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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 5

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Cumberland, Maryland The Tut Cuni Ufland Mir fund b in Etc Oil Cuil 41 Stoltm of Hie Caudll of of Aito Ritus talc Pymm Fulwil Pulai by Lirui 7c Sunju Coper it Vork Mill Suhair Eplion Loti to met Blind Vire met of Chuml 1 1 10 Mon thus Sli to on my Minn ten mooum11 in go us no him Sci in in Nui will a Prini o Ilia Nirol u which Trio Ecrert Priori Mutl to top oiled Lynch pm a splendid idea Friend saturday morning 5 Degaulle vision of Europe a Mirage there is nobility Ami pathos in president do Dai Illus vision of a Kurop Independent pm Cronl and influential at the heart of Tho free world his shining vision is a Mirage kit ropes voice ceased to he decisive in world events when in world War 1 it called in the new world to redress the balance of the old the year 1917 was the most significant of the millennium a vents in those 12 months shaped the future and what has happened since is 1ml the outcome of them in that year the russian revolution broke out there was fright Ful Slaughter of Europe manhood the u s joined in the War and so involved itself in the quarrels of nations far from its own shores once the United states had joined in world War i it was almost inevitable that it should ultimately join in world War ii and the after math of that conflict which found Europe ruined and impoverished and soviet communism planted in its heartland Marie essential american presence on european soil and consequently its direction of Overall Continental defense president de Gaulle seeks to reverse the verdicts of history like someone grown old and unattractive demanding the Flat teries that Are the due of youth and vitality he insists on Europe being courted like the Belle of the Ball he blows on the embers of Long ago but fails to realize that they glow Only so Long As he blows on them but he is no longer Young time its if is an enemy and harsh necessities which make the american influence in Europe imperative will not be denied these Days by John Chamberlain what role for republicans do the republicans have a party they talk about Unity but nonetheless they seem to he Riding off in All directions their main trouble in Many areas is thai the democrats have completely stolen their Thunder Ray Hiss the chairman of the Republican National com Mittee set up a task Forte to determine the parlays stance on the conduct of foreign relations he spangled it with the names of prominent figures who More or less agree with lie Johnson policies the committee headed by Robert c Hill former us ambassador to Costa Rica and Mexico included professor David rime of Yale As vice chairman Admiral Arligh a Turke general Lucius Clay John Davis Lodge Henry Cabot brother and Allen Dulles former Bead of in Cia naturally this group of Strong minded individuals might disagree with president Johnsons policy in detail but their Overall position has always 1 been the one that Johnson has chosen to follow in Vietnam and the Caribbean so How arc you fining to make any great Appeal to republicans to Knock the stuffings out of democrats because of to licit conduct of foreign affairs ironically the opposition to Johnson on fore policy forming inside the democratic party with senators Wayne Morse Ernest opening Frank Cli Ucli and Hobby Kennedy All indicating various degrees of dissatisfaction domestically the republicans do not seem to be Able to arrive at any uniform interpretation of the meaning of the 1kh election the congressional republicans have capped Lyndon by adding their own Gim micks to medicare they have had n go along with the administration on excise lax cuts and Only the new Southern republicans have offered opposition to Lite democrats in civil rights legislation in the separate states the republicans arc being driven to extremes on the Liberal conservative scale simply because the Johnson democrats have taken a Center position the Republican state chairman of Connecticut a Scarle Primey who regarded the Gold water Campaign much As the abbe sieves regarded the French revolution As something to live through is currently engaged in a Campaign in put Bis parly to the left of governor dump says democratic parly in the slate capital of Hartford the republicans arc offer ing More Liberal spending programs than the democrats and to finance them they have withdrawn their ancient opposition to higher taxes meanwhile governor Dempsey is emerging As the enemy of new taxes the coloration that Pinicy Hopes to give to the Connecticut Republican party inevitably Nakes the two Connecticut democratic senators did and Ribicoff seem cry Middle of tic Road tie Connecticut representation in the House of representatives is Almi a Center group by Pinicy standards and since the state Cental committee has just finished repudiating the relatively conservative Citi Zens committee for Tho Republican parly which car ried the Ball so valiantly for Goldwater the chances arc that a Pinnoy congressional slate for will hardly seem like an opposition to what Connecticut voters already have in new York City Jolt Fin Rosny who sits Willi Ibe republicans in Washington anxious