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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 4

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Cumberland, Maryland Cum find news saturday May 28 1966 work on science building begins at Frostburg state Frostberg chemistry and Hio Losy lion of a science Huiming at initial plans called for an add a Roseburr slate College Hasi Tion he exist Iii science been started the planning of eight seniors share awards at Hyndman Frostburg legion firing squads itinerary set yesterdays new York Stock Market quotations irn which Besan in by he staff Barrett Hall at a Hyndman Cost of is Asoono however after the 5s gradual Kos thug Paul Stewart Chaplin of Farrady Post in american legion announce the itinerary of the firing a Killil of or visits to local vies of nay 9 a in Sierey 1 it air Vul t ail Irvi in i i huh a a ii u Iso i Jyh Lith Kyj 111 ill 11 in l my m of or former part mint which science included Phy Potomac state announces top i two students in key ski miss in my Sirna of kids Ley and Steven r Smith Beryl had the Highel averages this at Potomac slate College according to in announcement made at com Mecic Mienl exercises miss signs who i a Diu Chier of or and or Michael j sir a attained in average f 3 and or Smith Arii cd an ase of few which be the i Hurst average Ever made at the local College or Smith who was a premed major at rot name state is a graduate of Piedmont Mich school and received the Roth scholarship to West Yir Cirii University me was president of a study of the needs of the co Londonderry High school receive lege and predicted enrolment special awards at the annual it was decided the College commencement should have a new building mesday night costing auditorium the architect is Edward h Joy Carpenter received an hidden or of Baltimore with award for first Scholastic honors Van Rensselaer p save the in the graduating class and four structural Engineer and Mother awards presented by Weill and Balduin of Baltimore Lloyd c Keller supervising the mechanical engineers principal her other honors the Low bidder on the Job included the Ocar Jordan vow was the Ceorge construction Ost award for highest fou year company of Cumberland mans Scholastic average the Harvey Call Lor a 385 Calendar Day English award the Striction period which would commercial award Given by the permit use of the building in Luloh Litzell National Hank and september list shared the Phimory award with features of the new building Immogene Miller Given by will i n c 1 u d e office research Lavid Homer areas for faculty a plane Lar Marianne out Whu was my a workshop an air Condi honoured for second highest Scho honed animal room a Walkin Latic average received six awards wednesday night others included the arts and crafts award Given by the South 1enn Power company the musician unions award As hot instrumentalist another music award Given by Arch Stewart a former teacher in memory of his father shared the science award cemetery n in t it lutheran a m St exercises Wedi Apps a in Eckhart Lvii term t the school a in Vale 1 sum Mill and finally at memorial in the route 40 at heal St 11 a m included in the group beside the Chaplin will to Jack Dixon Imler and the following Mem Bers of the firing squad Tonald mess c o m m a n d e r Bernard Smith Lgeorge Layman Bernard v suor i Slawi Ainola the War a Virio n Triangle on o High school act am to v for i u lawful Anwer Modi a m i 111 m i it ii Al 111 i l 31 ii my i or 2 111 us invt to allow Mel u in Leupp Cir 31 in jowl i v i of i i o Izill Llmer i my i Puiul 1 my t i i h m i it a Surv i 10 int maj 10 i Kivuti