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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives May 1 1965, Page 1

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - May 1, 1965, Cumberland, Maryland Navy planes bomb n Viet Supply depots today weather by mostly sunny High in fair and cooler partly Cloudy and not to warm sunday vol 172 the Cumberland news four sentenced for vandalism Back entered u second class Mill matter at Cumberland Maryland under the act of March 3 1879 Cumberland Maryland saturday May 1 1965 aug Clatch Pren United Prats a a bomb inner National 14 cents marines fighting in Santo Domingo in Abel wins steelworkers Union presidency App Donn re u Usu Jug few Merlin Nan w it a is expected in Saigon police troops fear wave of May Day terrorism by Edwin q White Saigon South Viet Nam a striking through a hazy sky us Navy planes rained bombs and rockets on two major North vietnamese military depots Friday spokesmen said both were smashed with secondary explosions in one Case adding to the toll targets were the Thien Linh Dong army Supply depot 75 Miles South of Hanoi and the Phu qui ammunition depot 45 Miles farther South briefing officers said the raiders destroyed 19 buildings damaged 13 knocked out four Railroad boxcars and blew up a Petro Leum storage tank bomb loads totalled 62 tons destroy ammunition in All the Carrier Hancock sent 57 and sky Hawks into two strikes against the Phu qui depot both were reported marked by blasts suggesting hits on stored munitions destruction of the Thien Linh Dong depot was the assignment of 25 planes from the Carrier Midway that attack was one of the closest every made to Hanoi in the Aerial Campaign launched feb 7 the previous closest was a raid april 3 on a River Bridge at Duong Phuong 65 Miles South of to Chi Minns communist capital spokesmen said ground fire was Light and All planes re turned beat off Cong raid a Viet Cong battalion launched an attack in the night i on a government outpost at Phu Hiep 100 Miles West of Saigon but was beaten Back after reaching the barbed wire Peri meter villagers said they saw the red survivors carry off from 70 to 80 bodies sixteen government troops were killed and 14 were wounded three Are missing sixteen us air Force sky raiders dumped napalm on the communist infested u Minh for est 150 Miles Southwest of Sai kills his first Man u s Marine Cpl pleas David of Tuscaloosa Ala looks Down on the body of a Viet Cong guerrilla he killed in the hoi Vuc area near Danang air base in South Viet Nam yesterday 1 Felt kind of sorry for him As i stood there David said it was the first Man the 19yearold Marine had killed a Phol fax via radio from Saigon Mcdonald loses final tabulation leadership of big Union to change hands on june 1 Pittsburgh a in Abel has been declared Winner of the United steel workers bit or presidential election today but Defeated incumbent David j Mcdonald vowed to contest the result to the fullest i cannot abandon my responsibilities to the United steel workers of America Mcdonald told a news conference Fri Day shortly after the unions i three International tellers declared Abel Winner by 10142 votes the election was feb 9 Abel 56 Veteran of Early Union organizing who has been the unions no 2 Man since Mcdon Ald took office in 1952 brushed aside Mcdonalds prospects of overturning the election we have demonstrated admirably up to this Point that the i steelworkers Are United Abel isaid he indicated that his immedi ate goal would be to get Back to bargaining Over a new contract with Basic steel May 18 the task of negotiating and completing agreements with the steel Industry is among the immediate challenges we face he said j Mcdonald said he would pro test the election to the Union executive Board which is expected to give him a hearing within three weeks he said the Board is empowered to order a new vote in locals where irregularities Are found the 33membcr Board is con trolled by Abel supporters Kcf Donald declined to say if he Queen Shenandoah Xxxviii Neva Rockefeller Queen of the 38th annual Apple Blossom festival at Winchester a Waves from her float yesterday in the grand Parade with her Are maids of Honor miss Anne Kern Sweet Briar College miss Lindsey Massie Randolph Macon and an unidentified Princess a Phol fax lbs tells nation ceasefire agreement has been achieved Pope Paul i pleads for end to conflict Vatican City a in a Clear plea e stepping up the conflict in Viet Nam Pope Paul called Friday for talks at All Levels to end severer Xii by i Mcuri Jiuu of appeared re ing acts of War the plea came in the second Eneyd taxed and Jovial after the an Northwestern quake damage million Seattle up urges action by Oas for enforcement would carry