o srum More Independent than Republican in his to unseat Chr democrats in the current minor Silty Campaign nevertheless Krpan Lilian National chairman Hay Bliss hns accepted Ibe Lindsay new York City ail Colure As Evi silence of a or publican resurgence in California the chances of conservative Ronam Reagan for gaining tiie Republican humiliation for governor arc said in to coking up if Ibe Eastern and Western republicans following Ilie contrasting Mars of John Lindsay and Ronald Reagan continue to pull apart just what vill the parly Carne i signify nation ally it Coull be Token the end of republicanism ii could also i that to Are approaching a period in the significant Battles will in of Higlin out not in nov Illier twin can two parties but in inc democratic party primaries As Between Kenned Yitts on the left and Johnson Humphrey men on the right a strange Penis pts indeed when you consider hat Hull to Humphrey just Yome Nlay was the Darling of americans or democratic action lbs faces Choice Between friends and principles in appointments Washington Irold enl Johnson now has four vacancies to be filled on Ibe u s court of appeals fifth circuit and the selection of these judges will influence Southern race problems for the next decade the fifth circuit is the main tribunal for the South extending from Texas to Florida and if ire Sedini Johnson first South Erner to occupy the White House in a Hundred years appoints the friends of Southern senators to these positions much of his courageous work for improved race relations will be stymied if on the other hand he appoints judges of the Caliper picked by Eisenhower race relations in the South will go Forward at the moment its reported Johnson is planning to appoint his old Friend Jim Coleman sex governor of Mississippi to the fifth circuit Bench Coleman Anil Johnson got to know each other when the president was a Young assistant to a Texas congressman and Coleman was assistant to a Mississippi con Gressman they have been friends Ever since the a governor of Mississippi is a persuasive lawyer and a charming likeable Man he has handled the defense of the Mississippi congressmen in the move to unseat them with skill and brilliance but As governor he signed into being the Mississippi state sovereignty commission which our impetuous action in dominican Republic Washington h seems in credible that erroneous impressions should have been spread about what the United states Dirl or failed to do before Landing marines in the dominican re Public u seems strange too that the United states has been charged with taking an impulsive action without consulting the latin american countries when it now turns out that the government Here did consult at least 14 of the latin american countries and even the peace committee of the organization of american states before the Landing of any military units but the idea widely conveyed was thai the administration acted impetuously and did not take the trouble to consult before hand with any of the latin Amer ican countries president Johnson told the whole Story of the dominican he Public episode in great detail to his news conference on tuesday what lie said in an Impromptu answer to a question from a re Porter at the press conference is particularly significant u reads As follows Many months ago we became aware of the increasing tensions there Ami the difficulties that would Likely confront us on the sunday before we went in there on wednesday we asked the ambassador who had already come to Washington at our calling to leave his family Home and come Here to meet with us ambassador Bennett met with us on monday we rushed him Back to the dominican Republic and set in motion certain Steps first was to attempt to obtain a ceasefire second was to take the precautionary Steps necessary to protect approximately 5000 americans As Welt As thousands of other nationals if that should be required we moved our ships up there on sunday the ambassador there on monday he talked to various leaders we did All we could to bring about a ceasefire in co operation with the papal Nuncio by David Lawrence and others who were Active on the scene on wednesday at noon it became apparent that danger was lurking around the Corner and the ambassador gave us a warning in a Cable about one Oclock we had met on Mon Day and we had met on tuesday we met 011 wednesday and we had Iliad Many conversations on sunday on which we did not Issue any handouts during that in Jeriod think from the time we were notified on saturday until we interviewed on wednesday we spent a Good part of Xith Day Ami night giving our attention to this matter from moving the ships up to make the final Deci Sion i bad 237 individual conversations during that period and Al amt 35 meetings with various people finally on wednesday afternoon at four something we got another warning that we should have a contingent plan ready immediately and a Little before six Oclock we sol n plea a unanimous plea from the entire country team made up of the ambassador Cia director Lisa army Navy and air Force to land troops immediately to save american lives of course we knew of the forces at work in the dominican Republic we were not unaware that there Are communists that were