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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives May 15 1986, Page 1

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Cumberland News (Newspaper) - May 15, 1986, Cumberland, Maryland Legal scholars say Congress can make District of Columbia a state by Paul Page Washington a a group of Legal scholars told a House panel that Congress a of it had the political will a could make the District of Columbia a state despite the death last year of a constitutional voting rights amendment. A granting the District of Columbia statehood would resolve the unequal citizenship status that residents have suffered since inception of the District a said j. Otis Cochran professor at the University of Tennessee a College of Law. In 1800, when Congress took Over control of the District of Columbia it said the City a population of 14,000 was too Small to warrant congressional representation. The City now has 626,000 people a about the size of an average congressional District a and its Only representation in Congress is a non voting Delegate. The proposed . Voting rights amendment which would have Given the District two senators and a representative passed Congress in 1978 but won approval of Only 16 of the required 38 states before expiring in 1985. The alternative route for voting rights has been the Campaign for statehood. Cochran and other Legal experts told the House District committee that Congress could still pass legislation admitting a new columbian As a 51st state. The Justice department has already objected to such a move telling Congress in 1978 that it would unconstitutionally override the portion of the Constitution that established the Federal enclave. Only constitutional amendments May eliminate portions of the Constitution. But the witnesses this week agreed that Congress has the right to admit a new state to the United states under Broad requirements that City voting rights activists have already met. A the District of columbian a political status is a development unanticipated by the founders of our country embarrassing to the nation and grossly unfair to the districts 600,000 residents a said Philip Schrag professor at the Georgetown University Law Center. A if Alexander Hamilton and James Madison had thought they were disenfranchising hundreds of thousands of citizens i doubt very much that they would have denied to District residents the Opportunity to choose voting representatives in Congress a he said. Cochran said the objections to statehood reflect racism that he traced to the 19th Century. A it becomes hard to avoid the belief that much of the opposition to statehood in the District and the country at Large comes from Whites who fear that statehood for District of Columbia will give Blacks too much Power a said Cochran. The City is about 67 percent Black and heavily democratic. According to the 1985 census estimates four states have fewer residents than the District a Alaska 521,000 Wyoming 509,000 Vermont 535,000 and Delaware 622,000. The weather Tel my a Chance of afternoon showers. High h a a no h i of near 75. Low tonight 55 to 60 showers la mall Friday afternoon High around 80. Oberland my county reduces i my Purn tax rate 16 cents Ste local Page jo_10o published daily except sunday by the time a Allegany co Baltimore St. Yui. Low. To Cumberland. My 21502 second Clara postage paid at Cumberland my Cumberland Maryland thursday May 15,1986 Twenty five cents Gorbachev reports on nuclear disaster says nine now data proposes global warning system criticizes . Lies i by Charles Mitchell Moscow up soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev breaking nearly three weeks of silence on the chernobyl nuclear disaster said wednesday a the worst has passed at the stricken Plant and proposed a global warning system to handle any future accidents. In a 26-minute nationally televised address Gorbachev the general Secretary of the communist party also announced a soviet nuclear test moratorium imposed aug. 6 would be extended until the same Date this year. The soviet Leader also increased to nine the official death toll in the Accident and said 299 others had been hospitalized with radiation sicknesses. He said two Plant workers died in the Accident and seven people had died since in hospitals. In addition he condemned . And other Western reaction to the disaster saying the soviet Union had been forced to face a a veritable Mountain of lies in an a unrestrained anti soviet Campaign. A a a it is difficult to imagine what was said and written in those Days a a thousands of casualties mass Graves of the dead desolate Kiev a and so and so the speech marked Gorbachev a first comment on the explosion and fire at the chernobyl nuclear Plant 80 Miles North of the ukrainian capital of Kiev a the worst nuclear Accident in history. The disaster spurred an evacuation within an 18-mile radius of the Plant and spread radioactivity across All of Europe. A thanks to the effective measures taken it is possible to say today that the worst has passed. The most serious consequences have been averted a he said in an official Tass news Agency translation. A of course the end is not yet. Extensive and Long work still lies a the level of radiation in the stations zone and on the territory in the immediate Vicinity still remains dangerous for human health a he said. Gorbachev said it was too Early to a pass final judgment on the