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Cumberland News Newspaper Archives Jul 21 1973, Page 5

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Cumberland News, The (Newspaper) - July 21, 1973, Cumberland, Maryland The Cumberland my saturday july to 1973 tax receipts Are increased in fiscal 73 net receipts from alcoholic beverages and tobacco taxes for the entire fiscal year which ended on june 30 totalled 99622805 an increase of 47232123 or 1746 per cent Over fiscal year 1972 Beer tax collections for the 12 months amounted to 17 a 19526 per cent boost Over previous year revenues Public hearing set on water systems planning a Public hearing is scheduled wednesday at 10 am in Baltimore to present proposed visions to regulations governing the planning of water Supply and sewerage systems the hearing will be hold in the state roads administration auditorium 300 West Preston Street Baltimore these proposed revisions will set statewide minimum require wine tax receipts totalled s2431 78799 an increase of 11725 per cent Over the identical period last year the Large increases in these two categories of collections according to Louis l Goldstein state comptroller Are due Pri Marily to action of the 1972 ses Sion of the general Assembly hearing which provided for an increase in the Beer tax from three to nine cents per gallon and which increased the wine tax from 20 to 40 cents per gallon the tax increases became effective july 1 1972 or Gold Stein said and mental Hygiene for preparation and submission of county plans for water Supply and sewerage systems interested persons May pre sent data or opinions orally or in writing to the regulations coordinator room 1302 state office building 301 West pres ton Street Baltimore in and Vance or at the time of the distilled spirits taxes which were not raised produced 90316757 during fiscal year 1973 a 451 per cent increase Over the previous year tobacco tax receipts amounted to for the 12 month period total net receipts from Alco Holic beverages and tobacco taxes for the month of june 1973 amounted to Amy s Beverly gets program acceptance Amy s Beverly 1429 Willow court has been accepted into the honors program at West Vir Ginia University she is one of 134 High students from through out West Virginia and eight other states accepted the purpose of the program is to recognize Superior High school students and provide them with 11 local drum fest will have an courses which will stimulate them intellectually according to John r Williams honors coordinator injured youth still critical James d Connor 18 son of or and mrs Donald t Connor Frostburg who was injured tuesday in a one ear Accident was reported still in critical condition late last night at University of Maryland hospitals Shock and trauma Center in Baltimore however a Hospital spokes Man said the Young Man has shown a slight improvement since he was admitted to the Hospital late thursday night a state police helicopter transferred the injured youth from sacred heart Hospital thursday night two local persons Are Given oxygen City firemen were called twice yesterday to administer oxygen to local residents at pm firemen from Central station crossed Liberty Street to City Hall where mrs Leafy l Taylor Kenned Homes had collapsed on the sidewalk they administered oxygen and awaited an ambulance the woman was taken to me Morial Hospital where she was treated and released in the other emergency Call firemen from Central and South end went to 120 Oak Street at pm and administered oxygen to Henry Hull who also was taken to memorial Hospital summer Sale 2030 or 36 electric or Gas ranges Choice of colors spillovers food and grease spatters clean away gradually during baking and roasting oven liners tend not to become really dirty because they Are continually being cleaned the process starts and continues during cooking losing oven wat it Elan Eor Tuss to Light up without opening up oven Why should meal preparation m i two or thro Estep give Jou Pherty of Mam to Cook vow Ytting it one time lift up top with a support Arm to How it up while you in Demetz at Wipior dinner table 2100 Waits for last Elm Cook ing even on the of your largest trying pan Smat Lef ele merits my 250 Watte Gas 129 95 139 95 up electric 2 big stores to serve you 9 n Centre St in downtown Cumberland also on winches scr Road county May take role in pollution work the possibility of Allegany county serving As agent in the financing of pollution control devices for Industry was Dis cussed by the Board of com missioners and representatives of West Vaco inc in executive session yesterday Burton Smith Board president said the commissioners met with a Trago Brust Public re lations director for West Vaco and William Walsh attorney a report on the session was presented by county attorney Fred h Anderson or Anderson said the possibility of count Industry co opera Ion is made possible under Art icle 44 Section 266 a of the Maryland code the legislature in 1972 enacted a Law in order to make installation of the control devices economically Feas Ible under the Law the county can act As intermediary or agent for Revenue Bonds to Fin Ance the devices in no Way the attorney continued would this affect the full Faith and credit of the county nor bind the county to any financial obligation in effect he said this is a limited obligation with Revenue guarantee from Industry under leasing or Sale or financing agreements or Anderson said he has scanned the Law and confirmed the presentation made by West Vaco yesterday the matter has been taken under Geatz reports theft of Cable George e Geatz notified Loca police that someone took 100 feet of no 20 welding Cable with yellow