Active in this Effort hut 99 per cent of our reason for going in there was to try to provide Protection for these american lives and the lives of other nationals we asked our ambassador to summon All our people immediately to the hotel to put them in one Central group inside Washington by Henry Cathcart ii Ink a losing horse patently the adage about picking a winning horse Doest always apply in politics take the career of Winthrop Griffith who recently completed a biographical Book on vice president Hubert h Humphrey Humphrey As you know lost his or convention Campaign for the democratic presidential Nomi nation in 19fio to John v Kennedy Griffith teamed up with Humph Rey a loser at that time and became his Man Friday on Capitol Hill since completing his Book Griffith has accepted a Job As chief Deputy controller for California his Boss is a Lellow named Alan Cranston the Man Pierre Salinger beat in the 19f4 senatorial Pri Mary Griffith was asked Why on Earth he joined a Man who had just lost an election he replied friends asked me the same question when i joined Humphrey in and neither of us has done Loo badly since economic philosophy sen norms Cotton Rah is extremely conscious of Economy and likes to keep reminding his constituents of this fact in one of his recent news letters he w role a preacher wrote on a Fence i Pray for ail a lawyer wrote underneath m plead for All a doctor added prescribe for All a Plain citizen wrote i pay for All and a recipient of that news totter could have added to that last line including the Cost of senators men were running up and Down the corridors of the ambassador hotel Santo with Tom my guns shooting out windows through the roof and through the closets our citizens were Umlor the Beds and in the closets try ing to Dodge this gunfire our ambassador As he was talking to us was under his desk we didst think we had much time to consult in any great detail More than we had talked about up to that time but we did make the announcement about eight Oclock and immediately asked the Oas for an urgent meeting the next morning the president in answering an other question at his news con Ference took occasion to de Molish the misconception that has Arisen concerning the so called Johnson doctrine As if some thing new had been devised actually the United states was merely following its traditional position he said i am afraid that the people that have branded the Johnson doctrine were unfamiliar with the fact that the nations of this Hemi sphere have repeatedly made it Clear that the principles of communism Are incompatible with the principles of the inter Amer ican system president Ken Nedy enunciated that on several occasions the Oas itself has enunciated that i merely repeated it or Johnson also discussed the nature of the communist activity in the dominican Republic As follows there presence in Santo do Mingo is soil noted hour by hour their effectiveness is still observed from Day to Day we see their Handiwork in the dominican Republic and elsewhere throughout the world particularly in the propaganda Field but win the explanation by the president of United states policy in the dominican Republic Over take the misinterpretations that have been so widely circulated in recent Days new York Herald trip Una inc by Drew Pearson became the watchdog for White supremacy and allocated funds to the while citizens Council and to lobby against the civil nights Hill when running for governor against Paul Johnson Coleman also bragged How he had taken care of the integration problem at the University of Mississippi by having the Mississippi High Way pick up Clinnon King who wanted to Register at Ole miss and put him in the while iced insane Asylum Coleman appointment is be ing pushed by Sun John Stennis of Mississippi who snubbed lady rid Johnson when she toured the South last fall when Southern judges came up for appointment under the late John f Kennedy sen Eastland miss chairman of the Senate judiciary committee exercised considerable influence As a result some of the most reactionary appointments of a decade were made under Kennedy including u s District judge Harold Cox East lands classmate at Ole miss who dismissed the indictments against the alleged murderers of the Philadelphia miss civil rights workers judges Frank Ellis and Gordon West of Louisiana and judge Robert Kali Oil of Georgia who after the supreme court had ruled against segregation decreed that the supreme court was wrong in contrast Eisenhower appointed judge John minor wis Dom to the court of appeals in new Orleans John r Brown to the same court in Houston and Elhert Truluc to the fifth circuit court in among the finest judges in the nation president Johnson has done More for the negro cause than any president since Abraham Lincoln friends say he is not Likely to undo this achievement to appease some of his old cronies on the Senate judiciary committee seeing Sonny Liston Rill Hathaway the delightful new democratic congressman from Maine chartered a plane to Fly up to the Sonny listen Cassius Clay fight in his own District recently he was care Ful to hire a private plane not fetal transfusion new lifesaving procedure Many obstetrical centers have medical teams that in re problems