have been the main attraction said the presidents com Mission for most students who came to the may4 rally which began As a peaceful Assembly on the commons forced to Retreat seventy four guardsmen sur rounded by several Hundred hostile rioters were forced to re treat under a Barage of rocks said the grand jury Only when the guard attempted to disperse the rally did some students react violently said the commission itis Clear that from the time the guard reached the practice football Field said the grand jury they were on the defensive and had every reason to be on inside pages Ann Landers 5 Bridge 6 comics 17 crossword 17 crypt quote 17 deaths 7 or Van Dellyn 9 editorial Page 9 markets 5 racing 17 sports 1012 Tri state news 6 want ads 1819 women news 4 concerned for their own Wel fare the guard found itself on a practice football Field far re moved from its Supply base and running out of tear Gas said the p r e s i d e n to commission guardsmen had been subjected to harassment and assault it added were hot and tired and Felt dangerously vulnerable administration blamed the grand jury said the major responsibility for the incidents of May 2 3 and 4 rested with the University administration which it said was Over indulgent and permissive the presidents commission said responsibility for the deaths must be shared by the students and All those to participated in or applauded the events of May 14 the grand jury also blamed the University administrators and faculty members who it said Foster a climate where dissent becomes the order of the Day to the exclusion of All Normal behaviour and expression the commission report said that opposition to president Nix on order to Send troops into Cambodia april 30 was the principal Issue around which students rallied during the first two Days of May Mountain Dew to flow today in Catoc tins Thurmont map be making Moonshine in the mountains this weekend an the Blue blazes still will be operating right under the eyes of the Federal men however it will be a Little Dif Ferent than it was in the Good old Days its All part of the seventh annual color fest sponsored by the us Park service in cooperation with the Cato tin Mountain tourist Council one catch the Moonshine wont be drinkable Federal Al Colic control Laws require an additive to accompany the nor Mal ingredients but All is not lost the Mountain brew is rated excellent for scrubbing floors bus victims rites Seoul Korea up teachers families and friends Friday attended a funeral service for 45 boys of Kyungsoo Junior High school who were cil cd wednesday when an excursion bus in which they were Riding was struck by a Irain and burned during the ceremony held in the school honorary diplomas were awarded in memory of the dead permissiveness students deaths Laid at door of Campus faculty Ravenna Ohio a a special state grand jury Friday exonerated National guard troops who fired on students during a Kent state Campus riot last May when four students were killed the grand jury indicted 25 persons in connection with the rioting and accused the University of surrendering leadership to dissident students and faculty members the grand Jurys report brought angry reaction from parents of the dead students Bernard Miller of Plainfield by whose 20 year old son Jef Frey was killed said you mean you can get away with murder in this country and a member of the presi dents commission on Campus unrest James f Ahern who is police chief of new Haven Conn said the grand Jurys findings were inconsistent with the facts presented to his com Mission improper weapons the grand jury noted com manding officers of the National guard agreed that my rifles and other High powered weapons Are not suited for Campus duty the jury recommended weapons be made available to the guard but added guards men should be furnished weapons that will afford them Neces sary Protection adj Gen Sylvester t Del Corso recently asked the Federal government for for new weapons which would fire wooden pellets no action has been taken on the request the grand jury report broke sharply with one by the presi dents commission on Campus unrest which charged guards men with firing Indis Crimi last May 4 and held the deaths were unwarranted and inexcusable no guardsmen indicted names of the indicted were withheld until they Are arrested special prosecutor Robert bal yeat who directed the investigation said none were guardsmen the jury report capped four weeks of testimony from More than 300 witnesses it said the University administration had an attitude of laxity overindulgence and permissive Ness with its students and faculty to the extent that it can no longer regulate the activities of either killed in pretty Russion stewardess Nadezhda Kurchenko was killed thursday when two men hijacked a russian air liner on a regular flight from Batu i to Sukhui in soviet Russia the hijackers forced the plane to land at a Black sea port Trabzon in Turkey a photo fax from Russia asks of hijackers Turkey weighing their request for political Asylum b52 bombers again slash Supply Trail Tropic lightning division marines being withdrawn Saigon a us b52 bombers smothered the to Chi Minh Trail with bombs again Friday beginning a second week of saturation raids against the North vietnamese