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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives May 27 1972, Page 1

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - May 27, 1972, Cumberland, Maryland Today weather by the am outed proc sunny today High 70 fair tonight end sunday Low tonight in High sunday in Low the Cumberland news Allegany wins county title see sports Section vol 197 Public two Cuhaj except sunday by the Timm 4 air Usu co bilk Taon is Cumberland my 21502 second claw Post the paid it Cumber Lac Cumberland Maryland saturday May 27 1972 associated up Apap la Demenint 20 cents nuclear treaty signed in Moscow defenders at Korntum again repulse enemy South vietnamese inflict heavy toll on red attackers Knock out 12 tanks Saigon defenders of Korntum fought off a second Day of North vietnamese attacks Friday claiming a dozen tanks knocked out and an estimated 1000 enemy troops killed or pushed Back East West germans sign pact i treaty regulates transportation sets talk stage Berlin and associated press correspondent David j Paine West Germany signed an reported from the Highland Headquarters City of transport treaty Friday and announced plans for talk o normalize their relations Anc Ead each of them to member ship in the United nations the decision to hold talks i an Effort to end 23 years c hostility was announced at the signing of the treaty the firs Uch agreement worked 01 Between the two states sine they they were established 1949 the treaty regulate technical matters concerning Road rail and canal traffic Between the states that shortly before dusk govern ment troops were advancing on pockets of enemy still entrenched on the outskirts of Korntum the provincial capital in the Cen trial Highlands associated press correspond ent David j Paine reported from the Highland Headquarters City of pie Iku that shortly be fore dusk government troop were advancing on pockets of enemy still entrenched on the outskirts of Korntum the provincial capital in the Centra Highlands american military advisers in Korntum described the situation As under control and said the enemy had been contained Paine reported the North Viet namese first penetrated the City Early thursday pounded it with some 800 rounds of rockets and artillery later in the Day and strengthened their attack Force Friday perhaps two battalions of North vietnamese Many of Holiday traffic heavy by the associated presi millions of americans loaded their automobiles with families and fun gear Friday night and rolled out on the highways to cram a min vacation into the first warm weather Long week twin pact is hailed by both nations As step to world peace agreement imposes first limits Ever set on arsenals of strategic nuclear arms by ii klan Thomas Moscow a Triumph for East West sum Mitry president Nixon and soviet Leader Leonid i Brezhnev signed air ords Friday night imposing the first limits on the staggering arsenals of strategic nuclear weapons their countries have amassed since world War ii the historic 13minule Sig smaller 1cbm complexes into ing ceremony took place in the larger silos n accommodate Kremlin ornate Vladimir Hall the larger missiles concluding at pm also part of the agreement is swapping documents pm a on the present i s in an earlier banquet Toast missile Fleet n 41 submarines Nixon called the arms control and the 42 such submarines the agreements enormously i russians will have when their president Nixon and soviet communist party general Secretary Leonid Brezhnev Exchange documents after last nights signing of the strategic arms limitations agreement in the Kremlin a photo fax from portent and a hopeful Indich Tion of what can happen in the end of 1972 by tradition memorial Day them in South vietnamese uni forms infiltrated the City and attacked at Dawn with tank fire backing them up has been the Date for official openings of the big summer hotels and of Small family owned or rented cottages and Cabins that line the snores of lakes Rivers and oceans under the old Calendar the Holiday would have fallen on tuesday but with the change of some Holiday observances to american sources said More three Day week enemy tanks were destroyed by i us wire guided missiles government artillery and Handcart ried single shot Light antitank weapons three of the tanks the sources said were us built mils captured from govern ment troops by the North Viet namese Early in the Day us forces now Are using special helicopters and jeeps armed with armo piercing missiles to combat the recent influx of tanks for use in the North vietnamese offensive in the air War american warplanes pounded the Hai Phong area for the third Succes Sive Day in what was disclosed As a Campaign to Cut the port City off from the rest of North Vietnam the us command said Navy pilots from the Carrier Midway knocked out two major Highway Bridges just outside Haiphong thursday following by 24 hours a raid that destroyed a nearby Highway and Railroad Bridge ends monday is the new red let Ter Day for the Holiday that originated with decorating Graves civil War dead because of the Holiday traffic volume the National safety Council estimated that Between 530 and 630 persons might die in motor vehicle accidents Dur ing the weekend the period covered by he estimate is the 78 hours Between 5 pm Friday and Midnight monday May 29 at the signing ceremony in East Berlin East Germany reaffirmed its decision to open the Berlin Wall separating the City to allow East germans to visit the West for the first time since the Wall was built aug 13 1961 East Germany