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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 5

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Cumberland, Maryland The climber lamp most dangerous on the Road Ijar Fin a tort it run Hilf Vui Inu Dutieu col Union my month him us mini on All Hafl of Mwika ii j so Mnich on Var no Mill try Ribisl Luhti Ufir Isicc ii the Rumril Siml nut Fri or Linioul Momiu Hilwit to Birnn in i liner Manl he a rpm it p4it saturday morning May 2h Irinio More graduates face the future ii Lias Bacn said that i Herr is nothing finite so useless As a commencement address judg ing by Many that arc made this May he into this is Hie Limo of year when thousands of High school and Young people arc As the orators say going Forth to take Jarl in building a hotter tomorrow As a matter of cold fact Uliey Are doing nothing of the sort first of All they will not he building any thing for quite a while they will he struggling to make enough Money to keep up with rising costs trying in adjust to new Johs that May not fit them and trying to find the one that docs trying to adjust to married life it May he years before they gel any Diance at All to Start to achieve the things they dream Acuil As graduating seniors the Engineer will have to upend years before a drawing Board before he builds great dams the future business Man will work Long hours at minimum pay for several years before he gets a Chance at an executive position the lawyer will work As a minor cog in a big Law office probably before he Bangs out his Shingle the graduate of today will be about 0 to 35 before he even gets a glimpse of the mountains the accomplishments he can Call his own which make All of life worthwhile it is what to do with the in to 15 years Between then and now a graduate ought to he advised How to make the next 10 years useful in building experience altitudes and knowledge of living so that when the Opportunity comes he will be prepared Babson s View by Roger w Babson whats ahead for stores b arson Park at first glance or segment of our Economy appears to he in letter shape than retailing sales have been climbing Al a fast clip for some years now and the immediate future is Bright yet retailers Are troubled by rising costs including taxes during the past Len years the economic social and scientific Progress of the United states has been very great have had a continuing Boom in population incomes agricultural and Industrial productivity and Overall scientific achievement this has been Good for Many indeed for most businesses and retailers generally have been extremely successful last year retail sales volume totalled s2s39 up Sav from and a most impressive 511 above during he most four months of his Jear additional Good gains in retail sales have Hern chalked up the prospects for a record first Hal year Are excellent employment is Al the highest level Ever and personal incomes bolstered by rising wages interest and dividends As Well As larger government payments arc still trending up this Pius that retail sales should continue o show Good gains versus a year ago in Hie Man this just ahead with us retail markets still growing and with people still trekking from fijo cities and to the suburbs 1906 should see a sizable increase in the total number of retail stores most of the larger department store Chain like loading variety chains and the multiunit discount store operations Are scheduling store expansion programs in the months ahead and these plans Are not Likely to he drastically curtailed even though some May he trimmed because of sign tar Money and higher interest rates kind of stores v ill mostly non level outlets of functional design but with modern decor and lighting As for sue a Good Many really big units Are still being opened but even the department stores Are shying away from he excessively Large outlets which became popular in the logos and Early Kios with be re nil in Lair pie growing larger Ami with retailers costs Listug steadily readers can expect the competitive situation within the Industry to intensify Junior department sotes and variety chains will now Roro openly and More vie with one another and the rivalry Between Dis counters and the More traditional retailers will become sharper there will also lie More Competition in Oie recruitment of executive Anil Siles personnel and in the attainment of suitable Supply sources today record High incidence of employment at Good and the growing sophistication of Consumers leading to an upgrading of american Jasley thai n Pei Mealing the whole retail scene the preside on the stores to upgrade their Ware and to acquire still better selections of Riua Lity merchandise is already great think it will increase in tie period just ahead three or four years nto a number of discount department Starr companies were in drop trouble some lacked sufficient financing others were critically Short of executive Man Power to properly inn Iligir expanded operations there was 3 shake Mil alter which i lie survivors came into stronger and Norr