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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Jun 5 1965, Page 1

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - June 5, 1965, Cumberland, Maryland Today Tunny and warmer 10 Cuury and warm sunday with the Cumberland news win pc Tutu vol 201 Elm Mio Mistr h a Umbalim Ink it j Cumberland Maryland saturday junk 5 j9fi5 a a Ltd Prii 14 a cents gemini spacemen setting records foreign Aid Battle seen in Senate sen Fulbright offers tighter control plan by in Rev t Baul ii Washington Cap the Bandit murders take 3 in Bank heist fourth victim coldblooded by shot in Back ground was Laid Friday for some Bic spa Ives v u heated Senate Battles Over Bandit cd t inline shape of foreign Aid Asj Hank president and two Bank sen j Fulbright began Doit Elloyes Friday As they Lay spread Eagle on the floor of on the s3 3billionavcar Bate Surprise amendment coldblooded by shot in the the Arkansas Democrat Reyback la clan floor manager Lor the the Holdup and gunplay in legislation proposed that thelms Prairie town of was in organization of american Stales Wilho la Hal of the gun to Aid to Days of the 011 West and countries to protect their Nair Kjof Public enemies such As no Security Jjohn Dillinger and baby face 11 d in y i o it it would strip president War terrorized Midwest son of his present role of decide Hanks in the 30s ing which countries should gel a massive air and ground Mich help present us Machi search was launched across the cry Fulbright said has sent rolling cacti studded Range and biggest Battle with guerrillas appears joined pair adjusts readily to environment both astronauts talk with wives rest eat sleep Money to almost every country except Cuba dryland wheat country sir rounding big Springs and in Kul Brights unheralded propose neighbouring Colorado and Wyo Al apparently inspired by Thoming Federal Bureau of incs dominican Republic crisis ligation agents joined the Man would provide that Aid for into Hunt Nal Security Protection be Given Duel county attorney r f m Accord with said the Bandit Goj plans to the maximum extent Only about si500 for his Slaugh Focas Lilc iter he drove off in a 1065 to the proposal was introduced Chevrolet which lacked a without comment by fillbright License plate on the rear f in a l m ran 4 a c n n n author in coma ailing Thornton w Burgess 9 who retried Only five years ago after a lifetime of writing about Peter Rabbit and other of the old Briar Patch slipped into a coma Friday he has been under rare in a nursing Home in a Hampden mass in recent months a photo fac i Saigon South Viet Xam a us marines wrested the initiative from the Viet Congi Jon one sector of this a jetted nation Friday killing 22 capturing 3 and wounding least 11 in the a Nan Phu Bai Lair base area two marines were killed and 27 wounded i some red guerrillas overran a Hamlet 30 Miles Northwest of Saigon in one of a attacks bushwhacking persisted in the Central i Highlands in Saigon a High us Mili tary spokesman said the important Battle of the summer of has just been joined events have been such that we Jare moving into an important1 bands the Caile in gemini 4 j period of the War i ambushing of two More de Wlach mints a Relief Force near Iao thin about 150 Miles Northeast of Saigon and a six truck food Convoy near Kontul j285 Miles Northeast of this city1 boosted to 239 the toll of government troops killed wounded 0r missing in action Over a 48 i Hiir period us vietnamese air Power was reported to have beaten off by talk to space twin husbands mrs Kwh and White left and mrs Lames mini visit Are shoun in Mission control Center at the Stair Medivitz spots i w German reused killer vhf i m my i on 20th orbit Chancellor visits lbs space Center Houston chairman of the Senate foreign those killed were Bank press plane crashes Crew escapes a presi Dent Johnson and West German Chancellor Ludwig Erhard vie Cong strikes at two Vrap in posts in Quang Nogaj James meal Rod Friday to Seck a Civ ways Surprise love farther North where troops and u san Ltd a space to end the division of Gorman Yivon waived j a lips i planes halted a with big arms sticking to resist weakening of the from came during the i7h orbit As i Houston Tex a j americas talkative space twins set an american endurance record with remarkable Concha Jance Friday at pm St spa stroll or Hdward h White ii and com Mand Pilot Lames a Medivitz surpassed astronaut Gordon Cooper hrs record of 34 hours 20 minutes set May 16 19153 in other moments