said East germans would be allowed to visit the West on urgent family funerals births weddings and in Case of sickness in the family or deaths the transport treaty important More for its precedent shattering character than its Content set the stage for announcement of the talks on normalization of relations be tween the German two states Chancellor West Willy Brandt has sought such talks As part of his policy of reconciliation with the soviet bloc charred Hulk of freighter taken in Tow Jacksonville Fla up charred Hulk of the freighter Oriental Warrior its 100 passengers and Crew Safe ashore or aboard Rescue ships was taken in Tow for Jackson Ville Friday the entire Bridge and most of the superstructure have been destroyed or gutted by fire said chief warrant officer e j Rouse the coast guards operations officer at the May port Navy base a tug towing the Orienta Warrior to Jacksonville Harbor last year also a saturday continued on Page 2 Wallace continues to improve Silver Spring map Alabama gov George c Wallace underwent therapy for his paralysed legs Friday and for the first time sat briefly in a straight Back chair As doctors the pilots Are reported co said he Contr dues to improve of fire Myrln it would begin after the big four foreign ministers sign their Berlin agreement Here june 3 the big four Are Britain France the soviet Union and he United states and they administer Berlin the normalization negotiators vill be the two state secretaries who worked out and signed the Nixon garners enough votes for nomination Mcgovern leads democrats with Wailace second future As we work peace in the world present construction program is completed the soviets current tinting attacks on Industrial plants and other Bridges in nearly 300 strikes carried out thursday but not reported until Friday from his Bullet wounds but for the second straight Day doctors at holy Cross hos Pital advised against newsmen visiting wallaces bedside they said it would be too Tir ing doctors said there has been a marked Overall improvement with the drainage of two abscessed wounds the governor is now much More comfortable with a marked reduction in abdominal discomfort a medical report said Elvin Stanton a Wallace Miles an hour As Well As the dead weight of the big ship the coast guard said Friday afternoon the vessel probably reach port until Early Ransport agreement Egon Bahr of West Germany and Michael Kohl of East Germany Kohl said the talks would begin june 15 Western officials said they probably would end Early next year with one of the results being an application for United nations members by the two German states saturday morning because of the weather authorities planned to Anchor the crippled ship just outside the Jacksonville Harbor to determine whether it is Safe to move the smouldering Hulk into the Busy port the 537foot liberian freighter was off the coast of Daytona Beach Fla about noon thurs Day when a Piston in the main engine broke burning Oil spewed through the engine room sending 80 crewmen and Washington a pres ident Nixon has accumulated enough Republican National convention delegates to assure his nomination for a second term in the White House the associated press poll of convention delegates showed Friday that at least 686 Nixon delegates have been elected in primaries or state caucuses and conventions it takes 674 delegates to win the gop presidential Nomi nation at the Republican National convention which opens in Miami Beach aug 21 polling of recently elected delegates pushed Nixon Over the top he was expected to Ira bombers hit Ireland five times Belfast Northern Ireland a Irish Republican army bombers hit Belfast and Londonderry five times Friday killing one woman and injuring scores of people it seemed to be an explosive rejection of mounting roman Catholic pres sure to end violence in the province Belfast and London Derry police said All five bombs vere planted by the Ira As tie bombs exploded the social democratic and labor party Ulster biggest political oppose Ion group threw its support to Catholic women in Belfast and Zindo Derry demanding a Ruce in the fighting that has convulsed Northern Ireland for 33 months and claimed 337 Warsaw ratifies polish German pact 20 passengers scurrying for life jackets and lifeboats the Only injury was to crewman who slipped and Cut his head flames while fighting the pick up More from those cur counted As uncommitted As the polling continues in the democratic Delegate poll sen George s Mcgovern leads with Delegate votes Alabama gov George c Wallace has 323 sen Hubert h Humphrey and sen Edmund s Muskie 160 it takes 1509 votes for the democrats nomination Nixon is the Only Republican to win any convention Delegate although he has been opposed by rep Paul n Mccloskey r Calif and rep John Ashbrook Ohio Mccloskey withdrew after taking 20 per cent of the re Friday ratified the Polis West German no aggression treaty signed 18 months ago the official news Agency Pap said stayed aboard to fight the Blaze after the others abandoned ship but they too had to flee Over the Side when the transp 72 has preview Washington a transp 72 billed As worlds greatest transportation extravaganza opened unofficially Friday with a preview press aide said the governor is than Velior Willy Brandt signed by morning inc for almost 20000 invited guests spirits seemed real Good i the treaty on dec 7 1970 after under control and i in reply Premier Al Xci n Kosygin said the United slates and the soviet Union were making serious Steps toward a lasting peace hut that at the same time everything