responsible hands today the leading Diamint store companies which incl file some Good regional operations As Well is the Ingr National chains Arr More certain of where Ihry air Heidig and of their ability in gel i larger of the Iota myrrh an Lis ing Dollar leading discounters Mart us Las month in Alla Ulic City Loi med the miss Marcham lint research foundation inc tins vill compile Hilly needed merchandising hid Orni Iionno data arid armed Uilah these facts and with updated a consumer marketing trends the discounters aim to improve and consolidate their Poi lion if icy ran succeed in upgrading without losing their Low margin image the discounters will present a still Reahr Challenge to Oiler Rufii Frt 20 big Oil companies get billion tax Breaks during 10year period Washington president Johnson could finance the Viel Nat War without raising taxes simply by closing the Oil Loop Violes and compelling the Oil companies to pay their fair Schaie of he lax Lenl this is the View of Tiv Asairy experts who estimate Bat the 2h loj Oil companies alone escaped paying billion in taxes Dur ing the the taxes these 2u Mana Geil to avoid would finance the in Tift in War Lor Riihl months of course every cent the Oil companies do not pay must be made up by less privileged tax payers Kven die smallest Busi Ness and the lowest wage Carn Eis for example pay Viper cent of their income in Federal taxes yet the ii largest Oil companies paid Only 1 per cent of their in come to the to Treasury in in if according to the latest available figures though the Oil companies try to suppress information about their tax payments ibis Olumn has Learned that five Oil Coin panties Atlantic Marathon Tichfield Sinclair and Sunray no Federal taxes at All in i do Iuie Oil paid Only wooo on earnings of which amounts to a la rate of one Hundredth of one per cent Kven the giant of the Oil Industry of Lersey paid Only a 17 per rent rate Incle Sam look Only Szu Wiwi out of Viet Nam will be among issues in november Best Way to size up what happened in the Oregon which representative Robert Duncan won Over Howard Morgan in the con test for the democratic nomination for United states is to imagine the comments that would have been made if it had turned out the other Way for or Morgan in his out spoken criticism of the Viet Nam War reflected the views of sen Ator Wayne Morse Democrat of Oregon and others who have questioned the Wisdom of presi Dent Johnsons policy a Morgan Victory would have been construed As meaning the administration had been repudiated actually there were Many other factors in the Campaign As there usually arc in primary elections and it is to be noted thai the Republican primary won by governor Mark Hayfield had also raised the Viet Nam is sue though by no Means As positively or As unequivocally As was the ease in the democratic Pri Mary or Morgan had the ardent backing of senator Morse Democrat hut the latter Points out that if the votes cast in the lie publican primary against the Viet Nam War Are added to the Morgan vote the lot a i would indicate that the Republican Nom Inee governor Hatfield will win the election in november the fact remains however that the democrats in their Pri Mary turned Down a prospective candidate who was o p e n i v against the administration representative 1 Mendel Rivers Democrat chairman of the House armed services commit tee said of the Oregon primary it shows that the people of the country intend to continue their support of president John son and want a vigorous prose cution of the vietnamese War by David Lawrence representative Hob Wilson of California who is chairman of the House Republican Campaign committee made the Point in his comments that while the Viet name War undoubtedly influenced Many votes it was by no Means the Only Issue he observed that or Duncan was the better of the two candidates As far As the Republican contest was concerned or Wilson said he Doest think that governor Hatfield was As extreme in his criticism about Viet Nam As or Morgan or senator Morse have been representative Robert Kastrun Meier Democrat of Wisconsin expressed the opinion that representative Duncan May not have gotten Voles because of his position on Viet Nam but in spite of it because he was the More Attra Elive candidate the most significant comment came from or Morgan himself he said 1 was conducting a Campaign under almost impossible conditions opposing a president of my own party in a War Issue when the country was in the midst of hostilities if anyone inside Washington by Henry Cathcart Jends Roll demo cratic party is in the process of raising something Between and million by holding a ser ies of s100aplate dinners sub scribed to by the faithful the Washington d c affair attracted nearly paying guests and raised nearly s700floo the fundraising operation to finance political activities particularly to provide Campaign funds for Senate and House democratic candidates is being hailed As a howling Success a hats More parly leaders proudly proclaim there has been less Arm twisting coercion of higher