pm Jim i m tit pm t i t k f it i 171 i f it 19 i7i ii 37 4j to 31 17 371 in 3iu us i 0 Jia l u i m Tii i m 1jj let 70 in ii i hip n Pamuki Hill or ii Iii poll bul Ullh per i t pol mow m Irocus f i in in conf 1 Jornt 2 c 370 50 Ali 57 j it 11 in 51 ii ii 73v m 7r 17 in Milter William Mears and Charles Merli Augh the group will also participate in the services in Frostburg memorial Park at 2 p m 31 3 to i 177 i up 2 11 Vav 11 i v Obj u ii Klyr Al l Kin sin t 170 Kant tic to m Kali Jiu i t mar Fol i a Tinct mib Clov i 144 Kong let Kyj Kruyf in Krojer 130 i 30 13 51 in ii 31 j71 k k n w j7 it c a Unco info ii Ranier 1 it m id l is i i in Tel in Rinn in to t i n x 511 ii ii Viii m i7i 1 i i in or fish i is m will pm in Lull Losli l t 1 11 Psi i 31 is a Luv Yon pm i k 31 m 17 1 it 3m u 1 t7 in to 11 37v 4m Jolil pm 401 in 1 111 5i 4 j is Villi 711 to 3v my n is i 7 ii 117 04 17 n 47j it to Tatry my t Tob i Karl to r it 17 m cd m i to fish i in t flir Cerp i r i or nil i Ruhrold 1 in i v 1u idl isl Lvi j i1 h in it w inv i n All in hum1rrli 0 Omli Timi Fol Lur i huh t in 10 loll air Wirtl i u Lull Nevii Kimm plut ii i Ijlal Iii Liral id ill Larro or i h m re Fullr in Rod p Plu in annual Fth i Wmk i Luh lord Ihl Mil i li1iihullnni ii per Irnel la it Pri no in nok Uil Divide my Lilac Lions i h Liu Lorain Lolly ulna i err Len i in Mutual funds u choir i to cold room a greenhouse incubating and autoclave areas a conference room and a lecture beaux futo Hall lcr0tl the biology department have laboratories for teaching and research in Anatomy Histo logy physiology ecology Field zoology Field botany Mic Robio school awards presented at fort Ashby air Hon Ari Ilsi Arsua St l a i n la i t vim 1 1 i o amyl Oil i ii 1 m ally ten a a Iruh Insp 1 Hilt j Lohin my 57 i id u i it in ii s7 30 11 57 to Alfh vol it Ioki jmj in by or ii lick filmy s Ullon ind xxx rid Thor Una slim i us Fri i u in Willrd i so luvs in St 1 54 is 51 i us o Sisi kit icing Fri i 10 Lri at Kori Ashby a Lii sch nil were Presenti b h 5k 1 to the student body this Var mi5 Sirna an Art and Sci Enre major i a sir Fuata f in Kimhor land and plans to attend West Vircinia univ site i fall Day services set in tritons logy advanced botany and a with Immogene Miller Given 1 there will also l her Unher Freeman n laboratories devoted to Anil a Dali Porib foundation in biology the shop area award Large tanks Shirleen signer who received honorable mention for third highest Sulu Vlastie average won two other honors they included the mat Matics award Given by mrs Dorothy Thomas and the Lions club award for service to school and Community presented by or John Topper Larry Price was presented top awards wednesday night one was the sportsmanship animals and plants the room will be furnished with a Concrete flour air conditioning and a variety of animal cages for the efficient care of experimental animals Fach Labora tory will have its own preparation and Supply room an her barium of plants common to Maryland and especially those of the appalachian mountains de by j William Marker principal last night during the ii fihs annual class night exercises at the school Bonne the evening also featured by the presentation of a Karl act play Moon Masic by the senior class i 11 i Hesi Allaround awards pre sent id by the schools Pat went i n n 4m it ii so 46 i to1 h Oil i o i ukr 1 in Jill to he Haiir Hui Hutlin to Kim Riley Trade 3 Tommy Lynch Grade 4 Rhoda Dayton and Linda Lilienberger Grade s girl and Kenneth Bennett 8 lev 74 11 371 17 3 10 37 1 m in o 31 i 4lk 1 1 ii Westernport will make Frostburg an i award donated by or Topper portent Center for Hoto Nical