rubber covering valued at and 50 feet of no 4 electric Entrance wire valued at from the rear of 202206 Paca Street a Pine Avenue resident reported to police she heard a crash in front of her Home and when she checked her car she found two Small dents in the Hood and the Vinyl top Cut in two places prenuptial continued from Page 3 her Fiance is a graduate of Troy High school and Wilming ton College Wilmington Ohio and will continue his studies in sociology at Ohio state University Columbus in the fall the wedding reception Wil be held in District 16 fire Hall Oldtown Road a rehear Sal dinner was held last even ing at the Holiday inn a miscellaneous Shower to be Given by airs fouls at the family Home in Farmers Ville Ohio in August or Fouts and his Bride will reside in Columbus Sharon Brannon continued from Page 3 actions of the Church and social Hall by Philip Brannon Washington Florist brother of the Bride miss Brannon is a graduate of Allegany Community col lege receiving an associate of arts degree in nursing her consideration and no decision made in event the county does de cide to cooperate in becoming agent for the financing of the pollution control devices Foi West Vaco or Anderson said it would make the same Opportunity available to other Indus tries having pollution problems in the county commissioner Smith recall ing a regional pollution meeting at Keyser said the abatement Date for this area has been advanced he said the Federal government by using the county As agent under the abatement pro Gram can get lower interest rates on Loans this has already taken place in other counties he noted judge denies new hearing in sewer Case judge James s Getty has denied a City of Cumber am request for a new hearing in a suit in which he sustained the position of Robert Herbold she incr 638 Fairview Avenue that the City is using service charges for the sewage treat ment Plant for purposes other than intended in his original opinion june 19 judge Getty had said that or Herbold shimits claim the City was using service charge funds to maintain and operate storm sewers was not supported by and evidence but he amended Hospital strike statement made zoning appeals unit requests stature change the Allegany county Board of zoning appeals yesterday re Quested a text change in the zoning ordinance governing Mobile Homes and also asked for assurances that it is not a rubber stamp group in a letter submitted to the Board of commissioners and in signed by James r that so lace the pm airman he hah Board of governors refuses the labor dispute resulting in a strike by nonprofessional employees memorial Hospital on july 20 1971 is now two years old and has reached a permanent impasse according to Ernest b Crofoot director of Council 67 american federa Tion of slate county and municipal employees Issue negotiations have reached a Eta Lemau which appears to permanent As far As labor is concerned there will continue to be a labor dispute at memorial Hospital until it is fairly resolved regardless of How far in the future that might be although Many been made to efforts have resolve issues this Cro chairman the appeals Board said it had recently approved two Mobile Home applications n a r2 District against the Egal advice of the county attorney and professional staff Opin on of the planning director the text change requested would allow Mobile Homes in both re and r2 districts the appeals Board said adding that the Homes Are no longer Gypsy Type dwellings of postwar years and it Felt that when pro Perly installed the Homes Are just As attractive As most stick Type dwellings in the county or Hotchkiss letter said the appeals unit was trying to use its Good judgment and where it has to Grant special exemptions and variances illegally it feels it is going against the county governing body in doing so Robert Hamilton a member of the appeals Board asked in it was to be a rubber stamp for the county or the staff com missioner Burton Smith assured him it was not and that the Board Felt the unit was doing a Good Job or Hotchkiss pointed out thai the frequency of Mobile Home permit applications in the two districts has increased in the past two years and the frequency of illegal approvals also has increased the text change in the zoning Law was requested As a result further discussion of the mat Ter is expected at a later Date state office Center eyed for Cumberland a study is being conducted by the Maryland department of state planning to determine the feasibility of establishing a net work of slate Multi service Cen ters with one proposed in cum Berland if the plan is adopted h the concept proves feasible the study will also provide plans for locating and developing such centers for such services the state Agency noted thai the City of Cumberland is proceeding with the general design for a City administration build ing to be located in the Urban renewal area and this would provide a centralized location for City services the location for the now Struc Ture Lias the potential for provid Jing additional services if Ade quate space is provided the Agency pointed out Cumberland is investigating the possibility of other agencies of the county and state locating their in this new facility a meeting will be held tues o alter its position on the of striking employees further discussion appears to be fruitless through the interest of cum Berlands mayor and City coun cil eight remaining issues were defined to be resolved both sides made concessions on seven of them and tentative agreement resulted however employees therefore working people in general and All members of organized labor in particular Are reminded that the boards refusal to permit a Union representation