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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Nov 20 1971, Page 1

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - November 20, 1971, Cumberland, Maryland Today weather by the pros partly Doudy with Oliance of Snowert or mow tour Lei High in upper 40j Low in 30 nol much thongs sunday the Cumberland news Fields decisions Vincent Pagan set Sporle Section vol 36 l Cumberland Maryland saturday november 20 1971 to 20 pages ten cents t m air clears on Eastern Seaboard court lifts ban on Industry in Birmingham Ala by United press International three Days of severe air pollution Over much the Eastern Seaboard which caused curtailment of some Industrial operations in Alabama and discomfort for Many persons blew out to sea Friday the National weather service reported Hal a stagnant an mass caused by a temperature inversion had dispersed itself when Easterly winds pushed the foul air away from land us District court judge Sam c Pointer or lifted a restraining order against 23 Brimingham Ala firms Many of them steel producers which had shut Down some plants on thursday the order to curb blast Furnace fires and curtail other polluting activities was the first Ever taken by the Federal environmental Protection Agency under terms of the clean air act of 1967 in new York City where authorities asked motorists not to use their automobiles if pos sible there were no reports of illnesses such As those which resulted from an air pollution crisis on thanksgiving Day in 1865 a cold front in some cases accompanied by showers began moving into the affected regions thursday and broke up tie stagnant air mass a National weather service advisory for new York City and senator Jackson enters presidential race surrounding areas Friday and the was lifted cites air resources commission said air pollution was acceptable Friday evening the Tennessee state air pollution control Board Friday for most of Eastern Tennessee bloodied and bowed a demonstrator bleeding around the nose is collared by Riol police in Tokyo Friday night during Radical student demonstrations staged in protest of plans for a continued us military presence on Okinawa students attacking with fire bombs burned Down twin restaurants in Tokyo resulting in the death of a guard police said a hot fax via Cable from Tokyo japanese continue antics protests Tokyo students burned famous Tokyo restaurant to the ground Friday a hundreds of thousands of persons throughout Japan demonstrated against the continued presence of us troops on Okinawa police said that an estimated 523700 persons demonstrated throughout the country police reported saturday morning that 1859 persons had been arrested throughout Japan More than 1700 o f them in Tokyo the number of arrests was the highest for any single Day in Japan exceeding called off it air pollution Alert the previous record of 1856 arrested nov 16 1969 in demonstrations against prime minister Eisaku satos Depar Ture for the United Stales injuries were relatively police said 24 persons injured h of them policemen in addition the 55 year old watchman at the restaurant that burned died of heart attack the demonstrations but Light were which had been of the Alert for two Days red China uses right of reply for first time United nations communist China used its of reply in the United nations bus and taxi transportation general Assembly for the the demonstrations were held to protest a clause in the Okinawa reversion agreement Friday followed nationwide strikes in 2 million workers walked off their jobs disrupting rail time Friday to assert that it is developing nuclear weapons Only for defensive purposes chivas response was prompted by saudi arabian criticism of nuclear testing in which ambassador Jamil Baroody specifically a feared to communist chivas explosion of a nuclear device thursday in the atmosphere calling for right of reply to he saudi arabian chivas that allows the 50000 american alternate Delegate Yuan and later an Chin its chief Delegate Chen Chu both told the general Assembly Chale an general disarmament that peking is developing and testing nuclear devices for solely defensive purposes an noted that China has declared on several occasions that it would never be the first to use nuclear weapons in a confrontation More troops than stationed on the Small Western Pacific Island to remain there the stage was set for the nyc firemen on sick out for contract new York men determined to Force the City into agreeing on a new contract stayed off the Job in plans to run in primaries of 4 Stales sees commonsense approach necessary to nations ills Washington map sen Henry m Jackson formally in ered the democratic presiden Ial race Friday and said the country needs his common Inse approach to problems of unemployment crime school busing and National defense he said he will Tell it like