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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives May 28 1966, Page 1

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - May 28, 1966, Cumberland, Maryland Gemini 9 double barrelled Blastoff again postponed Twenty four hours today weather by Apoc Ltd attn oct atonal rain High in Low 80i Low tonight about 50 Sun Day Thowe and cooler the Cumberland news it Hill edges Valley in 12th see spot Section vol 198 Elm Mill Nurr cum Beilue Mir Uoo in Der Uwel mirth 3 cum Hokland Maryland saturday May 28 1906 Lii twi Piper Jug cents monks reject peace feelers from by Rusk says us troops to stay in Germany nation takes firm stand on pledges Secretary airs Many problems of Home and abroad Washington a Secretary of state Dean Rusk said Friday the United states has loll its nato allies that Amer ican troops will slay on in Ger Many without any major reduction have indicated to the nato Council that our forces Wilt remain there As Long As they Are needed and wanted Rusk told a news conference on Viet Nam Rusk said he saw no major Impact on the Campaign against the reds in South Viet Nam from either the military or he political Dis Side no that has Llarch up there Rusk said he was not familiar with the assertion by maj Gen Stanley r Larsen earlier Fri Day that perhaps six regiments of North vietnamese evict Cong colourful birthday presents vec president Hubert Humphrey yesterday received birthday Good wishes and three Auto color photos from president Johnson at the White House Humphrey is or in one of Bodia in position to move the photo Humphrey is shown pointing a Finger at Johnson when did 1 do thai the vice president asked Why of Why put that finder Down commented he president a roof fax against South Viet Nam but he repeated that the United states favors policing by an International group like the Tercena Tidis International control Mission to insure Cambodia neutrality and territorial Index Jinn dance hits foreign Aid Cut Rusk strongly criticized the Senate foreign relations Mittee headed by sen j w Fulbright dark for voting new restrictions on the us for eign Aid program it seems to me ungracious of this great nation to Slart closing the door to needy recipients overseas by such limits As voted by the commit Tec Rusk said he disclosed that the United states has protested to Cuba Over a monday incident in which the Pentagon said six cuban soldiers slipped into the us naval has at Guantanamo in Eastern Cuba the question of whether the United slates should Cut Back on its 225000 Man Force in Europe under the North Atlantic please come Home expect death to take heavy toll Over weekend Holiday cubans invade perimeter at Guantanamo by this associated press time needed to prepare Atlas rocket technicians run i behind extremely tight schedule by Jim Strothman j Cape Kennedy Fla the double barrelled gemini 9 i Blastoff was postponed another 24 hours Friday until wednesday to give launch1 pad technicians Lime for More tests on an Atlas rocket that must hoist the astronauts Reni Jdc Vous target into orbit Well get off one of these Days quipped astronaut Thom As p Stafford i William c Schneider gemini j9 Mission director said the do Ilay was necessary to permit completion of additional Check out and testing procedures instituted following the Atlas failure in the first attempt to launch gemini 9 on May 17 get major checkups air Force i col Stafford and his gemini 9 Copilot Navy it cmdr Eugene a Cernan plan to visit the doctor saturday for a major physical Examina Ilion i on Friday the worldwide gemini tracking network hummed through several hours of testing to Check out the com plex Maze of communications linking the 25 tracking stations around the Globe i technicians on the Atlas pad preparing a substitute Tari jct satellite called an augment led target Docking adapter to replace a More sophisticated Biagena Viet Premier meets chief of opponents marines quell riot in Saigon authority collapses in Hue by Corfu Mcarthur Saicon South Viet Nam Premier Nguyen Cao by extended a peace feeler Fri Day to the buddhists am conferred under us auspices with the chief of his military foes it Cen Nguyen Thanh Thi monks the peace feeler Secre by veiled results of the Confer ence j elsewhere in the Kaleidoscope of crisis that the military gov Lern Mcnol Hopes now to end with out further recourse to arms Gas and warning shots from vietnamese marines sup impressed rioting by a howling mob of 2000 or 3000 antigovernment ant american demonstrators who marched in Torch lit procession