Supply lifeline about 30 of the Thailand based All the operational b52 Fleet in the War Jungle Cov ered trails and Transfer Points in the Laos Panhandle for an eighth straight Day As on previous Days no b52 missions were flown against South Vietnam and Cambodia the sustained bombing in Laos is aimed at smashing the dry season push by North Vietnam to move War materials to its troops in Cambodia and South Vietnam there was fresh evidence also that the North vietnamese and Viet Cong were re infiltrating into their former sanctuaries in Sadat polls 90 of Egypt vote Over 6 million vote Nestor presidency in 1965 Nasser received 999 of total ballots Cairo a Anwar Sadat chosen to Lead Egypt As Succes Sor to the late president Gamal Abdel Nasser received 9004 per cent approval in thursdays Vot ing Interior minister Shaarawy Gomaa announced Friday Sadat 52 acting president since Nasser died sept 28 was the sole candidate voters had a Chance to say yes or nor Gomaa said 71 million per sons cast valid ballots out of 84 million registered voters a to Tal of 64 million voted yes the others no in Egypt last previous presidential vote in 1965 Nasser won Eastern and Southeastern cam999 per cent of the votes the election said Gomaa proved the immortal Nasser Anwar Sadat Bodia clash along Border South vietnamese forces clashed for the sixth time in a week thursday with North Viet namese units along the cambo Dian Border Ankara Turkey a the clash just inside cambo passengers and two wounded crewmen from a plane hijacked rom Russia to Turkey flew lome Friday along with the body of a hostess slain in the up Sode Turkey studied a Krem in request for extradition of the hijackers against the hijackers plea for political Asylum chief Pilot Valery Adijov who underwent surgery for a critical gunshot wound in the Chest remained in Turkey the antonov24 jetliner of Aeroflot which was diverted rom its scheduled flight from Batu i to Sukhui to the Turk so town of Trabzon remained in Turkey also authorities have Ledger to return it to Russia jut have not said when they will do so body flown Home fort five passengers the Copilot and the radioman from the hijacked plane left on another antonov24 sent from Russia to Trabzon to get them the Lane also carried the body o to Nadezhda Kurchenko 18 the hostess Cut Down by bullets As she blocked the door to the pilots compartment also wounded in the airborne shooting were Adijov the Copi lot and the radioman the russians who engineered the first successful Hijack of a soviet Airliner to a foreign land were identified As Brazinskas Dia and about 75 Miles North West of Saigon was Little More than a skirmish but taken along with the five previous clashes lately it was Clear that the communist command troops were trying to move Back into the lairs which had been swept by Allied forces in the big offensive in May and Jane in Saigon it was Learned that one of americas Veteran infantry Tropic lightning 25th being pulled out of Vietnam soon As part of the us disengagement includes informed sources disclosed that two brigades of the 25th also known As Hawaii own would be out by the Christmas season under president Nixon newly announced cutback of 40000 troops by the end of this year also to be withdrawn Are the two remaining brigades of the us 4th infantry division and the 5th Marine regiment the new cutback due to be completed Dee 31 will reduce the authorized american i strength in Vietnam to about 344000 men the lowest level in Lent while they did not condone and his son Alge in k 1 activity by the guard on the Campus jurors said guardsmen involved in the shooting fired their weapons in the honest and Das 18 they have asked for political Asylum turkish newspapers identified them thursday As of jewish Ori a sincere belief and under Circum Gin but a fore minist Tances which would have Logi spokesman said Friday Cally caused them to believe were not hat they would suffer serious bodily injury had they not done so they Are not subject to Crim Inal prosecution under the Laws of this state for any death or in jury resulting therefrom it added guard was assaulted during the period immediate will face charges a government spokesman said if they could establish a valid political motive for seek ing Asylum they would not be extradited to Russia Turkey and the soviet Union have no extradition agreement government spokesman by before the shooting the jury added however that of granted Acyl Lam a Lott today chuckle Treyve finally invented the perfect computer you just feed your problems into it and they never come out again cop Riihl 1970 corp said several guardsmen were knocked to the ground or to their Knees by the Force of the objects thrown at them the jury also criticized University policy to routinely Grant official recognition to every group that makes application the few conditions that have been imposed Are mean ingless criticism also Wasi aimed at hippies the youth International party for some of its Campus rallies what disturbs us the jurors said is that any such group of intellectual and social misfits should be afforded the Opportunity to disrupt the affairs of a major University to the detriment of to vast major Ity of the students enrolled there the grand jury said there has been