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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives May 11 1974, Page 1

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - May 11, 1974, Cumberland, Maryland A Newt analysts is collapse of governments around world approaches epidemic proportions by William i Ryan a special correspondent the year int Hal Over and already its Mode us mark1ri history by producing a startling epidemic of filing govern merits that presages agonizing uncertainties for the months ahead Only this week West Germany Canada and Iceland joined an eve growing political up Roar club wherein any Leader in trouble finds he has lots of company France about to shed its gaullist Shell after 15 years England West Germany India Australia almost any place one looks in the advanced world government leaders Are experiencing the Sharp pain of political hot water Oriental Calendar tills the year of Ilse Tiger but there Are fewer tigers than goats in leadership positions throw darts at 3 map and it would be difficult to hit a spot leaders Arent have perplexing difficulties As the advanced nations seem to act less advanced All the time universality of the trouble and a Loo of wide spread instability the non communist world might leave a surface impression that the communist nations Are the Only ones who now enjoy political peace but the totalitarian sys tem prevents red governments front falling still comes to trouble they manage to gather their share china1 has its resurgent Cul Tural revolution threatening to engulf swarms out the soviet Union has political and economic jitters As it or Rie Jabout a shakily based for eign Olcy Canadas prime minister Juire Elliott title a fell this week because of economic difficulties and the nation must have a general election july 8 West Germany is in a dither Over Chancellor Willy Brand to shocking resignation because he unwittingly had a communist spy in his office and the scandal has repercussions that Echo in Washington and Moscow and May place the Fate of the East West detente in the bal Ance j uncertainty radiates from West Germany through the european common Market Al ready burdened with More than enough of that commodity some of the uncertainty comes from France Europe key Stone after president Georges Pompidou death waiting a second round of elections for his successor France witnesses the Sunset of Gaul us and Europe has to wonder what comes next it Lys government foil in March and Premier Mariano Rumor formed the nations 3hh government since world War ii but causes of the las1 crisis remain soaring costs of living weak currency rampant strikes Britain conservative Cabi net foil in March a labor re Gime succeeded it and is hav ing manifold troubles with the Economy As a steady diet varied by occasional touches of violence imported from North Ern Ireland Iceland Premier this week suddenly dissolved parliament As the leftist government struggled witly opposition pressures the Island Republic now must have elections june 30 Denmark minority Liberal government teeters on the Brink of doom in the of economic issues that have aroused worker unrest at weeks end it got Only a Short term reprieve in a parliamentary Confidence vote Belgium had general elections in March intended to re solve a crisis the result was inconclusive and the nation is run now by a shaky Center right minority that seems frag Ile Portugal has just seen its 40 year old dictatorship Over thrown and her future is heavily clouded spinoff for Portugal worries neighbor Spain Franco dictatorship students in Madrid evidently inspired by the Portu Guese military coup have turned restive and taken to demonstrations the portuguese upheaval also sent shockwave to Africa where rebels in Portugal huge colonies make guerrilla War a massive rail strike in India threatens an already wobbly Economy and rocks prime min ister Indira Gandhi govern ment Australia parliament has just been dissolved the nation votes May 8 for another that crisis results from prime min ister Gough Whitlam Battle against opposition attempts la scuttle his labor party legis latin program in the Middle East israels Premier Golda Kcjr quit in March her government had been buffeted by economic and political difficulties engendered by the never ending War with the arabs efforts Are in Prog Ress to Patch together a new coalition almost everybody in the advanced world it would rpm is in some sort of trouble its become a politicians cliche to note that while his nation might have economic woes the whole world is in the same boat these Days constitute cents find that notion Small Consolation and their impatience poses an other political problem for Hie leaders today weather by the associated press partly Cloudy High mar 70 chances of showers tonight with Low around 50 sunday High around 70 with showers Cumberland news sentinels tie acl race Sec sports Section vol 183 Pollilo caller Independent newspaper uf1 a of Hollix Cumberland Maryland saturday May 11 1974 co n parn5 tent j1 St cum Ireland my 21502 i Cumberland my in Stein expects inflation to continue v t More gop senators Call for Nixon resignation Young join sit Ion official Royal this official picture of the Monaco principal was released by the Palace on the j occasion of the Celebration of 25 years of reign of Prince Rainier in the foreground Are Princess Caroline Grace and Princess Stephanie while standing Are Prince Rainier and Prince Albert a photo fax House judiciary committee wants missing link tape w l believe remaining in White House is More difficult a re Richard Schwei i Kef of Pennsy Vama called for president Nixon resignation Friday because of what he called the now obvious Mora corrosion destroying and debts in the Schweiker was the fourth gop senator to urge Nixon t resign another sen Milton Young Jornd said Nixon should consider stepping