from a rally at the Buddhist Institute in Saigon authority collapsed in Hue a stronghold of buddhism and rebellion 400 Miles North of Saigon the mayor it col Phan Van Khan who is also governor of thua Thien prov asian area Larsen said there is evidence that up to six regi Lince pulled out with 1 000 Loyal ments of North vietnamese troops perhaps Insoo men or troops and set up Headquarters More have massed in Cambodia in position to strike into Lal Hung Thuy five Miles away Vii ten i m i re n i t r t i an Eye on Cambodia maj Gen Stanley r Larson discusses the Viet Nam fighting at a Washington news conference before a Large map of the South Viet name midsection schizophrenic kills wife four children motorists who May be More conscious than usual Alfa n tie of the potential dangers of driving headed out on themay 17 j War Rev Ohio lip a 31yearold highways Friday for the first big Holiday weekend to whole mental disturbances Erna Cal losses j the months hoisted into orbit an Atlas kept chronically out of work went berserk Fri defensive action against about i virtually All of them must have read or heard of rocket m minutes before Stafi Day and killed his wife four children and himself in a rail Lars Werc called heavy a photo Axl fort five american and other foreign nationals also quit the City others took shelter at the guarded us military assist Ance command compound troops kill 91 Cong far from the can ters off unrest vietnamese troops reported killing 94 Viet Cong and capturing so in a ser Schick brisk fights thursday in Mekong River Delta gov in one Case a the recent discussions in con Gressional hearings and else where of automobiles tires Washington a Anili Rivers Law enforcement and american cuban shooting other factors in traffic Acci incident at Guantanamo was dents reported Friday while Havana pledged a redoubling of give rail the National safety Council has estimated that Between 460 la activity in latin America in and 540 americans May die in retaliation for the killing of motor vehicle accidents in the Bakersfield prepares for new violence six French treaty organization has Soldier at the big Day tabulating period come an increasingly major Navat Ivasic that began at 6 pm local time Factor in the nato problems inc defense department said Friday night and will end at Bakersfield Calif a arising from French withdraw six Calhan soldiers slipped Midnight monday police increased heir patrols at Juhr Otish the perimeter of the the weal her was warm in Haker Fields negro Section an associated press poll of 75 base in Paster Cuba monday Insl of he country As their Riray in preparation for and senators showed 44 favor somen8hl and exchanged gunfire in Ceremi began there of violence which reduction in american forces in with u sentries a spokesman scatter cd showers in some they said they did not expect i Europe a half us Divi Sald the intruders red after the areas and is far As is r Jford and Cernan blast off at pm not on a Chase rendezvous ind Docking Mission the 11foot adapter is 15 feet Shorter than the Agena but tin i i like the Agena has no pro pull i Sion system As a result a Al Dull ution of the original flight plan bad to he eliminated it called for the Crew to trigger the age Inas engine while gemini 9 was locked to its target sporadic has flared soviet Union warns Israel elsewhere the War continued at predawn shooting spree a Rel Alively Ordinary pack Michael Collins a former Premier by and his chief Mil mental patient diagnosed As a itary rival held their hush hush schizophrenic at us Marine had 23 shots in his Small Frame quarters at Chu Lai 340 Miles Home on the outskirts of of Saigon and 52 Miles fourteen of them hit his fam South of a nans where gov ily killing his wife Minnie forces crushed a Budd and he children David uprising monday a us Andy 6 Silas 4 and Viola brought Thi in from Hue Trumbull county Coroner in ii was Chr military Juntas Seville Spain up Seph Sudimak said Collins Laid Thi March 10 As Kigiu of six French Jet fighters awake All night smoking head commander of the 1st corps crashed near Here Friday while in and brooding lust before arc Allu Flo Northern prov Cadi no for sevilles civilian Dawn he stabbed his wife four Imos of so Lith vice Nam that out of fuel to the Norelli Atlantic Council the nato political unit which identified As Luis Ramirez to meets in Paris new emphasis on nato Afler the de sense department snid a Marine at the pics Cal time on an arme Cullnan year Airport of san Pablo Airport times and smashed her head set off the Clarr Cal uproar for sources said