election was the original cause of this dispute and its continuing refusal two years later to agree on any reasonable basis for the reinstate ment of employees is the sole cause of what must be termed a permanent impasse staler Lewis while numerous negotiating sessions following the mayor and City councils initiative tentative agreement on seven of the eight unresolved issues the Board of governors still refuses to alter its position on the most crucial one concerning reinstatement us position has been and still is that after reinstating one striking employees for any son or for no reason at All continued Lewis having served and represented other men and women in the labor movement for More Nan 20 years 1 cannot agree or recognize that the Board of governors has the absolute and exclusive right to arbitrarily refuse to reinstate any or All of these employees Stanley e Zorick president of the Western Maryland Cen trial labor Council affirmed Lewis position employee the Board can then refuse to reinstate All other flying somewhere rights under these seven issues finally resulted in Are illusory until the Board of governors agrees that All strik ing employees not convicted of any criminal act connected with the strike should have an Opportunity to be reinstated eventually not Only has the Board refused to agree to this principle it also refuses to slate any equitable criteria through which striking employees would be fairly classified As acceptable or not acceptable for reinstate ment declared Crofoot according to the boards position it would be required to reinstate Only one employee while refusing to reinstate All others and its obligation under the proposed agreement would be fully satisfied stated Cro foot Alva c Lewis special representative of the Western Maryland Central labor coun cil concerning memorial to s p i t a 1 s labor dispute declared rather than give groundless Hope that this dispute might be resolved by agree ment it is better to state that since the Board continues to refuse to alter its position on the reinstatement of employees water wei6ht problem us Elim excess water in body can be my comfortable Elim will help you lost a cts water weight we Potomac Valley pharmacy acc Ommandt it Call us for reservation and ticket we will work out the Best schedule and deliver or mail your ticket its convenient and it wont Cost you an extra Penny we represent All airlines and Honor most credit cards travel Center 126 Union St 7227821 Bhat june 25 saying he at p m Al in inadvertently overlooked a Siim with he of discussing Mary of Revenue submitted the Ciplys evidence indicating Revenue ing in to lne from sewer user charges Sud for 19717i and sewage treatment plan and debt retire ment expenses amounted to Fiance attended acc and will with he balance being enter Advance expended for sanitary sewers school with the Navy Chis fall and will be stationed in Chi Cago friends and relatives Are Welcome to attend combined continued from Page 3 and storm sewers this evidence establishes that receipts from sewage treat the session will be attended by representatives of the City county department of stale planning and the stale Legisla Ture Albert s pave director of Public works for the county cd save up to 50 5lb Box Reg Cor serves soil Moi Luri prevent Weed growth protects Plant roots now two Only Quantity prices on 3 or mom free delivery Telephone of 5 Bagi or orders More accepted kill incl i Loment Plant users Are in fact Kirk summer assist being used by the City contrary i san Edward j 0 the opinion from the former Jesmi rayban Washington City attorney Hugh a yesterdays ses in in to the effect thai funds from the surplus account Rould not or Hurley also told the Sion said the senators office a Mcm bar now Titusville Fla was a guest others attending were mrs Eugene Carder and daughter mrs goalie Riley mrs Evelyn Twigg mrs George Gregor mrs Beulah Reckley mrs Conda Miller and grandchildren mrs Olive Davis or and mrs Kenneth Haugh mrs Donald Haugh mrs Herbert Howard Lames rider and family and miss Ray Nee meets a guest 25th Rowan continued fro i pay p Mace Robert Mace or Anna 5 Ritchie Helen Cope and Carmen Cope All of cd maj Herland guests included Myrtle Rice Mary Blank my Savage Beth Ann Hilliker lean Imery by Mary Ann Carroll pose Hilliker Tracy Hilliker and mrs Donald Memcev Don Ald and Donald or Muneer and or and mrs Reginal Fernihough Cumberland residing for an purpose except the senators office is defray the Cost of him a any Tirtle Ney maintaining and repairing assistance sower treatment Plant and pay ing the maturing principal of the interest on Cumberland speak sewage disposal Plant judge Getty wrote yesterday the opinion of the court have a National Tongue june 19 was amended in a Moselle fran Ance with this opinion in ally Conan dialled but Trench is the Luxembourg in Xci Othor respects Chr a affix costs were waived original official language of the to girls Coilet most Jgr Man the life giver Jesus Christ said urn the life John he conquered death and will fill life with purpose meaning and dignity now and for eternity society continued from Page Titusville Fla a life member was a guest others were mrs c o i u m Busy Clauder mrs John mrs Dorothy Phillips Irsig Norman twigs mrs William j Taschenberg and mrs Myrtle Piper in one Asiatic great ape so orangutan is the Only living Asig Atic great ape an male 5 May weigh pounds and have5 an arms read of feet stand less than s feet tall sunday school a worship service am Rev Gulbronson will be speaking in both Tervi Cei sunday radio wok monday thru Johnson Fayerd St t Patter free Reg sprayer with pure Haie of quart 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