it s at a time when he said americans Are Mcerlain and uneasy about things Olhow democrats and president Nixon Are afraid to talk about like drugs Law and order and school musing because of Senate voting on amendments to the tax Bill Jackson cancelled plans to leave immediately on a campaigning trip to Florida he said he will go to Florida Sun Day instead h will be the first of three trips he will make to that important primary election stale during the next eight Days the 53yearold Washington senator told 2 roomful of news men and supporters he is starting from a Low base of support but said his strength growing he indicated he would run hard in four Early primaries new Hampshire Florida Illinois and Wisconsin if his candidacy has caught on by then Jackson is expected to enter several other prior Maries including Alabama Nebraska Oregon and California the new candidates speech and a ses Sion with newsmen were taped by a local firm for broadcast in 37 cities Friday night at a Cost of about to Jacksons Campaign Economy major Jackson said the Economy will be the major Issue in 1972 he said Nixon kept saying cd Ery Lhing receiving the newest to announce his candidacy for lire democratic nomination for president sen ii v Washington receives congratulations Friday in Washington standing shia Vul Illren Peter Hardin Jackson 5 and Ann of Liana Jackson 8 he made his pronouncement at a news conference photo fax when in was fact getting it was better getting worse then be panicked and set up a Hodgepodge of boards Large numbers Friday the third and regulations Day of an apparent Job action he unemployment and a spokesman for the fire Decca into Usuia production it said 192 firemen we not Lle until we injured or sick As a a Lna in the while no is onion Hasip department reported in result of firefighting duties Ini the 24hour period ending at 8 am est during the previous 24hoijr period 142 men stayed Home this is a continuation of condition that has existed since wednesday morning he said noting that the average daily number of firemen reporting injuries or sickness is 40 or 50 the sick out was trusted he said he supports schoo busing if a so Udint is sent from a Jawor school to a Good one hut said he Send if from a Good schoo to a bad school nor to an area of violence of i did i would he a mighty poor Parent Jacksons 8yearold Daughty Anna Marie aliens a District demonstrations i Prtrt f lied by a school to slowdown and the filing of Over Holch Black arc bused artillery exchanged is India new Delhi Noii Lufi fire Between India and Pakistan killed five persons is wounded 16 others and permanent rom both sides clashed or Plant i another Border incident dec Sai press Trust of India was so refugees from the civil the n East Pakistan were Foar lie casualties of the great and that occurred along the Agency separating the Indian state of West Bengal from the East Losion it Pakistan Tripura the f to Dies the press Trust said with an were no casualties reported at least a fight Between Indian of the i pakistani troops near and Busti Indian town Eif Karin Gunj also were the northeastern tip of the to hav s a id the reports coincided with another round of inconclusive debate in India dead Cal victims of about Means of handling hundreds t confrontation Between India sixteen do Pakistan which was of them i by the civil War in three or Pakistan that sent millions silos e refugees fleeing across and two Bonier into a Resolution debated or to each cd hour Friday without and i called in prime minister Indira a fac Sriri to Lake Steps to ensure a Flynn on atomic in cry com Mission said Friday dial preliminary lab tests indicate this ninth underground nuclear blast on alaskan Amchitka Island was a Success and apparently caused president faces his critics tells convention he intends to Hahn Clarion Miami Beach Fla a president Nixon challenged his harshest labor critics facets face Friday and told them he Mil use his Powers to the full est to control wages and prices whether they cooperate or not want the participation labor Nixon told aflc10 convention delegates who voted thin Day to refuse cooperation Vilh his pay boards wage con Rols hut whether we get hat Lartic ipalion or not it is my obligation As president of the United states to make this pro Gram of stopping the Rise in Iha Cost of living succeed and to the extent Liat my Powers Al Low it i shall do exactly that Nixon added the president got a Cool reception derisive laughter there were Ripples of Deri Sive laughter from some of Tho More i Iii 2000 delegates officials and others when Nixon said his recent today wage Price freeze was a remarkable Success and if you dont hink so go Homo and ask your Ives who to to the grocery store when Nixon finished his speech he started to shake Unnis with some delegates near the speakers platform until Cio president George to Ani some temporary blast