growing demands from student and faculty for control i Friday Asylum Here the hijackers probably would be tried in tur key for felonies including Mur Der no charges have been filed against them yet though officials said we Are considering the mat Ter a government spokesman said there Are Legal angles involved weighing against the so Viet request for extradition is the request of the hijackers for political Asylum typhoon Joan kills 182 in Philippines Hong Kong Phoon Joan which killed at least 182 persons and left an estimated 40000 homeless in the Philippines swept toward communist chivas Hainan Island did not leave us in a vacuum but left instead a firm will Egypt is facing the gravest challenges following in the path of Nasser May god bless our nation As a bastion of Arab ism he concluded Sadat received the official announcement of his election at his native Village of Meit Abou Elko 85 Miles Northwest of Cairo he voted there thursday and stayed to attend noon Pray ers in the Small farming com munits mosque Friday Sadat will be sworn in at a special meeting of Egypt National Assembly saturday night the authoritative newspaper Al ashram reported today that Sadat will begin widespread political consultations when he returns to Cairo to work out the organizational framework of his presidency the consultations May last through sunday Al ashram said and Sadat is expected to name his new government next week Nixon begins whirlwind tour of four states us Security guards Given fresh orders laxity reports by newsmen bring speedy action by Ken Hartnett Washington a government Security guards received fresh orders Friday to in Spect All briefcases and pack Ages carried into Federal build Ings regardless of How inno cent the person carrying them looks the new general services administration directive came after a bearded associated press reporter carrying a shabby Yel Low Box strolled into eight government buildings including the nation fears liberators insurrection troops sweeping through Quebec arrest Over 250 Ottawa a invoking unprecedented peacetime pow ers the govern act revived world War ii regulations Fri Day and outlawed the Quebec liberation front police in a wide sweep across Quebec prov Ince arrested More than 250 persons prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau who comes from que Bec declared the liberation front posed the threat of insurrection and was trying clandestinely to destroy the nations so Cial Structure he announced regulations providing five years in jail for anyone even assisting a member of the front known by its French initials Fly the organization which condemns the present capitalist Structure and seeks to make a separate nation of Quebec was responsible for last weeks kid Narings of a British Diplomat and a Quebec Cabinet minister emergency proclaimed Trudeau Liberal party com mands a majority in the House of commons and his govern ment was thus Able to proclaim the War measures act without serious not with out criticism John Diefenbaker a former prime minister under the conservative party said the Deci Sion puts canadians Freedom in cold storage for several months to come imposition of the act is due to expire next april it can be used to suspend civil rights it gives the government almost unlimited Powers to Deal with rebellion and in effect can stills political dissent Bales of literature prepared by Quebec separatists were seized by police in their raids Friday Trudeau commons told the the House of measure was Capitol and Pentagon without being revived with deep re Gret being stopped on monday saying it tightening Security because of terrorist bombings the Gas had told building guards to deny Entrance to anyone carrying suspicious packages unless they he said the government had Jno Choice was the War measures act was voluntarily submit the package for examination but in his later tour of nine government buildings the a reporter was stopped Only once the supreme court there a guard blocked an Entrance until he inspected the Box there want even a guard at the Pentagon Entrance thurs Day and the reporter strolled Washington a presi by the offices of Secretary of j i hour nearly five years the 25th division Battle test de in three wars was formed in Hawaii in late 1941 and is scheduled to return there and become the nucleus of the us army Pacific reaction Force in Cambodia a general Lull persisted for a fifth Day 250 women get White House appointments Washington out of 3000 possible White House appointments 250 have gone to women so far says the National federation of business and professional women bows score keeping is part of its Effort to get More women nto policy making government positions the greater part of its Effort however goes into running a 1000 member Talent Bank ranging from architects drawn from Campaign swing rember organizations from seven stops his Pool Bow submits names 15 anyone asking to inspect Box Nixon makes whirlwind tour through four states saturday As he in creases his barnstorming activities on behalf of gop Candi dates in the november elections in an Effort to put More re publicans in Congress and state houses Nixon is expected to Campaign in 18 to 20 states Dur ing the 17 Days remaining be fore the nov 3 elections the White