other was the Hyndman study Grange in Ijar perfect attendance certificates were presented to 109 students in grades 112 another 77 Stu dents missed Only one Dav 0 2 Keg huh in sol i vow award for assistance in fort Assoc the physics department will class projects Young Price was Grade history awards Watro pre ate judge James s Getty will have separate laboratories for class Presl Lent seated to Rhoda Dayton and deliver the Day add atomic physics electricity and Diana Horner was presented Kenneth daughters of the american the Bennett who honors the same tied for 9am in the Vicinity of the ties for this department the Piedmont High school and will planetarium will enable the March Chrouch Piedmont West physics department to offer Erport to the memorial build courses in astronomy and will inc led by the Bruce High also serve As a demonstration school band area for elementary and Sec preceding the memorial Servo Ciary students in Western be the Kelly Mansfield Post Maryland american legion band will pre the chemistry sent selections will have Bonn Pence commander of Quant Tati kill Mansfield Post 52 1 110 r o students Fol revolution Good citizenship also tied for similar awards 1 award Melvin v Logsdon presented by the Woodmen of 2 i 10 Cit tin 1 w Avard were Owen i Clure Mary Ixia Kenney and Harriet poles and add atomic physics electricity Ress from the platform of the magnetism heat and Mech Anthe memorial building in philos is Glass blowing a Large and cemetery on monday morning a Small optics Laboratory a award Melvin v Logsdon presented by the Woodmen of the Public exercises will be physical science Laboratory and received the Industrial arts the world Lodge in Cumberland Gin immediately following the a Laboratory for general Phy award donated by Ross Hartcle winners of the of seventh Grade arrival of the Parade at the sics a seminar and the plan erode Charles Thomas Tom history cemetery the Parade starts at atrium will Complete the facile Rii Chev received a Danforth 91 Al i 15 21 is n to 15 ii 31 j 37 51 41 m 54 4p 75 my 17 17 471 in it1 7n 11 m 27 j is i i Mill 1 May us 160 Mitro 1 i mrs Johnl fill Mccu k l o 170 mfg a c t mrtek 1 m i c m i k Milsom t1 Mirt land r Vii Iii i Vlin Lih i o m m m 1 10 Minn Pil l 1 i r Kii n of x in Hill in anti t m Montyk i 11 Mon apr 1 11 3v1 Motorola 1 Vii curl 1 m mls Ltd m Murico i m Sal disc m Cash 1 m 1 m ii17i m in ii i it ii 41 17 in w m m s 7 Simk 21i m 4s 9 11 3 Vij 4ft 1 to it 57 5v i n 41 j4 i1 ill 4v 40 3h j i i t 3i1 57 is in m1 ii tl1 n u i 7117 h 4v to 47 x 31 suld Kofl m Rrt i san i i l scan lev i o Ishlum 1 n so map Spoti Hap i m i Shamoil in Shainn St it Shalt to 411 so therm k t Sifain i tit 31 1 air 11 11 7v4 in 3j 77 ii 71 37 in in i so Klin St South to i t and St Brnt 2 to Sll Tranisi us is 4i ii i 75 it in i 71s 11 ill 11 v 7 i foundation award along with miss deist diplomas were presented to the 35 graduates by William Gaumer a member of the merged school Board youre a Cenius was the department topic of he address to the Pyles awards the world were presented 10 i m history to Jerry Franu and Paul Kun i col imn 140 Good c h s i o the Crisco award was denied to Karma Wagoner and Comisi in Harriet Pyles won the future homemaker award i other awards were Wallace ii t 311 i 51 11 4 t ii 11 ican legion will preside Over the program which will include selections by the Bruce band invocation be Given by Rev Eugene Ruane assistant of St and the Benediction pronounced by Rev Carmiencke Rector of James episcopal Church the military police unit of Lonaconing under the com Mand of Captain Chancy will fire the sound taps the Graves of the