i protest to Thelt n us labor department Ncwashington state civil defense seek a new election under the department Friday estimated the thursdays earthquake caused damage amounting to Mil Washiington Dent Johnson announced Friday night that a ceasefire agree nent yet unenforced had been the dominican re Landrum Griff in act if Board goes against him one dead 13 wounded As Battle opens american gis fight alongside dominican troops by Martin Mcreynolds Santo Domingo dominican Republic us Marine was killed Friday and 13 other american servicemen wounded in an Exchange of gun fire with a fist rebel troops near the is embassy some 3500 Eather necks and paratroopers Hrew up a protective ring around american civilians caught up in the communistic filtrate civil War attempt takeover it was reported that left Wing elements including some dominicans trained in communist Cuba and Czechoslovakia Wero attempting to take Over the re Volt tangled marines backed up by 82nd airborne paratroopers drove a wedge into Santo do Mingo to create an International Refuge zone harbouring americans and other nationals trapped by the fierce fighting the marines encountered fire on the Northern perimeter of the zone As they sought to link up with army paratroops in a pincers movement to Cut off the leftist rebel forces including a handful of armed civilians completion of the pioneers movement would leave loyalist dominican troops under Gen Elias Wessin free to move into the City against rebel nests of resistance the firing that inflicted the casualties on the us forces took place near the former old Airfield on the cites outskirts airlifted to Boxer the wounded included some paratroopers from the 82nd division airlifted into the Island from it Bragg no the Amer Fairmont w a up ican wounded were airlifted by 4 men killed in explosion at Fairmont Public he urged the w a up mean wounded were airlifted by lion of american Stales men were killed and helicopter to the air in am i i of Vimr or i Craft c3 drier Boxer stand in a off matter what Mcdonald it 1s expected to delay in Western Washington j the Agency in a report re Republic to act promptly to make i others injured when an expo work Sion rocked an air Shaft being there Are signs that people constructed in a Remote area l Chical letter of Pauls 22month reign As ruler of the roman Catholic Church without mentioning Viet Nam by name the Popes words a nou Cemen marked the first official word that 4is 12 gon one of half burned on a 30mile front a Stormy weekend was expected in Saigon the main police worry was the possibility of Viet Cong terrorism saturday to Mark May Day a labor holi Day in much of the world out Side the United states and can of name me ropes words a can ecumenical Council geared directed at both sides i fourth and final session of which ithe struggle there his sept 14 i re a dozen fires Cal condemned guerrilla War the encyclical was fare and As Well Asi the practice of holding tages and of taking reprisals against unarmed civilians Abel report damage to private property at about million and damage of s43 million to Public prop erty of the total estimate about applied to Public gave no Only thursday it against the backup eared that most of apr m f Inai most Otabel s a deepening crisis in Viet Nam and new strife in the 41m1jl u1ju the pontiff called the present dominican Republic Ada american installations were alerted to be especially watch Ful Wallace invites editors on guided tour of Alabama International situation Darker and More Uncertain than Ever now that grave new threats Ere endangering the supreme Bene fit of world peace titled Mense of meter carried for Ward the personal peace Campaign Pope Paul launched with in s son signs contract the 29 Union r of the total vote by but it a Jority came from Canadian locals More than 600000 Steelwork ers voted the tellers reported that Abe polled 308910 to 298 768 for Mcdonald the delay in the formal announcement of a Winner was i us a Guiliei was Cha caused by protests of voting i area Lin 19 son of comedian Charlie Chaplin has signed a five year contract with a French product Ere Are signs that people be n a Remote area trained of isl the Domson Between Fairmont and nearby Manning on about 15 Miles estimated million Are seeking to Johnson said gain in control statement on nationwide television and radio away authorities said three of the dead men were from the Man he spoke after administration i nn8ton arca and tale fourth officials acknowledged publicly victim from Pennsylvania 1 h n f 4n Titt a i n to that left ving elements include while officials went about the Slovakia were strengthening business of trying to get More to their influence in the we Klong detailed and accurate