paid Federal employees to buy Loii tickets than has occur red in recent years the financial Success of he event and the proud declaration of less pressure on prospective ticket buyers should not be mis interpreted As indicating a greater willingness on the pail of gov Orn men employees to support the democratic parly financially one individual fully familiar with the dinners fundraising history candidly explains that less pressure was used because captive contributors have he come More conditioned to get Ting up the Sloo each year those who Are tapped for these contributions apparently have Marie their fight against it lost and have generally become More re signed to paying the Money rut it Doest mean they object any less this whole approach to meet ing the financial needs of Politi Cal parties is reprehensible and should he unnecessary certainly the political party in National Power should have the Means of raising sufficient funds without coercing employees who Are sup posed to be political neutrals officially into contributing to a parly they might not believe in had run against the policies a Roosevelt during world War ii he have received three per cent of the vote pm it would have been a Dif Ferent Story if representative Duncan the exponent of the administrations Viet Nam policy had been Defeated and or mor Gan had been nominated it will be difficult now for even the for eign press to justify any infer ence that the american people Are opposed to the administrations policy in Viet Nam All this does not mean How Ever that Viet Nam will not he a critical Issue for any democrats in the november election it always happens that Congress men who Are members of the parly in Power arc either helped or Hurt by the standing of the Art ministration at the time of the election if the War in Viet Nam goes from bad to worse and the voters begin to feel that there ought to be a change in policy there will be lots of votes cast against the party in Only by those who think America should withdraw from Viet Nam but by Many others who feel the War ought to he prosecuted much More vigorously than in has been thus the Viel Nam Issue will play a part but the outcome of the november election will de Pend also on issues on the Domestic Side such As the effects of inflation on the Cost of living it is much too Early to Tell How the congressional elections five months hence Are going to turn out just on the basis of what happened in the Oregon primary or in any other primaries through out the country this week in most instances the ability and prestige of the individuals counted for far More than did issues of Public policy cutaneous larva migrant easily identified Kew physician encounter All the diseases mentioned in text books some of the rare Dis orders Are so obvious thai they would be recognized the first time cutaneous larva microns is one of Icse the cause is the larva of a hookworm that enters Iho skin and migrates beneath the surface like a mole the ensuing irritation is visible and to my know ledge nothing else leaves its Mark As do lace Paras pics by or Theodore r Van Dellen the Foreman of a construct Ion Crew complained to Capi Charles k Kuller veterinary corps United states air Force i lint seven of nine men refused to work in a 3 fool High crawl Pace under a new Hospital in i Ingrida they bad developed an extremely irritating Derma Lilis after working in this area and threatened to walk off the try and Stop me by Bennett Cerf former football coach of the True Gridiron of one husky full Back on Bis squad who carried sheer stupidity to Hithe Ifo in reached Heights in Linn one afternoon i Isler held up a football Anil groaned kor get thai diagram i my Diew Butch lets go Back to basics now what in showing Here a football wait i my ule coach begged the full Back not so fas1 a wealthy steel Fabricator up Cal the belter pail of writing an autobiographical Teller but got Only a pub Lishers carefully worded letter of Icie Elion for his pains How exer Bis efforts were not a total los he wrote to the publisher Lor two been Irving to find a humane Way to get rid of us puss Secretary your letter of rejection was so tenderly phrased so eloquent so heartbreaking hit All 1 Hail to to was enclose a copy in her last pay envelope Noi Only is she t blushed irom lie scene she thanked me with tears in her is Tor Tii ing her k kits theres one dedicated woman in new York who suffers nobly Lor Hei belief her belief is Shil she can gel a seven tool into a some kids in the Brownsville sector Bax e invented a new game they throw used chewing gum on the streets Anil see How Many spoils cars they can bag i he no Lorn Arlt i fir Liy Kinf Job unless the situation was remedied the origin of the rash was recognised immediately and a plus Ician prescribed an Ethyl Chloride Spray once a Day to and thus kill the larvae meanwhile the crawl space was examined and Loi ind to be Cov ered with a Light Troisi Sandy Loam completely shaded thu concorde floor of the building while installing pipes the work ers Laid on to Cir Back or sides in