cause of the Accident but he said specialists had reported that a the reactors capacity suddenly increased during a scheduled shutdown of the fourth a the considerable emission of steam and subsequent reaction resulted in the formation of Hydrogen its explosion damage to the reactor and the associated radioactive release a he said. The soviet Leader said that because of the a extraordinary and dangerous nature of the Accident the ruling politburo a took into its hands the entire organization of work to ensure the speediest liquidation of the breakdown and the limitation of its a it goes without saying that when the investigation of the causes of the Accident is completed All the necessary conclusions will be drawn and measures will be taken ruling out a repetition of anything of the sort a he promised. Most Western nations have harshly criticized the soviet delay in warning other countries about the Accident. Radioactive fallout spread across Scandinavia for two Days before the soviets announced the Accident. Gorbachev dismissed the criticism saying details of the Accident were released to the soviet people and to the West As quickly As they were Learned by the Central government. However he proposed establishing an International warning system to be activated in the event of nuclear Power accidents and called for an International conference on the subject in Vienna Headquarters of the International atomic Energy Agency. A a system of prompt warning and Supply of information in the event of accidents and faults at nuclear Power stations specifically when this is accompanied by the escape of radioactivity should be established a he said. The soviet Leader also accused the West of exaggerating the disaster and called Western military policy a greater threat to world safety. To emphasize the Point he said a soviet nuclear test moratorium that he announced last aug. 6 a the anniversary of the . Atomic bombing of Hiroshima in 1945 a would now be extended until the same Date this year. A in conditions when the attention to nuclear matters increased the soviet government having considered All circumstances connected with die Security of its people and entire humanity has decided to extend its unilateral moratorium on nuclear tests until aug. 6 of this year a he said. Gorbachev in his last televised address told the nation at the end of april that the soviet Union would no longer Honor the moratorium because of the . Refusal to join. The chernobyl disaster Gorbachev said Mikhail s. Gorbachev a painfully affected the soviet people and caused the anxiety of the International Public. For the first time Ever we encountered in reality such a sinister Force As nuclear Energy that has escaped a tile soviet government will take care of the families of those who died and who suffered a he added. Doors trying to revive Frozen mount Hood hikers by Barney Lerten Timberline Lodge Ore. Up a doctors carefully thawed the nearly Frozen bodies of three climbers found wednesday on mount Hood where searchers hunted for eight others missing for two nights on a Church sponsored survival hike. The two teen aged boys and one girl were reported dead when they were discovered by searchers wednesday morning after a severe wind and Snow storm lifted from the 11,239-foot dormant Volcano 50 Miles East of Portland. But the three were then airlifted to Emanuel Hospital in Portland where trauma teams attempted to restore their vital signs with a slow thawing process. Their body temperatures were 7 degrees centigrade 45 degrees fahrenheit upon arrival at the Hospital. A these kids were Frozen for All intents and purposes a said or. Jonathan Hill a trauma libyans linked to Berlin bombing Hamburg West Germany apr . And West German intelligence services have tied two libyan officials to the West Berlin discotheque bombing that killed an american Serviceman and a turkish woman the Bild newspaper reported a wednesday. The newspaper identified the two As said Rashid chief of the operations Bureau in Tripoli and an aide to libyan Leader Moa mar khad Afy and Abdullah Amin a member of the libyan Peoples Bureau or embassy in East Berlin. The report was scheduled to be published thursday but was made available to other news Media wednesday. A they have a very slim Chance of getting out of this alive. This is a eleven teen aged students and two teachers from the Oregon episcopal school were trapped on the Mountain in a whiteout monday. Two members of the climbing party walked to safety tuesday and reported that the others had dug a Snow Cave with their hands and were waiting out the storm. More than 60 search and Rescue workers in helicopters and on Snow machines spread out across the Mountain slopes from the Timberline ski resort when the storm lifted. But they found no sign of the Snow caves. Anxious relatives waited in the ski Lodge for word about the party which included six More students and the Rev. Tom Goman and Marion Horwell Dean of students at the school. School official Mariann Koop said the students were participating in the a Aba scamp wilderness part of the curriculum teaching survival skills. They were on an annual climb for Sophomore students. A they did exactly what they Learned but we certainly done to want them to be tested like this a said Koop. The three hikers recovered from the Mountain were placed on heart lung bypass machines and trauma teams numbering 40 people were working to restore their vital