appraisals of damage shaken Western Washington was mostly Back to Normal Friday ing some dominicans trained in pending notification of next of communist Cuba and czech Okin their identities were withheld injured but in Good condition at Fairmont general Hospital is Harold Swart 33 of washing the United states widened Itson a doctors said Swart revolt own commitment in the Strug by sending 3500 marines f it juju 1t1 f3 1 la icon gov Dan Evans said it would and paratroops into and around be monday at the earliest he fore he would decide if he would declare the Western half of the state where the Strong quake was entered a disaster the dominican capital of Santo Domingo to establish a so called Netrval zone in the City Johnson reaffirmed the us its troops were Craft Carrier Boxer standing Shore the body of the dead Marine also was taken to the Boxer rebel forces were still strongly entrenched in the heart of the City they stormed a 200 Man police Garrison in the Ozama fortress and seized it 3ata Friday rebel troops also reportedly captured the Small town of Bongo in the Domini can Interior rebel strength appeared to be increasing and seemed to be winning More favor among the civilian population reports of atrocities by the liable lined his first encyclical last August mesh be Annas the vote in when he offered to mediate in no organization calling for Mui four locals was invalidated world crisis sic Hall ppe Arancis in in the new encyclical the Alex Goldstein organizer of200 chilean youths regularities the tellers Travi Evans said he was still wan eled around the country Hea ringing for a detailed report from some 150 such protests out of j the u s army corps of corps o no Yeanns the vote in Only necks on damage from the Tremis but he in he ast 24 Pope noted that the month of May is traditionally dedicated editors of More than 1700 daily faithful to Pray to her for peace newspapers across the country Friday to visit Alabama in june to get the True Alato Days chuckle Bama Story was Wallace said the slate planning a fou Day observation trip for the editors june 710 the newsmen will be taken on a planned tour the first three Days and May choose where they wish to visit the fourth Day the state will furnish transportation and handle hotel and travel reservations Wallace said the average citizen frowns on profanity in a Public place but loves it in a bestselling novel to War Gen Fca corp shows and sports events wit Stone us consulate Headquarters in Paris said Day i j Lodge in India Santiago Chile a Ujj Jiuji Wisl of Man sent in to protect american an Donington by Johnson construction other foreigners at the request co Shaft contractors of Wash of police and military of Langton a a spokesman at the scene said that six men were work ing at the Bottom of the 150 foot Shaft on scaffolds when the explosion occurred what Trig gered it was not known immediately the sixth Man working in the was not injured but just 1 Kwaii Pilju Villico u y 119 suffered several fractures and leftist rebels continued to lacerations unconfirmed but re Leslie Ryan of the state mines department said the air Shaft was being built for Mountaineer Coal com pants Farmington no 9 mine on Lewellen run West of Man report said the Rebea up some 20 loyalists Uci Iii in a Dinge irom me i blog hours violence and disorder i l slave increased there is great the quake entered about 40 continued on Pine Miles West of Here caused five on Page 2 deaths two men Here were crushed to death by falling de Frederick Man Bris and three women died Sofii Jii j n a Usu Siutu w unit in Utu 011 about 200 youths protesting attacks during the twist troop Landing in the temblor which spent Molj w rocks at its Force within one Minuteli Scott or 16 of f i Leanoth Friday but did us magnitude on the Richter was killed Friday e c new Delhi up us special envoy Henry Cabot explain us policy in Viet Nam water at Thern trom a water j was to i Remigro t3i Nunn atop an 7 yrs Mored car Western Montana and As far East said on a Ijamsville against a Wall and executed them by machine gun fire loyalist troops including tha continued on Page 2 India Pakistan deadlock Over ceasefire plan new Delhi India a India and Pakistan the quarrel ing giants of Southern Asia deadlocked Friday on ceasefire proposals to end fighting in tha Rann of Kutch combat was limited for tha authorities said there was no third consecutive Day and it was farm Road and that the victims were the United states and tractor he was driving Over turned pitched him into a Creek shaken up the spokesman said Crew of six were the Shaft and not Hurt explosion reportedly Hap pwned about 7 badly mangled by the blast if Ulicy moves by Johnson warn world us will defend Freedom John t by