War Vete rans will be decorated with laboratories for graduates by Arthur Zite who Mcclure typing Owen Mcclure on analysis involved in the general file shorthand Kenneth Parsons mentation physical chemistry Lac company space project As journalism Barbara Crone organic chemistry and general chemistry special areas will be provided for the storage of solvents alcohol and radio o i u isotopes the provision of space Peters Catholic Church and instr Merus Wil make this department one of the most up Bayard chemistry departments in the state the several lecture rooms will he used by All departments Raymond and i by quipped with de acute and desks having water Gas and electric outlets in addition each lecture room will have audiovisual equip Peters mint of an unusual feature of the Kelly building is the presence of three a consultant Driver guilty on four counts crop in car Nurt 1 to l m 2 crucial i Curt adv co or 1 flags in Philoc and St cemeteries by the members Victory Post 155 and Mansfield Frostburg Laurence f Shope of Pittsburgh who was1 irent Tufi he a taif a Nair tron if p or and Chine with four motor vehicle Viola ions Drew fines Sharon totalling sc5 and was Piven r0 Days in the Curty fail by trial magistrate cd word p Flanigan fee was arrested by tic of Charles Deremer Linda Milten Covini 40 Berger and Kenneth Bennett conversational French and Teresa Sampsill Wallace my Ciure Sharon Malone and Larry lease French 1 and 2 Wallace Mcclure was presented the Junior High citizen of the year award science awards were won by i apis Robin Dohrman Dixie Pownall Steven Snyder Michael Malone i Holt Paul Liventood Malone Carole Shirley Lechliter and Harriet Pyles Dan r i v 2 90 in 51 35 31 172 34 3j j 11 91 1 16 it 411 37 it 14 h m4 h4 s 31 t 1 4 Ali 3i 31 4 31 of it 31 41 73 51 11 if si1 it 11 50i in i 1 Itrat none i i t by Cal ifs Macon 1 10 nor five Foj no am s in a car z 3 in Par j to not pair i 41 Nyrl Hopr i i Nwa irl in to 11 Iii 7s so Dolnry i 70 Start no 1 tn1 Skroh Sid p Sta War Slan Rev m Sirrien in slut lev Ujj Stone in it Slud Hakr Suh Urmi is i1x i 4lji Sun Hon Al sup Oil Swift 1 4l j 3 41 teak to 1 of gigs 1 text nor tax i 3v1 Tuffil 141 tfx tron Ohio enl k Travelo Twa Tricont t r w lot Hickox 1 pm Oil in m to it 111 to i 1 31 7 i it i t i 67 31 2s i so i 12 i 474 in is j in Kyrc vocal in Par 1 in in tank c j i1 Airor fico 1 to corp we to Kruit 1 7n 114 61 41 1 1a ij15 11 i7 of 11 17v1 in ii 17 170 i Ohio kit Guantt Olin a 1 12 pm or 17 j 17 0 i 47 Sij Oli i co j Ould m 1 0 of Antii Orfil 11 110 pm l i Petit 1 m pin Al Pandl i to Para mint 2 Pir Rdv la c i Penn in j1 per Dpi Pirr 1 i or pc 172 1 fat Prynn Al o o 31 7 41 ii it in n i 51 in is to ind la to rih i Al rss Mit pm i s stat 2 Stoh 1 Fla Init ill 71 in John 1 1tahpl 152 t v Varian i a View i Vul an m i it 1 i Iii if a Lorn 1 in Wall birth c Ward warn Wahr 1 h we apr n w 1 ubans 1 11 Ltd i ski i 40 5 fic 105 Root 115 St it 21 u 14 full it h f 17 i i of ii it 31 5p ii7 31 if 301 31 Post 52 american main entrances with lobbies As soph Helmstetter shape was lesions they will also place the Campus expands the build found 2uiitv or operating a to flags on the main streets of the ing will offer easy Access from Tor vehicle without a License communities several directions one lobby of incr s25 Ami fools am san co chairmen of the memorial will serve As a student Younse tended to the county jail for so Day committee Are commander and will be equipped with Pence and commander Russell teen machines Mcbee of Victory Post 52 awards Given at Paw Paw most Active stocks i he school band group elects Fkd Static floor Hall ii2h or Roll Kani