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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 2

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Cumberland, Maryland news saturday Jim 5 1965 or in Viet Nam transformed into big meat grinder m k by Malcolm w Browne Saigon South Viet Nam a the War in yet Nam has been transformed into an enormous meat grinder in which both sides Are now making fallout drive to bleed each other to death t it is a meat grinder in which America for the first time has an Active part on both the giving receiving end us officials predict that american casualty tolls will increase from now on amen can Marine corps and army paratrooper units move deeper into the Battle us air strikes on North and South Viet Nam have increased in recent months to the Point that they Are now round the clock operations i in the North strikes have july draft Call is 17100 Washington up the army will draft 17100 men next month Tho defense department announced Friday the Call for july a Shade higher than the 17000 to be drafted this month is the larg est since november 1961 when 20000 men were called for the in lne five Niv been la Nutch to military Metal nations roads and Waterways draft Calls have been boosted this Spring and summer to offset losses As terms expire from the big buildup of forces during the 1961 Berlin crisis besides the need to replace draftees whose terms Are expiring the Pentagon has found voluntary enlistments falling in recently As a result of speculation that the draft May be ended pair adjusts i continued from Page 1 gemini 4 flight in the first place 1 Whites thrilling space walk and Midi vials exciting but futile attempt to catch the orbit ing rocket Booster were experiments added to the flight plan on a sort of As Long As there up there basis space scientists mainly want cd to learn How the human body especially the heart reacts to prolonged periods of weightlessness there were however a few incidents Friday to relieve the routine during a pass Over the hous ton Mission control Center on the 14th orbit capsule communicator Virgil i Grissom passed along to White a neighbourhood news bulletin for Mcdivitt who was sound asleep the Hawks won their pee wee league baseball game 3 2 said Grissom they beat the Falcons Mcdivittt son Mike 8 plays for the Hawks Roger replied White understand the Hawks won 32 White in turn gave Grissom some added details about his space stroll which occurred Dur ing thursdays third orbit Only after some urging did White e Lurn reluctantly to the space ship it was Tough to come in and a Little Tough to get Back chamber asks a dutch treat Burt of the Netherlands presents a pair of dutch wooden shoes to president Johnson at the White House Friday the pres ident received the gift As he met on the South grounds of the executive mansion with a group of visitors from the Netherlands into said White Tough to get into it was sure White also said he was not satisfied with the pictures he took outside the capsule it was difficult to take Pic Tures out there with that Rig As it was following me he said i tried to get some pictures there in the end and i never did really get still pictures with my Well South of Hanoi there seems no immediate Prospect o bombing North Viet name cities or civilian industries but in the South huge sectors of the nation have been declared free bombing zones in which anything that moves is a legitimate target tens of thousands of tons of bombs rockets napalm and Cannon fire arc i wred into these vast area each week if Only by the Laws of Chance bloodshed is to be heavy in these raids in Exchange the Viet Cong is exacting its Pound of flesh in the past week big Vic Cong units prowling through the Jungle covered mountains o Central Viet Nam have Chewet up three government battalions so badly that these units will no be Able to fight again for a Long time government casualties in these ambushes probably Havi exceeded 1000 men the Viet Cong have clearly shifted gears from what they Call guerrilla warfare to Mobile warfare the communist concept of Mobile warfare is essentially guerrilla operation on a vastly expanded scale in which whole battalions and regiments Are used in mounting ambushes ambushes remain the key Fea ure of the War As the fighting grows hotter it comes More brutal neither Side is taking Many prisoners any More soldiers caught off Side now Are generally shot on he spot or tortured to death on the communist Side in creasing numbers of recruits and regular troops infiltrated rom North Viet Nam have kept the Viet Cong fighting machine up to strength on the govern