out o office while impeachment proceedings Are under Way the president met for a hour with vice president Ger Aid r Ford who said thursday that watergate has caused an erosion of Confidence in Federal government which has reached crisis proportions after fridays meeting Ford went to Buffalo by where he told a news conference that he and Nixon discussed foreign policy matters some problems before the Congress and the impeachment proceedings in the House the White House declined to give details of the meeting a Mideast Liddy g Gordon Liddy was found guilty in Washington yesterday of Cor tempt of Cong reside spite a plea that his lips were sealed against telling what he knew about the White House plumbers unit he was Given a suspended sentence of six months on each of two counts indicated Jerusalem a Egypt in preside Tanwar Sadat has seen in touch with the syrian government and believes Prog Ess is being made toward Dis engagement on the Golan Heights us officials said Kissinger who is confident o says food fuel Price should be slower Washington press Busnot As quickly As they did Rhion the first Quarter Stein told in the first Quarter Stein hold the Senate House economic sub committee on consumer economics retail Foo Price increases which accounted for about one third of the 122 per cent Rise in of the Council of economic adj the consumer Price Index in ident Nixon chief economic adviser indicated Friday that food prices will continue to Rise the remainder of the year Al though at a slower rate i or Herbert Stein chairman visors said the slowdown in the slow t substantially in the april june Sadat i of j t ill Foo Price increase should Stcin said t i r support in his dissent unexpected Rise m paces of or Gary l Seevers a Mem engagement diplomacy held other than fuel and food ber of the Council said flatly v dont expect food prices to egyptian Leader i Cairo before below re returning for More with Premier Golda Meir and even so said Stein were always i leave Satish not painting a very Rosy Pic with Pur discussions Furo Ture Banks boost prime lending rate to 1h new York m before Kissinger arrived an Anonymous caller said sex Plosives had been planted at Jerusalem Airport but Security men combed the Airfield and turned up nothing j Deputy israeli Premier Yigal Allon said i be sur prised if agreement is reached on a disengagement pact but he could not foresee Israel changing the truce terms it Lias already offered Kissinger leaves for dam ascus sunday to present israels latest position to syrian president hafe Assad presumably the Secretary will be flown to Cuba bargaining with the israelis on spokesman said yielding More than they have the Youl Stook elec this year Hajj reductions in int Price of individual food items should be fell How if they come at ail he added assessing the Outlook for the us Economy As a whole Stein prices of gasoline and Trinity will continue climbing said we expect a Good recovery of the Economy in the second half of 1974 and a resumption of the risen real consumer spending that came to Ahalt late last year he forecast Quarter change in Overall production hut predicted that a and bombs hijacked an production in april because of the fuel Short age will Rise during the second six colombians Hijack jetliner Bogota Colombia up six youths armed with guns Boeing 727 jetliner with persons aboard Friday night and demanded that they availability More an airline Gas olme will bring Back into the Market increasing numbers Over the of purchasers of Large cars who so far the Abony Jarilei curing a Domestic flight held Back from buying last win done Golan capital of the Eastern colombian Cir Stcin said it Washington a the House judiciary committee plans to subpoena the tape of a apr watergate White House meeting to see if president Nix on had Advance knowledge of the plan to Headquarters Bug democratic mittens next business session tape Isone of 76 dealing with watergate that the com Mittee requested last april 19 earlier this week the House Sai Nomore watergate material would be surrendered instead of issuing a Blanket the tape of the april 4 1972 subpoena for All 76 tapes the meeting which the White committee plans to see How the House has refused to deliver is needed to plug a Gap in the Evi Dence relating to that question one of the allegations under investigation in the committees Deputy press Secretary Gerald l Warren said its quite pos Friday Hermon to Beni their placed under in control lending ratio a record she return of syrian peasants to plane of Percira the spokesman cent from 11 per cent us Ohio gals said the out hijackers to land in forced Bogota the an come of Kissinger Dis first National City Bank of engagement Mission should be at j j 4t j sible they discussed the Moo new York the nations second come Clear by tuesday of the country but he said largest opened the Day by Post no matter what results Ortance because of the Testi Mony of Jeb Stuart Magruder former Deputy director of Nix on reelection Campaign com Mittee who has pleaded guilty to a charge of obstructing jus Magruder said the plan Toal values upon which this Nat rust fourth largest another arc released 25 persons at Bogota Eldorado Airport the hijackers ordered the sen Hubert h Humphrey d Minn chairman of the subcommittee asked when some Relief be expected from the higher interest rates which he called open aggression up Oij Mankind Stein predicted a drop in u plane refuelled and said they Ernst during the second half of there was no talk of a possible ing the record level quickly obtained we Are going to be to Cuba year but said the and minis r Nixon resignation following were new Rales fro next weekend one official authorities described the traction has rejected asking the Schweiker declared that the Bank of America the nations said meaning that Kissinger hijackers As six Young men who Federal Reserve