functions. Hill said their blood was being warmed As it pumped through the machines. He said the bodies had warmed to 28 degrees centigrade about an hour after they were hospitalized. Normal body temperature is 37 degrees centigrade. A there have been a few adults who have survived similar freezing but very few a he said. A we have never had anyone before that was this cold. The two people who hiked to safety wednesday said the la who stayed behind were in a Cave that was a cold and wet and so Small there were a bodies on top of Molly Schula 17, said the group had climbed to within 14 feet of the top of the Mountain when a whiteout occurred. She said they used a Compass to find their Way part of the Way Down but then got lost and decided to dig in. A i was scared up there because i did no to know if id Ever see my mom again a she said. The second person who walked out was professional Mountaineer Ralph Summers. He and Schula walked into mount Hood Meadows ski area. Athens tremor causes panic Athens Greece a a moderate earthquake Early wednesday caused hundreds of people in the capitals Eastern suburbs to flee their Homes in panic but police said they had no reports of damage or casualties. The Athens seismological Institute said the quake measured 4.2 on the Richter scale. The Institute said it occurred at 4 30 . And was entered in the Aegean seabed 18 Miles Northeast of Athens Between the towns of Rafina and Nea Makri. A we were frightened and went outside for the rest of the night a said Soula Mathioudakis of the Athens suburb of Pendeli. Today a chuckle the Best to years of a woman a life Are Between the Ages of 29 and 30.butcher of the Balkans Given Beath sentence Zagreb Yugoslavia apr Andrija Artukovic who fought extradition from the United states for 36 years was convicted wednesday of ordering the Slaughter of hundreds of thousands of people during world War ii. A tribunal of five judges sentenced the 86-year-old Artukovic to death by firing squad. His lawyers said they would Appeal. Artukovic the former Interior minister of the nazi puppet state of Croatia who was nicknamed the a Butcher of the Balkans a sat in a three sided enclosure of Bullet proof Glass and listened impassively As the sentence was pronounced. He appeared to doze through part of chief judge Milko Gajski a closing comments. Gajski said Artukovic who was Interior minister and Security chief of Croatia during part of world War ii was guilty on All four counts of mass Slaughter specified in the indictment. Croatia was incorporated into Yugoslavia after the War. A this trial which was pending for such a Long time is the Victory of Justice a Gajski said. In Washington Neal Sher head of the Justice departments office of special investigations said a the Fin dings there As to his guilt really confirm the findings that have been made in our courts that is to say he was engaged in terrible atrocities. Justice is served by his having been summary of National International news a Washington a an iranian warship approached an american cargo vessel in the Gulf of Oman but backed off in the face of warnings by a . Navy destroyer the Pentagon and sources said wednesday. No shots were fired during the monday incident the first Between . And iranian ships since january. A Washington a the House began debate on the budget wednesday with democratic leaders predicting it would pass despite a Likely close vote spurred by cuts in military spending. Approval of the democratic budget would set up a Battle with the Senate which wants to give the Pentagon $16 billion More to spend. A Omaha neb. A Nebraska voters made political history by choosing two women to Battle for the governorship but Democrat Helen Boosalis and Republican Kay Orr said wednesday their victories Are due to Merit not gender. Boosalis handily Defeated two democrats Orr beat two opponents by a Slimmer margin. A Washington a former White House aide Michael Deaver under fire for lobbying for foreign governments has returned his White House pass no longer receives copies of president Reagan a schedule and has stopped using the White House Tennis court his spokeswoman said wednesday. A Moscow a the soviet Union said wednesday it expelled an american Diplomat from Moscow on espionage charges and cracked a major . A espionage action inside the country. A . Embassy spokesman would not comment on the charges but said the Diplomat defense attache Erik Sites left Moscow saturday. A Washington a Secretary of state George Shultz said wednesday relations Between Syria and Israel Are highly tense and the . Government has cautioned both sides against War. Shultz cited a a big syrian buildup and said the syrians a have been moving their fortifications Forward in a Jakarta Indonesia a homemade rockets crashed harmlessly into the american and japanese embassy compounds wednesday and a car bomb blew up near the Canadian embassy officials said. No injuries were reported in the attacks. An Anonymous caller told up the attacks were a response to the Tokyo Summit. A Mexico City a Mexico wednesday sent a rare note of protest to the United states demanding an explanation for a clearly defamatory Senate hearings where the government has been accused of drug related corruption. The foreign ministry said Mexico a ambassador in Washington was lodging a formal inside pages almanac. .19 Heloise. .19 Ann Landers. To markets. .12 Bridge. 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