possible should be done to eliminate the existing hotbeds of War in Vietnam and in the Middle East it was the first time the leaders of either Side had mentioned the word Vietnam publicly during Nixon Summit visit use Gold pens sitting four feet apart at an 18foot White velour covered table a smiling Nixon and Brezhnev general Secretary of the soviet communist party used polished mahogany and Gold Fountain pens to sign two pacts limiting deployment of defensive missiles offensive land based missiles and missile launching submarines toward by have 25 missile launching submarines in operation and 17 under construction Trade pact dashed any remaining Hopes of including a general Trade Greenl during Nixon go Day visit were dashed riday but the president spoke Hope for ending the nuclear rms race some Day during a inner of roast beef Yorkshire bidding and California wines hich he gave for his russian oils at Spaso House official Esi once of the us Amassa or to Moscow with solemn face and firm Vicc the president said Ives the woman died in a Belfast Hospital from injuries she received when a bomb estimated the British army at More Nan 150 pounds of gel ignite blew up in a parked car on Oxford Street Yards from the City Center More than 40 persons were injured in the blast the worst explosion in several weeks no warning was Given further action against the Ira was announced in Dublin when the government of prime minister Jack Lynch said it was setting up special criminal courts to Deal with subversive groups in the past Ordinary courts have been generally powerless to Deal with the Ira the new courts have no jury the Oxford Street bomb in Belfast left a scene of carnage it exploded in a parked car and the first was a proposed treaty subject to ratification by the u s Senate and the supreme soviet parliament o the soviet Union limiting each country to 200 defensive anti ballistic missiles Abms a two Sites including the capitals of Washington and Moscow freeze misses subs they also put their signature to a companion five Yea interim not subject to congressional approval freezing each country off in Sive land based nuclear missile and the number of missile t fire threatened to spread to the treaty will go into effect ships fuel tanks As soon As the instruments of ratification Are exchanged be tween the two governments then Premier Jozef Cyran Kiewicz and West German Blaze Brook has continued to Campaign but has not dented Nix ens Large majorities to the vessel burned most of Nixon talk sunday e night while two Roasli guard cutters doused it with new York three away a sports car was thrown Liam across the Street onto a Side walk carrying submarines on each Side after the signing the to stood and Shook hands Smilin and half bowing to each othe As their aides and colleague burst into applause Nixon the Shook hands with soviet pres ident Nikolai v Podgorny Premier Alexei n Kosygin foreign minister Andrei Gromyko and other Cheerin russians Brezhnev whipped off h and with Chi High to accept congratulation from Secretary of state i p Rogers and Ole american authorities the explosion came when the Street was crowded with lunch ends 30 months of talks the final agreement Cam time pedestrians ambulances during a 2hour 25minu shuttled Back and Forth taking meeting in the Kremlin Earli 11 is an ill limit agreement strategic which arms a tween the two most powerful actions in the world it is an enormously important agree ment but again it is Only an indication of what can happen the future As we work Oward peace in the world but have great Hopes on that Core the soviet people and the people demonstrated ver 25 years ago How they Ould fight together to win a Var and now in our meetings his week and particularly culminating in the signing of his agreement tonight we Hall demonstrate to the world Low these two great Peoples he soviet people and the american people work together o build a peace Only the beginning a soviet official Bent toward an american guest and said this is Only the beginning the five year agreement pro Vides that both sides will ascribe to its obligations a mediately though formal implementation Wil await Rati cation of the abm treaty he White House said if the Senate ratifies the abm treaty american sources said the abm site barely begun at Malmstrom air Force base Montana would be cancelled and the other per cent completed at a minuteman icbms Complex at grand Forks and he retained at the same time authority would be sought for construe Tion of an abm site around Washington do at Nixon resigning ban Quet Kosygin Rose with a Toast the s Victor or foam in an attempt to Stem the major e injured to hospitals and More for almost 20000 invited guests the British Royal air Force spirits dont think he is feeling As training command Jet aerobatic team the red arrows stole pain d is is spirits but certainly i the opening Thunder with an unscheduled demonstration of precision flight that left the Zience gasping an 18yearold air plane the think he is feeling some pain chuckle and will carry live on fire waste and radio president Nixon the helpless address sunday to the russian taken in to people the broadcast is Scheldi once there was a Man investigators and ruled to begin at pm Edt invented a Square Bathtub eight months of negotiations ship was Poland delayed ratification insurance until after the West were on Board the and last approximately a half left no ring parliament approved the to try to assess Iso the first passengers the United states flew in Fromi new York the in Nadav exhibition on court sentences