of excite men during a comparatively routine Day the loquacious astronauts also chatted breezily with their wives and caught a glimpse of another orbiting at Jelline i hours before the record in moment came Midi d White had been Given j the Green Light to go for 33 or bits their ultimate goal is to Complete 62 orbits and drop Back to Earth monday after 37 hours and 50 minutes in space soviet cosmonaut Valory by set the world record two years ago 1j9 hours 81 orbits Hawaii capsule communicator j Stuart Davis reporting technical matters with the gemini 4 Bogalusa la a in was the first to offer Fri i i felicitations with their wives my Phot far is returned to stand trial planes halted a com my with big arms sticking to resist weakening of during the i7h orbit As m a Row is Raryk i Fiji v amount of arms and Vearold no h v Maine up strikes across the Border space Agency officials order Secretary of defense Robert s Dejuli the latin american arms race pm uni 7 fan air Force Reserve cll9carj a military Headquarters and cd an immediate Check to Sec Mcnamara and congressional 41 111b llli1 k he Aid the of Wnm president plane participating in a communications Center at ban what the object was Liev no leaders was placed n the Medivitz cracked Union Tingnal air command trainman about 90 Miles Southwest Ord that it could Possehl have at a White House conference ai1 Washington Parish i dont have much space is cer a n h provide i Osco n Ujj f5 r 3 a major target Abeen pcgasus2 a huge by a working nearby Franklinton Jabout Al i can do is look out the then tag i Harv As Ino snit in tar a w this my said the bombing meteoroid detection and Bis guest reviewed Federal state and Parish the command m Denver Mac commit y late Friday destroyed the main Commini Callic launched on Mav 25 by wide variety of world prob cars pressed their mint la Mamen an official of the american the Pilot and three Crew mentions building two other struck Saturn super rocket the investigation Hen out in fms most most screening for distance since Nas latkes negro i with anyone other than official communicators a White Man Are you being Good pall can nation would be reluctant to Bankers association in out safely a turns and one of approve plans Ealing for Mil York said it was one of the state police said the twin tons two Winnas tary Aid for a neighbor round the into the of gunfire p of re a now kid worse and h certainly was the Between route 126 bloodiest in modern Days he the Maine Turnpike said All marines withdraw from Rijh miss Ohio Island Republic is miss Usa most ruthless Bank robberies on engine flying Boxcar narrow record by missed a 14yearold boy on f cant think of any that Wasa tractor when it crashed in it a v ii View lao r each has wings 96 feet wide inc Chancellor in an apparent wednesday Volley of gunfire to sweep space for of us thinking on hat ripped through a squad car in a Trlla White stepped the unusual Sih Tinc came the Sobal Cliar Acter of internal killing Deputy sheriff Oveal p Lac in the Houston not Ion after Mission issues reporters aft Moore and wounding his Center and re Iii sign uric Toi mop Tinc that la fire no cry s self consciously Loov Miami Beach Fia map Jaios John Vachon of Webster 1 Maine said the plane crashed i with a thud that Shook everything the youth said the wreckage came to a halt sonic 50 feet from the tractor be was1 Riding i there were no injuries author team arrives in Domingo no Long after a Mission Decd no 1ltcstion that is of of a team of Fri specialists interest to the United state crime Laboratory technic d vital and his Spac walking com Spanion for a full fou Day mis Sion that would end in the at Blantic next monday it sons air Germany he called cans Ted s the two strongest car in which this Alliance two negro p Santo Domingo up the last us Marine corps con a blonde i Tavvo of the crewmen Tio gents in Santo Domingo some 2100 Strong boarded Friday for an Early return Back to the United states of he Mem in the leaves about try Lane Nelson of Tularosa As maj Santo Domingo Domin came after the Whit Mcdivitt a Cir conic Unciul enat the time of the shooting team had staved aloft longer Dorset a dynamic Western Alli Abolt so Van Miles North other and or in 1 Munnus Niue yen Ciornei peace team sent here1 Lingo Beauty from Columbus Ohio bailed o1 were picked up Imby the organization of i his Ann Downey won the slate police on tic can states launched efforts the 20th Orelt nusa Beauty Crown Frida Mainc Turnpike and the for a political settlement was whirling