John a special correspondent Britain exerted heavy pressure on both nations to Call off the hostilities but blood ran hot on both sides of the Frontier and few responsible officials in new Del i foreign or Indian would the other country Stanleyville area and strength ii t or Indian would Washington a the a possible Procas r to product what the future holds for line dispatch of us marines attempt to doming Lac us to the lican re Cuhlic a Sornny Penha Seirn challenges or dancers i the world and Laid Down warning this line us to Ivi Annes to i Iune me warninc1 in in Cifuo Pinnoc the dominican Republic Reichan Republic a second Cuba challenges or dangers j b in inside rages a crying a generation of Latini is officials h that Loci Johnson was faced with 3vas american policy president import of sterner moves that Hoice of using Force As he we Ann Landers 3 Bridge 3 comics 9 crossword 3 crypt quote 3 deaths 4 or Van Dellen 5 editorial Page 5 markets 4 racing 7 secrets of Charm 3 sports 67 Tri state news 4 want ads 2 8 9 women news 3 american policy president import of sterner moves a Johnson May finally be getting the Johnson administration is his Point across to the rest the world to foreign relations Choice of using Force As h saw inc situation Early this possibly allowing Hun will not be lost particularly on of americans to die pos t Insul i v the United slates is up cuban prime minister also allowing a nation re with having its citizens and on the leaders of Fiducci to anarchy to be taken ened its embassies attacked its i red China Over by a Castro communist Good neighbors with All but we cannot be indifferent to acts designed to injure our interest or our citizens or our establish ments abroad a Community of nations requires Mutual respect us Wanai me Mitre nods for it was last november that Theja f Congo 480 million people and pattern of Johnsons Tough pragmatic approach began to develop clearly at that time the Congo was falling toward chaos and hundreds of Ameri cans and europeans were trapped in a territory held by pro communist rebels Partick interests violated either by Law less in Ern ments u t Iuo 1j1ujj1ol Ichill it Vert 4 4 l3w feel major the broader significance of j two weeks earlier in or hostile foreign gov1 tial for future troublemaking the presidents action in this n t its t in peking and Havana but crisis results from the fact that r m p k 1vs1tgh the policymakers in both it is the latest in a series Ofik embassy h sly the Johnson Admi Aisthope communist capitals unto ugh policy decisions at their of refs is it 1 seems the hardening sense of White House in tha last six no the 4 Tjai lieu extend it and in Stanleyville on nov 25 it embassies were stoned or Pakistan 110 million uhf a h 11 new a oit3iutjus action in mis conf once Summ no in Cue Onoratino that defaced in Moscow and other capitals and in Cairo a mob burned a us Library in Egypt worsening relations with the United states Over the Congo and other issues led of an angry speech by president Gamal Ahdel and a disclosure m Ocianie Yome in nov 25 u Yuric Audilu m iwo sir jus air Force Pam ferried in jul monda7 and in Auu naval Sci Oul Nuj sit by if tic policymakers in both obviously the Johnson adminis those communist capitals in Itra Uon also seems the hardening sense 0fwhitc House in ready now to run some in Washington months risks for main run line risks for major policy purposes risks such As it has undertake they May proceed More piously in his state of the Union me incidents Jan 4 Johnson took note relations and affronts to the i United states Secretary of state Dean Rusk said that such Cue operation that brought out 1650 citizens of 17 different nations including 55 americans for that act the United states univ Iii ii of alb Secretary of j was widely denounced on the cosh u ground that the Rescue opera lion had contributed to the de inevitably damage Between the United Leat of the rebel forces in the the Congo rebels in another of the touchline decisions the Johnson administration sus Pended final delivery on million of a surplus Aid pro Gram the administration also has refused to consider an egyptian request for a new Worth of Aid Pri Marily wheat Pakistan government charged that Indian troops have stepped up military activity in Kashmir reinforcing Frontier units and building new bunkers along the cease line in that Border state it said eight indians were killed in two Skir 150 Miles Northwest of Rawal Pindi president Johnsons special envoy Henry Cabot Lodge arriving in new Delhi of a trip scheduled earlier to explain the us Viet Nam policy also Dis cussed the Kutch fighting with prime minister Lai Bahadur Shastri on Friday night

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