of Culm in infants they give the baby one or More Exchange transfusions when thierr is evidence that the tykes Rod blood cells Are being destroyed Erythroblastosis of Calisi and be is in danger of dying from anaemia or brain damage Many Are Pale or yellow in color puffy and by or Theodore r Van Dellen breathing rapidly tests show to boil blot Al contains cell Elroy ing antibodies that developed in Oniso the Mother was re Nega Tive one in every ir0 pregnancies involves Erythroblastosis numerous lives arc saved when the try and Stop me by Bennett Cerf my Harbor Gus tells me that one of those English Rock Roll descendants of Ibe beatles came into his shop be other Day and inquired Arent you the Chap who Cut my hair the last Lime i dont think so Gus told him solemnly Ive Only been work ing hero eight grandma Heimur Dinger sent her favorite grandson a handsome new shirt for Bis birthday to fortunately if had a size 14 Collar and Ibe boy had a size of neck he dutifully wrote her dear Granny thanks heaps id write Bill in All choked up a lie jewelled dowager town a broke Down one afternoon in new York and unable in spot an empty taxicab she went Homo by subway for the first time in her life that evening she described her grim Oneal to her Liti band my dear she exclaimed you have in idea How crowded those sub Way cars arc Why be people Are packet i into them like caviar Foury Earold Sylvia erskines explanation when she was caught atop a Stepladder devouring cookies i just climb cd up d smell them and my tooth Goi caught Levi o by null ctr 07 King Rel Tutti condition is suspected evaluated and treated properly Many die before birth Stillbirth and until recently very Little could be done to save them in some instances labor was induced weeks ahead of time while Tho baby was still alive the latest plan is to give the fetus a transfusion when there arc signs that death from anaemia is imminent Tho procedure was pioneered by or a William Liley of Auckland new zealand he inserts packed Rod blood cells into the infants Alx nominal cavity a special solution is injected tin Lilly into the uterus to visualise via xray the position of the Placenta Ami gastrointestinal tract of the Felus a Small amount of fluid is Witul Raven from the bag of Waters to determine whether the child has a Chance of living after receiving Ilie transfusion if results Are satisfactory the fetus is Given one to three injections of blood this daring lifesaving procedure is considered Only when the physician has sufficient evidence to prove Iho baby will not live through Normal labor the trans fused blot Al is absorbed into Lite circulatory system giving Ibe in Fant the boost be needs to sin Vive the bid process slimming diet c writes what is the Zigzag slimming diet reply this is a russian super crash diet in which Ives eats Only a kit for the first Days pot for Hie not seven and then either meat curdled milk or an Apple each Day finally two of these foods Are eaten daily for five Days an alternate Zigzag diet of French origin can be obtained by sending a stamped self addressed envelope stocks 1 f writes people develop stones in the kidneys gallbladder and salivary glands do stones Ever develop in the lungs reply Bronch olits or lung was Are deposits of Calcium they Are in the bronchus and vary in size from being scarcely visible to stones weighing four ounces spastic Owei a l writes is a specialist needed to treat colitis Success fully reply in spastic colitis May result from overwork tension or too liitle sleep when Ilie victim Rea Lizes the origin of his trouble be can be his own specialist Send stamped elfa Drossel envelope for leaflet or ibis condition tension mrs a writes is there any Relief for premenstrual tension reply yes Hie Bem remedies include soil Anives diuretics and certain hormones it also helps to restrict Salt temporarily to Chr linux of sri in Milo 04 will tit inv rid or Ronal Matirn Erluin to i dirt in Vii in will int of in Impi virtual Durian go in a government plane is some congressmen do on Pri vate trips commenting ruefully on the fact that he and the Congress men who accompanied him approximately 60 seconds of boxing Hathaway said u was the most expensive sports event 1 Ever witnessed you should get Esther Peter son who in charge of protect ing the consumer to investigate ribbed rep Bob Sweeney of Ohio when i got to the Airport reported Hathaway who has a sense of humor there were about 500 people out to meet us iban Ever came out when i was campaigning i thought my popularity was Pelcl ing up then i found they wort out to meet Frank Sinatra cassias Clay is one Boxer who pays his income tax to Uncle Sam promptly Joe the exch amp has never paid up All his taxes and most fighters have had trouble catching up with the tax bite which must be taken from their big boxing profits however Cassius Clay is in the hands of efficient Louis Ville businessmen who figure out his lax in Advance of each fight and allocate it to the government internal Revenue has already collected ils share of the Gale at Lewiston me Harry Sheppard longtime con Gressman from san Bernardino Calif has never gone Hack to live in sunny Southern califor Nia now retired he is living serenely in the capital suburbs on