the Sand the larvae come from Hook expelled by oils and logs these animals had been seen in the work area the Sandy soil plus moisture firm la and Shade made the crawl space Ideal for the development of larvae from the hookworm eggs Apt Fuller solved the problem b Vorre Niji in the entrances to the crawl space to eve Clute All animals fun Inloes entered through Leavi gauge bards Are clot ii trip diver a reliable Pes Leiding Loti Ern at lied i ilium in rate to the soil during a or i Day lion working Tod the employees were Lold to Wear Long sleeved blurts into Rietl at the wrists and to secure their Torii its at the Ankles in addition they i it Given a plastic sheeting on which to lie while working and final Thev were cur outraged Shaver immedi after work to remove All my from the skin Iii Ait am thyroid k writes can the roid disease affect the heart it try yes a deficient Sec Pelion of Hie Tui Oil hormone with Invie Dema leads to enlargement whereas Overall icily of the gland increases the heart beat and May produce the irregular Ity known As auricular fibrillation unless hyperthyroid Oisin is corrected the heart May go into a state of failure Ilu Toma Ami vision r i writes is eyesight once lot through glaucoma Ever re gained a kill the outcome is if Blind Ness has persisted because this Means that the optic nerve has been damaged permanent Send a stamped envelope for leaflet on Glau coma in s t writes i Thucie a Law that would compel a person with Taciuc tuberculosis to enter a Sanatorium Kimiyo no but should be 111 ome Arcis there Are Laws to Ioie it heal tit persons Trout Lomg kissed to victims of ictus tuberculosis Iasi is am Aki Iii us i i writes could Pelmie de1 clop arts cities find working w nil Plalis in a Avion of ii no i loin Iudici Ami the Coli Wilkin develops in per so from All Vilks of life some Are printers others Aie Lumberjacks stenographer s or a Voiklis in a Glasius factors in by Jack Anderson Standard oils whopping Gross Texaco the number leu Oil rom Penny did even belter its tax payment on a if Rome was Only eight tenths Slan daid of Aliff Irnia i3nl on a in none jilt cent Rale Sui Laid of Indiana look in paid Only in Fei Lral lines this was cheap 11 per real Shell taxed Finly is birr cent on a in Tomc Oil ilex Clion allowance the most glaring Loo Fiolo i the 27 i per cent depletion allowance Lucli gives Oil fun panics a lax Lehart on the Raisl if every Bir irl taken from the Gourni the to thai the owner should to permitted to write off the declining value of Bis Well however he can go on taking the deduction Long after he has recovered his Iii stent the figures show thai Lor the aver age Oil Well the owner from his taxes 10 limes the original Cost other Golden have been less advertised Lii fish e alien the nil Rich a of presidents once confided that the intangible dulling and development allowances Scip even More lucrative than the depletion allowances almost no Une outside the Industry knows shout the in tangible allowances chuckled Allen while other corporations Are socked the full per cent clip orate tax rate Oil companies end up paying a few percentage Points in 19rt it Rose to per cent rut in As in if Levi the rate for the top 22 companies was an average 4 per cent was a staunch Oil ally beginning is far Back As Iblis uhen As just another Young congressman from Texas he used a Rotim in the year of Washington Munsey building to pass Oul in to democratic Money came from the of lax Lerescu that Hal backed him for Congress that Hes presi Dent of All the people not just representative from Teras ties reported to no Niort heal of the Oil companies the Rem of the taxpayers will he Wal Rhino to see just How sep tical he is in Khz Kulo a looks to Praise the Lyhl holds kept blowing out in his office Chande Lier rep Lack Brooks Tex angrily ordered an investigation Thiol May compel the big electric companies to Kive the House wives More Light for their Money Hooks his asked the Hig four Lenvial electric Westing House Sylvania and Champion explain Why Iligir Standard Coto i of wait bulbs Aie made to last Only 7v hours when a fractional Wiley in and lengthening of the filament would double their usefulness Al no extra Cost Lawrence Hanks a new Volc City specialist arts sent the con Gressman some Standard bul i filaments have been Arl busted to hours in fact the Hig four used o pro Luce of xxi hour bulbs until on eral Klecic in it arbitrarily reduced the Standard Hep brio ass investigator Are convinced from Lerir pre Lun Inaiya findings that on Oral Klee inc determines bulb land ans and the other companies fall into line what Brooks wants the companies to do is lengthen the life Span of Standard bulbs got Hurnard up annul Burn Bedout Light bulbs after wife Charlotte kept replacing them at Home and the House kept rep Lacoc them in his office after one High exploded so did Brooks i have had he blurted i wan you to Stop what you Are doing and find out All Nii can about these bulbs the congressman from Texas probably will hold hearing in a few weeks to throw some in the situation v sunlit