costs to the comity jail Marist Date Klin Iaan found Hie Paw senior class Pittsburgh Man guilty of Paw Paw Ilich school pre tacs Iseri to another vehicle and was fined Svard and to Days in jail the sentence being ukr tur l i kist air i Fakhr v 2 Al Ralp i1 311 ii1 kor Lohr f it ii re 3ji Iii 79 111 i r 71 u 141 i it u m 71 i1 lid 10 111 1w4 is w in in seated if of Iho fit Ftp am Itu a Terr Carder Ickar officers ice Peri rent f c r a r v do Roihl Shope wis fined s10 and costs for Passine on i solid line and an additional so Fine and costs for exceeding tie Speed limit by eggs and butter and Oil its Nicht pro tues Lay in the school auditorium a Vire the theme he youth its Way the class history was Henri by or inst Linda Zohrer and Arthur Ertsin no hey Kerna Delte Mcc Iii Hardin and James is acre class Pooni dedicated to Overly Fredrick Tor class will Luana Moreland pm ref and Byron co cd trophy Case inv from the to the Arthur Thomas principal pre rented the following awards Kair i i in a Airhar 1 Jaimini or rims in c m Virrl m j n n in or i Kir to 52 17 h 11 i i m is late buying spree pushes Market into plus column a Kwh Vork up late Sain of 027 per cent at j7 in buying spree Hishi ruled a Dull of the 1381 issues traded in session on the new York Stock advanced n to new i6b his is Exchange Friday and helped while declined 54 to new put the Market Well into the lows plus column r do Jones industrials and 1radms was so Liht during Vance rv2fl in r7fi but rails most of the session that the list Slid 027 to 2308d Standard failed to set a decisive trend poors 500 Stock Index added until the final minutes brokers 0 2fi to 87 31 said Normal hesitancy before a to 17w r00 Ion weekend was the main shares fron reason for the stump in volume am was to the a noted press since 4400000 shares Al Market indicator showed a traded up 30 Lori legion Post services set prices Ucic higher in the american a Chanse volume slowed in 1s70000 shares Frim 22ri0onn shares thursday if the fils issues trailed 3f advanced 2fit declined and 211 held unchanged Holiday Sale 65 Ford 64 Buick or j 64 Buick h 64 Chevy r v 63 Plymouth 62 Chevy n t o Lonaconing motors main St Lonaconing intr in Finis r if 1 or f to girl injured it Vrin 1 n off the Roada t to Ireje Hon if Judy Host i round boy in Kienth Crador Donald Woods High a trend a in american history Whf Kanun of the world Minnir jul inv Irader for the Yin Zistl Best actress in Junior Linda Kerns Aid tics ilor Fri Nike Shimlik Iwuh for i Cruitt attn Dir for Osif Vic i Linda Cli Lucr m a and ninth Prarle of four Weyh Kish the Zradf amp Hill Larrv 3v m1 4 i Urr Iron la Oil typing a skill that can be used for a lifetime morning classes monday through Friday in summer school negotiate flights Niyor sheir Vars Register now through june 13 Catli Eimans business school 123 s Centre a 40966 Cumberland my Arul sri Rah for five Loriol Chi Larry tenth Mph i radar or Vars of slip and the Sov irl Union in Rufth ii id Xvi to mind i Rcck of Flora no tenth ions by a Recino to in years Lily or Shari if Ruif Klov air flights ninth find of Guyos and Tussia san Iris Ron Rudisil Thi by ruin in a porn i i n ii Kern their ros5 Jrade pro Parry is Itrat in Jar run v ii uf1 Lori ill or he r1 17 h 77 ii v can Tsvik Grantsville 2u american Decion will conic incl graveside memorial Day services monday As follows St Anns cemetery Avilton s 15 a m it Zion cemetery Knitte 10 910 a m Johnson cemetery route 40 a m cemetery 10 a m Grantsville cemetery 11 a in Bittinger cemetery p in new Germany cemetery p m and Monument to flyers at 1title Crossings 2 p m speaker at services in Grants Ville cemetery will