opponents damage might the nov fix 1 of m dead sea topsides indicating 12 died from of Cost of living shows lowest paceln4yrs Washington up Mcany said will delegates and alternates return to heir seats Mcany had Hcan watching in apparent amusement when he suddenly picked up his Gavel and called the convention to or Der while Nixon was still on Tus floor shaking hands arid Chat Ting with delegates the presi Dent turned gave Mcany a Brief look and stalked away we will now proceed with act ii cracked Mcany who the Day before bad verbally increase in he Cost of Nixon economic when the ruling Liberal demo cratic party forced the agree ment through a diet Parli Ament committee the agree ment already has been approved by the us Congress Many of the demonstrations Friday night called for the resignation of the prime minister today chuckle inflation makes it possible for people in All walks of life to live in More expensive neighbourhoods without even moving copyright Cen Fra corp wants troops returned in answer to tics tons Jack said All ground combat 200 grievances by firemen in the past two Days the firemen members of the 11300memhcr uniformed firefighters association have been work tops Snow Loti he of Vietnam ing without a contract since y the Ciui of this car Antl Jan 1 and Are reported to have1 has spec Fth int think the tacit consent of Union bogged Down in any return of More than fl5 million Kast pakistani refugees at the earliest possible Opportunity officers for the action Royal tour More Vienna is however he generally has been a supporter of Nixon Vietnam policy and he Reiter ated Friday his opposition to London Queen Eliza any move presumably Hocon Belh ii and Prince Philip will visit Mauritius at the end of a Royal tour of Southeast Asia and the Indian Ocean Region Mauritius is an Island country off Southeast Africa Gross to Force the president to withdraw All troops and air Power by a specific Date capital Friday in the pealed congressional efforts of intervention by communists ease pressure in Cambodia Shvom Pkim major communist died the aet f dead fish my Birds nil but lied by the blast four Bald Eagle along the Ilc ring on the Pacific de one nesting last appears in a acct in weather d however Hal change nesting Sites and it is not believed that the losses will affect the popu slowed in october to the lowest Pace in More than four years the Walior department reported Friday and a while House economist declared sky Rockol inflation was something of the past measured he tools and said thai he and four other labor members of pay Hoard will refuse to Coop Erate Vilh the Hoard or its Lecci Sions until they win their de mands for Back pay for tha kit Ion Nti dead eagles have Bern found in said the a also said there Are fewer otters in Nic hiring sea near the Island where the a Irr is muddied for some Dis Tance out because of Sil ration from turf Falls the Otter population around other areas of the Island appeared about Normal the acc said the acc said bore has been Force delectable release of radio ire Csc and full payment of All the Consu hike mar Price Index the rial Ufi to Washington 01 Iier cent last Friday while a Louisa ides the president living Mont i Rose hip per sum Host increase lir7 the figures Short Nis week adjusted fur seasonal am was resuming to Wash compared with 02 per cent a mlle Back a stopped air Force i Al Jackson Ville Fla Lopik up his or Julie Nixon Eisen Hower september disregarding Fri wiil differences the ocl Nhor in Lxii Rose 02 per cent the same is in the previous month la nah the adjusted and unadjusted wore within president Nixon goal of culling the inflation rain1 to 2 in 3 per cent by the end of next year the aides said Nixon Sud t indicate a Cri Hes always Icsman said inf ton a Flox who feared his construed As a Lila rounding pm Nam penh cased a activity into the spa pressure Asi Insl the cambodian or air the Tundra Arminel ground Tod i Visei s a cols Dir Cali of Walior stalls Michl lies ills said food prices were generally Down his Njmen a moans remark that if he Border mined j resident f the United Stales Doest warn our membership co Fujiu Inmany aim Hoard he knows sex Kasl Carman Aulon relics wn11 he can in the an Ptan mines cheered apparently in continued on Paye 2 pay Board approves first year wage boost for Coal miners in Industry 3year pact Washington up with us five Public members object Sonaty inconsistent with its ant inflation guidelines it was Learned that the 15 Board also agreed covering about 80000 although the Board did Rule on the remaining years of the ump Lian High command Chang song disc Rehrel barely discernible front lines around the outskirts the capital Friday As quiet a standstill fac said 10 Calm Diane were wounded in in mum harassing actions on the exemptions for Low income Casl Bank of the Mekong Kirr would apply to Nom penh hut there Citra learning