night landed near the plane the dominican civil War null Cal states while i crewmen were identified six other major efforts havens Lccy at the Lime a Allan Foster the Pilot been made to negotiate an control asked j maj Frank Romanoski and agreement in the conflict which Vitt to sti11 looking at rot when you so i can talk fire really looking Good isaid mrs White finally working Gadget properly it looked Rosers who was under treat hike you were having a wonder in jjpinini4 went its Elliard who is facing Orleans time yesterday she added sent Al pm Elf next september flies managed to to Whites stroll in if Amer ii has Bonn Friday night a of the pickup space Mem during the 2nth Ovit As the truck from which the burst of j quite a time he replied across1 i f the United states White scan Republic a who i Threeman peace team i Infin 3nv i Kovi Ulivi i ii Usu r i i spaceship of Germany Hie geinim4 went into its a Llardi is Midi at that lady Bird goes skin diving i cant wait to talk to you i it oui iry Lane ixe Ison of Tularosa Rosier me Cen made to an l01 the Cine who was named first run and maj Frank Romanoski and agreement in the conflict which Vitt a Rhome division and placed in position tosss1srohn Specht and p j is six weeks old saturday p there some 000 latin the title if miss Ohio crewmen have failed i Medivitz it troops contingents in the to carry out her re Sponski officials said the men were the Oas commission Merit had arms sticking out of american peacekeeping Force abilities air Force reservists assigned with the it Rev ii looked so Marine Takeoff plans coincide Baldwin a to Icv to Lluc fli2til troop the papal Nuncio via to Ian it re with a fresh look at he blonde from Clovis no was at the Willow and with us ambassador v for ibo an Nute ind i spent be Day muddled dominican political is cond no Nerus trove a naval air station Tapley Bennett in mar Chari i s the y a Skinny Roll new Bat Lin crisis by a Threeman Media harpy he Tulie Andis of1hc Federal aviation made one of the first efforts amen inn Jird air traffic control Center to Hripp ii Mia the Posi Piuva ant Dianna baits miss Dis withdrawal of the last a strict of Colmia was fourth Rines ashore was announced 1iij a in i of ii tin Iii t a Nigut Iii Iii in lion team of the organisation Mayheu by was third air traffic control Center to bring Lovether the civilian Mie in tic Imp of american states Oas Len Rii Annn rat in Nashua null the 1 n Ane Picie this description fitted that of about it she said the truck Mcklveen was driving apart from the extraordinary when he was stopped at banter there was lit town miss 40 Miles to Thetie in fridays flight to relieve Northwest an hour after the the astronauts celestial Boie slaying Dom r a ii i i my Alvrn a Laboratory carefully i h Island Simian at a Mill Here denied while Medivitz and a bit mrs Lynnon k Jolany participation in the shoot cruised in their snug gemini g he refused to waive extra capsule scientists and medical n v v a but chanced his mind around the world Lis gating in her la Tot Dis Friday when authorities Het ened painstakingly to their re i Psi j Kan moves to get him or heartbeat every first indy has decided pack trying to learn How to make Lile that skin diving is the greatest in space More liable and a face mask Peak the marines had Morei Rui Avick England up than 8000 troops in the Domini Martin Nottingham who at ran Republic they were the if is too Young to drink is the first american to Neil darts Champion of the land Here last april 2r Queens head pub Here of Brazil and Ditc Nas of aussies on duty British airways travellers Gas a company cubans smuggle to make aviation in Nashua no said the plan military Junta and the rebel was in route to Dover Del Gime from Goose Bay Labrador members of the commission Koft Tinl it apl10arc no when it apparently develop dare Ellsworth Bunker u s am to another satellite with she is exploring the Caribbean runs aground engine trouble has Sarins to the Oas Ilmar Arnols and Antonna off a Al Caming while its not surprising that they Bench at a Accel Hay Plantation England one Kraft said a hero she is spending a Brief Ipi 2sss2ton liner pen c Al Salvador the air Force tracking Conan cation Edt their Mission was Ter Al Colorado Springs Coin so wednesday by a up Confer Rocc on the crisis and they left a on thursday jct i3pi is it burned 011 spoke at Oiin second stage rocket Hensler the hardest part of the or White Mission i Hough a a officials said they rep Nna Marinho a garbled radio message Ramon i lie Crew