ment Side american troops Are reefing up the Reserve and sense establishment probably More will be needed soon As the bloodletting continues almost certainly Viet Nam will remain essentially a guerrilla War the objectives of such a War Are not to seize one Point after another pushing the front line Forward until the enemy Headquarters have fallen the objective is to annihilate the enemy wherever you find him it is a slow and deadly bust Ness Maryland briefs Baltimore a Francis s Balassone chief of the Mary land state Board of Healths division of drug control has received the honoured alumnus award of the University of Maryland school of pharmacy Balassone was honoured at the schools annual alumni banquet thursday night he is Secretary treasurer of the Maryland Board of pharmacy and president of the National association of boards of pharmacy Baltimore a sen Thomas j Dodd Donn will deliver the commencement address at Loyola College on june 13 and will be awarded an honorary doctor of Law degree Lawrence Cardinal Shechan vill preside at the ceremonies using which 319 candidates for degrees will be presented College Park my a program designed to meet an increasing demand for trained eachers of horticulture and Ilant sciences will begin at the University of Maryland next All or Francis c Stark head of he department of horticulture Aid students enrolled in the horticulture curriculum May Ake electives in education psychology and agricultural Educa Tion this will enable them to meet state teacher certification requirements while earning a bachelors degree in horticulture Vith a minor in agricultural education Man electrocuted camera to my satisfaction White did provide a word Pic Ture however he described the vivid Blue Waters of the Golf i i i i of Mexico and the Caribbean work log at Arsenal and said he clearly saw Hoiris ton Galveston Bay and a Small Texas Lagoon Clear Lake As he floated on the end of his Golden lifeline Edgewood map a 31yearold construction worker was electrocuted Friday when his left Arm accidentally neither astronaut was Able to brushed a Ngn voltage wire on sleep too Well during their alternately scheduled four hour rest periods following the space walk both apparently wore still too keyed up according to or Charles e Berry chief medical officer however each slept soundly during his second period one Point White reported looks like jims corked off pretty Well he Hast stirred now the last hour and a half John Hodge a night director a pole at Edgewood Arsenal the dead Man was William f Cain of Randallstown a spokesman at the Arsena said Cain was working on the pole when the Accident happened the line he touched car Rich 4400 volts or Samuel Hagen said Cain died instantly Cain was employed by Hora Cek and Hayden construction co of Rochester by the com Pany has a general repairs con Baltimore a the number of traffic fatalities in Maryland stood at 242 Friday 42 More than this time a year ago Baltimore a school integration plans in Wicomico Kent and Howard counties have been approved by the of fice of education and they will be eligible for Federal funds the office previously had approved plans in Baltimore City Garrett Allegany Frederick Washington and Montgomery counties the school systems Are required to comply with the civil rights act of 1964 convention unit meets tomorrow the convention committee for the annual meetings of the knights of pythias and the pythian Sisters will meet to Morrow at 2 pm in the fort Cumberland hotel William Mccormick and mrs Sarah Schramm Lonaconing Are co chairmen for the state conclave planned Here sep ten Ber 1618 editor named Charleston w a up the state Commerce depart ment announced Friday the appointment of Michael e Snyder of Clarksburg As publications editor Snyder previously w a s employed by an advertising Agency at Parkersburg water Supply w e Dyck president of the Cumberland chamber of com Merce wrote the Allegany county Board of commissioners yester Day apprising them of a Resolution passed by the chamber concerning a Survey of the availability of water supplies for the county Aad City of Cumberland or Dyck said the chamber does not envisage new surveys bul an analysis of engineering surveys which have been completed to make the determination of needs for new and current industries As consumer use with this study of the Avail ability based on surveys which have been made the county and City As Well As other groups can take a hard look at whatever additional programs Are Neces sary for the future development of water supplies Albert s Paye county Engineer told the commissioners that there have been