House has named will be asked to open it 12 states in which he will appear adding Illinois and Minne Sota to the list Friday he will election Eer in Illinois oct 29 for Republican sen Ralph t Smith who is being challenged by Democrat Adlai Stevenson Iii and later in the Day travel to Minnesota where he will Campaign against for Mer vice president Hubert h Humphrey his opponent in the presidential election of 1968 proclaimed at 4 am and extra military forces began moving into Quebec negotiations Between the Fly and the Quebec government had continued on Page 2 Rogers faces Gromyko for policy talks defense Melvin r Laird Andi the joint chiefs of staff without United nations by Secretary of state Wil Iliam p Rogers faced soviet a Gas spokesman said minister Andrei a Gro Day that guards apparently Friday on the Mideast understood the monday and other issues in a Ive test of whether the Kremlin is were making it Clear toward a harder line we Are saying that re Rogers served notice in and Gar less of How innocent a of a dinner meeting that son looks if they Are carrying a he could show Gromyko positive Humphrey is in a contest with Republican rep Clark Mac Audie Murphy acquitted in assault Case briefcase or a package of Russia egyptian mis Sile buildups violating the mid East truce but Moscow has already strongly denied violating tha ceasefire aides indicated Rogers Felt it useless to push Gromyko too hard on the Issue i what Rogers wants now is rectification of the Vio deliberately vague to get the arabs and israelis into peace Settle los Angeles men talks and War hero Audie Murphy Rogers said after meeting was acquitted Friday of assault with in leaders earlier in tha Gregor for the Senate seat Battery charges stemming Day that his talks went very vacated by Democrat Eugene from a Brawl with a dog Trainer Well but us officials indicate Mccarthy Nixon after visiting connect Cut last monday Heads Satur Day to Vermont new Jersey m architects Toj Pennsylvania and Wisconsin in drawn from 15 a Campaign swing that includes Over a Bill charged to Girlfriend his he was encountering heavy j going they said among other of qualified women to the White House As top civil service and commission task Force jobs open up of University administration and the administration staff has constantly yielded to these de mands to the extent that it no longer runs the University students Are unhappy students were generally unhappy with the grand Jurys re f continued on Page 2 radio peking said Joan was expected to Cross Hainan to the Gulf of Tonkin saturday morning the radio broadcast an urgent typhoon warning the Royal Observatory Here said the typhoon was expected to reach the South China coast so far Bow has had Only one direct Success an appointment o the school finance commit be but it feels it has had some White House now Calls for suggestions we dont care if the White House Doest appoint our re commendation so Long As a woman gets appointed mrs Lucille Shriver bows executive director said in an inter View the big problem is finding out in Lime when appointments will become vacant or Phyl Lis Ocallaghan legislation i saturday afternoon and weaken Rector at Bow said he will appear at Burlington it on behalf of gop sen win Ston Prouty who is opposed by former gov Philip Hoff and at Newark Teterboro and Ocean Grove no for state sen Nel son Gross who wants to unseat incumbent democratic sen Harrison a Williams or in Pennsylvania at Lancaster and Olmsted Airport Nixon will push Republican sen Hugh Scott who is being challenged by slate sen William Scaler and it gov Raymond Brokerick who is running against demo crat Milton Schapp for the governorship being vacated by Raymond Shafer the president will attend a testimonial dinner at Green Bay Wix for quarterback Barl continued on Page 2 the panel deliberated i want too surprised said things that Murphy the most Decora Ted j of the parties to they american Soldier of world Wanus sponsored 90day Mideast ii it was the verdict ceasefire slated to expire nov expected i had the right to5 has yet agreed to an Exten expect it Sion beyond the deadline Murphy had tears in his eyes proposed Ara israeli when the jury of eight men and place elks under in Media four women found him innocent Tor Gunnar jarring Are not like of Battery and felony to set started anytime soon with intent to commit murder i adding to pessimism about for Mideast in the near future was a by s forces Mulster hours As the jurors filed out of the Box several of them Shook hands with Murphy and his two lawyers later two woman jurors got his autograph in Ai corridor of the courthouse the Trainer David Gofstein 51 testified that Murphy 45 came to his Home punched him and threatened him with a run Murphy denied he fired a shot saying the weapon was Dis charged by a Friend who was trying to break up the fight Mahmoud Riad Riad blamed the United tales for continuation of the j state of War in the Middle and said thai by its military Aid to Israel America had removed itself As a possible peacemaker the Roger Gromyko session at the soviet in Mission and a followup meeting bal Wen two slated for monday night loomed importantly both in the Mideast context and globally

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