woman to Church attendance Orlando circuit court Fla for rehabilitation he said judge Claude i dont feel this woman damage c 1972 Gen Yea corp meting m me re rerun earner j in the Day Between Nixon an fac Skovil and american people Brezhnev and their top aides or ringing about an internal capping 2 12 years of Secre Lonal mentions Vietnam then Kosygin mentioned a word has it the proposed abm Hen uttered publicly provides that each nation Nixon s a lilt Elther and complicated soviet Ameri can negotiations in Vienna and now los Angeles dinner for soviet missiles e order to go Forward have 100 defensive around its capital and an confident to our goals every i thins he Middle East additional Hundred at a site surrounding a inter Coni Linen Al ballistic missile1 Al com Complex in the Covel Cotnam tayside h also limits the radars that can be deployed a has eleven Sisters of f Jials great Success Hync b9 transportation with the acres Edwards has sentenced a 28would be dangerous to herself he to v p t Folk his first baked alaskan Nikie and put into a defense system added v Unes on he future opens officially Earold woman to 10 years of or to others and that h v Friday the Boss of the soviet hot oven for five minutes the unlimited duration diplomats Here have said the saturday at Dulles inter Church attendance along frustrate her and would on the communist party loved it Dixons served theirs with a the abm treaty is of two sides agreed they could not National Airport in the Virginia several other conditions Ascot accomplish anything the Tion la Colv Frid youve just been served hot Faming Cherry Topping it was unlimited duration hut least publicly on probation from 10 years in judge said accented four new sister cities inc Cream Brezhnev appropriate baked signatory can withdraw on regarding Vietnam prison for murder a prison is in my a a i this woman has no criminal mostly punitive and protective Tola is e background the judge Saido society and Doest perform the new Sisters Are i Osaka Premier Friday she shot her Boyfriend a 8real Deal of new is a country of Purchase of Alaska from j the interim agreement on in his Toast Nixon said after he had severely beaten and Bombay India and miracles Countryside outside the nations probation inside pages Ann Landers 3 Bridge 6 comics 17 crossword 17 crypt quote 17 deaths 7 or Van Dellen 9 editorial Page 9 markets 4 racing 17 sports 1012 state 5 Tri state news 6 want ads 18 19 women news 3 Cream Brezhnev called an appropriate dessert can withdraw on regarding across the banquet room to Alaska was by Delmoni months notice if it believes it Sand the Middle East and Dimitry s Polyansky Deputy cos restaurant in new York interests Are their attention to other Premier of the soviet Union he in Nonor o the issues her and had threatened to come Back and kill her he referred to Eartha Lee Griffith who had pleaded guilty to second degree murder in the dec 27 1971 death of Eddie Lampkin Edwards told the woman thursday that if she Tehran Iran the leaders of the two Russia Brezhnev nearly offensive missiles excluding this has Hern described As a the older Sisters Are Flath superpowers dining together Hor in Israel Bahi Salvador Brazil before signing a treaty to limit Mexico City b o r d e a u x their nuclear weapons threw France Pusan Korea Naa Osback their Heads and roared her on l her 10 those terms included n dance at Church at least once Japan and Berlin Germany with laughter the president the my week for 10 years obtaining a in not very soft hearted in his Sloo de Grrce within four jumps from Tower y feeling toward criminals m years payment of s2000 in Iwler Nixon and banquet ing throughout the dinner sat to Nixon and hardly Ding to the pres ident throughout the entire two hour Oral j if they had been deaf mutes mrs they have been using Spaso hour the residence of remarked hands More one guest Jacob for the r s air Force combo flown carried by strategic visit of the Summit but As we bombers would limit Rachall know there Are Many country to icbms either under summits in the world this is construction or already Dethe first meeting there will be played this moans that the others United states would be restrict sends message of peace de to us present Force of 1054 Kosygin in icbms level it has we would maintained since the president Nixon when he gets russians would be held to to Tell the american response said like to ask 1618 it will have when no people that our desire is general judge Edwards said court costs at a rate of s20 per Paris a 20yearold u s ambassador but this was entirely differ month getting a Job and the tailor of turkish origin Izet beam in return Tor Trie in rom Wiesbaden West vacant launch silos Are filled peace be l i other usual conditions of Aydogan jumped to his death inner the soviets Germany played Midnight in As detailed by Summit he multiphase psychological parole thursday from the Eiffel Tow them monday i Moscow let there always officials the soviets will be Glass Jand intelligence examinations one agreed and broke out in or police reported Friday or 1hp culinary flavor a arc and Chr them per milled to deploy about 300 to peace and cooperation indicated this woman was a very Bright smile the judge was the 350th Eiffel Tower suits Wirtly american with roast from Man of a Mancha one iof their giant ass icbms hut Between All people he said i substantially Normal and Sulla said Icide beef Yorkshire pudding and of Nixon favourites i would not be allowed to convert and drank raised his Campagna

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