several water surveys and engineering studies principally the Green associates report on water use from Savage River dam or Paye pointed out that the construction of the Potomac River dam at Bloomington is the key to the future water needs for the area once this High dam is completed it would place the Waters of Savage River dam in a position to be used he also said the City has had several studies made on additional water supplies or Paye also referred to a meeting which has been called by the local unit of the Maryland society of professional engineers and the engineers club of cum Berland to be held june 16 at this meeting a number of experts from the Maryland water resources commission and other agencies will discuss water conservation and new supplies Mem Bers of Maryland congressional representation such As Sens Brewster and Tydings and representatives Sickles and Mathias vill be invited to attend Church to Honor graduates sunday recent High school and College graduates will receive recognition at the 11 a m Servi Ceol Potomac Park evangelical United Brethren Church tomorrow Rev George s Widmyer Pas or will deliver the Sermon the condition of Conquest and the graduates will be presented a gift from the Church mrs Horace Mills organist will provide schoo Bever music the Allegany High graduates Are Richard James Cornelius Judy Dick Charlotte Evans Gary Harmon Cheryl Larkin Gary Lewis Caro 3neal Margaret Price Linda Shaffer David sheets Mitchel former town treasurer on trial for shortage Leonardtown my two Bank tellers testified Fri Day they recall making less Cash deposits for William m Loker or who is on trial for embezzling from the own of Leonardtown Over a 14 year period the prosecution produced five tellers and former tellers of two Leonardtown Banks who Testi fied in St marys county circuit court before the trial was recessed until monday Bank of St marys said she never discussed with the depositor what the Cash was for but on one occasion she said when she asked Loker what denomination Bills he wanted on the less Cash Deposit he replied in makes no difference its going to the other Bank the state contends Loker concealed the shortages by making the less Cash deposits Volet Ann Bailey 25 another first National Teller testified All five identified less once mentioned the Mon Deposit slips they processed All remembered accepting deposits from Loker former treasurer clerk Secretary and Legal Couney was going to another Bank saying he had to catch it be fore it closed under Cross examination miss Clydl v c1uu Tuuu t Sel to the town commissioners Bailey was asked wha1 and his former Secretary mrs Jane Weber but none recalled Ever returning Cash to mrs Weber Thomas Gary Arthur Witt Waybright and Raymond sk1dmork Hority she cashed checks marked for Deposit Only she answered we just automatic ally did it All tellers indicated in Testi that the practice is longer in use Mary sue Layton will gradual from the medical College of Vir Sinia at Richmond and Gene Long from Lynchburg College in Lynch Burg a Smith sentenced on escape count Raymond Clark Smith or 13 of 613 North Centre Street yesterday was sentenced to six months in the Maryland House of correction after pleading guilty in Allegany county circuit court to a charge of escape associate judge James s Getty stipulated that the sentence was concurrent with the 18month sen tence he imposed upon him the previous Friday Smith fled from the court House that Day and was caught 30 minutes later by Deputy sheriff George b Static the original sentence was for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle Paul w Barnett was Smiths court appointed attorney principal is appointed at West Side Raymond Skidmore re 3 reel Ord Road who has been Princi Al of Northeast elementary school on Valley Road for eight will be the new principal if West Side elementary school Tarling in september according o an announcement by Ralph r v e b s i e r superintendent of schools he replaces miss Bernice win Ner who will retire at the end of the current school term or Skidmore is returning to he school where he began his caching career in 1952 after graduating from Frostburg stale col Ege a native of Cumberland and a son of the Kite or and mrs Charles a Skidmore he graduated from Allegany High school where he was a Star football basketball baseball and track athlete for 12 years with the except Ion of two years service in the Navy during world War ii he was employed at the Amcelle Plant of celanese fibres com Pany in 1946 he decided to enter the teaching profession and entered Csc he received Lis masters degree in education