less than the Federal was Linn else who re miners minimum rape of Sigo an Fini Ewdinn Chi Dimind ims lint approximately record 5000 land face Tiff Zero was considerably cracked Broc rows deep alone a vial my riot of the Mcany quote ind otherwise disturbed As of the communist knows what to in South been expected the acc near this slavs Iii Iro Sidon Mcany is Correct Iamb lakes i Lorr own West Crinan police i know Cha Colv what i can a spokesman for the camb drained or partially drained claim Cap vietnamese troops i Rill 21 h Carl Anderson comes out of retirement to oppose Buzz 1 by a who Are covered fico of them North ing sharply the pay Board approved a firs year its labor Mcm hrs Solidi Yiew president increase of at least 158 on a definition of Boyle said he considered the cent for the nations Coal severe inequities that would full three year contract binding miners Friday As not Urca permit an cd Elton to ils ban because the boards present a tandem fir me on retroactive payment of wage statutory authority expires which smaller boosts denied during the recent april 30 Joar Gymning units Gene silly arc freeze on the explosive Issue of match increases won a spokesman for labor which retroactive pay the Hoard y Law Lawr Union and insist that All scheduled Raissi voted 9 to 5 with chairman or Jar Given he paid retroactively called the Corpe 1 Woldt abstaining comparable to those boar is decision a piecemeal permit inadequate divisive to ils retroactivity1 a source close to the boards Bui the unions hailed the Pavian in cars of negotiations said the Pierc comma boards approval of the first1 who were denied inequity definition specifically the capital year of a three year contract a new or improved fringe excluded teachers and was sources signed by the soft Coal Industry Benefit during the freeze after the Board United mine worker Sas an extra week of vacationed 25 separate before the freeze earned because of length by the 0 employment Lori Fler Ca in on Ann Landers 3 Bridge 2 comics 15 crossword 15 15 Deal Lis 4 or Van 7 editorial Page 7 Markels 5 racing 15 sports 810 Tri state 4 want ads 16 17 no men cd sistine of Cani Horhn Many Yonne stars training Anil no experience in defend Wasilli prox til would lose can line of Envin Ideiil for practically Cirl Anderson 75 a once Minnesota in Len lir a Plai re nil bin if they brine in Ihrck Iki woeful Fop House Rorm Hlor his of Agni Cullura families and help them of f2p a Anderson sail f in run rosily Titan Conrd As in recalled Luil to and Lor assistant to Honan Iii of the other co farm leaders mrs m Are involved in of Kirl Blitz nomination As most Only lfl1 with to agric Millure Secretary Sucic Lasics in years warn him Hal the Amer Rynn sail his apr Livinie xxi lilies of scr eur Lionson Iii Ilsy was his Lisl tin Capitol would Nisi republicans i hair Ocial functions Majo Riliros in Minneola Amlyr said his forecast proved the Campaign that is believed or Sincel to isolate phenom penh rather than to a Veronn Anil who retired from capture in the command has nine 0lrs m pulled Tirol her a Force of 8 too Sor Lirk Vinn Conla com try 24 years told the District of nine final a agriculture f Vimmie Locc Hal Farmers cannot a Flor current Corn prices the on mime top Mem Hill except of since his Racli Reniel Anil Rufin said the acre for rect from he owned in Minn Estila he Aildred that in resident has a Ionov in Ninf nut n Shin old of dry no minium the last 10 years and his Rui a Orn prices at Chicago raised Home county has lost population Uvo cents a month until icy hers Neer or women news 3 wage and Benefit increases t n the cambodian t fluent my of farm in comr i reach so ski per Bushel said the South appropriations sub commit u Isia Amerso could he done Anderson said Revorn Nipol i Ike him tha n Davi Bacon act Send one he will not do whal Ishway to Oral which requires that division about noon troops required to raise farm income he some of commodities moving in inc Board did not however into Cambodia to help relieve and Cion recalled he used to Good families from inner Cillin Terlale Commerce pay mini any retroactive Payich pressure on pm Nam penh regularly demand the and rive them help i mum Dafies for teachers and will there was evidence of preparation of Ira Taft Rinson and Islah Lishing themselves on what in fighting or is just Cost of discuss the matter of teach Lions for such a move in Soull Vonce warned president Dwight Small farms id he glad Ilia my Council had ruled Earlie pay further this source said Vietnam Eisenhower that the Republic sell my 240 acres to and the shortly expired last saturday night the firs year Tab is nearly increases for persons three times higher than the earning less than so an hour Rule Board s pos freeze yardstick Nathis was a minor gain for incr out the Toa minimum wage for farm Cri the he said

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