was shortly before 4 pm toned astronauts jut to sit dorm cattle aground on a around for the remainder of the ivs cd and Rem Bank Friday while a Vivace Ter Al Colorado Springs Coin appeared a sick and Rem Bank Friday while a Voyace vial Oas which keeps track of ail finds said she preaching Southampton in a there is Little excitement in dominican objects in space is currently a Ball at the cottage w3 passengers from South the chore mostly tedium hut Lva Shinshon following Lei of them object Ila Cori at her disposal Over Africa tugs freed the liner a this was the main object if the Ervio is Ctm Uini and Ter an hour i continued pact arct inn is its Hiir nod Oit first lady spoke at Ourn pc Ting group of passengers ing a weekend flight Between May make aviation history this England and France weekend when they become the the plane chosen to Slocik far Payag a travellers toward London at 600 Miles an ils f Saigon the Lin flight cancelled of Rock cars o or arson n inside pages Ann Landers 3 Bridge 3 comics o Cross word 3 3 paths or Van Del Len 5 ii Misiun is Pic Iru Sittl a Iii Htmat Landing circe engine jetliner three Pommel sets of controls and safety sys a Lalion of so men i the trip Cal which carries up to 100 passengers lands at 150 Jmiles an hour exp Croil arrive shortly air thursday 3i ibo new Ini Nesity of the on nearby St Thomas Island As helped into her can and Edwards fab calf Lupi he up Niparko s1lo nov awl similar scheduled Fli Solil of the Els b top Black n inn Market prices in Cuba the usual Price for a beatles record is so pesos Tho pr0 is set by the government at Par tool Pilot John b Mckay had with he Dollar Iron slated to take the or on it records arc a Rougel in by its 13mli flight to an Altitude of diplomats and other travellers Iti floor for ironically mostly Frrtz the Toxi was not and other communist capitals rescheduled today chuckle i i i id Ion should or air caul they in parents Niv i in petting what Thuv girdles Are Back in medical anniversary of Dunkirk is marked with festival in Kirk France ill and Vriner Mav 10 Lac Little boats that helped res10411 Cue Lac Uris is expeditionary the Small ships taking part c Uip from Europe during the in the saw re Battlo of France in world War minders of past Battles they ii returned hero Friday to com Casl Anchor in front of a full my Moric the 2mh anniversary rebuilt and within View of the feat of a Busy modern seaport More Linn 50 of the historic some of the cd acid Coits in icing from attic found it difficult to yachts to filing trawlers lie Dunkirk of 1910 sailed across the Channel from City today is a bus Are necessary v cause at the present stage ii do a Kwh Vork a panic editorial Page markets 7 spurn is of Charm 3 sports 6 7 Trisha la want ads 2 Al f women a cos 3 vol nement the Pilot must lie items 5 Able to Sec that the runway in 10 a Manx wardrobe years ago among Tho guests at the will be some of Chr 40 d soldiers permit the the eni of the Day and conclude the panty Ulicy Tho pro Siiro Tho ramshackle Crift the girdles cited like Lourani Havo to be awfully Tiki Mill ill Lions Usu err Huv Lri still manned by Iho old 4 in idols hampering return of to swellings in Unm ii Girdle cuffs Tia Ohad to a Mots timers to a Quarter Century in s res what runway m arc through log blood vessels nil bring device sonic sirt Lles pro veiled to Dunkirk at the Dunkirk to hold off at front of him has been targeted medical news physicians said j women with faulty in Dauod four limes As Mueh pros f their lives to help if j properly by his airborne Black it started a few a Metlis w another medical tto Mollp Uio sure is others ill for All in Oval Auto he British troops i i lion Tun new York doctors As actually measured Lac was less filing Sand beaches sir Pierson Dnon Vav n next Mage planned in about Mam cd panty Fri a Ruhr pressure from Girillo Init am mar nearly half a million me in e ceremonies Roiti h frs Larrr nil enable hewing on in 0 volunteers wearing j v Vij t than Atlin com f the were trapped by German pan s and bet gain Rev Niu plane m land without Pilot As i highs As the Rause f nun now or old panty Cir school of Moudine women students Sec Octaris in Arne Nils Simanic even in the worst crot Vorns thai Jav poit the Siudy in Tho Juno Island technicians in to a Luil two conditions Ankles and legs became swollen they found a lot of variation1 of any Lohr Egan army unix us Lark arca Cwi take Parl Parade sat of Medicine on Holland tics will he held sunday

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