from the University of Maryland in 1960 or Skidmore is married to the former Nadine Taylor and they Tiave a son James r Skidmore a graduate of West Virginia University and currently attending the graduate school at american University in Washington employed by government employees insurance company he was recently married re youth Council to elect officers the High school youth Council of Allegany county chapter american red Cross will hold its first meeting in the new chapter House 400 Cumberland Street to Day at 10 am Linda Brant will preside new officers will be elected Dur ing the business session mrs Sara g Lindsay executive director will show slides of the councils activities since it was organized last year East Side to retire mrs Helen in str instructor fit the Enst Side school will re Tiro this june after 41 years of teaching in this area mrs Martz who resides with her husband it 1255 by Moldock Road in began her Tench ing career it the boiling Springs school a on room Structure located in Garrett county after teaching briefly it the Brinl and Shipley educational facilities she took a position it the East Side school Here where she has taught first Grade pupils for 39 years mrs Martz who has also at tended Johns Hopkins University grand Untch Frore Frosburg state teachers College in 1924 she is a member of the in Vale methodist Church the Allegany county teachers association the association of childhood education and the Maryland state teachers association mrs Marla holds a lifetime membership in the East Side school Pat and the organization recently presented a pin to her in Honor of her services a faculty dinner party was held in Frost Burg with mrs Martz As guest of Honor at the recent meeting of the East Side Fia mrs Martz was presented a Corsage and gift theme for the meeting was Art in the life of your child mrs Cecile Erichson discussed the role of the Art resource teacher and there was a display of student Art in the Halls and class rooms new officers were installed they Are mrs Robert Shipley president mrs Arthur Howard vice president mrs Joseph Hart Ley Secretary mrs Eugene Struett assistant Secretary and mrs Troy Hoffman treasurer refreshments were served Point ride tomorrow Allegany Saddle club will hold a Point Trail ride tomorrow ii vill leave the club grounds East Man Road at 11 am visitors Are Welcome participants Are to bring their own lunch three a talc girls die in Baltimore fire Baltimore a of seven Sisters the oldest 8 n bedrooms of House without electricity lighted match Lite thursday night to look for her mothers shoes resulting Fira killed three of the girls two policemen saved three of the of girls and a fireman rescued the youngest h4 old the Mother mrs Bernice Payne 24 was three blocks away and police said they do 4 not know the whereabouts of the father police Sald mrs Payne left the children playing on he Side walk at 9 pm an hour later she sent an 11ycnrold Cousin to the Louse with instructions to Light a lamp and Tell the children to go to bed later mrs Payne asked the Cousin to go get her a pair of shoes and a sweater the Cousin said that one of the Sisters using a match to look for the shoes set fire to their mat Tress the Cousin said they beat out the flames with a piece of cardboard patrolmen William Stacy and Richard Catania passing Tho House at pm saw smoke and heard children screaming they rescued three of the girls from a second floor bedroom fire it Roland Barthelmess rescued the baby from another second floor bedroom the two policemen tried to reach another bedroom in the attic but they were overcome by smoke and rolled Down the stairs found dead later in the bedroom were three Sisters aged 3 4 and 5 room Bungalow 1acre it Savage re Bath Furnace basement garage to for ill Lenson real estate 724s590 no state police handwriting expert As having been signed by the same person mrs Weber identified the handwriting As lok ers told newsmen at Houston Musil act at the army installation Sion control Center the Physil Cal and mental Altitude of he astronauts is excellent la Yale Rexall drug store prompt free delivery open everyday phone 7293535 1068 Matron Al Hwy Lavale my earlier Friday mrs Margaret Warren 37 Secretary to the town commissioners testified that cancelled checks and Bank statements missing from the mrs Bernadie p Knott 41icommissioners office had been a Teller at the first National thrown out by Loker christians celebrate Pentecost sunday Alcoa aluminium siding special introductory offer 20 off free estimates phone or write Best storm door and window co 61 n Centre St phone 7221335 by Louis Cassels United