be Rcv Kich Ard h harder pastor of St Johns Church of Christ after leaving the service at the Monument to the k52 flyers the Leaion unit will to to the old Cashman fiver fridge to Par tick Pine in a Dedi Catirina Cere Mony the old Nearch Stone Bri Luc will medical re by the u s department of Interior As a National historical landmark closed memorial Day from Midnight May 29th am tues May 3u s r Esso 4 4tif 4 4 4 4 4 4 200 n Mechanic phone 7229742 Avis re Tacor n hid Aird a m ii7 9 ii t m to an i or i i 1 pm Vii pm v v 7 is t 7s Ash to 5 5 Hii v s i n Iwuc Lar St f ii f of in mul 711 711 to c 3 Lis ii in 1 m i 15 m 7ci Svok n7kji s k c i Low 10 Ali 75s Fott i 17m i m my 11 m 961 Lirt 701 7 i or m n r t i it i m k 7 711 in Cly u 1 i 1 i i k i k t s Hal is 15 n i i in ii i i i in ill i Krak Cly i Iii la Imp Imp int Shi t ills Ali ii 1 is imn 1 ii ill i i v x i i 7 07 7 7s ii 1 i 17 Minnon it ii is i my or to r i n n is is n a 7 m i r s n i 11 is ii o s n i it n ii 24 p r i re Canh r v Var Iii a Chi 11 try 17 i 1 i to i in s ii Ril Vinci i i Nils ii Vili l 1 in i 7 l in in n i in in to 11 41 in Liiv 17 4 ii 1 i inns i us Vii t Evv i Mil in4 17 4 Mil ins s i Vik Kil mlle i stir Chi vt1 1701 i l visit t to Vinyl ii 21 i v i is u is i i i r no 7 n visit Sill i to i i Dell or in silk p Van i i in i 1 m 17 is to re 111 m i lib a 77 i 17 7 i t ii 7t f 7fl r i 3 i n t Tren Situ k Liml is Niv in vow i 7 11 is 11 Opich Irrl win 1 if k i it i1 m ii m i m in u m n i r i 11 u 11 n i v ii i 2 Ishi i i to it is St ten i n inf r 1111 e Jin Llor Karl rim ii Kunii Kil Lini k 1 Kil muh i ill v 7 i it Iri k Al in s n no i Crolli kr1 ii Karl mul k k i l s i Kii pm 7 41 pm i 74i Ink in 1 11 pm Kund inv Ken i in u ii n r fit 11 f n in i 10 i h i 11 m 17 in i t or Ritzin i no p Wittnam a hips ill in ill inv Olav in 1ch it Xci n Giitl n so t c Sim 311 1 it s ii in 1 7 17 in d 71 s it is if s i t Fil mis n 1m1 1 in i l 17 u u is i s i 7 sri n i m f vhf 3 if i n75 1j Knosp Cin is Kul v1 i1 h ind Mim thru 11 ii ii m Rij k 71 17 Cis i in i 9 i in Lar int sri 111 1u7 r r r i 1 no i ii t Turk n 501 11 i 11 13 1 57 sir sir i 2 Sriniv nor i 1c in in 1 m l Sorn St l i is i 11 7 14 11 n i ii to plan r in t to in r 5 Tuni 51 i morn Jimis re Irir 17 in in s r m sri n 11s Jii t1 i 11 i n i t v Vil i Iii i to Vil pm 741 r i Vii la c f n in s i sni 2 Vairl i is n v c1 in Hills in u to l m Vvhs Mut it m 1 01 writ Nis i Vrsic nil f7 we Ihl 1 v i in stir 9 n i j vim if 13 1 7 in 7 if 1 1h special 2 piece living room 2 or 13 Tut it refrigerator 3 3 drawer Dreiser i out All huh hark Hodl i0c Rod used furniture Wilks Thrift shop 6895111 roller skate Wedris Watsun to pm sat and Sun to pm armory roller rink National guard armory Frostburg my phone of 98838 were moving no of week to the Palace theatre Mcfarland Candy Shoppe Roitburg my watch for opening Date for Candy next week dial 6898312 swim lessons being planned m i i i a miss mining los sons for of Midland Kun Iii diary Sehon to hold from Only to 11 Al Frost Hiiro Undler i the far enl Teu her mrs ail Nia is chairman id Orv Lions anal la so Mininc Fri must tic a Iho school by turn Lav tonight Jay and the 3 Dees appearing Al Paw Paw american legion May 28 9 to 12 Rock n Rou music memorial Day special Frostburg taste Freez shakes All flavors monday May 30 Only graduate wants its Deans jewelry has the largest selection of gifts to please the boy or girl graduate make your selection now watches rings bracelets lighters wallets cuff links necklace earrings Deans jewelry store 24 e main Frostburg eff Cliva 6 open monday t Friday 9 to

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