i a hopeful thing by Joseph Alsop Irlyn or i an Viet Nam at this Uncertain juncture it is Wiser not to try to answer any of the crowding obviously questions about the political future Here so the subject of this report is a very hopeful thing thai Hap pens to be very visible in Viet Nam since it was so memorable it May be Well to begin with the experience thai started me ask ing questions about this hopeful thing the scene was a wide sunny Field by the Roadside in rubber Plantation country the time was last september when our Green troops were first go ing into action in Viet Nam the Fence along the Road was lined by hundreds of Little Viet namese children giggling and oozing and aching the grand attraction that was evoking Sll ibis interest was the Point com Pany of one of the battalions of the airmobile brigade Only a few minutes earlier the com Pany of one of the battalions of the airmobile brigade Only a few minutes earlier the com Pany had been Bel lifted Afier rough Days of Jungle fight ins which bail aug been this company introduction to com Bat it was Day of Brilliant Sun Light and most members if the company had stripped to the Mannl in this country of Small Lilit Bonneil people they looked like gifts they were All in High Good humor too and the negro soldiers who composed a lot a Quarter of the com Pany wort celebrating the re Leas from the Jungle along everyone else the company commander was a genuine giant he must have been at least k fool inches till and his Southern drawl All but announced by origin he Rinc in act Frorup Chiminis his a fighting Man Ahmic All you could see by tin1 he answered questions about the Jungle operations re Nash when the inquiries Mew Toi complicated he Gao 1 flu Iii of Llano and with Nevi Riipi me and Confidence he introduced his company Erulene Fluer Harry tinned nut in be a wiry thing lieu Lunini strikingly Al Rel intelligent came from fatal 1 Iii Tina Tim across the Bor Der lion Sci Limbus that real it fall there is the Sloy but if Nisi reflect on the pin Bable relationship it Lueen Llaria ind his White company co Mimler if they but still been Al tar Iii and in civilian life you Fin sey Ihei is a lot it Tail moment one saw All the ancient barriers of race were suddenly Siruc Wdovin and forge ten Nul in be for gotten it has led Rue to ask lot of questions Ghoul the role of negro soldiers in the new Model american army in my Days with the Kirt division Itne Fly these were the answers Kirsly of All be Piti Knidon of negroes in the army As a whole is not enormously higher than the negro proportion of the american population but in the combat units the proportion is markedly higher running above 20 per cent in the average infantry company there Are two reasons for this one is that Good athletes Maka Good infantrymen the other in economic the negro recruits with a lower average of technical skills Are less Likely to he assigned to one of the technical specialities requiring such skills the other Sirie of the same Coin and a bitterly unjust Coin it is i can be seen in the num Bers of negro noncommissioned officers because negroes can make a better career in the army More reenlist so nearly a third of the noncom in our infantry divisions Are now negroes for jus the same economic reason finally the other urge Eaily identifiable group in the now army is composed of South Erners from poor families you might suppose the mixture would be explosive especially when a negro officer com mands a company with a High component of Southern troops As quite often happens but far from being explosive the mix Ture merely serves to Demon Strate How How Igno ble How so ii and sordid is the racial segregation that Mars Nany departments of american life this totally integrated new Model army should in truth serve As a Model to the rest of us yet there Are i think two Steps that stil need to be taken in the army itself More Gen Ero arrangements Are needed to provide additional education to soldiers of Promise who can not otherwise he promoted to officer rank Thi would Benefit negroes and poor almost equally mainly to Aid the same two groups special Anan Gemeny Are also needed at Home in make it easier to take Advant age of the til Bill of rights negro so listers and Many of poor Southern soldiers too will be educationally debarred from the privileges conferred by Iho Rill special placement Cen Ter special intermediate train ing courses special arrange ments with universities and All Are needed1 if these men arc to gel their due Ami in is their due they Erve their country with shining courage with splendid i off Cheney with solid Jelly deter it Caiiou and with never a double thai America Iri ily is their country despite the ugly Mem ories of prejudice and injustice that can hardly be absent Frorer a negro soldiers Niziul a debt is owing and if the debt Ink paid in such a manner that ugly War results in a major in crease in the number of univer Siviy trained neum All of american society will the belter for it Iri the Pojl co

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