Board to Loos presidents watergate Transl a r g e s t commercial Bank scripts reveal a total Dis Chase Manhattan third larg regard for the moral and ethicist manufacturers Hanover Bug Nixon political opponents Tion was built and the democratic National sen Charles Percy Riu Banks around the country the prime is the fee Banks would return to Washington carried pistols and bombs in its tight Money policy missing material affects the Headquarters was approved meanwhile said the transcripts charge their most creditworthy Case As it is being presented t March 30 1972 and that Halde Ireail raise More questions corporate customers it is not impeachment inquiry the meeting Between his former chief of staff Haldeman and former atty Gen John Mitchell took place sued four Days after Nixon reelection Campaign aides had approved a plan for electronic surveillance of the democrats j the president has stated repeatedly that he first Learned of the involvement of his aides in the watergate breaking nearly a year later on March 21 1973 the missing link in the Chain of evidence being presented to the committee was pointed out thursday by chief counsel John Doar who said he would Rej quest a subpoena at the com1 and then subpoena the tapes it mans chief aide Gordon Stra than feels Are vitally needed Chan was so the announced refusal of the memorandum White House to deliver any they answer adding he directly tied to consumer or Chan was so informed in a fails to see How either the Small business Loans but Cani courts or Congress can be sat serve As an indicator of whats i Kensington my woman named 1974 american Mother of year Strachan who is awaiting Lis fied that this is the whole stomp store for other lending rates new Nixon trial on of and that no further evidence the Banks took the action a it a lamed the la 74 a f a Riead j a constitutional con d Obs Naclion of Gustke has Necito be produced Day after the Federal reserved ii a v int Pmj if a subpoena s be mentioned the plan though both Schweiker Sandbank of new b the Ameri figures showing furl Ercan mothers committee Sid ratio the it votes o seek to enforce them the april 4 tape assumes in jobless rate in Maryland 33 per cent use in a meeting with have often differed with Nixon increases in Short term interest just before both me their statements and one by rates in to see Nixon Nixon sen marrow Cook Ray that alone with Haldeman a must realistically j template resignation rep Cut Haldeman testified that the scented an increasing willing i t political Campaign was disc ass for republicans to speak in lncoiti6 1qx Vesg cussed at the meeting but that out publicly against the Presil i his notes show no mention of Dent the bugging plan i i tin mrs Al Arriott received the award at the committees 59th award luncheon at the Waldo Fastoria hotel she was selected from among 52 contestants representing the 50 states the District of Colum to a statement released by Kenneth Riland was under the committees proce his office Young Friday of charges Chire for presenting evidence in i he members arc not permitted transcripts of White House new York apr w Bia an1 Rico mrs the acquitted that he repress native from the District on in sick pct jes Ann Landers 3 Bridge 3 comics 17 crossword17 17 deaths 5 or Van Dellyn 9 Kii Toriati Page 9 markets 4 racing12 17 sports 1012 tristan a 6 want ads 1719 women n7ews 3 Baltimore question or interrupt Doar or i other staff lawyers so there evaded income taxes on of Columbia was born in osteopathic fees from it hand bended school to Nixon and former govt there 100 huh lop Republican Lead cars Market Murinjr March were willbe in of fire state officials report my of Rosilio to the request continue in office the 33 per cent jobless rate Mimi Irr resumes hear to Gate together with Evere critic for Nelson a Rockefeller president one another s chuckle was the same As february and in evidence tuesday slightly improved Over the rate in March last year to the if employ ment and social sen ices the number of unemployed Maryl Andors in March was 57 More than in february and 400 fewer than March of scan has com the of employed Marylyn tar s in March was 1703000 an incas of 17000 Over pc Bumry and an increase of 47000 Over March of 1973 a Secretary write h every wife tried to please her husband As a Secretary does her can Loyer there would be no divorce courts All the men b contented and All the women would wish Tioy were dead and everything would be just Dandy 19t corp in 1939 she married Russell s Marriott Thev have three Riland broke into tears at the in Jinn Douglas 28 and no mrs Marriott also has seven 1 cd grandchildren years Nas Active in Church and Community affairs work milled any impeachable of a Friend of and a ing for nearly 30 years with Ifon pcs he said if Nixon should regular visitor to the White your in the Church of me out of office during the in House Riland was accused of truss Christ of latter Day pc Achmel proceedings he putting fees he received from saints Young women mucous resume the office if found Rockefeller and Nixon from Tual improvement association innocent 19fifi through 1970 into separate associated with the boy i the 251h amendment Pronack account1 or otherwise a scout program for several Vidos for the replacement of a Ernp Lins to conceal them years mrs Marriott was a a vice president a vacancy the indictment charged that member of the executive Board j occurs in that office and for the Riland failed to pay in he National capital area vice president to serve As act taxes on fees from Rockefeller Council Bov ing president when the pres and Nixon for treatments to re she has also participated in Dent is unable to fulfil the Sieve Normal tensions attendant i Cal Pat functions and is a duties of his office on their offices continued on Page 2 mrs Phyllis Brown Marriott

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