that in Cash which turned up in a Bank vault saved on his congressional salary one incident reported to have contributed to Bob Wagner reluctance to run for mayor again was the fact that lbs most trusted new York adviser Edwin Wcislo attended the dinner in Honor of Wagner bitter political enemy Irwin Steingut Wagner battled Stein gut in Albany to Block Tam Mantile control of the Legisla Ture despite this lbs close Friend turned up at the dinner honouring Wagner enemy it was like Hubert Humphreys turning up at a dinner in Honor of Barry Goldwater after the november election 0 w5 by Roll Mcclure Syndicate John bulls adding by John Crosby London Jean Shrimpton is on the cover of she is on the cover of everything theres another Story at cml her inside Squire she is the embodiment says Newsweek of americas current love affair with people and things British an affair which until very recently has had masculine objects James Bond the beatles Albert Finney Peter Otonie it Sis deeper than that Little miss Shrimpton is the embodiment of a growing feminization of an Island that has then always known As a mans Island the dollies Are taking Over England As they have taken Over America look at the record a recent report women in Britain revealed that British women now own billion of Britain total individual and actually own More govern ment and municipal Bonds More National savings More shares in building societies than the men that beginning to sound just like our own widely criticized Matriarchy int it now England has always been a place where women were kept properly in their place which is to say the Kitchen Ibe Garden and the front parlor and if they were let out at All it was Only to pour Lea on the vicarage Lawn no any More there Are almost 2ooo lady lawyers in England hardly a Day goes by that some pretty Hast go her lace in he express for Reading Law at of there Are Tai too British women in the armed forces and there Are three lady Inird mayors omm Hird of Brilain servants Are girls Anil More and Mure Are becoming scientists and engineers professions that urn to be sacred to men the Gills Are engaged in just about every sport except boxing wrestling and football the bars arc falling every whore for centuries a mans dub was Ibe place where a Man in pursued by his wife his seer Elary or his mistress Bui now a lot of the clubs Are adding women annexes to mens bars or women nights the female foot is in Ibe door economics cry i lie old members in despair they had to let the girls in to help pay the Bills the army and Navy club in Ibe hear of Clubland on pall opened ils irs to both tvs and Well All Over feminine in decor k v e n hoodies e a u Kris Mmills old club an Annex for women a disaster com parable to the of of India of course its just an Annex and there is no communicating door Between the club and the Annex Bui Mill even the Cambridge Union the debating society once sacrosanct in men has opened ils looks and women Are now allowed to John their pretty Little yaps and Arcus the first woman Gison the floor a girl named Susan Crombie spoke up significantly enough on behalf of divorce As Well she might because women Are doing much better in the divorce courts too British courts have not quite fallen into the slavish idiocy of ours in that regard but they Are getting there fast an article in the Law society Gazette by r l Archdale Points out that women have got much the Best of ils in the matter of Legal cruelty the Mere fact that a wife is unhappy puts her half Way to a divorce on the grounds of cruelly cruelty in Law in fact Doest resemble any other kind of cruelty a husband must be sexually satisfactory constant affectionate tolerant Good hum ored gentle sober and Indus tiros if he int he May very Well be legally cruel and there for Divo Ceable the same standards by no Means apply to a British woman a wife is no necessarily cruel if she nags unless the nagging is persistent spite and unprovoked whereas a Man can be domineering i e cruel if he simply tries to make his wife live up to stand Ards he Learned at his mothers knee a Man can be divorced for no support and imprisoned for failing Alimony but at tempts to prove cruelly against sluttish English wives hive Neyer succeeded in other words the girlish Are Well on their Way toward that double Standard in Law that we if enjoy is Quile the word for in the United states a mans Island he actually it still is but another 10 years o crumbling barriers and we can Sling some of those taunts about our Matriarchy right Back in English Teeth youre telling me by William Ritt More than half of All to matches being produced in the l s Are the Hook variety fact graphs which reminds us got a Light a new device we hear is capable of producing Gem Quality emeralds in two minutes Ift just had to eventually come instant jewels on Reading in a medical Opl inti i hat Burnt Toast is recommended to Rettle an Upsel Stom Ach Milt the Sterling Printer says the stuff for him is morn of a cause than a cure though he government of India frowns on movies with or kissing scenes its reported Indian men continue to flock in great numbers to View u s films Wilb smooching scenes theres no business like

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