the six pilots no with a pair of pliers Rotor Atlon by one heard their engines cuts noting her once Tkv had promised in out As they ran out of fuel Collins then shot each of of peace Moscow up soviet the Thev v Buforo Saigon to Taka Inion Friday denounced a added that dramatic messages r h i1orilina charge of damping egad israeli provocations were chanced of radio by who t u8 anti Lown to remaining embers of i t i i Vlf were of be Nimg our acc icon h up Tia los i a the Pil were vis of of a s 9 to last Snyr Trvll i h reported to have been taken to pc my ruled Munty forces blocked firt in err Durma the past Star and soviet Kussin and in n Navil la oaths a the Entrance to Saigon s Mam Vicc negroes reportedly angry four race statement distribute of f i Collins killed his Pagoda four Days ago Afler 3 re during the famed radio priest retiring Detroit a the Kev rial pc Parl of natos purpose As he Pul it to look for the Selleri mint Oft he great problems still dividing fast and apart from the in midcalf problems stemming from Frances decision o withdraw from natos integrated defense by slim Ami her ouster of nato Charles k Coulm famous no him spin As no Mimori fail stirs from French soil Rusk Raflin lir item f will period Tnp u ran said Tho Horti Surls meeting Lext no Iii is Pamir frn p May u to was wounded seriously Fyhad the Alllice High or a memo r Vul ii1 Dav period was ret luring a Nohrr he other was Syria to try o resolve to bar Urdaz Observance in 1963 it in u5 by feud lie also called for As As lie allegedly a Unity s p e r i f i e a t i y among apron lie a Bais for a Hollo a r Syria Algeria and Iraq Brid Tobe Luci Johnson to observe Tho real trouble with Money is that you cent use it More Ihan once i m can Iri str Parison the Assoc cited press Marie a Survey of traffic deaths in a no Holiday weekend of to 2 on inside pages Ann Landers 3 the shrine of the Lilile Flower in night monday my ill tin Jin suburban Royal Oak father Coli Guhlin who had in old adage and traditions at wedding by Frances Lleini 0 it 0 s 5 seckols of Charm sports 7 n trl Slite new j want ads 10 ii women news 3 comics crossword Dent Lis or Van Dyllen editorial Ian markets about a Diven a for Percsi the personal and sentimental fur several i Trier ill no 1ui mrs 18 me which Luci says Appeal to Ashimi j in m Taubler her Yie Vvs t10 win have Aii is 0 a talks of Dkl ail Mhor la k1 i die of polio k Krumwi of letters continues and pal Are receiving presents me Iron Villono Loa Lollon Isom Elhag old Somcy Bax new while Pokos from hair Friend a in mexican Village something borrowed something 3 Fantom of handmade Quill and family Mexico cite uti els1nki King incl Upo incl a Spence for her Salt of my Wuh 0 of finn few have died Friday that lash or social democratic party her engagement Ailiin iced Morable Dales Coli Guhlin acting of his own Man Rafael Paasio unveiled Tancl Slu has three list Fol shortly Afler their Pinili Atic a meeting plans Friday for a majority Sventin Enlal Ameri today by s a Liml Chist me said it is unreasonable to say he opposes the Buiji Hist leadership of this i called group Iii Bortl the Over Hurt Evon be Laid off irom work at fore Tho lug mob lock to Saigon umbel corp Here a erects yellow Robe monks Afler working sin weeks braved ear Gas and Slicks of Mizio last september Sjol ril1ict Sudimak said Cullins had been Campaign against by and Iho under the care of a Pevc Biatrisa americans they Calini maintain As a Nien til patient in the Woi upside receiving Hospital in the Vear Pur chased the Rifle and five boxes of Annu Mon Aprl 23 from a Darren Tore he m Atid in a news conference 1liursday that he didst plan to retire will assume die honorary title of pastor Rnic Rilus the most Rev John f dear in of Detroit in him in the fired off Nollier message to president John son Cellini on the United Olalea to withdraw support from military regime Tho of in lie comm univ of Congo creates in the Pas month order of Leopard the House has quietly ment was announced conme Spross dispatches from Vcra Oriu dered in 10in by his superiors loaf fairs and iwo Deputy Posis in Brno dared Hall kerchiefs Ami a from persons not known to the urns Down such offers with a because Hall his o an and pain Ltd plate arc letter lint explains its for canot Piave mated 32 million radio listeners under the new coalition hip Mats arriving Al a Rale of mom of to rifts have Bee sons you will Umlor Ilam i Supply inc comi Umily docs saluting the shh anniversary of a potable Independence irom Bel Vigian Rule

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