press International catholics and protestants in every land will celebrate Sun Day june 6 one of the great feast Days of the Christian Church its called Pentecost on the liturgical Calendar it is out ranked in importance Only by easter Pentecost commemorates the dramatic occasion recorded in the Book of acts when the Dis icicles of Christ were filled with the Power of the holy spirit Ance begins at Sundown Satur Church of Christ 211 South Lee Sim h d Foster minister phone 7227352 sunday Bible study am worship 11 pm wednesday pm instrumental music it not used in worship of god because in violates the Law of Unity Ere to speak the Tome things being perfected in Christ Jesus 1 Cor we Ore to of the same mind with another according to Christ rom the authority of Christ deeply respected and strictly obeyed will produce Unity in Christ the mighty outpouring of divine Day june 5 Power transformed them from cowering fugitives into fearless missionaries whose contagious Faith soon spread Over the whole roman Empire in a message that will he read from pulpits in scores of different languages the Percsi dents of the world Council of churches asked that All christians join in praying the lord to fill the whole Church afresh with the Power of his spirit they said that god has never the gift he gave at Jhc first Pentecost lie stands ready today As in the first years of the Church history to impart to All who sin Cerely seek it the Power to believe and to help others to believe Power to Hope without wavering Power to love to the limit Power to make peace to work for Justice and reconciliation Between men jews also will celebrate a major festival this weekend known As shavuot or the feast of weeks it commemorates the giving of the ten command ments to Moses on m o u i t Sinai seven weeks after the sex Lodus from Egypt the of scr in Many conservative and re form congregations shavuot services arc devoted to confirmation of boys and girls who have completed their formal Raj Gigious education earn while you learn electronics radar computers Industrial electronics radio television communications engineering applicants must be High school graduates or equivalent to qualify Call or Beckert 7292895 for local interview rets electronics attempts pickup City police yesterday were investigating a report from a Columbia Street woman that a Man in a car tried to pick up her daughter on the Valley Street Bridge As she was re turning Home from school yesterday afternoon classified advertisements 47real estate for Sale run 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Kentucky cd Tom built rambler covered Carport Many extras i15joo 144 Winslow air Hambler with family room fireplace 3 bed room dining room Kitchen m Baths s20soo Brant Road Magnolia Futura a pre built living room dining room Dan Kitchen Patio i Baths completely furnished 100 x lot 544 Patterson 2 Brick newly painted rewired tile Bath new hot water Heater spouting storm doors and windows new panelling and ceilings excellent location 3 bedrooms living room Kitchen basement foyer Sun porch s131w 314 Cedar rooms Bath heat Large lot Ott Street parking j6joo Conlon realtor 7246776 24 hrs 48roofing siding spouting Home site 4 acres near All conveniences pretty and secluded for 7210100 Graham realty Frostburg realty company to e main St Frostburg ss99w7 tm1340 or 73wx new listings 12i flir Stone with room House four of room Eckhart Maroone property s9500 Call for other listings have buyers list with us 47ahba member Hornet Rev Pat Adams now in Cumberland first Assembly of god 21 elder St Rev Arthur pastor Rev Pat Adams preaching to positive your Faith will Dolce Wing look for the Lien of Quality Home look or the Blue it White Emblem of the Home builders associate of Western Maryland your cd get tag the most Home for your Money Complete list of and available Homo of request 1c Greene St 722ou tonight Miracle deliverance rally and receive your Miracle sunday am sunday school am morning worship pm the sign of his coming tuesday pm special Healing service if you need Healing and cod hear this Young Man of Faith who has blessed thousands across the world Haddon at new 3 bedroom Brick and aluminium Ceramic Bat Hill r Kitchen Thor Opane Lidin door in dial nor room Walls Patio a race hut Rel a Oral j16joo May by str Dally i i j and rvs Ninsi by Appolon mint Call 731sm1 Dan contractor a nothing Down except closing costs taxes 3homes in Bel air it to South near Pinto 1splitfoyer 2ranches fila inspection approval 30yr financing 2homes in Miller Dale just outside Ridgeley w a Itri 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